July 3rd, 2013
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Splurge: Karrueche Tran’s BET Awards After Party Jimmy Choo Greta Green Platform Sandals and Dolce & Gabbana Large Sicily Handbag
By Claire

Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran are back on!
Karrueche was spied with Chris at a BET Awards after party in a black jumpsuit enlivened by $895 Jimmy Choo Greta Sandals and a $1,695 Dolce & Gabbana Sicily Handbag:

Her sandals have a round toe, crossover front straps, and an ankle strap with a side buckle fastening. See them below in purple.

Her bag has leopard lining and a brand embossed plaque on the flap.
karrueche tran bet awards after party dolce gabbana sicily handbag
Keep your eyes peeled for her shoes at JimmyChoo.com. Splurge on her bag at DolceGabbana.it.
Thoughts on her look?
*Earlier that day, Karrueche instagrammed the following picture of her and Chris, captioning the pic, “My Baby. Good luck today.”
Karrueche Tran's BET Awards After Party Jimmy Choo Greta Green Platform Sandals and Dolce & Gabbana Large Sicily Handbag
Thoughts on their reconciliation?

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35 Responses to “Splurge: Karrueche Tran’s BET Awards After Party Jimmy Choo Greta Green Platform Sandals and Dolce & Gabbana Large Sicily Handbag”

  1. Kitty B. says:

    Ppl can say what they want, but she stuck by her man even through the Riri…I kinda respect her for it….

    She looks tired in the above pic….

  2. KITANA says:

    Cute outfit loving the color combo. Could careless about their reconciliation, they’re made for each other.

  3. V says:

    stuck by her man? is that what we’re calling that? stuck by her paycheck and means of relevancy. ain’t no respect to be given because she played her role.

  4. Snailz says:

    I think it was neccesary for chris and rih to reconcile and come to terms with their relationship on their own.. I believe after the fight they were forced apart because of the situation and their status.. Now they got each other out their system and know it wouldnt have worked anyway.. I like him wit Karruche.. She’s the calm to all his mess… Lol just in case any1 cared what i thought

  5. Anonymous says:

    Happy that their happy.. i guess

  6. Noirre says:

    I like the bag!

  7. Kilode? says:

    with rih….drama
    with karueche…no drama

    Couldn’t care to comment on the fashion.

  8. My Response says:

    I like the dress and shoes. As long as you’re breathing air you are relevant. i’m tired of people taking about relevant this and relevant that. she’s on the blogs and you aren’t. Let’s talk about that.
    I like her and Chris together although i think she was stupid for getting back with him because of how he has treated her. He seems more calm with her though and i wish them luck.
    Just because two people love each other it doesn’t mean that are meant to be together ( CB & Riri )

  9. My Response says:

    NOT the dress. i meant to say the bag*

  10. Grace says:

    Shoes and bag are cute.

    @Kitty B, women should be applauded for remaining w/men who disrespect and publicly humiliate them?! -_- #SaveTheChildren

  11. Msmimi13 says:

    He straight dropped her for Rihanna idc how much you “love” someone that was low down and she should have laid low and waited on him to come back just to say GET!

  12. Diva says:

    lol !! @ Kitty B. how you respect a chick who sticks by her man after he flip-flopped between her and the chick he beat the dog shyt out of –Ri Ri ??? #BLANKSTARE

    Those shoes and that bag are on point !!! I hate her weave though.

  13. chrissyb says:

    @grace and that same mentality is why we have so many single lonely unmarried women in the world lost sleeping with anyone who will show them attention. How do you think women have been married for 30 years. Sorry you go through things to be with the one you love not reality for things to be perfect. You build and go through things together. Karruche was the winner she knew where her heart is. Respect

  14. tt says:

    cute bag & shoes. the riri/chris/karruche spectacle…BLAH!

  15. Anonymous says:

    im over this tired 3some. im not bashing kae because most women in their 20 somethings have been totally stupid for a man at some point in time, so im not sure why everyone believes its for ‘relevancy’ or money..when we’ve all been in a bad relationship, for free lol.

    i like wht she’s wearing lol

  16. Anonymous says:

    She probably let him go back to Rihanna so he could see he was not missing anything and they could move on. Sometimes you have to let people see the grass is not always greener on the other side that way he wouldn’t be with her wondering what would have happened with his ex. Now they can pick up where they left off. Was he messy in the media? Sure he was, but he’s a 24 year old boy. It could’ve went much worse. People are so quick to judge without knowing anything at all.

