March 27th, 2013
Celebrity Style, Shopping
Wardrobe Query: Draya Michele’s Barney’s LA Preme Houston African Printed Top and Short Set
By Claire

It seems everyone was at Barney’s in LA, including Draya Michele and Malaysia Pargo of Basketball Wives fame. Reader Brandy was most interested in Draya’s look, and wrote in saying, “Can you please tell me if this is Kenzo Draya is wearing?”

0  Draya Michele's Barney's LA Preme Houston African Printed Top and Short Set
Hmm, not quite. According to Reality TV Fashion, Draya hit the store with her stylist in Christian Louboutin shoes, a Louis Vuitton bag, and an African printed crop top and short set by Preme Houston. See the separates modeled on the runway here:
draya michele preme african print short set barneys

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as if her look is available to purchase as yet, though you can contact the designers here to see about ordering one for yourself.

Update: Order yours by e-mailing The top is $110, and the shorts are $98.
Gotta give it to Draya, she looks good here!
Draya Michele's Barney's LA Preme Houston African Printed Top and Short Set
I’d get one for myself, but have a feeling I’ll be having to do my Insanity workout for a bit longer for it to have the same effect.
What do you think?
0  Draya Michele's Barney's LA Preme Houston African Printed Top and Short Set
*Malaysia opted to shop in a Céline logo top, black leather pants, a Céline bag, and Christian Louboutin studded peep toes:
Malaysia Pargo leaving Barneys of New York

celine paris logo t-shirt
Celine Luggage Phantom Pomegranate Red Bags 1
Would you wear it to go shopping?
Malaysia Pargo leaving Barneys of New York
Images: WENN/Pacific Coast News/WeBossBrands

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67 Responses to “Wardrobe Query: Draya Michele’s Barney’s LA Preme Houston African Printed Top and Short Set”

  1. Miss Meika says:

    She has the cutest shape and the outfit looks perfect on her small frame…

  2. Cinthia says:

    cute outfit, but i would need the shorts to be a little longer

  3. for real tho says:

    Always not wearing clothes.nice bod tho

  4. Mimi says:

    I agree a little more length on the shorts to balance out the top but its cute

  5. dolostar says:

    She looks good. She maybe should have gotten a size up tho. But she does look good tho. Those darn pigalles will have you looking like your feet are too big for the shoes. CL problems lol.

  6. Soul Touch says:

    She has a great body, nice legs…those shorts look a bit too tight though.

  7. Niki says:

    Her body looks great.

  8. Jihan says:

    I can’t believe I actually like something this woman is wearing.

  9. tasha says:

    Its a very cute outfit. I would wear them as separates though.

  10. sheree says:

    I love the outfit. But I agree with Cinthia. The shorts would need to be a touch longer. Overall however, it was a slam dunk.

  11. COCO says:

    SLAYED. I loooove anything Kente or Kente inspired LOVE LOVE LOVE! She actually looks classy fro a change, even though its a skimpy outfit

  12. Anonymous says:

    I love Draya but she always seems to make every outfit look hoochie, even when she has on high fashion clothing. Just an opinion.

  13. Faith says:

    They both look cute!

  14. Blue Ivy Carter they luv me in the street Why u mad? says:

    I would wear that in a heartbeat….

  15. Brandy says:

    Thanks! Going to Miami for my 40th and my husband thought it would be a cute “club” look! Love Malaysia’s outfit too!

  16. Genie says:

    Draya is indeed gorg, her body is perfect. I don’t mind the fit of her outfit as much as the heels. Maybe a pair of wedge sneaks would have been a better choice.

  17. Emma says:

    Draya’s body is so perfect. Short could be longer but she looks nice.

  18. Cute look, but the shorts are too tight and the sides of her feet are spilling out of those Louboutins. Sigh, at least her vagina is covered this time.

  19. bella says:

    draya looks adorable. wedge sneakers would have looked terrible with this.. #js

  20. Nneka says:

    LOVE this. I think she does it justice because she has a great body….therefore I won’t be busting out in this anytime soon. Can only dream

  21. Taj says:

    Draya looks gorgeous but I think the shorts should be longer. Malaysia looks cute as well.

  22. Bri says:

    shorts are too short for me but she looks cute.

  23. peplum lover says:

    @ coco – the cloth is not called kente
    its called ankara ! :)

    anyways i think she looks cute – very summery and laid back
    and i love malaysia – shes so pretty

  24. ladyluo says:

    Love the outfit and she has the perfect figure for it

  25. Dria says:

    She looks great! I would definitely rock this..and wedge sneakers would look horrible with this!

  26. k says:

    @ bella +1

  27. Is there info on Malaysia’s sunglasses??

  28. LiteR says:

    Cute outfit! The shorts are a tad snug and short for my taste but she looks great. I would have preferred to see a wedge or ballet flat paired with it.

  29. Natasha says:

    The shorts didn’t necessarily need to be longer but perhaps a size bigger. Either her bum or her quads are causing it to squeeze at the hem. Perhaps she was going for a pin-up look? It just make it look sausage-like :/ A shame since she’s more than healthy. Just get a good fit, that’s all.

  30. Naija Vix. says:

    The ankara piece looks lovely on Draya, the colors compliment her. Hey Claire! you can stop by to a African tailor and get it custom made ! :))

  31. kat says:

    I will be rocking a version of this outfit this summer, best believe that! I have enough ankara in my closet to start my own shop!

  32. MsMidwest says:

    Draya looks GREAT..her outfit fits her body type PERFECTLY gym here I come lol..Malaysia is so beautiful to me and her skin is FLAWLESS..and her outfit is great as well!!!!!

  33. miss nyc says:

    Must we see her camel toe in every outfit that she wears.

  34. Draya looks nice, lovely body she has.

  35. Tami says:

    Where could anyone go wearing Draya’s clothing besides the club? Great concept in designs but everything needs length and closure lol. She does have a great figure, I do give her that! xoxo

  36. DannielleS says:

    I love it!!! I like the length. Although she is curvy, she is petite enough for nothing to hang out!!! I need a booty like hers on my petite frame!

  37. Kelli Nicole says:

    I would totally wear both outfits…Malasia’s outfit would fit my figure a bit better than Draya’s but I love both looks!

  38. Olwethu says:

    Love Draya and I never thought i’d see her rocking ankara, the length is perfect. The heels are perfect

  39. Olwethu says:

    Love Draya and I never thought i’d see her rocking ankara, the length is perfect. The heels are perfect too.


    i would wear this and be like bow down bitches bow down!!!!!

  41. iheartkeya says:

    I agree with Jihan. Even though the fit of her shorts are a little tight, I actually like this outfit. I feel like I’m in the twilight zone or something b/c I Never like anything this woman does. Lol

  42. The shoes and handbag are great! I am not sure I would have styled the shorts with those heels.

  43. COCO says:

    Whats the difference between kente and ankara? xxxxxxxx

  44. Mel says:

    Too short .. but her body is AMAZING !

  45. I lovethe look. becauseit’s African print, wearing the two pieces together works. I love it!!!!. I love her shoe choice.

  46. ramsi says:

    Yes. great figure. love the outfit, but the shorts are not looking comfortable at all. a lil more length, and maybe a half size up. That “my crotch cant breathe” look is not whats up.

  47. Crystal says:

    Nice body or not, those shorts are too small. they look like short leggings. They don’t need to be longer, just not so tight.

  48. lola says:

    she looks spectacular and she has the body to pull off the shorts, so no hating here. WERK IT

  49. Reese says:

    Great looks for both of them!

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