July 15th, 2013
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See Kanye West’s Collection for A.P.C.
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Just yesterday, Kanye West‘s limited edition menswear collab with A.P.C. dropped, and not only did its 10AM launch crash the label’s website, but the collection sold out! As of around 11am today, a few sizes were restocked and available for purchase. The range delivered what it promised: basic jeans, tees, and hoodies bearing Yeezy’s priceless stamp of approval.

The overwhelming majority of the collection is rendered in solids: with the exception of the inside label, hoodies, jeans, and tees bear resemblance to just about anything you might find at your local American Apparel or H&M store. kanye-west-apc-sweatshirt kanye-west-apc-sweatshirt-1 kanye-west-apc-t-shirt

The collection offers only one printed t-shirt, made in partnership with with Been Trill Collective. The top  boasts a silkscreened design featuring skeletons sitting at a table.kanye-west-apc-trippy-symphony-t-shirt kanye-west-trippy-symphony-t-shirt

You can buy or pre-order any of these items at the A.P.C. website, but make haste– inventory’s been selling out fast, although the label has been repelenishing their stock. Prices range from $120 for an Egyptian Cotton t-shirt to $280 for the long-sleeved hooded sweatshirts.

kanye-west-apc-jeansDid you guys pick up or plan to buy anything from this collection?


photos: A.P.C.

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32 Responses to “See Kanye West’s Collection for A.P.C.”

  1. itsjustme says:

    wow, i can’t even look at a hoodie without my heart sinking. #RIPtrayvon.

  2. LawyerLady says:

    I’m with you @itsjustme.

  3. tAY says:

    I think y’all are forgetting that Trayvon assaulted Zimmerman; straddled him and threw MMA punches. If the Trayvon hadn’t attacked him, Zimmerman wouldn’t have fired a shot. Trayvon had a history of violent behaviour, while Zimmerman had zero history of racism. The media has brainwashed all of you, go seek out the real facts.

    Also this line is soooo basic! Love Kanye though :-)

  4. Jihan says:


    If Zimmerman had stayed IN HIS CAR AS INSTRUCTED, as opposed to STALKING and STARTING A CONFRONTATION with a teenage CHILD who felt THREATENED and thus had to defend himself, Zimmerman wouldn’t have fired a shot.

    There’s a “real fact” you should have known.

    The Trayvon Martin trial is something very troubling and upsetting to me, and I would usually not say anything, but your comment is very disrespectful to the young boy’s memory. The Martins are very nice people.

    At any rate, this post is about Kanye, and your negativity is really making me sad this Monday afternoon.

  5. Hmm. says:

    I cant with that comment above….and we’re the one’s that should seek out the real facts? O_O

    But Kanye, boo. Really?

  6. DannielleS says:

    In the regards the “fashion”, it is basic but wearable. The jeans though, are they men’s pants or women’s pants? Those are too tight to be men’s pants

  7. TOOFRESH says:




  8. tAY says:

    At 17 one can join the army. So no, Trayvon was not a child. He felt threatened? Okay, and understandable. So he decides to beat a man senseless, a man who screamed for help and was choking on blood from his nose, a man whose head was being bashed on the concrete. You do realise that Zimmerman feared for his life, right? Of course he fired a shot. Unfortunately it killed Trayvon. As for ignoring the dispatcher, if Trayvon had indeed been a burglar and Zimmerman had stayed away, then he would still get flack. Hindsigh it 20/20.

    And I’m sure the Martins are good people, even though their son had violent tendencies, drank sizzurp and had Facebook messages that alluded to him selling marijuana. How am I tarnishing someone’s name when I’m only stating documented facts?

  9. Carmen says:

    Obviously, Tay knows what a good ass whoopin feels like..hoe sit down..

  10. AJ says:

    @ Carmen….blawahaaaaaaaaaa exactly! Have several seats!

  11. Crystal says:

    Comes in post. Walks right back out of post. *with my church finger up*

  12. itsjustme says:

    @tAY: my comment was no indictment on anyone, but a hit dog will holler. a child is dead, and that should make all of our hearts sink.

  13. k says:


    As high as emotions are running right about now he, she, it better stay behind that computer and spit that nonsense.

  14. jrdesignerlover says:

    Very disappointed with this line.

  15. Vanessa says:

    I guessing your from the Uk or one of its commonwealths by the way you spelled behaviour. That’s not the way it works over here. Zimmerman initiated the whole confrontation. We aren’t brainwashed. We just have something agains murders. Such horrible people aren’t we? Look at both point of views. I would’ve done the exact same thing if I was being stalked..

  16. Anonymous says:

    Basic pieces, from a basic minded man. Moving on to a more fashion forward collection.

  17. Nikia says:

    People starting this ish on fashion blogs, too, smh

    Really man I can’t. Keep that mess on stormfront or wherever your ass came from.

  18. BougieHippie says:

    You people are legit lunatics! I’m convinced!

  19. tasha says:

    Wow was not expecting these type of comments at all. Like Wow…

    Now for Kanye over priced line. You are basically paying to dress just like him. Waits for it to go on sale.

