June 24th, 2013
Claire's Life, Style Diary
Claire’s Life: The 2013 Blogging While Brown Conference
By Claire

Happy Monday!
This past Saturday, I was offered the awesome opportunity to participate on the keynote panel of the Blogging While Brown Conference alongside Necole Bitchie, Karen Civil, and Angel Laws of Concrete Loop.
2 Claire Sulmers Mary Katrantzou shirt skirt proenza schouler silver sandals plum bag fashion bomb daily
The subject was “From Blogging to Empire Building“, and we chatted about the positives and negatives of blogging, and also offered pointers on how to turn your hobby into a business (the short answer: mix passion with hard work).
The ladies who shared the stage with me are not only colleagues, but are also inspirations, so it was an exciting moment–and hopefully a foreshadowing of even more fabulous things to come.
Faith was traveling and Cliché got the times mixed up, but Jihan did come through in a spring ready Equipment striped shirt and Zara floral pants, topped off by a Jewelmint Necklace and Aldo white pumps.
As for me, I slipped on one of my (and Jihan’s) favorite designers, Mary Katrantzou, specifically her Spring 2013 printed long sleeve blouse and Venezuela skirt.
4 Claire Sulmers Mary Katrantzou shirt skirt proenza schouler silver sandals plum bag fashion bomb daily
I accessorized with Proenza Schouler Silver Sandals, a Baublebar Twitter nameplate necklace, vintage sunnies, and my favorite Proenza plum bag.
Claire Sulmers Mary Katrantzou shirt skirt proenza schouler silver sandals plum bag fashion bomb daily

3 Claire Sulmers Mary Katrantzou shirt skirt proenza schouler silver sandals plum bag fashion bomb daily
Apparently Necole and Angel took video of the proceedings, so I’ll update the post once I get a link.
Until then, what do you think of my conference look?
1 Claire Sulmers Mary Katrantzou shirt skirt proenza schouler silver sandals plum bag fashion bomb daily
P.S. Shout out to the readers who came, including Toia of the Blog www.luvtobnatural.com

And Mikelah of StyleandVibes.com.

If we took a pic, send it to me. I’ll update the post throughout the day!
Images: Lydia Hudgens/Instagram

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59 Responses to “Claire’s Life: The 2013 Blogging While Brown Conference”

  1. Solange says:

    Cute! I swear I’m always obsessing over your lip colours.

  2. Tshwanelo Fokazi says:

    As a media studies student majoring in Journailism and Advertising. I must say Claire you are such a role model- in the country where I come from there’s not many serious and passionate bloggers like you… I’m so glad I came across this blog a few months ago. It has set the standard for me on how I need to go about things when I do blog- plus I’ve researched you as a person and your credentials are beyond impressive… I look up to you… Not forgetting to answer your question above: YOU LOOKED GORGEOUS ON SATURDAY!

  3. Keisha says:

    You look amazing!!

  4. Taj says:

    Claire you look beautiful. It’s great to see my favorite bloggers all at once.

  5. Alissa says:

    Claire, you shut it down in this outfit. I absolutely think you look so chic and summer like. #BOSS That’s all!

  6. jrdesignerlover says:

    Very nice

  7. Faith says:


  8. Lauren says:

    You look amazing! xo

  9. Jihan says:

    want the whole Mary K look but you alllll knew that already!

  10. Angie says:

    Jihan I think you would truly benefit from a different hairstyle ! Your outfit is fab, but your hair truly does you no justice .. You have great features, so maybe a nice short cut ! & Claire, you’re ALWAYS so chic

  11. Chrissy says:

    You always look fabulous!!! #StaySlaying

  12. Tiffany says:

    Claire, you looked amazing (I loved your loc style and outfit) and really dropped some knowledge during the panel. Thank you for your insight and candor. One of my biggest take-aways was the recognition that blogging is really and truly a lot of hard work in front of the computer. I’m just working towards finding that balance while employed full time.

    Your panel was a great way to end the conference. Thank you!


  13. Bianca says:

    Your outfit looks great… I am sure that panel was great to watch and be apart of. http://www.shoppers-therapy.com

  14. MAC says:

    All my favorite bloggers :)!

  15. You both look cute! Great to see Jihan dressed up. No shade, but she normally looks like she’s not thinking about fashion.

  16. Sharon says:

    Love it from head to toe. You are beautiful. Your outfit was perfect. The hair is awesome. I would have love to been able to make this conference. I have been a admirer of Necole and Angel for some time; following their journeys very closely and now you are on this list as well. May many great and wonderful things continue to come your way.

  17. Emma says:

    Jihan, I love your writing style and sense of humour. But I do think it’s time for you to “fashion up” your personal style. You cannot be a fashion critic, judging celebs’s style while dressed like a middle school teacher. Add some vavavoom and edge to your hair, make-up and outfit. With your pretty face and fashion knowledge, your style would give so much more credilility. I hope I did not offend you.

  18. Danielle says:

    Love this look Claire! You look stunning in head to toe prints! You’re a woman after my own style heart.

  19. Jihan says:


    I think being true to myself and my tastes is what gives me “credibility!”


  20. peplum lover says:

    cute :)

  21. Wetin? says:

    Lovely and gorgeous.

  22. jeda says:

    Claire, you did it on them again, lol. I love everything about the look. And yes to your legs. Quick question, did you get a slight tan from wearing those high strap sandals? Don’t worry, its barely noticeable. If anything, its just telling of your style.

