April 4th, 2013
Beyonce, Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm
Hot! or Hmm… Beyoncé’s Cuba Thakoon Addition Zebra and Mustard Printed Blouse and Skirt and Giraffe Walk Jaipur Tie Woven Flats
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

In case you’re unaware, today is Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s 5th wedding anniversary, and the couple celebrated in Cuba. Bey was snapped in a $390 Thakoon Addition Zebra Printed top, matching skirt, and $195 Giraffe Walk Jaipur Tie Woven Flats.
Hot Or Hmm-0404-Beyoncé’s Cuba Thakoon Addition Zebra and Mustard Printed Blouse and Skirt and Giraffe Walk Jaipur Tie Woven Flats
Oh, and the box braids are back!

Her semi sheer linen-blend zebra stripe and feather printed top has a button down front closure, banded collar, and cuffs.
beyonce cuba thakoon addition zebra print button down top
Her skirt has the same artistic print.
beyonce cuba thakoon addition mustard zebra printed skirt
Her woven flats boast an opened up basket weave by the toes, and a rich double hand woven leather at the back.


Hot! I’m loving the entire look. I can’t front, I thought the close-up was Solange at first!

What do you think? Hot! or Hmm…


*If you like, get her pieces here:

*Check out video of the couple walking through the streets below:

Images: @BeyonceLite

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59 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm… Beyoncé’s Cuba Thakoon Addition Zebra and Mustard Printed Blouse and Skirt and Giraffe Walk Jaipur Tie Woven Flats”

  1. Choco aka Hippie says:

    Cute look! Strange Couple IDK Y but I find them odd like misfits odd…

  2. She definitely looks like Solange here.

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. tasha says:

    That close up her and solo do look a like. Love the look.

  5. bella says:

    lmao what is jay wearing??? bey looks sooo adorable

  6. lioness says:

    No, Jay. NO.

  7. Liz says:

    Love this… with sandals though!

  8. ThaiSilk says:

    I thought it was Solange at first glance…No Beyonce we shan’t be taking a leaf out of Solange’s book we’ll leave it to her to werk it!!!

  9. Keity says:

    Jay is throw back from his “Ain’t no Nxxxx” video, but the tennis, nooooooooo! lol

  10. Tiffany says:

    1. Just because Beyonce is wearing box braids doesn’t mean that they’re back.

    2. She’s def swagger jacking Solange…but that’s Beyonce. Must be hard being a robot.

    3. Jay-Z needs a dunce cap instead of a straw hat for that old man outfit. Sneakers though? C’mon!!!!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Those sandals are a piece of siht.

  12. Ericka says:

    They are the CARTERS and they DO what the FUXX they WANT… I love it!!! :-)

  13. Beautyfull says:

    I’m sure none of you look perfect everyday.Why can’t you just admire her and move on.She looks cute,there’s no denying that.Didn’t know Solange is the only one allowed to wear prints,come on people!I’m not a beyonce stan but y’all just love to hate and its not a good look.

  14. Anonymous says:

    @Tiffany Jay-Z is an old man…………lolololol
    @Ericka…………i think anybody can do what the fuxx they want to

    I like the top and i like how the model paired the skirt with that shirt. I don’t like the outfit on Beyonce. she looks gorgeous though

  15. manny says:

    Lmao @ jay!!! Wth!
    I love how bey looks. Very cute outfit

  16. Kourtney says:

    Beyonce looks very chic and casual, perfect for a vacation look since she will most likely be walking a lot and taking pictures. I like that she and Solange share styles, they are sisters (that’s why they look alike lol) I hope she posts tons of pics and has fun with her husband :)

  17. renee says:

    what about her sunglasses, are those Tom Fords

  18. Erin says:

    She good GREAT. Her skin is radiant!

  19. Soul Touch says:

    Cute, love the braids on her. Swagger jacking Solange? They’re sisters!!! That said, don’t you think Solange has been inspired by others. Get over it people LOL

    Jay can do what he wants…we all get older, so it kills me when people make old comments. Trust me, your time will come too.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Ordinary poorly educated people with criminal pasts and new money will always feel like they can do what the fuxx they want.

  21. SLIMB says:

    Lovee it, she is rocking both that outfit and those braids, hate the shoes though!!

  22. K says:

    ^ Oh hush if you had talent too u wouldn’t be sulking here.

  23. COCO says:

    Casual Bey never does it for me but I am HERE for that recent ad she did with Pepsi and her upcoming album

  24. JosoFresh says:

    Beautyfull..why do we have to admire her look? is there some rule book that says we all have to like everything Beyonce wears??? Im sorry I missed that class. Instead I took the class of having my own opinion and if I think she looks tacky than that’s my opinion. Really dude, fall back. A rare population of us still are able to have of opinion of our own nowadays…

  25. Blue Ivy Carter wasshupp says:

    This cant be an annivesary, why is Jayz mother there?

  26. makeeasweet says:

    I know how you idiots like to pit black women against other black women in a negative way(rihanna,ciara,ashanti so on).As much as you want to bash beyonce and lift up solange,you have to remember they are SISTERS.It seem like their really close,which would explain why beyonce look like she dressing like her.oh and by the way solange style is nothing new either.anyway i think she look great,i hope she keep the darker hair color a little longer.

