June 14th, 2013
Andre Leon Talley, Celebrity Style, Jennifer Lopez, On the Scene
On the Scene: The 4th Annual Amfar Inspiration Gala
By Claire

Stars shined bright at last night’s 4th Annual Amfar Inspiration Gala, held at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.
On the Scene- The 4th Annual Amfar Inspiration Gala
From J. Lo to André Leon Talley to Iman…see who showed up and what they wore!
Jennifer Lopez caught a few flies while striking her signature ‘mouth agape’ pose in a curve hugging Tom Ford Spring 2011 gown.
shala monroque 4th+Annual+amfAR+Inspiration+Gala+New+York+the3bbtz-Vcx
Shala Monroque looked festive in a light reflecting red dress and metallic pumps. She looks beautiful!
leigh lezark 4th+Annual+amfAR+Inspiration+Gala+New+York+-q0E12oMQAex
Red was also the call for Leigh Lezark, who showcased an open back gown and a 20′s inspired slicked down hairstyle.
gabourey sidibe 4th+Annual+amfAR+Inspiration+Gala+New+York+tRmzf9mENpDx
Gabourey Sidibe bet on black in a sequin peppered Tadashi Shoji frock.
yasmin Warsame 4th+Annual+amfAR+Inspiration+Gala+New+York+HEWOVBgwAZex
Model Yasmin Warsame was also a vision in floor length sequins.
patrick mcdonald 4th+Annual+amfAR+Inspiration+Gala+New+York+erg-J82ikzZx
Get into that arched eyebrow! Stylist Patrick McDonald looked quite dapper in a striped blazer and feather festooned fedora.
Andre Leon Talley at the 4th Annual Amfar Inspiration Gala at the Plaza Hotel in New York City

Outside, Andre Leon Talley braved the evening rain in a standby cape and…Ugg boots. Moving along…
Eniko Mihalik and Lindsey Wixson at the 4th Annual Amfar Inspiration Gala at the Plaza Hotel in New York City

Eniko Mihalik and Lindsey Wixson posed in feather trimmed gowns.

Uma Thurman at the 4th Annual Amfar Inspiration Gala at the Plaza Hotel in New York City
Queen Mother Iman was the definition of Gone with the Wind fabulous in a red Valentino number. Flawless!
Uma Thurman at the 4th Annual Amfar Inspiration Gala at the Plaza Hotel in New York City
Uma Thurman looked quite fly herself in a hot pink Atelier Versace creation.
alicia quarles Liza+Minnelli+4th+Annual+Amfar+Inspiration+NLiQvzqlv5ux
And rounding out the night was E! News Correspondent Alicia Quarles, who also chose pink for the night in a Gabriela Cadena dress, Sergio Rossi heels, and Amy Gregg jewelry. Dresses with nude sheer inserts can be tricky. Hmm…better luck next time!
What did you think of the night’s looks?
Images: Getty/Pacific Coast News

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53 Responses to “On the Scene: The 4th Annual Amfar Inspiration Gala”

  1. My Response says:

    Jlo is so freaking hot and she knows it. She looks amazing. Love the dress but she always wears these types of dresses.

  2. aj says:


  3. Andre Talley… Now that is just a sin.
    I love how the wind was carrying Iman along. She’s beautiful

  4. Dom Dom says:

    IMMMAAAAAANNNN!!!! I am crying real tears of fashion joy right now!!! The dress billowing in the wind like that, the pose, her skin, her face…everything!!

  5. Empress says:


  6. RHONYC says:

    good gracious gal!

    Jlo must’ve turned to Pilates ’cause her body has been giving her latest looks L-I-F-E!!!

    kudos to the O.G. bootylicious chick in tha game. ;-D

  7. PEACE says:

    Gabby sidibe is relatively successful there should be no reason for her to still weigh 5000 pounds. She’s limiting her self and will only be type casted. She’s such an awesome actress and I love her aura and personality but this is absurdly getting out of hand. Any who everyone looks lovely EXCEPT for the men.

  8. Allure says:

    J.Lo and Iman, Im just speechless admiring their beauty! Leon, I find it hard to believe this man is in the fashion industry. I agree with @Peace. I understand that everyone is not meant to be small in size, but Gabby weight is not healthy. At this point, she should have hired a trainer and nutritionist.

  9. simplyjess says:

    JLo and Iman – nothing needs to be said when it’s already clear. Oh, and were there others on the red carpet? Didn’t think so.

  10. shopfeline says:

    Did Iman come with her own diva fan? Gorgeous!

  11. Diva says:

    Does that fool have on ugg boots ????

  12. Lilz says:

    Iman, JLO and Uma really did their thing.

  13. Noirre says:

    Iman and Leigh are beautiful.

  14. annabanana says:

    Who is doing Gabourey Sidibe’s make up? Lord have mercy.

    Otherwise, the dress is stunning.

  15. Tricia says:

    Who is doing Gabby’s makeup? She is giving me bad high school play with the lashline to brow frosty blue shadow and overdone pink blush.

  16. Enigma says:

    There were a lot of fabulous gowns but Iman and JLo slayed!

  17. doc says:

    Iman: Definitely best dress of the bunch

    J.Lo: LOL@ the mouth agape pose. I thought no one else seemed to notice that she posed like that. I don’t know, this dress feels so late. I mean we saw it on the runway and we saw it editorialized and on the red carpet. She didn’t bring anything vibrate to this look. The nude lip and barely there make-up are very muted and subdued. It makes her face look hard when the dress is giving maximum glamour

    Andre: Ugg boots???? No sir. I understand being comfortable and I understand it was raining, but that is just not even appropriate for a formal event.

