April 8th, 2013
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Snapshot: A$AP Rocky for the Coveteur Beauty
By Claire

3  Asap rocky for the coveteur beauty

Asap rocky for the coveteur beauty

1  Asap rocky for the coveteur beauty

2  Asap rocky for the coveteur beauty

4  Asap rocky for the coveteur beauty

5  Asap rocky for the coveteur beauty

6  Asap rocky for the coveteur beauty
A$AP Rocky for the Coveteur Beauty.
On his skincare regime:
“Honestly, I haven’t been told my skin is flawless. What I use is something called Witch Hazel to cleanse and exfoliate every day. You’ve got to exfoliate, you know?”

On his hair care regime:
“For my hair, I don’t have to wash it as often because it’s just like easy. I can just tie it down and just wake up and just grease it and make sure it’s still moist and that’s it. For black people, dirt actually makes our hair grow. I know you probably don’t believe it, but it’s true. I wash my hair once a week.”

On girls wearing makeup:

“But you girls don’t understand how much you mess up your skin. You can’t help it, but make-up is the worst thing you can do to your skin. I love girls natural, but I don’t mind make-up. There’s nothing wrong with it, there’s really nothing wrong with it. See, guys like us we just like—well me, I only speak for myself, but guys like me, I’m used to normal. I’m used to real. Like yeah, your shit is going to stink, you’re real, you know? You piss, you bleed, you laugh, you cry—you’re human. So makeup is just like an artificial expression if you ask me. When it’s time to get all dazzled up or you’re going out, then fine. I like red lips, it’s fine. I’m going to be real, though: it’s bad for making out, because it gets on the guys. But for real, for me, I feel like with the red lipstick thing it all depends on the pair of complexion. I’m just being for real. You have to be fair skinned to get away with that. Just like if you were to wear like—f*cking for instance, what do dark skin girls have that you know fair skinned girls cant do… Purple lipstick? Naw, that looks stupid on all girls! Purple lipstick, guys! Like, what the f*ck…”

Read more here.
Images: The Coveteur

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34 Responses to “Snapshot: A$AP Rocky for the Coveteur Beauty”

  1. AB says:

    I’ve always wanted to see the words “For black people, dirt actually makes our hair grow” in print -_______________- Thanks for your wisdom, ASAP Rocky. I’ll also be sure not to wear red or purple lipstick ever again.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry but their is nothing cute, sexy, and/or fashion fwd about this rodent.

  3. karma says:


  4. karma says:

    It’s also about finding the right shade of red lipstick . Kelly Rowland and Rhianna looks cute with their red lipstick whereas Bey does not look that great.

  5. Joi says:

    But why did he go out of his way to comment on what looks unattractive on darker complexioned women? That wasn’t even the initial question lol Why do black men loathe darker skinned women so much? Who hurt you?

  6. jeda says:

    thanks ASAP, you can have a seat now.

  7. Faith says:

    They’re silly for this!

  8. Beyfan1 says:

    Is it me or does A$AP resembles Chad Ochocinco? Hmmm

  9. Anonymous says:

    Another third rate entertainer making fatuous statements about things he has no business talking about. Maybe he should only bathe once a week,
    it may make his intelligence grow. lol

  10. Diva says:

    ok so was asked his opinion and he gave it— will his opinion have any influence on me & my choices— definitely not. I KNOW my chocolate complexion looks faboulous with my Ruby Woo lips. He is young and hasn’t experinced too much of this world, so why would anyone take offense at what he says ? You can’t even take what he says seriously. HE’S A RAPPER FOR GOODNESS SAKE !?!?!? NOT A SCHOLAR OR A MAN OF DEEP SPIRITUALITY— HE’S A RAPPER, Bless his “wearing Cellie braids in public as his fashion statement” heart.

  11. Stephanie says:

    I really wish you had not featured this story. He has no business telling any woman what lipstick looks best when he looks like a rat with clorox poured on him. Just another “colorstruck” dude. Ugh.

  12. zoiey says:

    i was such a fan till the stupid comment about lips like he puts lipstick on what a joke

  13. Diva says:

    oh yeah that whole dirt makes hair grow(smh)….. I guess funk makes a body strong and bad breath keeps your teeth cavity free….its been said he has a preference for the lighter skinned woman— well on behalf of all the beautiful darkies I say THANK YOU ASAP… at least we won’t have to snuggle up to the sour stench of your struggle prision braids…silly man child indeed.

