May 8th, 2013
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The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kimye to Wed?, Parsons Cancels John Galliano Master Class, and Bethann Hardison Receives Frederick Douglass Award
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

kanye west kim kardashian met gala givenchy riccardo tisci

Riccardo Tisci had a great start to the week, outfitting a slew of A-Listers for Monday night’s Met Gala. He spoke to WWD about each outfit, including the now-infamous floral onesie gown he created for Kim Kardashian. The designer says he chose to dress the reality star because he “wanted to have a Kim Kardashian moment,” adding that “She is the future wife of a really good friend of mine.” *RECORD SCRATCH* Future wife? A simple turn of phrase? Or did he just let it slip that Kanye is planning on (or might already have) popping the question to a just-divorced Kardashian? (WWD)


• Mr. Tisci might have burgeoning relationship of his own. The internet went into a tizzy Monday night when the designer instagrammed a photo of a bow tie on a bed with the caption “please don’t go…” after the Met Gala. Commenters speculated that the bowtie might belong to a certain Mr. Frank Ocean, whom Tisci dressed for the event. Furthermore, the Givenchy creative director’s insta-feed is riddled with photos (nine to be exact!) of a bowtie-wearing Ocean from the night. Maybe he just thinks Frank is really cool? Maybe Mr. Tisci really likes that bow tie? Or maybe (more likely) he’s already designing an embellished leather kilt for their courthouse wedding, to be followed by a lavish reception at a barn in the Vermont countryside. (Fashionista)

John Galliano Christian Dior 2011

• And just like that, Parsons School of Design has canceled the John Galliano master class just announced at the end of April. According to the New York Post, the four-day workshop would have concluded with “a candid discussion about the connection between his professional work and his actions in the world at large,” but when Parsons administration couldn’t reach an agreement with Galliano on the terms of this talk, they scrapped the thing altogether. Parsons made no mention of the online petition started in opposition to the class as a reason for its cancellation. (NYP)


• Founder of the Black Girls Coalition, Bethann Hardison, will be honored with a Frederick Douglass Award this Thursday for her commitment to promote diversity in fashion. The ex-model and current activist sat down for a Q&A with WWD to talk about her career, and crusade to increase visibility of black models. And she knows her work is far from over: “After seeing the numbers from the 2013 February shows — 9 percent Asian, 6 percent black, 2 percent Latin, 0.3 percent other and 82.7 percent white — that’s when I knew I had to get back out there. When the agencies told me how political it has become, I thought, “What have you all sucked into?” We are absolutely in some sort of trouble. That’s not people of color — that’s we the people as a nucleus are in trouble. They don’t understand the effect. They’re not conscious of that because they’re just doing fashion.” Let the church say amen. (WWD)


Benefit Cosmetics tapped Matthew Williamson to help them create a brand-new eyeshadow palette called ‘The Rich is Back.’ Set to hit Sephora stores later this month, the $35 kit consists of blush, mascara, cherry lip gloss, and three neutral eyeshadows and a bright teal option to shake things up. (WWD)


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24 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kimye to Wed?, Parsons Cancels John Galliano Master Class, and Bethann Hardison Receives Frederick Douglass Award”

  1. Kitty B. says:

    I really liked Kimmy Kakes dress, just thought she needed to lose the gloves….guess Im in the minority…

    It’s already been leaked Kanye plans to marry Kim immediately after the baby is born under the night lights moon and stars in Cali….guess Mr. Tisci just confirmed it….

  2. JrDesignerLover says:

    I agree with Kitty B. She looks cute, minus gloves. I guess people just don’t like her, regardless of what she does, wears, or who she dates/marries, it’s almost like she’s tainted.

  3. nadine says:

    @JrDesignerLover, I think you’re right. People will always hate her and I think its because we’re so angry that she got all this money and fame from starting off in a sex tape. It goes against all that we believe in as far as hard work. I’m sure she’s working hard now that she has all these businesses under her name…but we dont like what catapulted her and her whole family into stardom.