    Gabby Sidibe: I believe this is a black version of this dress


    Which is a reworked version of the dress Octavia Spencer wore when she won an Oscar in 2012. But you can’t really tell that from the way Gabby is wearing it. She has that oversized cheap looking purse plopped right over her stomach like she is trying to hide something, which is tightening her arms and making the sleeves bunch up. The make-up is bad and I wonder if she did it herself because I can’t see paying somebody and having them mess over my face like that. I’m not gonna harp on her weight because I really feel like she could have worked this dress, but her accessories and makeup ruined the look. Her body language and posing dose give the impression of being uncomfortable.

  18. sweetie says:

    Jlo and Uma did it for me, i just dont understand Andre Leon, and he works at vogue.

  19. Est87 says:

    Actually, Gabby looks like she IS losing weight. Still a way to go, but she looks slimmer to me. Jlo looks so damn ridiculously good! Yes!

  20. guest says:

    I like Iman and the other young woman in the red dress both are my favorites. Lopez is overrated to me, she wears the same lacey type dress in different colors. And I’m still not feeling it.

  21. Taj says:

    Iman and J. Lo took my breath away. There are some beautiful looks in this post.

  22. Justine says:

    @guest, I thought I was the only one who noticed how lopez wears the same tight ass dress over and over again with the open mouth expression and everybody goes apecrap. Any who Iiked Iman and Uma.

  23. set says:

    Jlo, wow. Iman is a goddess. Leigh Lezark looks amazing.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Iman, yasss! When did Uma get that body or is the dress making it look that way? I remember her being stick thin…she looks good here!

  25. Bri says:

    UM for all of y’all coming at Andre Leon Talley he is LEGENDARY. He is an editor at Vogue because he is very knowledgeable about the fashion industry! You may not like the way he dresses and that’s fine but if you don’t understand why he works at Vogue, your the one that doesn’t know fashion. Please do research before you make statements like that. Anyhow Jenifer was snatched lol

  26. flywon says:

    Andre looks like he is in a preachers robe.

  27. lessie says:


  28. Fatima says:

    OMG I love Yasmin Warsame dress! Details please!

  29. makeeasweet says:

    @ bri

    So you think certain celebrities should get a pass based on what they do? I dont cant if he the freakin president of united states,there no excuse for horrible uggs.Im in love with Eniko Mihalik feather dress.

  30. JacquelynMichelle says:

    ALT has on dusty old uggs!

  31. Leimom says:

    It was as if the Fashion Gods made the wind blow as IMAN was striking a pose. Tooooooo Fierce!!! It is like an editoral picture.

  32. IMANN YESSSS says:

    IMAN served to the GAWDDSS!!!

    Andre Leon and Gabby could at least do a Jhud and get lapband while pretending to workout and eat healthier..they are just determined to be fat, AND sloppy. SAD Indeed.

  33. SugarHips says:

    @Bri if Andre wore a burlap sack, cinched together with a belt you would prolly think he was setting the world on fire… HAVE A SEAT CHILE ! Even legends slip up every now and again.
    I bet Ms. Wintour would take him to the woodshed for this fashion faux pas…. he looks ALL KINDS OF CRAZY !

  34. randomnone says:

    Iman and Yasmin just pure unadulterated beauty. Iman – that dress. Wow. Leave Gabby alone! You can see she is losing weight but you still gotta ‘keep it real’. smh Stay winning Gabby!

  35. randomnone says:

    Oh yeah and JLo is now predictable to me. It’s boring.

  36. Jihan says:



  37. Ivory J. says:

    i’m so angry at gabby’s stylist, once again! that makeup, purse, hair were all wrong. pretty gown, but everything else was a mess. it’s so disappointing and often as this has happened, i’m starting to think it’s on purpose.

  38. Soul Touch says:

    Iman looks lovely, but Uma killed it.

  39. Brandon says:

    Andreeee get the hell outta dodge! hahahahahahaa

  40. DIVA says:

    lol @ signature agape mouth for JLo…… smh

  41. Niki says:

    Am I think only one who thinks Gabby lost a little weight. I agree the styling is bad though. JLO and Iman looks fab. Love the color, style of Uma’s dress.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Why are stylists always hideously dressed? I can’t… Anywho, Iman is everything here.

  43. binks says:

    Iman could never do no wrong in my book!

  44. Slim shady says:

    Gabby’s makeup is absolutely tragic!!! Iman & Uma I am here for them.

  45. Mellie-Rae says:

    Gabby looks like a big old lady. Her hair, makeup and that uncomfortable pose is just tragic. I know if she lost weight she will be more comfortable with herself.

  46. Undrea says:


  47. Georgia says:

    Given that this is a black-oriented fashion site, and given that the majority of black women in the country are obese, and given that any time there’s a post of Gabby Sidibe commenters cannot resist talking about her weight, I wonder how y’all treat all of the obese black women in your lives, because statistically, they’re your loved ones. Do you harp on their weight to them, too, every time you see them? Every time they attempt to get dressed up? It’s her body, her life, her choice. I’m glad I don’t know some of you people ’cause I guess you’d think it was fine to hurt my feelings on the regular.

  48. Everyone looks fab minus the men and Gabby. Top three are JLo., Yasmin and Queen Mother Iman. She is slaying and that gust of wind was right on time. Yes!

  49. Ashot03 says:

    Choir robe & uggs……. Fashion guru. Really

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