May 7th, 2013
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The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Met Gala Dresses Go On Sale At Moda Operandi, Kanye West Thinks Kim Kardashian Is Awesome, and Nicki Minaj Previews Upcoming Clothing Line
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

"PUNK: Chaos To Couture" Costume Institute Gala
• How deep are your pockets? A slew of looks from last night’s Met Gala (including Chanel Iman’s J. Mendel frock) are currently on sale at Moda Operandi, just waiting to be purchased. If you have a few thousand dollars laying around,  feel free indulge! (Moda Operandi)Kim kardashian met gala costume institute punk chaos to couture 8

• It doesn’t matter whether or not we’re fond of Kim Kardashian’s fashion choices. You know why? Her famous rapper baby daddy Kanye West thinks she’s awesome. So much so, that he let it be known during his performance at last night’s Met Gala (in front of hundreds of guests, to boot). Peep the video caught by model Coco Rocha (click the frame for volume). (TheYBF/Coco Rocha Vine)


• Nicki Minaj is one hard working woman! The budding mogul was up at the crack of dawn to attend a meeting for her upcoming clothing line. Naturally, she took to Twitter to give her Barbz a preview. So far we have the hat Nicki is wearing…

Nicki-Minaj-Premieres-Upcoming-Clothing-line-4 copy

A bomber jacket with matching printed leggings, high waisted jeans with a black bustier…Nicki-Minaj-Previews-Upcoming-Clothing-Line-3 copy

Winter coats in black and white…Nicki-Minaj-Previews-Upcoming-Clothing-line-1

…And a set of purses. See anything you like? (Nicki Minaj)

gucci vs guess
• Bad news for Gucci! The luxury brand has just lost its 4 year battle with Guess over allegations of the latter copying Gucci’s logo and using it on a line of shoes. The lawsuit goes as far back as 2009, with accusations of trademark infringement, counterfeiting, and unfair competition being filed in New York and Milan. Initially, the New York case ruled in Gucci’s favor, demanding Guess hand over $4.7 million for damages (this was later reduced to $456,183). However,  Milan court deemed Guess the winner of the case, ordering the Italian brand to cancel several of its product trademarks, including the “G” stamp, “declaring that it was common in the world of fashion, and separate from the brand’s interlocking double G logo. ” (Vogue UK)

• I must admit, I’m a bit saddened Rihanna wasn’t in attendance at the 2013 Met Gala. Say what you may, but the girl knows how to murk a red carpet! However, while all the fun was occurring in New York City and Ri performed in Boston, her 777 tour documentary premiered on Fox. Here’s the full video  in case you missed it. (YouTube)


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33 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Met Gala Dresses Go On Sale At Moda Operandi, Kanye West Thinks Kim Kardashian Is Awesome, and Nicki Minaj Previews Upcoming Clothing Line”

  1. sharebear says:

    1. Chanel looks great, but i don’t like her hair….

    2. Love Kim’s dress, even with the baby bump, it’s gorgeous for the occasion!

    3. Nicki Minaj is acutally naturally pretty without all her makeup. Her makeup makes her look worse sometimes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Smh Kanye…

  3. Anonymous says:

    KIM WHY???

  4. Marsha D says:

    Nicki actually looks good without makeup.

  5. I dont know about a turtleneck dress on kim, but she still looks pretty, I love chanel’s Look!!!

  6. ... says:

    oh my. I think I kinda like Nikki’s clothes so far… dare I say.

  7. ladyb says:

    That’s lovely…but its still ANNOYING that Kim basically dresses for him at the expense of looking ridiculous. I don’t like to get into other ppl’s relationship but I feel like Yeezy needs to LEARN TO COMPROMISE. He has the traits of a spoilt only child even as an adult in his 30′s. Kim isn’t some unknown like his previous gf/acessory…she built up her own mainstream appeal by being a fashionista and in under a yr he just ruined all that. End rant…lol

  8. PeaceofStyle says:

    Love Chanel’s dress.

  9. teri says:

    Will Nicki be selling her line at Strawberry? Because that’s what it looks like.

  10. sammi says:

    The more I see Kim’s dress it doesn’t look as bad, people over react with everything concerning her. It’s sweet that Kanye loves her despite what people say.

  11. LOL @ that Kanye video. Both him and Kim need to have a seat. Nicki needs to sit back on the clothing line, although I like everything I see except those bags with the ‘leopard fur.’ I guess it was inevitable for her to get one, I wonder what it’s called.

