June 24th, 2013
Beauty, Hair
Ohio School Places Ban on Afro-Puffs and “Braided Twists”
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Just when you started to have faith in humanity: Black Girl Long Hair got their hands on a document from the Lorain, Ohio Horizon Science Academy, in which styling (read: having) natural hair is listed as a dress-code violation.



The letter in question was sent home to Horizon Academy parents, outlining proper school attire. In attempts to “help students resist peer pressure” and “create a sense of belonging and school pride,” the school named “Afro-puffs and small twisted braids [box braids? Senegalese twists? regular twists?], with our without rubberbands,” on a list of unacceptable hairstyles. Hair beads were given the ok, “as long as they do not pose a safety risk.”



Natural hair advocates were understandably upset, as afro-puffs and twisted braids are, well… how folks with kinks style their hair. After being pressured by angry parents, the school decided to lift the ban last Friday.


The apology letter made no direct reference to the ban on black hairstyles, instead describing the offense as “a statement made about not allowing a certain hairstyle.” Of course, the school maintains that “by no means did we have any intention of creating bias towards any of our students.” How forbidding hairstyles mainly worn by black students doesn’t “create bias” against them remains to be seen.


What do you think?



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38 Responses to “Ohio School Places Ban on Afro-Puffs and “Braided Twists””

  1. Blue Ivy Carter they love me in the street why you mad boo? says:

    Banning afro puffs is like banning pony tails.

  2. AH says:


  3. EJ says:

    Really a “draft” please stop!!!

  4. above-par says:

    Honestly, if not afro-puffs and braids, how would these young black girls style their hair? Surely they do not expect parents to perm and weave their 10yr olds hair just so they can “feel like they belong” Like wth! I can’t even explain the levels of obtuseness that white people reach.

  5. Marsha D says:

    *sigh*……………*long drawn out SIGH*

  6. tasha says:

    This right here is rather upsetting. What does a child’s hairstyle have to do with their education. That should be the focus. Stop trying to push agenda’s onto kids. Focus on educating our kids. uuugghh

  7. Anonymous says:

    They’re stupid and that child model is beautiful!

  8. Solange says:

    We take one step forward just to be dragged 50 steps back…..and I’m so getting fed up with the half assed apologies

  9. LaTasha says:

    I am from Cleveland and Lorain ohio is the west side of cleveland known for being the racist part of town. I was outraged when I heard this story on our local news. The parents have plenty of time to send their children to another school. Let’s make a statement and show people you cannot continue to try to erase our idenity.

  10. koko says:

    i cannot speak for Horizon but to be fair…because i really hate one-sided conversations…Horizon is not the only school to implement stuff like this.

    by “stuff like this” i mean restrictions on hair in school. i havent seen the entire letter (i tried to open the link and my computer failed lol) so i am reticent to say my full opinion.

    if it only highlights afro puffs and twists, then that is problematic. but if it is like other schools, where mohawks(the spiky kind) and hair designs, and hair gel are not allowed, then i am a bit more willing to listen to their rationale.

    granted, some girls’ hair…i dont know that they powers that be understand there is not much else to do with a lil black girls hair… :/

  11. Honeybrown says:

    This absolutely disgusts me as a mother of two young beautiful African American girls with natural hair, ages 7 and 3 I am outraged that they would deem this acceptable. This is sickening. I’m glad the parents took a stance, we as a community cannot sit back and let things such as this run its coarse. I actually had a talk with my 7 yr old recently regarding this same issue. She goes to a very diverse school and she came home upset one day because her hair wasn’t as straight as her Caucasian friend. i keep their hair in twist or braids ) I explained to her that beauty does not lie in the texture of our hair and that her hair will be we be as straight as her friend but that doesn’t make her any less beautiful. Thanks for sharing this fashion bomb.

  12. love says:

    Theres a difference between a mohawk which you create and afro puffs which naturally occurs when many girls put there hair in a ponytail. These people don’t even care to look at our culture thats why they don’t know the difference.

  13. Dumb ass, insensitive white people. Paula Deen and her people are on a roll this month, huh?

  14. Alex says:

    The stupidity does not surprise me…but can we talk about that GORGEOUS little girl.

