May 10th, 2013
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The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Beauty Brands Plot African Expansion, Vanity Fair to Publish John Galliano Interview for July Issue, and Crops Kim Kardashian Out of Met Gala Pictures
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

arlenis sosa is so gorgeous beauty
• You wouldn’t know it if you watch (or don’t watch) the news, but Africa’s economy is growing at an astounding rate, and brands are starting to take notice. MAC Cosmetics has its eye on the continent’s fastest-growing economies, and has even begun to expand their already-extensive foundation shades to accommodate all the beautiful tones of black skin. And just as Africa is not a monolith, neither are the makeup trends amongst the women who live there: according to Karen Buglisi, global brand president of MAC, in Nigeria, “They want trend, they want fashion, they want luxury,” for example. Zambian and Botswanan women prefer a more conservative look. The African middle class, particularly in Nigeria, is on the rise and beauty brands are looking to tap into those burgeoning markets. Estée Lauder reports that Tom Ford fragrances, and MAC are their bestselling brands on the continent, despite their high price points. L’Oreal is also looking to African expansion, but they admit that it’s going to take some time. “It’s going to be a slow game. I don’t think it’s going to be an overnight success,” Geoff Skingsley, executive vice president at L’Oreal told WWD. “The majority of these markets are economically stable and have a lot of natural wealth and they also have a stronger middle class than they had a generation ago. The whole continent is interesting. Right now, it’s very uneven. But if you pick the right spots, they have a lot of potential.” How wonderful that these companies are beginning to realize that black women exist, have money, and are willing to spend it on looking good! (WWD)



• After being forced by the legal powers-that-be, the Kardashians have renamed their ‘Khroma Beauty’ line to ‘Kardashian Beauty.’ The sisters three found themselves in a cauldron of hot water when two small beauty brands (Kroma Makeup and Chroma Beauty Studio) claimed the ‘Khroma Beauty’ name was causing brand confusion. Lee Tillett, Inc.’s Kroma Makeup actually took the Kardashians to court, where a judge ruled that indeed, the almost-identical name would damage to the already-established mom-and-pop brand. After placing an injunction against the reality stars’s emerging label, the Kardashians have decided to go with the name they probably should have chosen in the first place.(WWD)



• Some good news in the wake of last month’s Bangladesh garment building collapse: a woman who was trapped for two weeks in the rubble has (rather miraculously) been rescued. Reshma was found in the basement of the complex, (possibly in a prayer room) for 17 days. She says she was able to find  food and water in the wreckage, which kept her alive these past two weeks. Her provisions ran out two days ago, but luckily, rescuers were able to locate her and pull her from the rubble. Glad to hear at least one uplifting story from this tragedy! (NYT)


Be sure to pick up your copy of Vanity Fair next month– the magazine’s July issue will publish the first in-depth interview with John Galliano since his infamous drunken ‘I love Hitler’ rant. There are no real details as to the content of the article yet, as the magazine is not at liberty to confirm or deny any upcoming stories. The contents of the interview are so shrouded in mystery, than even Galliano’s publicist Liz Rosenberg doesn’t know (or so she claims) what’s in it.  “I haven’t seen the article. I don’t know if there’s a slant,” she relayed to WWD. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! (WWD)



• It seems the folks at Vogue are committing to the health initiative they launched last year by placing noted swimsuit model Kate Upton on their June 2013 cover. Upton, who the magazine describes as having bigger boobs than the models they usually feature “killer curves” dons a bathing suit to match the summer-themed issue. Thoughts? (Vogue)

• Speaking of Vogue, it seems the editors of their digital edition were none too pleased with the floral printed Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci frock Kim Kardashian wore to the Met Gala. In a roundup of the ‘best dressed’ of the night, Kanye West was included in his Givenchy tux, but Ms. Kardashian was noticeably cropped out of the picture. Shady boots! (


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21 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Beauty Brands Plot African Expansion, Vanity Fair to Publish John Galliano Interview for July Issue, and Crops Kim Kardashian Out of Met Gala Pictures”

  1. special zebra says:

    yes of course theyre going to start taking notice of Africa once it means itll up their profits. If their market was to crash, they would be out of there so fast. I guess thats business though.

  2. tasha says:

    They are all about their money. Idk why brands are just now focusing on Africa. Side Eye

    The Kardashian shouldve did that from the beginning. I promise they have no one on their research and development payroll.

    Happy she was found alive. She had a will to live. =)

  3. How about they provide us American women with more colors to match skin tones? I still only have about 2 options for a BB Cream…

  4. Jihan says:

    Shouldn’t we be happy, though that African economies are growing? Why would brands sell in a place where people can’t buy their stuff? It might be all about money, but I think it’s overall good news.

    This is something I think we should celebrate, instead of being wary of! But that’s just my humble opinion :)

  5. DeeFresh says:

    So Jihan gave me my giggle for the day with Upton dig, and yes girl I agree: let’s be happy that the makeup companies are finally able to expand in a CONTINENT ( cause its not a country) that now has the wealth to receive it. Yippee!

  6. Cinthia says:

    Arlesis Sosa… you are a Dominican queen! So gorgeous!!

