May 28th, 2013
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Weekend Instagram Hot! or Hmm…: Cassie, Chanel Iman, LaLa Anthony & more!
By Vuitton

Hey everyone!  Hope you enjoyed your weekend and holiday just as much as we did!  But not to be outdone are a few celebs who snapped a few pics of themselves partying it up this weekend or spending time with loved ones.  But who hit the nail on the head with the fashion and who didn’t?
Let’s take a look see.

Cassie in kenzo at Cannes First up is Cassie, who snapped a selfie while in Cannes this past weekend.  The “RockaByeBaby” singer donned a little Kenzo spring 2013 ensemble while striking a fierce pose.  And is that blue hair I see? Hot!

Teyana Taylor in Miami Teyana Taylor partied it up and shopped with friends in Miami.  Staying true to her often tomboy steeze, she wore Chrome Hearts x Hermes biker jacket, Pyrex shorts and socks and a pair of Jordans.  Hmm…I guess the crop top kept her cool because this Miami heat isn’t really leather jacket friendly.


Ciara and Future in Vegas Ciara and Future spent the weekend in Vegas together with the “Body Party” singer sporting a cropped do, oversized black tee and Future rocking a gray hooded sweatshirt, and a printed tee.  Hmm… cute casual looks, but would have preferred if they dressed up a little more.


Kourtney Kardashian at Scott Disick's 30 bday The Kardashian clan went to Vegas as well to celebrate Scott Disick’s 30th.  Can we get into the ferocity that is Kourtney’s navy lace top and her feather skirt?  Hot!

LaLa Anthony and Kiyan in Vegas LaLa Anthony and Kiyan snapped a cute pic before heading out for a day of family fun.  LaLa rocked her favorite Pierre Balmain studded leather biker jacket, black tee and leather pants.  Gold hoop earrings and cat eye sunglasses completed her hot look.

letoya luckett isabel marant freedom tank top
Letoya Luckett was also in Vegas, kicking it with Gabrielle Union and AJ Johnson in the popular Isabel Marant Freedom Tank last seen on Rihanna. Who wore it better?

draya michele Kevin Hart Mintswim vegas
Draya Michele mint swim vegas one piece white swimsuit
Draya Michele posed with Kevin Hart in a Mint Swim one piece. She loves to show off her body, eh?

wiz khalifa amber rose vegas
wiz khalifa amber rose vegas 2
Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa opted for bright shades to shield the Vegas sun. They’re a cute couple!
emily b fabolous vegas
emily b colorblock krenae collection dress colorblock
Speaking of cute couples, Emily B partied with Fabolous and friends in a colorblock Krenae Collection dress. Though I tire of her all bodycon, all the time predilections, it works at times–and it works here. Hot!
wale nicki minaj instagram

Wale posed with Nicki Minaj over the weekend. Loving Nicki’s Versace shades and leggings. Hotness!
Chaneil Iman at amFAR in cannes Chanel Iman snapped a photo on the terrace before heading to the AmFAR Gala in Cannes while looking incredibly stunning in Atelier Versace.  Hot!

Who were your weekend’s faves?


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31 Responses to “Weekend Instagram Hot! or Hmm…: Cassie, Chanel Iman, LaLa Anthony & more!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very underwhelming.

  2. Hehe says:

    Did Cassie get a nose job? She looks almost unrecognizable.

  3. dkny says:

    Draya makes me physically sick. A terrible mother with a taste for sex and fame. She stay naked and spreadibg the rachetness. Everyone else was what i excepted.same old urban looks.

  4. dkny says:

    Draya is a waste of space.

  5. Hassle be says:

    Kevin Hart is a Sigma?

  6. HilaryBanksFlyy says:

    Wow….the way Drayas body looks is amazing. That was sort of catty:

    “…loves to show off her body.”

    Are you serious? Why wouldn’t she.

    Black bloggers are so biased its unreal.

  7. HilaryBanksFlyy says:

    If she was fat it would be the fake: “oh we love a woman with confidence..”


  8. Crystal says:

    Kourtney does it for me every time!
    Draya looks disgusting. And no, I’m not fat, broke or manless.
    Amber must usually wear a lot of make up.

  9. T1K says:

    Are those Emily’s nipples? What is that? Love to hate her, or say what you may but there’s no denying that Draya’s body is on point.

