May 9th, 2013
Celebrity Style, Ciara, Hot or Hmm
Hot! or Hmm.. Ciara’s Tate Americas Foundation Artists Dinner Givenchy Gown
By Faith

Ciara was spotted at the Tate Americas Foundation Artists Dinner in NYC in a long-sleeve, draped Givenchy gown:


She debuted a shorter cut at the event.


Hot! This is pretty elegant no?


What do you think? Hot! or Hmm…?


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51 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm.. Ciara’s Tate Americas Foundation Artists Dinner Givenchy Gown”

  1. Spunk says:

    Ok dress, but her lacefronts continue to slay me.

  2. Anonymous says:

    that’s a lace front?!

  3. Ashley Moniq says:

    Yeah her dress is cute but the side of that wig looks like its gelled down with some ecostyler.

  4. Gabe says:

    not sure if i like this look for her shape.. looks a bit severe especially since its a nude shade (which i love btw). her hair is wowing.. i think i can see just a very small slither of whiteness around the hairline, so im guessing its a lace front (i could be wrong). cici has been slaying lately tho, love looks very good on her!

  5. Jihan says:

    E L E G A N C E

  6. Jihan says:

    is this REALLY a lacefront? maybe i’m an idiot, but it looks like her hair to me…

  7. tt says:

    i don’t like the dress because it does nothing for her figure. it makes her look boxy. now the hair/lace front…i really can’t tell if it’s a wig, but i like the color & style of it.

  8. bella says:

    @jihan yeah it’s a lacefront. look really closely. it’s a good one lol

  9. dkny says:

    She needs to put that lacefront back in the box her hair stylist bhrought it in. makes hwr look like a tranny.

  10. BeeCee says:

    I’m not feeling it. The sleeves look too short for her arms. Perhaps if it was sleeveless it’d be a tad bit better. Altogether this whole look makes her seem way older than she is. :(

    But I like the change from all the black she’s been wearing lately.

  11. fly won says:

    I LOVE her hair and she looks so happy.

  12. I’m on the fence about the hair but the dress is beautiful and appropriate

  13. She looks great. Let’s just ignore the zoom in on the lacefront. lol

  14. Angela says:

    Love love love the hair..

  15. HarlemVanity says:

    This is how I love Ciara super… Chic

  16. Chrissy says:

    I’m going to tell you why I chose HMM .. First off it’s not because of the dress, I think it’s a nice dress, plain but nice. It’s her damn hair that turned me off. Now if the dress had more oomph (enough to make me overlook her hair) then I’d choose otherwise. But umm since I chose the latter let me give a sentence or 2 on my thoughts of it. Ciara baby, I don’t know how you’re still making money but you’re making it. Plenty of it or else you wouldn’t be able to afford a Givenchy dress, even if it’s rented it still costs. Now .. Since you’re making this money why does your hair look like my foreign 6 year old cousin cut your hair? Booboo, who told you? You can’t be coming outside looking like that! & for all those that will respond to this like oh Chrissy you don’t want what you’re talking about ==> kiss my ass! I know what a bad haircut looks like & hunty that is not couture at all, it’s ugly. I stay in the hair salon & no one that I’ve seen ask for something so choppy with no shape and look like they scrambled themselves instead of the eggs in the morning & she has the nerve to tousle it! TUH! Ciara I like you but this hairstyle was not for this dress, someone should’ve told you that and had a back up lace wig for you.

  17. AzizMom says:

    I truly like this look but on an older woman. Perhaps Halle Berry? It really ages Ciara and she’s more youthful than this. The hair is a welcome change…so tired of this long, pointless weaves.

  18. jme says:

    Gorgeous dress….gorge face as usual

    On the fence about the hair….

    I feel like a lot celebrity women fail in the hair department though…

  19. Ema says:

    Wow she looks so fresh :o

  20. Snailz says:

    That’s that girl hair.. i think.. and i likes.. the whole look gets an A+

  21. EVOGUE says:

    OMG she always comes with great hairstyle!

  22. ''CIARA''JULY9TH says:

    Divalicious outfit and I loveeeeeeee all from head to toe :P

  23. Jenna says:

    I actually like the hair and her dress. I enlarged the pic on my iPad and it legit looks like HER edges. She might have a few pieces in there but I don’t think it’s a lacefront.

  24. tasha says:

    She looks really beautiful. I loved the other bob style she was rocking. On the fence about this one. None the less the dress is beautiful.

  25. The dress is fab, that hair is a mess! She’s looking all ‘my stylist said she was only going to trim my ends and when she was done this is what I looked like.’

  26. Savage says:

    @Chrissy! Agreed! That hair is all about tragic! I mean her makeup is a bit heavy, and I don’t care for the gathering in the front bc it does not flatter her shape, but that nasty mess?! Its kind of a Monet (U know, from a far it looks good but up close its just a big ol’ mess!)

  27. Msmimi13 says:

    Love the idea of the hair but it looks weird deep in that part.

  28. Brandon says:

    Y’all know damn well that’s a wig, a really good one but a wig indeed.

  29. Tifani says:

    This is such a fashion fail to me! First of all, that thing on her head is TIRED and that dress is way too mature for her age. That’s just my opinion tho’.

  30. Christine says:

    Looks good, but she must have used an ENTIRE eyebrow pencil just for this look alone! Good lord those eyebrows go on for miles!

  31. Christine says:

    P.S. I zoomed on my iPad too… It’s a lace front.

  32. Jei says:

    The hair makes her look very mature but I like this look.

  33. That wig should be burnt !

  34. Undrea says:

    Not feelin her hair. But the dress is beautiful.

  35. Kisha says:

    I also love this look from head to toe. I feel like Ciara can do no wrong lately.

  36. Anon2 says:

    Some people really don’t know a wig when they see one huh? lol. I like the dress but that color is doing nothing for me. Ciara is a cute girl but she annoys me because I really don’t know what she does for a living. Sure, she records musics and makes videos but she goes on talk shows and doesn’t perform so that means she’s not serious about her singing career.

  37. Morgan says:

    No ma’am. Hmm. That dress looks like curtains on her. That dress isn’t seeming too flattering.

  38. nyc chick says:

    love it!…including the hair

  39. Honeybrown says:

    She looks ok, I’ve seen her look better. Beautiful girl nonetheless however I hate when people say I don’t know how she/he still has money blah blah would hope she still has money if you have over a million. !!!!! Think b4 you type

  40. Ethan ocean says:


  41. The dress and hair ages her tremendously.

  42. Keko says:

    Its so different for her…some of yall r buggin…she looks beautiful…n i’ll prob b showing this cut to my stylist..#werkcici

  43. kayk says:

    …. really Ciara this hair is horrible and it makes her look old!!!! Alicia keys has this haircut and shes like 40!

  44. Westafricanmutt says:

    Ciara is sooooo badass!

  45. Relle says:

    The bleach is taking over. She’s the same shade as the dress.

  46. Cynthia says:

    Totally loving her hair! Best lace-front I’ve seen to date. You know a lace-front like that requires money!

  47. Anonymous says:

    CICI is serving!

  48. Anonymous says:

    …..braidless sow in…….not a lace

  49. Anonymous says:

    I love this!!!!!!!

  50. try again in the hair dept. that blonde bob from body party was AMAZING!!! nonetheless..she is serving the heck out of face!

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