  20. My Response says:

    @tAY, sounds as if you were there. How come you didn’t testify? *rolls eyes*

    Kanye’s line is simple. I like it but it looks like something you can buy at H&M, or Urban Oufitters or something like that.

  21. Fee says:


    Just so you know, Trayvon had a clean criminal record, never convicted of any crimes.

    Look up Zimmerman’s criminal record, some of which include ‘battery of law enforcement officer’ and a restraining order from his wife due to domestic violence.

    Check your facts, and you don’t always have to voice what your little mind thinks.

  22. Kilode? says:

    Why even shoot him in the first place? Just becos u have a gun doesn’t mean u should use it (guaranteed the other person doesn’t have a gun). Couldn’t be fight back?? He weighs more than the boy and he knew the cops were on their way. A few broken bones is better than life taken.

  23. Kahalia says:

    I’m here for fashion. Not to bash with trolls.
    Kanye’s collection is not even worth a comment.
    Dead at the comments about the gender of the jeans!

  24. __ says:

    I don’t know what’s worse…these clothes or @tAY’s thought process
    This line is so bland it hurts! I didn’t expect anything so fashion forward it would blow my mind. But I did expect more.

  25. Minnesota says:

    I agree with Kahalia; trolls should take their comments to another site. :0(
    Kanye’s collection is basic. Target has the same type of hoodies and T’s.

  26. Feather says:

    Kanye’s line BLAH!. @tAY Correct. People don’t know the Law or KNOW about PERCEPTION. Can anyone tell me who is the child? He was 17 and by the law he was not a child. It is very sad Trayvon died and Zimmerman profiled him as a burglar. I’m not picking sides but if everyone would open their mind for a minute and see this boys reputaion was shot. He talked on social media how he fights and loves it, buys guns, does graffiti, smokes marajana, throws up “gang signs” (which he probably wasn’t affiliated with any gang)…. blah.. blah.. blah.. I could keep going. PERCEPTION IS YOUR REPUTATION. So he was looked at as a horrible person. Unfortunately this poor boy ruined his image on social media and people stepped back and thought this isn’t some innocent young adult. I feel if his image was cleaner Zimmerman would have got manslaughter but it wasn’t. What he put on social media was terrible and everyone should be lucky the websites ie. Twitter, Facebook, Tag… and so on, deleted his profiles so it wouldn’t have damage his reputation even more. That’s why we need to teach our children that perception will ruin your reputation or even your life.

  27. Nessa B. says:


    One can join the army at the age of 17 with the consent of BOTH parents, thats pretty adult isnt it? He was still in HIGH SCHOOL, yup thats definitey something an adult is still in. The legal age in United States of AMerica where you are considered an adult is 18…..Trayvon was 17. Trayvon was straddling him and he obviouslt winning the fight right? So that just an EQUAL force to use a 9 mil with HOLLLOW POINTS. Yup. He sure stood his ground with equal force. It was esecially fair since Trayon was LOOKING for the fight right? Who doesn’t look for a fight when coming back from the corner store, walking to your dads chicks house while on the phone with a girl. Zimmerman stalked Trayvon. IDK what they do over there where you are but every one knows neihborhood watch meetings always say NEVER confront a suspect, you allow the PROPER AUTHORITY figures to handle the situation. Of course Zimmerman, knowing this probably disregarded it while disregarding the dispatcher telling him NOT to follow the young man. Because he would have gotten flack by following STANDARD OPERTAING PROCEDURE and listeing to a dispatcher RIGHT?? That makes total sense. If Zimmerman did not PROFILE the young black male with a hoody and decided to FOLLOW the young black male with a hoody then there would have NEVER been a situation for your life to be in danger. Just because Zimmerman cant fight after picking one DOES NOT JUSTIFY putting a round in him. But you know what I get it because Trayvon was the typical 17 year old boy who got into fights, and did weed and drank syrup he DESERVED to be followed, HARASSED and then because he is WINNING fight he never SOUGHT he DIED. You are an idiot.

  28. Nessa B. says:

    Get the fuck outta here. I can buy all that shit at Wal-Mart. Why the hell would this shit sell out?

  29. There are still some items left on the racks at APC in Paris, so naturally I had to try them on. Check my page http://www.facebook.com/HumansInFashion for the review.

  30. Very basic indeed….but, any black person still buying anything from American Apparel should be shot considering their, always racists ads. So if I need a sweater and had to pick from high price eccentric man, or low end racist company, it would be Kanye West all day!!!!!!!

  31. shelly says:

    LOL this “collection” is a joke. I dont see the coloboration

    AND @Vanessa Please dont try to direct those racist association with the UK. keep that in your own country. we dont condone ANY guns(even with police officers), we have far less racial tensions, and we certainly dont put up with attacks on our children. Thats all on you guys , sorry.

  32. MAC says:

    I’m confused. What part of any of this collection did Kanye actually design? That teal colored hoody is a good color but I’m sure Amer Appar makes something similar.

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