March 27th, 2013
Beyonce, Snapshot
Sneak Peek: Beyonce for Vogue UK May 2013
By Claire

Beyonce for Vogue UK May 2013
Beyonce for Vogue UK May 2013.
Beyonce is wearing a Jonathan Saunders striped top and sequined skirt. Thoughts?
Image: Twitter

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38 Responses to “Sneak Peek: Beyonce for Vogue UK May 2013”

  1. nike says:

    Hot!!! Love the blue :-)

  2. RHONYC says:

    *waking up*

    huh, hmmm?

  3. lola says:

    Queen Creole mother continues to slay for the fashun gaaawwwds. YAAAASSSSSS. I live and then some more. We are not worthy of her divine presence.

  4. Afrobelle says:

    Yay! Bow down bithces. Lol. Seriously though Beyonce deserves respect for all she has achieved. She is phenomenal, flaws and all. She’s looks great, much better than the Vogue US cover.

  5. Genie says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Yaaaaassss Bey is tearing these covers up honey. I live.

  7. steph says:

    Cant wait to get my hands on this when it comes outt!!! Yaaaaassss

  8. steph says:

    Love how her skin colour is actually visible and not washed Up like the vogue us cover! Cant wait to get My hands on a copy. She slayed this issue!!!

  9. Itsabouttime says:

    Finally she looks like a black woman…..hahahahahahahahahahah

  10. makeeasweet says:


    She always look black,okay ms.ignorant bitter betty.I always wonder what people picture in their head when they think what us black women should look like.Are we all suppose to look the same or something,is there a black chick uniform look that i dont know about?

  11. Tallulah says:

    Alot of Black women especially of darker complexions have a insecurity about light/fair skinned women. Bey only looks “black” according to some when she has a heavy tan, like she does above. When she is her natural light complexion she is trying to appear “white” *smdh* to some lighter skinned black women don’t exist.

    Beyoncé feeds their insecurity. Its truly sad.

    And tho she looks GORGEOUS, I don’t like the cover.

  12. LawyerLady says:

    I’m loving the cropped top paired with high waisted skirt trend.

  13. hauwa says:

    Ugh!this woman needs to chill!she’s too in our faces right now..from pepsi ad to h&m to tours to magazines to she should take a sit already..aint bowing down nufin!

  14. A says:

    @LawyerLady – Me too! I’m falling more and more for it!

  15. Anonymous says:

    love the look!!

  16. S says:

    LOVE it! I’ll be glad when we can see a clearer pic.

  17. Madpet says:

    These commits are scary!!!

  18. Madpet says:

    Oh yeah, am I the only one that thinks her stomach is looking a little Evelyn Lozada-ish?

  19. peplum lover says:

    Bey looks gorge :)

  20. Gail says:

    nothing special.

  21. bella says:

    @ Tallulah um no. i’m a brown girl and a huge beyonce stan. don’t make this a light skin vs dark skin issue. white, hispanic, black, asian, etc. she just has a lot of haters.

    anyways what does a black woman look like? that is a very ignorant thing to say.

  22. keepinitreal says:

    Pretty much the media, society and everything around you tells black women (especially of darker complexions) they are not as attractive as their whiter/light/fair counterparts which is where some of the insecurity stems from (as well as the whole Willie Lynch letter and divide and conquer mentality black people as whole still don’t quite understand) and of course with some (not all) light/fair skinned women feeling more privileged (can’t blame them when they’re constantly being celebrated) and the reason why some black women make more of an effort to look more white Beyonce included..fact.

    Not all black women look the same but every black woman generally looks like herself…Beyonce..fits in with what’s hot and more minute she purposefully makes herself appear more white by having her skin more washed out and other times more black. You rarely see her in this shade..why do you think that is? And saying because of the time of year or because it’s winter doesn’t cut it. Open your eyes.

  23. keepinitreal says:

    And yes I am of a darker complexion. I believe beauty exists with all races, complexions, features, shapes sizes etc. I don’t feel insecure with light/fair complexioned women and I recognize I have my own beauty about me that isn’t diminished or highlighted by others. I felt the need to make that disclaimer. I think Beyonce is an attractive woman not because she’s lighter and ‘not dark-skinned’ lol but because of her overall look unlike some people’s mentality. But come on, she definitely purposefully has her complexion altered even if only done through her pictures to appeal to a more widely-accepted kind of beauty depending on where she is promoting.

  24. Vanessa says:

    I am very sorry to say this but Bey is giving me a “fame slore” vibe!

  25. eww says:

    Negros are so dumb.

  26. well says:

    Negros are just so dumb.

  27. M.K says:

    same pose as GQ’s cover. i need something else

  28. Hehe says:

    Beyonce is boring in editorial shoots.

  29. binks says:

    Honestly the cover is nothing special. At this point, I feel like if I saw one Beyonce cover I saw them all…shrug

  30. Jei says:

    I agree with the ladies about this not being anything special. I would like to see the other shots b/c this can’t be the best one.

  31. Mesa says:

    I’m a bey Stan but this didnt make me go yessss hunty! Lol but I’m loving the promo she aint even drop no new music and is slaying…and I’m not even gonna comment on this skin tone issue. Lol

  32. Itsabouttime says:

    EVERYBODY knows in the Biz you have to be of a more fair skin to get more work NO SURPRISE THERE and if you are a stan to the point to think that Bey has not capitalized on the that than shame on you (smh) At this point she have a tan or smear light cream all over her and still get work becasue of her name alone……@ Binks is right there is nothing that stands out in this cover that make me take a second look (other than the fact that her skin tone is darker here)… please chill out I don’t think Bey would piss on you if you were on fire

    HAve A Good DAY *kisses*

  33. Florence says:

    Her body is incredible! But this does not look like “Mega-Watt Fashion” as the cover says. Her “Vogue” Power-Issue cover was incredible. But this looks too GQ for me

  34. Jonesy says:

    BeyAWNCE dry a$$ is such a nuisance…..british vogue cover fail…and I am sure she is not talking about a darn thing inside!


  35. shay says:

    all her covers have honestly been so boring! i can’t.

  36. Keko says:

    I don’t like this cover

  37. michelle says:

    @lola you need help!

  38. Anonymous says:

    lol b*tches really living for this mess ass look! girl you are the fuckn ” queen” why are you in the blind sunday school teacher outfit honey?

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