June 28th, 2013
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Real Style: Paris Men’s Spring 2014 Fashion Week Day 2
By Claire

Well, my first day of Fashion Week was made a little more interesting thanks to a Victor Cruz sighting at Valentino.
For day 2, I was juiced to run into Mos Def aka Yasiin Bey at the Dries Van Noten show.
mos-def-yasiin-bey-123 Paris Men's Spring 2014 Fashion Week Day 2 Street Style

True story, a friend and I stopped by a coffee shop right outside of Halle Freyssinet, where the show was held. I walked into the shop and saw Mos Def, and almost turned around and ran away (I’m a huge fan!). But finally, we chatted, and he was super cool. He declined taking a picture over coffee, but promised I could take a snap inside the show venue with his ‘people.’

mos-def-yasiin-bey-paris-me Paris Men's Spring 2014 Fashion Week Day 2 Street Style
Behold Yasiin Bey with his crew, Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh of the design collective Art Comes First. These styling gentleman have been featured several times on Style sites, and I was happy to make their acquaintance. Stay tuned for a post about them! But until then, thoughts on their looks?
5-paris-men's-fashion-week Paris Men's Spring 2014 Fashion Week Day 2 Street Style
Outside the venue, these eager fashion show attendees made black and white chic with flatforms and two tone sandals.
Then earlier today, I attended the Ann Demeulemeester show.
paris-men's-fashion-week Paris Men's Spring 2014 Fashion Week Day 2 Street Style
As soon as I saw these friends, I thought, “Fire and Ice.” I appreciated the bedazzled jacket on the left and the all white look (and chic cut) on the right.
1-paris-men's-fashion-week Paris Men's Spring 2014 Fashion Week Day 2 Street Style
Outside the venue, I stopped Joelle and Yenya of Alpha137.net. Their colorful outfits caught my eye in a sea of all black.
2-paris-men's-fashion-week Paris Men's Spring 2014 Fashion Week Day 2 Street Style
And lastly, these friends were the definition of cool in black and white in Boy London separates and leather jackets.
Thought on Parisian style on day 2?
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27 Responses to “Real Style: Paris Men’s Spring 2014 Fashion Week Day 2”

  1. Dom Dom says:


  2. Dom Dom says:

    Joelle and Yenya look a hot mess chile

  3. snazzy2008 says:

    Not sure how I’m feeling about Mos in that dress accompanied with the fire engine red shoes…hmmm…*thinking*

  4. Anon says:

    I like Mos Def and his crew’s fashion. I see what they are doing, Berber tribesman, UAE and Euro fashion all mixed in for a rich, eclectic and distinguished look.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mos def is not wearing a dress fool. My uncles are african and wear those all the time . As a matter fact my muslim neighbour wears them too . Its an acceptable menswear item

  6. Anonymous says:

    LOVE MOS DEF! : )

  7. Empress says:

    Better than yesterday, I guess. Lol

  8. Ash says:

    Don’t get too excited (Mos Def) Yasiin Bey is wearing a Jalabiya – it’s not a dress!!! That is all!!!

  9. mi manning says:

    As-salaam-alaikum Mos Def!

  10. DivaFabulosa says:

    I am such a huge fan of Yasiin Bey! I love the girl in the third pic’s outfit, cute shoes.

  11. simplyjess says:

    Mos Def can wear whatever he likes and I’ll still love him! But I know he is wearing traditional garb.

  12. AzizMom says:

    ASA Mos Def! I saw him at LaGuardia one time. His energy is amazing.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Mos Def love you in every way lol

  14. KITANA says:

    I actually like what Mos Def is wearing. I agree, its not a dress, doesn’t really look like one. I like to see African men wearing them…

  15. Anonymous says:

    mos def is wearing what men traditionally wear in a lot of muslim countries including the middle east, north and east africa. it is worn because of the heat.

    his kufi is also illustrative of his “muslim” wear.

  16. Natasha says:

    Err, dress? He’s obviously an observant muslim (which I didn’t know until I saw this fashionable take on the prayer garb).

    There’s a whole ‘rant post’ FBD put up a few minutes ago with folks catching feelings about men’s fashion when the laissez-faire mention how ‘untraveled’ they are. This is one example. Hey, better to be called untraveled than ignorant, I suppose.

    Fav Fit: Fire of the “Fire & Ice” duo :lol: Love what he did with street denim over the office suit.

  17. Noirre says:

    Mos Def *blankstare*

  18. Diva says:

    not my taste…. but you like it , rock on !

  19. rara says:

    Mos def come on now why you got on a dress??

  20. Est87 says:

    I know this is traditional Muslim dress. My problem is how he’s styled it. What’s with the shoes?!

  21. lb says:

    Dante/Mos/Yasiin is NOT wearing a dress. This is precisely why people should travel more…OR be aware of other cultures. Each one, teach one.

  22. Georgia says:

    I was on the Metro in Paris in February and spotted Sam Lambert, Shaka Maidoh, and their beautiful friend up there in the blue suit. I’ve seen them so many times on the blogs it was like spotting rock stars! I tried to pretend like I wasn’t staring at them but when they got off at my stop I had to tell Blue Suit how beautiful he and his friends are. They were impeccable, head-to-toe. He seemed genuinely surprised , thanked me, and flashed a billion-dollar smile.

  23. Marthe says:

    Pffff you Americans see stereotyped muslim ‘terrorists’ everyday, the image is exploited everywhere, from cartoons to the news and y’all still don’t know this is not a fucking dress?? I quite like all these looks, but that girl with the braids and white outfit is everything to me! And PLEASE someone tell me who’s that handsome man in the blue suit next to Yasiin Bey!! I NEED TO KNOW!

  24. Oh my! I have a major crush on Mos Def! Wow, I am so jelly, he is looking dapper. Damn not many men can pull that off! Ms. Claire you are just living the life.

  25. Thanks for great news! Your site is extremely useful for me. I bookmarked your site!

  26. Erratum says:

    Also, among Mos Def crew, is Armando Cabral at the right of Sam Lambert.

  27. BK says:

    I love the black leather platform shoe in the third picture. Does anyone know who the designer is??

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