  4. Honeybrown says:

    Speaking for myself, it’s not Kim that I have a problem with. I actually don’t mind her and don’t concern myself with her personal affairs. I also don’t mind the dress, now that I’ve seen it from different angles. However, I do not feel this was a good option. It was to much print for her small frame…….. Anywho yessss ! To Mrs. Hardison and all that she has contributed to not just the fashion industry but to women of color as a whole. Take a look at those numbers ???? How could this be ??? How is the fashion industry not ready for all the shades of beauty we possess ????

  5. blackbettyUK says:

    Kim’s stans are out in force. what took you guys so long to hit the boards? Congratulations to Bethann. Fredrick Douglas was a great and inspirational man. I remember reading his slave narrative in my Black Americans course.

  6. JrDesignerLover says:

    I’m definitely not a stan to anyone.

  7. destiny says:

    It’s not the people hate Kim just cause its that we hate what she stands for, like someone else said. This woman is famous for being a whore.Point blank period that’s very disturbing. And also she was glorified for having a big but that black woman have always had. I think Kim can dress, pre-pregnancy at least.and I also think she is pretty. I just hate that we glorify her

  8. Marsha D says:

    Ms. Bethann hit the nail all on top of the head. She’s so right.

  9. Jenna says:

    I hope they’re not getting married just for the baby’s sake. In order for a marriage to work you have to really get to know each other on more than just an intimate level. In my opinion 1 year of dating is not enough time especially since these celebs like to get married and divorced so quickly. I hope they wait a couple more years, if they last, and then decide to walk down the isle cause being a 3 time divorcee in your 30′s is not the business Kimmy.

    Congrats to Bethann we need more strong beautiful black women like you!

  10. Jenna says:

    aisle* spellcheck

  11. Hannah says:

    @JR & Nadine… Nope wrong, I love watching the Kardashians, I appreciate it for what it is… trash. However Kim looks awful here because the dress is awful, she should have gone for something flowy and sheer like the black number she wore a few days ago.

    Mr Tisci sure had his Kardashian moment for all the wrong reasons

  12. Dkixx says:

    @Nadine, I totally agree with you!

  13. stephanie says:

    cosign what @destiny said! Shes a very beautiful woman fact!! however I despiseee what she stands for. as if the sex tape isnt bad enough then she goes and airs her public adultery…by getting knocked up while married! that is something I can not adovcate. She is just extremely annoying and her glorification of her by the media just cos shes pretty and has a “big bum” is ridiculous. So when white girls have big bums its attractive…er last time I checked black woman naturally have bodies like that but we are looked down upon. Kmt and kanye smh ive lost all respect for him.

  14. Tiffany says:

    If the dress was sleeveless or had cap sleeves and if she lost the gloves the dress wouldn’t have been so bad. It fit her very well, it just was a little bit too much and it wasn’t “punk” in anyway. It could have been a great Kim Kardashian moment if he gave us a “punk” look, at least a little bit would have been nice.

  15. tasha says:

    Let Kim get married for the third time. She said JLo and Elizabeth Taylor are her role models.

    The man instagram a bow tie are really digging that deep into.

    Im sad about Parson’s. Im going with the online petition did this. The man has apologized let him live

  16. Diva says:

    @Destiny you couldn’t have said it an better !

  17. Honeybrown says:

    This post showcased a positive black women yet primary focus is on Kim kardashian !!! Why why why ????

  18. Jei says:

    Proud moment for Bethann Hardison, that’s awesome. What can we do to help?

  19. fav1 says:

    I’m here for Bethann Hardison…AMEN!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Kim and her family are famous only because of her sex tape.

    And she is a married woman carrying another man’s child.

    And what standard is this to set? Certainly not an ethical one.

    Contribution to fashion?! Please!

  21. i before e except after c

  22. congrats to bethann hardison…i could care less about kimye

  23. Anonymous says:

    Kim is and always be trash.

  24. taff says:

    she has a sex tape and she became famous because of it, that was a long time ago, get over it. I don’t like the dress with or without the gloves. say what you want but Kanye is a good guy, nomatter what pple say about Kim he has her back, she’s always glowing around him.

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