  14. Danielle says:

    I was a fan of this fool until this mess

    I am a dark skinned woman who wears bright reds, purple, orange, pinks…and any other colour that I can pull off…its about finding the shade that properly compliments your skin tone, which is something he clearly does not understand.

    I don’t say anything about those dodo plats he tries to pull of as ‘french braids’…opps!

    ASAP Stay in yo lane!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Its his opinion and he has a right to it. I like my dark skin and red lips. I even agree red is tricky. At the end of the day its just an article..
    Sn: I wish the complexion conversation would die. Its 2013 we need to overcome and move on

  16. GiGi says:

    ahhhh ASAP…you can do no wrong in my book. There is a certain je ne sais quoi about him….

  17. Bribri says:

    Lmaoo He’s a male rapper commenting on his point on view on make-up. Lmaoo its not that serious. Guys of all ages say alot of dumb things when its to make-up.

  18. Jazz says:

    Uughh he is not even worthy of a post. The nerve of him to give beauty advice when his overgrown a** is still rocking cornrows. Have a seat Mr Rocky. Red lipstick is one of those colors that ANYBODY can rock. I just dont understand why these rappers (mainly darkskin rappers at that) are so hung up on skin tone. I think it screams insecurity and immaturity. Grow up.

  19. Sasha says:

    I guess I am always baffled by Black men and their commentary of Black women. Why don’t they ever compliment or brag about Black skin? Black women are black. This is so sad but unfortunately so common. I pray my son does not have these silly and archaic views.

  20. Anonymous says:

    #teamdarkskin and I will continue to rock my red lipstick!

  21. Very odd interview.. kinda fell a few notches in my book. Like said earlier, stay in your lane.

  22. Pari says:

    Why did this happen in the first place?

  23. dyshaun says:

    Oh no. *tosses his mix tape out of my window*

  24. Dion says:

    I had a strange crush on him until this.

  25. Bronze says:


    Where is Jesus cause this sh*t is bananas! He can’t even put a sentence….NO WAIT! This dust-mite has no clue what a verb or noun ….oh F*CK………….

    *having a nervous breakdown–one momento*

    but u girls don’t understand that you mess up ur skin?????

    OH!!!!! OH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this niglet coherent???? Is he all there? Who interviewed him. Who Dunnit???? and someone is giving this guy p*ssy?????? Please use a condom.

  26. Bronze says:

    Who is responsible for this???? Who gave this clown the mic?

    I want them to start telling white women( who they idolize) that they smell like Lassie if they don’t wash their hair. We’ll see how long his career last then.

    This is insane. No wonder kids walking around 3X’s crazy. This is who they listen too. This Klansman in drag.

  27. ??? says:

    dirt makes our hair grow??????

    he should have been aborted. For real.

  28. Jei says:

    What was the purpose of this “interview” again. If people weren’t sure, he just confirmed his ignorance. I was coo with him until now. Lmfao @ prison braids && doo doo plats ha ha! As a confident black woman, I will continue to wear my red, purple, && whatever other colors I want. Not a good look Asap. Not at all.

  29. tt says:

    umm, why is he so popular w/the fashion crowd again? dirt makes black peoples’ hair grow. well, alrighty then. i didn’t know i had to be light skinned to wear red lipstick either, but i can’t expect much from a low budget clown who wears plaits.

  30. Kahalia says:

    Two things
    First- Claire thank you for posting this so we can see how incoherent, ridiculous, and ignorant this man really is.
    Second- WHERE IS JIHAN WHEN WE NEED HER??? She would have me on the floor right now!

  31. binks says:

    So many freaking ignorant things in 1 interview from the hair to the dark skinned women with red lip stick. Is this the best person of color they could muster up?

  32. Debbie says:

    I’m not surprise …I saw this interview on another website ..he’s ignorant …I’m not going to take advice from someone who’s insecure and cant even speak standard english or can’t dress…still don’t get what’s the hype about him because he’s not cute. Although he’s talented I think he loss a lot of ppl with these completion comments especially The comment about all black ppl are bald..really..I understand that’s his opinion but he really sound uneducated

  33. A says:

    The Coveteur set that man up.. This was a horrible interview! I like the photoshoot though..

    Oh and I’ll keep my purple lipsticks they look great on tan/deeper skintones, thank you sir!

  34. Blueshoes says:

    WOW!.. does he look in the mirror he anit even that cute! about..dirt is GOOD! for our hair…PLEASE ASAP Rocky Needs to sit down! and read up on black hair and our texture!

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