  23. Teri says:

    OMG. Those legs. You need to call Shawn up from Insanity and get him to put you on the DVD cover!

  24. You have some bomb legs ma’am

  25. V says:

    Emma makes a good point–I do expect a fashion writer to look fashionable. That doesn’t mean expensive by any means but on the industry pulse-which Jihan never really does. Claire does which maybe why it’s Claire’s website and Jihan works for HER. Claire needs to be a fashionbomb and not anyone else.

  26. Dedrie S. says:

    @Emma,co-sign I agree. I like Jihan too,but her celeb style “reads” at times border on the aura of Miranda Priestly. Yet Jihan’s personal style just doesn’t echo hip and chic “fashion editor”, more shy Vogue-reading librarian.

    To me the “slays” would be more credible, if the personality behind it was serving fresh and chic in the fashion area herself.

    Just observation. At the end of the day, our style is our own, so carry on!

  27. That Girl says:

    I was definitely in attendance and you and Angel were amazing, but your HAIR!!! girrrrrl, loved!

    There’s something about that Necole girl that just rubs me wrong..really wrong…

  28. Itsjustme says:

    Claire, you look amazing!

  29. Char says:

    Congrats! You look amazing and I’m sure those in attendance gained something, if nothing more than inspiration.

    As a side note, it appears your locs are thinning a bit at the roots and it makes the hairstyle look a bit unbalanced. For me the hairstyle is the ultimate fashion accessory so my eye drew to that. Perhaps a darker hair color would be a bit more flattering and camouflage that a bit.

  30. Brittany says:

    The hair on both Claire and Jihan is a no for me as well as Claire’s outfit. I really like the young lady’s beachy blond big hair. Angel never gets it right in the fashion department.
    Totally agree with the comments about Jihan.

  31. V says:

    Yasss Claire, you look great! Love the outfit, hair, shoes, everything!

  32. Solange says:

    Maybe it was a last minute choice for Jihan, that happens to the best of us.
    SN: The floral pants with the white pumps are cute.

  33. Minnesota says:

    Claire!!! You look marvelous darling!

    Unfortunately, I agree with Emma, Jihan needs to up her style. I love her writing, very cute lady; however, her gear is not Fashion Bomb worthy.

  34. Natishia says:

    Hot to trot! I love the outfit and your hair is laid girlfriend! Great look, quite appropriate for the occasion as well!

  35. Slim shady says:

    Oooh some came for Jihan stop that lol. Lovely post Claire beautiful as usual Jihan looks great too.

  36. Honeybrown says:

    Peole irk me sometimes!! This post should be about celebrating influential young women in our community. Yet, some of you decided to focus on what Jihan is wearing ??? She looks fine and as she stated she is true to herself and in my book that’s a thumbs up because many of us get lost in all the glitz and glamour…… Anywho Claire you look beautiful and congratulations to you and your many accomplishments. Oh how I would love to have been there.

  37. Kim says:

    I was there and thought you both looked nice. Although, Claire, your best accessory was your radiant skin! Please share with us your skin regimen.

  38. Melissafff says:

    Fab print

  39. Kilode? says:

    Y’all went in on Jihan, i can understand what you’re all saying. But I really care about her commentaries and work than her fashion sense tbh.

  40. Rosie says:

    I agree with Emma. Jihan seems to always show up to Claire’s events dressed as if she suddenly decided to ‘swing by’ the venue while in the middle of her Saturday mornning errands.

    I don’t enjoy Claire’s style every time (although she looks good here), but I can tell that she at least tries to look finished and polished each and every time.

  41. binks says:

    Werk Claire, I want to raid your closet. Love the idea behind the conference, black women bloggers have definately made a difference on the web.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Won’t take a loan officer seriously if she looks like she could use one too.

  43. Cookie says:

    Tough room! Jihan I love your posts! Claire I love your everything except the hair. Love the color and the dreads but it’s always twisted so tight with no volume at the roots. Even though its not my cup of tea, as long as u like it that’s really all that matters!

  44. Giselle says:

    Clearly one negative of blogging while Brown (or blogging on the whole) must be having others negatively judge you. People are people but it we should simply respect each others differences and tastes. What may work for you may not work for me. Simple as that. Everyone starts from somewhere — humble beginnings. To those who have recently been on The Fashion Bomb tip, there are some of us who have been here from the beginning when Claire wore those Nine West pumps to Bryant Park only to have the heel of her shoe break. Claire worked hard and came up. Jihan is working hard and coming up. I respect them both for perusing their passions and making a name for themselves. You both look wonderful and keep up the wonderful work.

  45. natalie says:

    claire! you look amazing, you are an inspiration to me although we are polar opposites. keep doing what you do, you’re going places!

  46. Peace&Love says:

    Claire, please help Jihan with the fashion!!! Perhaps a Jihan makeover will suffice?! Love you Jihan, but not a fan of your overall look. You are pretty and have the cutest dimples, but need help in the fashion/image department.

  47. Gilly says:

    Claire, you look gone with the northwest wind fabulous!!

  48. Brittany says:

    Char I totally agree with the hair comments. I cringe everytime I see Claire’s hair.

  49. LawyerLady says:

    Claire know she be stuntin.

  50. S. says:

    Claire you are inspiring and you look wonderful.

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