April 26th, 2013
Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm
Hot! or Hmm… Rita Ora’s Chanel The Little Black Jacket Exhibition Dubai Opening Event Chanel Spring 2013 Look
By Faith

Rita Ora couldn’t be missed at Chanel’s ‘The Little Black Jacket’ exhibition Opening Event in Dubai. The songstress tried on a new ‘do for size, along with a textured top and skirt combination from the brand’s Spring 2013 collection and a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps:


Rita, I cannot cosign this wig. I’m sorry that I’m not sorry.


Check out her look on the Spring 2013 runway.


I love the look, but Rita’s beauty choices just throw it all off.


What do you think? Hot! or Hmm…?


*Thanks for all who pointed it out: Beyonce wore the same top (sans pants) in British Vogue.
01 Beyonce by Mario Testino for Vogue UK May 2013

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63 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm… Rita Ora’s Chanel The Little Black Jacket Exhibition Dubai Opening Event Chanel Spring 2013 Look”

  1. Jihan says:

    THAT WIG………………………………

  2. BlackBettyUK says:

    I love the outfit but the wig – noooooooooooooooooooooo.

  3. est87 says:

    No, no, no and NO. Tis all…

  4. hayilabc says:

    With the wig and makeup she looks like a junkie. I hate to say that but that’s the vibe i’m getting.

  5. Dkixx says:

    Damn Rita, what happened to you? What the hell is on you?

  6. Marsha says:

    I thought this was Betsey Johnson at first! A wig does wonders. :)

  7. Christine says:

    Dammit @Marsha I was just about to say that!

  8. Pari says:

    I really like the outfit but the wig just ruins everything!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Rita is such a hot mess.

  10. Cyndi says:

    @Marsha beat me to the punch line lol! Only Betsey can pull that off.

  11. Anonymous says:

    HMMMMM as usual.

  12. Solange says:


    I commend her for being courageous and experimental but um sweetie please return Betsey’s wig.

  13. Anonymous says:

    WTF she is doing ? please Rita you are so pretty for dress like this

  14. Shana says:

    She looks like Anna Wintour

  15. Jei says:

    She always messing something up.

  16. LaTasha says:

    Rita Ora looks like the Michelin Man in this dress. I can’t with her.

  17. SLIMB says:

    Hot -Bleeping* mess & that wig needs to be burned !!

  18. Morgan says:

    Beyonce wore the same outfit (well the top) for British Vogue. I liked it on Beyonce, but the outfit really is terrible. Rita’s wig is interesting, but nothing we haven’t seen before.

  19. NYC Chich says:

    Horrid. She looks like Carol Channing. Frankly, I don’t like the outfit either

  20. Melrause says:


  21. RHONYC says:

    know what…i DIG IT!

    1st thing that came 2 mind: it’s very ‘Millennium-Tippy-Hedren-in-the-Birds-with-an-Asian-twist’!

    i dunno, i’m feelin’ it.

    y’all know i like whateva is ‘anti-boredom’ and can get these old neurons firing off i’m for. ;-D

  22. RHONYC says:

    p.s. ~ just googled ‘beyonce chanel british vogue’ and to my shagrin i viewed that pic where she looked constipated in an attempt to look ‘high fashion’ & i’ll just say…

    well, ya…i stand by my Rita statement. i’ll take interesting ova the boredom any damn day. smh :-/

  23. Dee Fresh says:

    No. Just…no. Not the wig, not the fit, not the odd choice of jewelry . I like interesting too, but she could do interesting in a flattering way.

  24. couture says:

    at least if she did something else with her hair it could’ve looked more decent on her.

  25. Juju bee says:

    She doesnt have the height nor the body for this outfit.She looks like a crazed Anna Wintour Knock off.Hunty where are your friends?They must hate you to let you go out with that helmut on your head,its very weird.The whole Roc Nation including Bey is looking crazy and disjointed and
    disoriented,they look out of it.She should have wore something fitted to the body or just the top with a fitted orange skirt.This look aged her.The heels are okay,did you see how that women was looking at her in the backround,umm.

  26. nail courses says:

    Not really my thing at all but some people can pull off just about anything fashion wise (the line is drawn at the wig in this case)

  27. Elle says:

    She is an embarrassment to Chanel,I agree with @JujuBee she doesn’t have the body for this outfit.I would’ve liked to see her take the whole look in a few sizes and a higher heel or even platforms or a gladiator style heel.That wig is a ERR!Poor thing she really thought she was cute.What a shame this could have really worked.

  28. ashley kate says:

    FIRE YOUR STYLIST,wow did she copy Rhi’s wig from disturbia.Where is your originality at.You have swagger but where is your style?Whats your brand?I want to see her dress her age your not Bey or Rihanna your Rita.Lol @ hide your kids comment yall messy.

  29. Maya says:

    Harpo who these people.

  30. binks says:

    this is beyond a fail

  31. tim says:

    oh no the wigs looks like a damn mess on her

  32. timmy says:

    that hair look a mess beyonce looks cute

  33. Whatevs says:


  34. Íheartkeya says:

    Didn’t Rihanna wear a wig like this in the You Da One video? Sorry I can’t help but to think of that. But I’m tired of saying Rita’s a “Hmm”. I wanna finally say she looks Hot, & for her to consistently be that.

  35. Íheartkeya says:

    I do like the outfit though, it’s just a little big on her

  36. Dont like the dress on her at all. It does not suit her body shape at all.

  37. tt says:

    HATE IT! the wig, the outfit, the makeup & rita! hot ass garbagey (i know that isn’t a word) mess! yuck! BOO! hiss!

  38. ashley kate says:

    Harpo who these people.

  39. Maya says:

    Didnt Rihanna wear that wig in disturbia?Beyonce looks like shes trying to be a model but that pose aint getting it.She looks uncomfortable and constipated.Omg @ashleykate that is so funny.She looks a hot mess.

  40. Lilly Lillian says:

    Look at how those girls wore looking at her in the backround that saids it all.Hmmm will she ever be HOT!She was better off copying Rihanna. The JayZ clan has been looking delusional and MESSY!

  41. My Reponse says:

    posted by Maya
    APRIL 27, 2013 7:55 AM

    Didnt Rihanna wear that wig in disturbia?

    some of you guys have no life. what do you do stalk celebrities all day? i guess rihanna was the first person in the world to ever wear a wig like that. you guys are pathetic

  42. Jenn says:

    She looks as if she is wearing a rug around her. I don’t find the clothing nice at all. Sorry.

  43. Holly Fashion says:

    No Bueno…

  44. jbrizzy says:

    Can she please just go away already. She’s not even putting out music and she can’t dress. Just admit it Jay. You failed at trying to replace rihanna

  45. jbrizzy says:

    Fake ass Anna wintour

  46. Rachel says:

    love this look. wig included. that’s grunge meets chic. work.

  47. beatricebang says:

    It looks better on the model and Beyonce. Rita No. Just no.

  48. Rita looks like she dont smell to pleasant

  49. lola says:

    rita girl, lmao! I can’t

  50. She’s almost there I wasn’t really feeling this chick, but fashion will make me raise my eyebrow. You are doing better dear. Some one hired this chick a stylist. Prays God. Now she needs a makeup artist.

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