  7. 100% African and Proud says:

    Firstly Arlenis Sosa looks B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!!!! amazing skin amazing everything! she is serving me a plate full of beauty. Secondly, I have to agree with @special zebra and @tasha!! its 10000 per cent all about moneyy!! and why is it that only when africa is doing well, people decide to invest?!!! Africa has natural wealth correct but africas failure is dependent on two issues !. the west exploting africa and ALWAYS using africa as a cash crop for all the diamonds etc that celebs are wearing and secondly because african politicans the majority are extremely extremely stupid. Therefore, i dont know if this move is a good idea or not. In addition, when hese beauty brands are expanding to africa however PLEASE I BEG this brands better do there research before coming in. there are so many factors you need to take into account for the skin african women who are living in africa. Also, no offence but anything the West does in relations to Africa will always gett a huge side eye from me as THE MOTIVE OF THE WEST AND THESE BEAUTY BRANDS ARE QUESTIONABLE and these companies better not and i repeat BETTER NOT put in cheap ingredients in their ish and sell it for expensive amounts just to gain profits otherwise ill be coming for their asses!!!!

  8. hmmm says:

    @ 100% african and proud. I think you need to calm down. When people like you make such bold statements like ‘majority of africa politicans are extremly stupid’ that just unnerves me. Exactly who are those politians? I happen to live in africa, so people making such remarks from behind a computer oceans away just doesn’t sit well with me. Also we all know you won’t be coming for anyones ass. Sit down.

  9. JrDesignerLover says:

    Of course MAC is selling overseas, Africa(ns) has money. As for the comment “and why is it that only when africa is doing well, people decide to invest?!!!”, you pretty much answered your own question. Who wants to invest, when there’s no return. Hopefully those different shades will be sold in the West too.

  10. LOL @them cropping the couch, I mean Kim out. Shady boots is right!

  11. Anonymous says:

    @ DeeFresh, thank you for letting it be know that Africa is a CONTINENT not a country!!!

  12. K25 says:

    I would love to see different countries in Africa exporting their beauty brands to the world. The continent of Africa isn’t this downtrodden place the rest of the world makes it out to be.

  13. Christine says:

    Kate Upton is giving me Claudia Schiffer in the 90s. Refreshing. It’s crazy to think how brainwashed I’ve been to think these waif-like models, singers and actresses on their previous covers looked “normal”.

  14. lola says:

    I love how people always look at a massively photoshopped picture and say “she has amazing skin” lol I crack up every time.

    Big up to the growing economies in Africa. Amazing news.

  15. 100% African and Proud says:

    @hmmm Firstly, what i typed in caps lock was to emphasise my point , im not shouting/screaming as many ppl and you would like to assume and I am very much calm thankyou for your concern. Secondly, “people making such remarks from behind a computer screen oceans away doesn’t sit well with me”…..WHO TOLD YOU I DIDNT LIVE IN AFRICA?! (caps lock for emphasis)….I am actually in the uk for a week for my brothers wedding and for you FYI! I have been living in Africa specifically in Accra, Ghana for four years now after completing my degree in the UK. Four years isnt a long time and I dont know how long you’ve been living in africa but I am a ghanaian living in ghana don’t make assumptions please! Furthermore, I am the only one that said the majority of african politcians are extremely stupid because they are, in Ghana that is slightly the case, however, for Africa as a whole to continue to ship in aid from western countries in return for our natural resources…i know common sense is not that common anymore so I’ll excuse you..but for african politicians to authorise that it is very stupid. and politicians are our presidents and people who work in the civil service!!

    and one more thing in the words of Ms Moore “Don’t Come for Me, Unless I Send for You”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. NYC chick says:

    This model is one of most beautiful things I’ve ever laid eyes on. I could just stare at her. My favorite model by far in recent years. I also think Kate is gorg btw (although I know some ppl think she’s basic)

    I’m excited by Africa’s growth and development, and the investment that we’re seeing from global brands in the continent. I got myself a piece of the action and took a part of my bonus last year to buy $15k worth of Africa index funds (although my broker totally didn’t understand why) and they have performed very well! We need to be investing ladies to ensure our financial houses are in order so that we can afford all of the fashion we love so much.

  17. says:

    While I applaud any interest in Africa, I am however a bit sceptic about their game plan. For example: who is going to model the clothes, the perfume and the make up? They will have to use local models because as is the same with all the commercial items here, people want to relate to the person selling a brand.

    and this:How wonderful that these companies are beginning to realize that black women exist, have money, and are willing to spend it on looking good! –> All I want to say is, how lovely it is for them to invest in Africa, but Africa should keep it’s money for themselves. Meaning, set up their own fashionhouses own cars, own airlines and invest, invest and invest again in themselves.

    I am a bit over making white companies (that’s right, white) rich. Please ya’ll, watch ‘Hidden colors’ and watch it with an open heart.

    Stay blessed

  18. Christine says:

    Sigh… I’ve decided to stop posting and reading this blog daily, as commenters are getting very negative in the past few years. Johan and Claire, you’re stronger than I am.

  19. Christine says:

    Sorry Jihan… iPad typo. :)

  20. Ddsweet says:

    Wow Kate looks gorgeous!

  21. blackberrybabe says:

    Naija no dey carry last…

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