  12. Tami says:

    How come everytime a celeb launches a clothing line it looks like this? Why cant they just stick to what they do best? Rihanna, Beyonce all of their clothing lines are a mess and always end up in some bottom basement sale! #fail lol.

  13. Jei says:

    @Tami Agreed. Celebs need to STOP with these “clothing lines” ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! It’s getting ridiculous!! There are so many actual talented designers that want to strive in this industry & it is being ruined by all these celebs who are using their fame to sell these basic ass clothes. I can’t.

  14. Sareena says:

    That clothing line is as bad as Nikki’s attitude. I see nothing in there wearable.

  15. Noirre says:

    I love Chanel’s dress

  16. Anonymous says:

    You know I wonder if that baby really is Kanye’s sometimes

  17. Anonymous says:

    i dont care what kanye said, his baby mama’s outfit looked hideous. To make matters worse thats an outfit thats supposed to be designed by the designer himself. I bet Anna’s Linens would have done a better job

  18. TheFGMStyle says:

    I like Nicki but her line looks like stuff you’ll find at Primark.

    Thanks but no thanks.

  19. JujuBee says:

    Nicki is so pretty,I love the stuff i’m seeing.The samples look really rich and not cheap.I was scared because it is KMART.I wish you would have showed the skirts and the black and blue dresses.The hats are super dope I m a hat person so,I cant wait.

  20. ashley Kate says:

    Look at Nick without makeup,I see you mama,so perty.Her stuff looks nice,I don’t have a twitter but I always wake up to see what shes doing on twitter.And I seen the SAMPLE stuff.It looks rich and expensive I don’t like the purses they look cheap but its samples sooo. The dresses or peplum skirt isn’t featured here.I wonder why they didn’t show all of her stuff hmm side eye.I can’t wait!I know that they do have a celeb section that is expensive at KMART like Selena Gomez,Sofia Vegara. These places are really stepping it up.

  21. stan 4 Nicki says:

    I cant wait,I support the artist I like.I bought a grip of stuff from Rihanna’s River Island collection.And now I’ll buy a bunch of stuff from Nicki.She really is a BRAnd.@Jujubee Agree,they didn’t show her best stuff,and I hope people know that these are samples.I never liked Dereon,but there coats were okay.

  22. Stan 4 tha queenbee says:

    nicky look damn well crazy.her stuff look like kims stuff.Youll never make it bvtch have a seat big booty hoe.the only reaSON WHY YOUR PERFUM IS NUMBER 1 BECAUSE U PAID BABY TO BUY IT.i stole ur perfum and gave it away for a comingback with her honey maker,her achohol,her fragrance,and her clothing line hollyhood.bye you 15 min flop,have 7000 seats

  23. Fame says:

    idk about Ms.Onika hunny her stuff looks familiar I believe I saw all this stuff like the high waisted jeans/the bustier on women before …nothing got my attention sorry boo guess because its HER people will go crazy but me na ! #yeshrug

  24. eLLE says:

    I CANT WAIT,i’m super hyped.I seen some of the stuff in her line that she was wearing on american idol.I too support the artist I like. Alot people say they STAN for these artist and don’t even buy there album,perfume etc.@stan4thequeenbee Simmer down sir,learn how to spell for you come for someone.Aw you been a fan,you mad though?

  25. Lilly lillian says:

    Her stuff looks super duper cute Its only to the top from here.Now shut your damn mouth and focus on your money girl(lol).You cant turn everyone into a fan,people are always going to hate you.All you can do is work hard and prove them wrong.Well you really don’t because you already showed them and proved them wrong!I like the purses and the coats and the jeans,people for these to be samples which Onika said i’m impressed hunty.I know Team Minaj is GAGGING!@stan4mspiggylilkim girl go read a book!They don’t look cheap,yass!

  26. CaraFarrah says:

    soooooo cuuuuuuttttttttteeeeeeeeee,work Onika.Now sissy that walk!

  27. makeeasweet says:

    I would definitley buy one of the coats from nicki collection,but the purses look horrible and cheap.

  28. lah.di.dah says:

    kim looked a mess. chanel iman looks amaze’…love that dress.

  29. Enigma says:

    I like the high waisted pants in Nikki’s line and from the comments it will be sold at Kmart. So it should hit most of her target market.

  30. Emma says:

    All those celebs should have gone the Jessica Simpson’s way, using the same business model.

  31. andrea says:

    I love Kim K’s dress and that Kanye stands up for her. Very cute and very exhausting. Bless them.

  32. bebe says:

    The only thing that caught my eye from Minaj’s “collection” was the winter coat … thats about it.

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