  15. koko says:

    if that was in relation to my comments:

    i wasnt implying there is no difference. in fact i mention something akin to that later in my comment. someone previously mentioned what does hair have to do with school, that was what spurred my comment, and just havent been in the classroom before.

    on another related-ish note: education in america, as much as it is about “teaching”, is at times more about forming. making everyone look the same, speak the same, and the scariest…think the same. just food for thought. and i say in america because i was too young to remember my education elsewhere. but anyhow…


  16. koko says:

    having*, not havent*

  17. shdns says:

    This shows that there are alot of ignorant people in the world. Who even thought of that!?

  18. MissD says:

    I think they need to have several seats because I don’t care what dress code or hair code they have my child would wear their hair anyway I choose to style it and twists are a signature style!

  19. Anonymous says:

    smfh!! i feel like calling to complain.

    ps- that little girl is gorge

  20. deedee says:

    koko….please just stop. mahawks, over gelled hairstyles, and such are no comparison to afro puffs and braided twists. It’s akin to saying to whites…no ponytails, can’t tuck your hair behind your ears, no flat irons….

  21. koko says:

    my sole point was there are restrictions on many hairstyles and schools are in the business at times of stamping out individuality. didnt say i was right, didnt say mohawks were “the same” as afro puffs. didnt say Horizon was correct. pretty sure i admonished them for lack of foresight actually.

    sheesh, on blogs it’s so difficult for people to have a(n) (different) opinion. i wish we would read whole comments rather than finding fault in one part of it and extrapolating that for the entire thing…

  22. koko says:

    it* was right.

  23. Starla says:

    Why did they stop at afro puffs and braids? Why didn’t they also ban pigtails and french braids? The fact that they did not also ban hairstyles that a majority of white girls wear is telling.

  24. Noirre says:

    Hmmm, a school in Ohio. I’d pull my kid outta there so damn quick.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Here we go again. Whites make racist remarks/rules then apologize, I’ve said it before and I will say it again…I will respect you muth@fukin racists if you have the balls to stand by your prejudice convictions.

  26. binks says:

    First the child is freaking GORGEOUS in this post! Secondly, smh anything to get us to assimilate I swear I wish people stop thinking that straight hair is the default hair. What does wearing your natural hair and styling it have to do with resisting peer pressure, belonging and having school pride? I wait…I swear we have to start questioning the people in charge of these schools. Wouldn’t forcing girls to wear their hair in a way that is NOT natural for them peer pressure in and of itself and furthermore the only way to belong and have pride is to look like the status quo…man GTFOH with that I’ am glad that parents and people held their feet to the fire because this was sheer stupidity.

  27. This is absolutely ludicrous.

  28. Joy Kendi says:


  29. Jazz says:

    Sheesh that little girl is BEAUTIFULLLLL *calms my ovaries*. But banning Afro Puffs its basically saying we dont want you to wear your hair the way it grows out of your head smh

  30. miss medusa says:

    Isn’t it funny how we all love mlk for fighting for equal rights and black kids going to school with white kids only for black kids to face this? Moral of the story, educate your own black children!

  31. sydneyburrell says:

    fuck this i say rebel rebel so tired of this blatant racism

  32. tuh! says:

    black is beautiful they just mad rock them afro puffs!! i wish my daughter school would!

  33. Jei says:

    Wow is all I can really say. It really hurts my heart that my people still have to fight racism in 2013. It hurts. All I can do is pray. && F#@! your “apology” letter. I would have def placed my child in another school.

  34. Mommyx4 says:

    We just moved from ohio and I can attest to the blatant racism that is so prevalent there. I would say it is worse than in the south, where we previously lived. This is such a sad occurrence, but it’s also a constant reality in our country. How hurtful for black children who have done nothing wrong to constantly hear they’re not good enough or pretty enough, unless they conform…so much for promoting culture…

  35. Ronnie says:


  36. Anonymous says:

    Look at the name of the school, it’s a private school and I think they made it very clear, they don’t really want blacks in this school. What’s the big deal, why would you want your child to go to any school with this mentality. I’d take my child out and thank god they did send out this note.

  37. MaryK says:

    As for me, I think it is very rude and sad story! Everybody have to be who they are, and if I have curly black hair, I will do with it whatever makes me feel comfortable, beautiful and confidently! If you would like to see some of examples how to be new and different every day, just visit my page!

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