  10. Lex says:

    Why are yall hating on draya? If you had it you’d flaunt it too. Anywho, didn’t see much fashion. Emily looked ok but i feel like she owns a milli of those dresses. Couldn’t really tell what Teyanna was wearing. Everyone else looked ordinary.

  11. Shauntele says:

    Chanel Iman donning white at the start of the season is just wonderful

  12. Lex says:

    Why yall hating on Draya? If you had it you’d flaunt it too. Anywho, outside of Chanel I didn’t see much fashion. Emily looked ok, but I feel like she owns a milli of those dresses. Couldn’t really tell what Teyanna was wearing. Everyone else looked ordinary.

  13. yahnam says:

    Emily is gorgeous. I swear I love her. Chanel Iman is a beauty!

  14. tasha says:

    uuuummm because Draya doesnt post pictures of her son and keeps his life NORMAL she is opening her legs. WOW crazy. She has said numerous times why she doesnt share her private time with her son.

    Some celebs could take it from her. Her being at events keeps her son in private school in having a nice life. She gets paid to party. Do you! Think about. Is the hate really that necessary especially when we only know what we see.

  15. cadylicker says:

    Amber and Wiz look like some heroin addicts, I wish I knew what Draya was doing so I could do it too, I like seeing LaToya out looking good, Aj Johnson – still like her.

  16. Deb says:

    OMG!!! Disick is only 30!!! Wow. Emily & Draya need fi go sid down somewhere. Ciara and Future are so cute together.

  17. Tee Tee says:

    “…loves to show off her body.” lol Salty much?? Cardio and ab work outs boo and you too can “love to show off your body”

  18. Anonymous says:

    Is that Future’s black Tee that Ciara is wearing? Looks like she just rolled out from under him.

  19. 2 cents says:

    It’s funny how so many of you are quick to run to the defense of this KNOWN groupie and whore.
    The commentary was that she likes to show off her body, which she does!! Look thru her Instagram and you’re treated to nothing short of soft core porn. But hey, some of you are known whores as well, so…follow your leader.

  20. Brandon says:

    These comments are catty! Lol

  21. Stopbeingcatty says:

    Draya has on a bathing suit so of course she is showing off her body! But yeah her instagram is like watching a soft porn but if that’s the example she wants to set for her son then go ahead (side eye). I too have a nice body but I also have a 5 year old and 4 year old niece that looks to me for guidance! You are your children role models people! Show leg but not breast or breast and a little leg, leave something to be desired ladies!

  22. koko says:

    these comments are hilarious. @2 cents, especially yours!! LOL. but anyhow, i have no opinion on draya or her character since idk her lol. i will say though that she is heading up a swimsuit line so i feel her on wearing her own line. as one should!

    n idk if those are em’s nipples?? i think probably just darts in the dress.

  23. karma says:

    Everyone loves to save a hoe, dont they?

  24. Cookie says:

    lol @karma! Yes they do! Vast majority of young women look to these types as something to attain! So sad of our society! So thirsty for fame, I’m glad I’m in the minority!!!!!

  25. Solange says:

    @Karma well then you better hand me a cape *preferably a pink one* cause I’m bout to be Captain Save A Heau in this B*tch…..
    @2 Cents please save your 2 cents and use it for somewhere more useful, preferably the 99 cent store. I’m sure they’ll appreciate your input there.
    @dkny *Scratches head* Umm how the f*ck do YOU know she’s a terrible mother?? Are you child protective services? Cause if you’re not please shut up. Again how the f*ck do YOU know she stays naked?? What? Are you there posted up in the corner like Peeping Tom with your binoculars at her whereabouts??
    Oh right didn’t think so…you can kindly face the wall now.

  26. kaygee says:

    they all look ruggedy.

  27. kaygee says:

    Meh, everyone looks raggedy.

    @Solange… you related to her or sumn?

  28. Solange says:

    @kaygee *que sarcasm* Umm does the answer hold an important significance to YOU or sumn? Or nah?

  29. Solange says:

    @kaygee *que sarcasm* Umm does the answer hold an important significance to YOU or sumn? Or nah?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Erybody shut up. Damn.

  31. GiGi says:

    Draya is hot..point blank period. Cassies skirt is cute but im not blown away by it. Emily’s dress is nice, but I cant get over the fact that certain parts of her body are blowing up all over the place making her dresses look a bit rachet and cheap. No one else actually caught my attention.

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