May 4th, 2013
Celebrity Style, Shopping
Splurge: Karrueche Tran’s Emerson Nightclub Giuseppe Zanotti ‘Afro Wild’ White Fringed Peep Toe Boots
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Karrueche Tran was on the scene at Emerson Nightclub to celebrate the birthday of former paramour Chris Brown. She slipped into a LBD and studded denim jacket by Unif, uplifted by $1,695 Giuseppe Zanotti ‘Afro Wild’ White Fringed Peep Toe Boots.
Her knee high boots are fashioned from suede, boasting fringing to the side, a peep toe, and side zip.

Giuseppe-Zanotti-White-Fringe-BootsIf you’re feeling the bold shoe, cop yourself a pair here.

What do you think? Hot! or Hmm…



Kae’s bestie Christina Milian also came out to show support. Her outfit included white ripped jeans, and the popular $850 Gucci White Ursula Sandals.


The man of the hour arrived with a newly dyed head of hair, Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers, and a $395 plaid shirt by Fear of God LA.

Chris-Brown-Emerson-NightclubFun times!





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45 Responses to “Splurge: Karrueche Tran’s Emerson Nightclub Giuseppe Zanotti ‘Afro Wild’ White Fringed Peep Toe Boots”

  1. I vote hmm on everyones outfit! Tran almost seems too small for such bold boots. Christina Milian looks the best of them all –though thats not saying too much! :p

  2. jadoremscandace says:

    those boots are serious.

  3. Reeezy says:

    I hope she’s on the phone with a stylist, cuz honey boo boo child….

  4. V says:

    What does she do again?? i much prefer her jacket over those shoes

  5. Jenna says:

    Chris looks good! That’s all I got!

  6. Honeybrown says:

    I would prefer the boots on someone with a taller frame and Chris brown is not looking well I’m hoping its just a lack of sleep. And Christina milian…. Why does she still dress like its the early 2000′s ????

  7. Emma says:

    Miss Tran never knows how to dress her fancy expensive shoes. She cheapens everything she wears, she may as well stick to Aldo or Stve Madden because she is just wasting money.
    Christina looks decent for once.

  8. DannielleS says:

    The shoes would be nice in black or maybe a brown shade. The white is a little too much for me

  9. Shana says:

    How does Karrueche afford this stuff? Serious question.

  10. Moyo says:

    Karrueche is such a beauty! Though I like her boots they seem to be too big for her tiny frame (a common issue for us short girls). They look like they’re swallowing her lol. Christina’s face is beat…idk about her outfit. Chris looks like Chris. Looks like a fun night!

  11. Brandie says:

    @Shana, thank u! Cuz i thought the exact same thing.
    I mean, seriously, whats her job? What does she do for a living?
    And where do all those high priced items come from? Hmm…

  12. Jujubee says:

    Her shoe and asses game is always crazy,but her clothes not so much.I see why Rih and Chris broke up because someone is funding this chiles fashion either that or like all celebs who have stylist shes borrowing it.Hmm where is Ms.Fenty this relatinship is clearly ova hunty.

  13. Lilly Lillian says:

    Christina is giving me dip it low bring it up slow,hmm okay mama.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Love the boots, such a cute girl, the rest of her outfit is blah.

    Hmm Chris doesn’t look well, and hasn’t really looked heathy for a while; what is up? He could be better dressed, looks like an OG from back in day with plaid shirt.

  15. tales says:

    Kae looks good, she worked it!

  16. Nike says:

    Those boots are HOT!!!! I would rock the heck out of em!

  17. Jei says:

    @Shana I really thought the same thing too. No shade, just wondering. Love the boots, hate her outfit. Christina the shoes, hate the outfit. Chris’ fit doesn’t do it for me either. This is how these “celebs” dress w/o the help of a stylist.

  18. love says:

    she is so beautiful! and im sure she gets money for appearances the boots are nice but not really feeling the look

  19. Anonymous says:

    She’s cute imo..

  20. AMH says:

    Lol! Honeybrown is right, I saw Christina’s outfit and thought that would have been stylish in 2004.

