May 8th, 2013
Fashion Bombshell of the Day
Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Timala from Virginia
By Claire

Today’s Bombshell is Timala from Virginia:

She says, “I’ve been following Fashion Bomb Daily for about 5 years now…”

“…and I absolutely love the blog!”

” I finally mustered up the courage to submit my photos for the Fashion Bombshell, so here they are!”

” I would describe my style as simple…”

“….yet sophisticated.”


“… yet budget-friendly!”

Polished! I think you described your style to a tee. Your looks are indeed chic and sophisticated.
What do you think?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 clear, head-to-toe pictures to Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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39 Responses to “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Timala from Virginia”

  1. Solange says:

    Love her yellow sandals and the skirt with the pink shoes!

  2. Miss. Boston says:

    Simple,Clean, and safe. I love the classic look and her hair, but nothing head turning.

  3. ashley moniq says:

    simplistic style with great use of colors, but those shoes in the third pic threw me off a bit.

  4. fly won says:

    Her style is a breath of fresh air. Polished. Go girl!

  5. PrettiTIffy says:

    she aiiight…cute girl tho, looks like shanice…

  6. Diana says:

    Hits and misses for me. I love some of her looks, but she kinda dresses like she’s 35 year old and keeps her cute shoes in her desk when she’s going out for drinks with the girls after work. Her hair is fab though!

  7. Tiffany says:

    She’s beautiful! I love the first and last looks! I wonder where those shoes are from in the last pic?

  8. J. Nicole says:

    Nice! Everything doesn’t need bells & whistles and whimsical silhouettes. I like that it’s simple & clean- it works for her!

  9. jeda says:

    Cute girl, cute style…i bet you’ll be even cuter wearing a smile

  10. MonieB says:

    Love her style its so feminine and on trend!

  11. hmmm says:

    I liked it but could’ve added a liitle more ‘spunk’..

  12. Honeybrown says:

    I love it !! Simple and chic ! Someone mentioned that she dresses like she’s 35 and exactly what is wrong with that ????? What if she is 35 ? Wow anywho u get a j crew banana republic vibe from her which is perfectly fine.

  13. Honeybrown says:

    I meant I get

  14. SAW says:

    @Diana girl wth are you talking about, 35?? She looks like shes, a mature, woman in her mid 20 if that. I love the hair. AND MOST IMPORTANT HER HOUSE LOOKS CLEAN…..BOMBSHELL

  15. Jazz says:

    In the midst of the the uber tight, over revealing, over the top trendy bodycon age its always nice to just to see simple sophistication. Cute maam :) MY fav looks are the trenchcoat and the white and black ensemble with lime green shoes.

  16. I said it, and... says:

    I like her style.
    People who comment on here…I swear.
    Either you dress to boring and conservative or too young and trashy.
    Oh and there is the “she dresses too Zara”
    Like, come on.
    Give people a break.

  17. Latecia says:

    Beauty, class, and a kick of sexy. Yes, it’s simple, but some times that’s all you need! Loved it.

  18. JrDesignerLover says:

    I really like her style. I was tired of the same look of people trying hard to keep up with trends.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Cute…My favorite was the black and white outfit w/ neon shoes! In the third pic I thought she was working a hat until I realized it was the ceiling fan!

  20. DKNY says:

    Nobody is saying she needs bells, whistles, bright colors, african prints,uber trendy, and loads of accessories. There is nothing different that she adds to her look that would inspire anyone.A fashion Bomb should make you go “WOW”. She is not a bad dresser, but not an amazing one either. It’s just regular at the end of the day.I see these outfits almost everyday walking down the street and on my way to the office. I do love her hair, but that’s about it.

  21. FabEllis says:

    I voted Bombshell because quite frankly, I love her style! Simple and chic.

  22. Jei says:

    I wasn’t wowed, but she’s a cute girl with a cute simple style.

  23. AMH says:

    Very nice and simple, I can tell she actually wears this outfits somewhere like work. I often question where the bombshells are going in their outfits. But, I wonder what she wears for a more causal day.

  24. ilike2smize says:

    Nice and clean but I won’t be doing any cartwheels or flips down Seventh Avenue…..

  25. southern says:

    nice. could step up her shoe game

  26. anja says:

    I love a woman who says what she means and means what she says… And simple and chic and perftly her. I love the understated but thoughtful look she’s going for. Why does everyone the need to dress the same? I’m so sick of the sheep

  27. Anonymous says:

    I love it!! The bodycon-and-super-trendy-to-the-ratchet-level bombshells were getting on my nerves. Refreshing to see a normal girl wearing sensible, cute and simple clothes. That first outfit with the purples skirt is so cute!

  28. Simple and put together.

  29. Beyond A Chance says:

    What’s wrong with “35″ though? :-/ Shout out to the 78′ babies!! I like her style. It’s not overly done…nor does it look like she’s trying too hard. It’s safe and demure. Kudos to her!

  30. V says:

    She dresses like she is someone with a real job. Some of these women dress like their only place of employment is on the street corner. DMV stand up

  31. NYC chick says:

    Cute girl. Cute style. I Like the outfit with the yellow skirt. Do not like the shoes/accessories/hair in the 3rd pic though.

  32. KITANA says:

    Her look is very polished which I appreciate. Clearly she has a nice body but its not on display. She looks great to me.Thank goodness there were no body con wearing instagram models and online store owners today. Shout out to the career women, we are underrepresented. She’s the best we’ve seen in weeks….

  33. Olwethu says:

    I love it, she dresses like someone who has a job. Simple yet classy. There’s a difference when you are a student, kids dress for attention. When you’re mature you dress for the occupation. She could be a landscape architect so the bodycons and mini skirts would be out of place.

  34. tt says:

    she looks very nice. her style is very, “i’m going to work chic” & i like it, but not bombshell worthy. you do need to step up your shoe game though.

  35. April says:

    With some tweaking… change of shoes here, some tailoring there, accessories to boot… she’d be BAD. As is, beautiful woman with a cute, practical style.

  36. tid bits says:

    She has a clean style. she wears cloths that she looks comfortable in and dresses in a way that is flattering to her shape. Only critique would be that her style looks samey samey.

    Good job though. Nice relief from some of the..ummm…other posts of recent..

  37. Tifani says:

    Her looks can easily be achieved by like anybody! Therefore her style is ummm… BASIC!

  38. asyama says:

    simpli In Loveeeee

  39. ike2998 says:

    FABULOUS CLASSY ELEGANT LOVE LOVE LOVE esp the black pants with the yellow heels #BAD

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