  27. Jeaulina says:

    I love the print wear. The bravery in designers it’s carefully done and it’s changing peoples perception in anything within reason can be made into a print if constructed carefully. I would expect Solange to wear something like this, but what I love about their style is that it’s not predictable. I think she’s glowing and looks really nice.

  28. Queen Keko says:

    Rumor has it J no longer lives in their home but stays in a hotel a few miles away…might explain y ma dukes is taggin along…Gotta keep up appearances..anyhoo..shes def rocking hot girl vacay wears…the oxford shoe is hot..n box braids will neva go out of style..neva

  29. Anonymous says:

    I like the shoes, but the outfit…not so much

  30. Cewtie says:

    Though I couldn’t pull off this entire look, I love it! BTW, I’ve been inspired by and taking a few style notes from my little sister as of late. The same way I’m sure we all do…or else we would be on this blog in the first place!

  31. Kiki says:

    Swagger jacking Solange? em okay. I didn’t know Solange owns braids, I guess all black girls are jacking Solange *shrugs*

    Love the look, i may not necessarily wear the two matching pieces together, but looks good! I like that Beyonce’s style is extremely unpredictable, can never guess her next outfit.

  32. lola says:

    The divine deity BEYSUS CARTER CHRIST walking among mere mortals. We are not worthy. BEY is giving me my full and complete life and this era has not even started yet. Someone hold me.

  33. binks says:

    This outfit doesn’t seem her she doesn’t look bad but it is not wowing either

  34. Jenna says:


  35. Anonymous says:

    I’m obsessed with the look to be honest…

  36. VaniDee6 says:

    Great!! I am biased on Thakoon though….love the prints

  37. Lana says:

    She looks nice! She is so great with prints <3

  38. DarkEmpress says:

    Can we have the details on the sunglasses please?

  39. Sunni says:

    I’m glad she went with a darker shade for her braids this time.

  40. Anon says:

    This is the last post since 2:43? You all keep beyonce posts at the top on purpose for the hits. And yes, Beyonce jacked Solange. A few years ago, you would never catch Beyonce in a giraffe printed outfit and woven flats. I had never seen Beyonce on vacation in nothing but 6 inch heels and gucci and balmain. Sisters being close is not an excuse.

  41. brwngirl says:

    I’ve been wearing box braids on and off since about 1998 – Beyonce back them back?

    From the hair down to the fit screams vacation and I’m here to enjoy and relax and I love it! I’m glad shes starting to let go and live in the moment. You have to be a Jay fan to get his outfit … just watch his “Ain’t No…” video.

    I like it all.

  42. lola says:

    @ Tiffany
    You sound so pressed lmao girl, you heart must be coated with tar lmao poor thang. Hating on Queen Beyonce must be so depressing. How does it feel to hate the Queen of pop? How does it feel to hate someone who is everywhere and more beautiful and successful and talented than everyone in your entire ancestry? LMAO. Sit down and drink some water girl. We don’t want you having a heart attack now LOL I can’t. Too funny. I’m laughing out loud picturing how angry you were as you typed your hateful response LOL

  43. Jay looks cool in his old man swag, I like it! lol

  44. Chrissy says:

    I’m 50/50 on it to be honest although I chose Hmm.. for the answer. I love the box braids and red lip I think it looks great on her but the outfit is like ehh, maybe if she wore a maxi dress or something with ruffles I think it would be TADAAA! I don’t know if it’s just me but I like to dress accordingly to the country I’m going to (not just weather wise) & for some reason when I think of Cuba I think of ruffles and fruits in my hair (e.g. Carmen Miranda) & I think of white, yellow, leafy tribal (not like Hawaiian print but similar concept, if you get what I mean), dark reds such as maroon, wine &/or crimson & some light blues & greens. But that’s just my opinion, I’m sure she’ll have more looks for us soon.

  45. Chrissy says:

    I don’t know about y’all but I come here to see fashion, attitude (style wise), trends and progression from the stars put up daily. All this negativity and back & forth is wack and for the birds, this is not a gossip blog this is for people who have a sense of taste (of the clothes and shoes variety). Why people care what she does, what’s going on in her life, etc. is annoying and like I said not for here. This comment box is for the opinion of her outfit, she made it clear in her documentary she wants busybodies to stay out of her private life and focus on her music. Who cares what goes on in her marriage, the woman who posted this picture didn’t post it to read about marital status/updates or why she’s in Cuba or if she’s going to be kicking it with Castro. I don’t care for the nonsense either, take that tacky shit to the gossip sites. I never really read opinions and this is exactly why I barely comment but I felt like this was needed for those coming on here with some BS on their chest. I’m sure you all have a bathroom where you live, relieve yourself there, clean up & come back to talk about fashion. This shouldn’t have to be written or told, we’re all grown enough to be on this website without parental supervision so lets act like it.

  46. Jei says:

    Her outfit is cute minus the shoes. Jay looks nice.

  47. Jei says:

    Bey’s outfit is cute minus the shoes. Jay looks nice.

  48. Dani d says:

    I’m missing something so now solange is the only one that can wear box braids smh. Beyonce looks real cute with her hair in braids

  49. Faith says:

    So cute! Jay-Z didn’t have to wear those Jordans in the Cuban heat though…

  50. tt says:

    bey looks cute & comfortable. j’s shirt is too short & he should’ve worn sandals instead of jordans…lol! i LOVE them as a couple. they seem to bring out the best in each other & it’s all love there.

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