  17. Ok says:

    Y can’t it just be about fashion loll…that was fast he doesn’t believe in taking a break lol…I agree with anonymous and v …she’s using him… Hopefully he find someone else …

  18. Ok says:

    And this outfit is ok I like the bag and shoes …her hair looks bad…she’s too pretty to that to her hair

  19. chrissyb says:

    I can’t believe there are so many women judging this girl and giving bad advice. I agree with the first comment I respect her. So she was supposed to go find another man right and then that don’t work and go to the next one. Think about this do you really think that the couples that have been together for 30 something years had a picture perfect marriage and nobody cheated or anything? If you believe that then good luck on finding that because you will probably be alone or turn into a hoe trying to find love. We as humans aren’t perfect and when you find “perfect” person then you hold on to it! And if it was about money she could of easily picked up any type of ballet now since she is in the limelight.

  20. What the heck is Chris brown wearing? & Nice shoe on Karrueche tran and it doesn’t matter that they back on or not back on maybe it a PDa/public stunt

  21. I’m only focusing on the fashion lol. Love the shoes and bag. The fit is a bit big for her frame but I love the effortless look.

  22. Empress says:

    I knew it!

    He only got back with Rihanna just to show he could get her back and it worked!

    I believe his heart is with Kaurreche. After all he did say “I can’t wife that chick” (referring to Rihanna! Rihanna is drama, Kaurreche isn’t! Smart move!

    Cute bag & shoes!

  23. gerbxxxz says:

    Karrrueche disgusts me, she has no class. How is she able to afford Jimmy Choo and all that when she doesn’t have a career. She’s plucking for shoes. If Chris didn’t have all that money, she would of jetted. She’s only with him for that reason only. NEXT

  24. Anonymous says:

    Aha…..so this blog is not just about fashion……well my thoughts on their reconciliation……this chick has low self esteem

  25. Angie says:

    When Chris and Rihanna first started dating (pre -fight) they seemed like a perfect match. Now Rihanna in my opinion is on another level . Chris is still a little boy. Rihanna was right to give her old toy to the less fortunate.

  26. Feather says:

    As women, we can be stupid. Chris wants to feel wanted by both girls. Once Rihanna ignores him he will come crawling back. This is done everyday in the normal world. Not just in celebrityville. Best of luck for all of them.

  27. Hater says:

    Love that black dress and those cute green sandals are boss, I like!
    Dont care for her or that bag though!
    And this whole back and forth situation in this threesome, is very immature – but it’s whatever I just liked the outfit!

  28. Xxjobexx says:

    Luvlee funeral outfit matching appropriate unhappy expressions; bags under eyes makes female look 36-46; Ugglee shoes; great red bag is at centre of real story; not together; don’t believe everything u’re allowed to see; how will he be extricated from this mess #watchthisspace

  29. Liz says:

    Anyone have an idea where the dress is from?

  30. tam says:

    wow..when did this site turn into Bossip..

  31. Anonymous says:

    Chris Brown has been looking like a mess since 2005 lol.
    I don’t understand why she isn’t looking for a man that got his stuff together (and not choose you as a second option), she could have a better looking man anyway.
    Together in my opinion they look a bit trashy, because of CB.
    Karrueche should get rid of the weird blonde tips tho. She is such a beautiful girl.

  32. Derianne says:

    Cute outfit, nothing to scream about. On their getting back together…I mean he did say that he was torn becaused he loved them (RiRi) both. Obviously she wasn’t just the “rebound” girl. So if they’re happy, good I’m happy for both….but honestly Chris, just pick one and stop the back and forth.

  33. Derianne says:

    If I was her though, I wouldn’t have taken him back after all that disrespect. But hey, love is blind and it makes you do stupid things.

  34. Angie says:

    It’s funny how everybody has room to talk and judge their relationship when we only know from the outside looking in. If that’s who she or him wants to be with, who are we to care? We don’t know her finances or what she does in her spare time.

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