  21. Tasha says:

    i actually like this look on her. I personally wouldnt wear it but its cute on her.

  22. NO NO nO nO No No nO!!!!!Mam

  23. Nelli says:

    i think karruche is pretty but basic tbh. she don’t have style man, just wearing anything and everything together. im never excited to see her outfits.

  24. Empress says:

    LOL. I like these boots.

  25. Anonymous says:

    What a gorgeous young woman! I think only Karrueche can pull of this look.

  26. nyc chick says:

    i actually love the boots and think k is rocking them nicely. christina, on the other hand, has no style

  27. binks says:

    Basic, they both look like they just came from simply fashion and rainbow.

  28. iheartkeya says:

    I like Kae’s shoes. That’s all I got, lol

  29. iheartkeya says:

    Wait one more thing, Ciara would look fierce in these if she styled them correctly

  30. Im back says:

    CM should have left the sheer part of the shirt with the 3/4 in. sleeves the earrings and that bag AT HOME and just rocked a white wifebeater no earrings(maybe some studs) keep the hair the same and a small clutch for the fashion gods and it would given her a more updated look

  31. The boots are hot, I think they look fine on her frame. The outfit isn’t all that, but it could have been worse.

  32. NYC chick says:

    Love Karrueche’s look here. I like her fit and love the boots. In the face she is reminding me of Chili in this shot. And ppl really need to stop calling her rice cake knowing good and well you’d be upset if ppl called Rihanna fried chicken (or curry chicken). It is not cool.

  33. Marthe says:

    I like the boots, not the outfits (i would know much better how to dress these shoes up) but WHY THE HELL WOULD SOMEONE CALL THEIR BOOTS “AFRO WILD”? smh

  34. tt says:

    kae is such a pretty girl to have such questionable taste in fashion. i’ve said the exact same thing @emma has said on here before. kae DOES NOT know how to dress for the very expensive shoes she likes to wear. i like the boots, but she is too short for them. it seems that this look is an LA look for sure. now, her shoe game is all that.

    cm NEVER gets it right! she too is a very pretty woman who can’t dress to save her life. and @honeybrown, chile, she does dress from the early 2000′s. love the shoes, but that outfit…

    dead @ the “OG from back in day with plaid shirt.” cb has not been handsome since living the LA lifestyle. he looks like a druggie…too thin, that blonde hair (ugh!), & those “ese/homeboy” threads are not the business.

  35. Teena says:

    Karrueche the Cutie. Love her!

  36. Jihan says:

    wow those boots are unfortunate.

  37. Hannah says:

    White, suede shoes to a nightclub? she is brave

  38. Kaliyanh says:

    Karrueche look nice and I like her jacket and Christina Milian nice jean pant as well Chris brown Look nice too. of course Chris breezy & Riri are still together cause today is CB 24 birthday

  39. Kaliyah says:

    Cute jacket on Karrueche and Christina milan looks nice as well Chris breezy too. & today is Cb 24 brithday.

  40. melina says:

    they looks wonderful & Nice

  41. AmberJM says:

    Are you kidding? Karrueche’s outfit is a big fail! Agreed with @Emma.

    Those boots are hideous. I remember Supertrash made boots like these in 2011/2012. Wasn’t feeling them then, not feeling them now.

    Come on Karrueche! Get it together!

  42. LiteR says:

    Hmm on everybody. For Christina: Only Lisa Raye can get away in all that casual white gear at the club.. Looks a little dated. Her makeup looks fresh though.

  43. Krystal says:

    Kareuche’s boots–looks like she’s a majorette in a marchin band! I don’t particularly like white shoes anyway..they look like sailboats on your

  44. PrinceThaProphet says:

    I can’t with this foolishness!

  45. Sharebear says:

    Kae, that is NOT how you get Chris back. LOL.

    1. Kae’s oufit did remind me of Ciara.
    2. I guess we see where her questionable outfit comes from-bestie Christina.
    3. Chris, it’s your bday and you rockin’ a plaid cholo look from the 90′s? wahhh!

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