March 25th, 2013
Celebrity Style, Christian Louboutin, Hot or Hmm, Kerry Washington
Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: The 2013 Kids Choice Awards, Beyoncé & Blue Ivy Carter, Kerry Washington, and More!
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Happy Monday, Bombers and Bombshells!
I had a restful weekend, although it was way too short, as it always is. Celebs kept pretty busy these past few days, attending the 2013 Kids Choice Awards, brunching in Brooklyn, and taking part in other glamorous happenings you weren’t invited to.
Weekend Hot or Hmm- 0325
Take a peek:


Jessica Alba got it right for the KCA’s in a Mary Katrantzou Spring 2013 dress and Christian Louboutin Love Me pumps in lilac glitter.


Sophia Grace and Rosie were adorable as usual in matching dresses with poofy tulle underlay.

gabrielle-douglas-kids-choice-awards-2013Gabrielle Douglas sported a coral and peachy colorblock dress with a thick leather belt and tasseled platform heels. Perhaps a thinner belt might have worked better here?

Guys, Willow Smith is gorgeous. Like, seriously: what a beautiful kid. The ‘Whip My Hair‘ singer hit the scene in a white Chanel Resort 2013 textured dress, toughening her look with black Chanel motorcycle boots. Cute!
Zendaya Coleman looked like a little doll in an Alice + Olivia Spring 2013 dress, worn under a light gray sweater and statement collar. Hot!

Host Khloe Kardashian looked white hot in a paneled Antonio Berardi dress and Giusseppe Zanotti pumps.

Big kid Nick Cannon dressed according to the theme of the night.selena-gomez-kids-choice-awards-2013

Selena Gomez‘s cuteness is relentless. The Spring Breakers star rocked a blouse and shorts from Oscar de la Renta, Gucci Ursula Strap Pumps, and toted a DVF clutch. Perfect!

There are a lot of proportions going on in Holly Robinson Peete‘s outfit. I’m not really feeling the tall black boots with the cropped shrug. Although, it’s cool that Ms. Peete found an event to wear that belt grandma Gertrude made for her. I hear it took the old lady hours to embroider.

Ke$ha reminds us why it’s so hard out here for these pimps.

Jaden Smith can’t figure out why all those cameras are pointed at him.
kids choice awards theia Tanya Chisholm 3-23-13
Tanya Chisolm of the Nickelodeon show Big Time Rush was styled in a Theia Spring 2013 aqua jacquard party dress with an illusion organza neckline and hem. Cute!


Fergie showed off her baby bump in a Mary Katrantzou Spring 2012 frock. Lucy Liu wore a similar dress in the past. Who wore it better?

I’m not too keen on Rachel Crow‘s floral mirror printed column dress, or those Mary Janes, but darn it, she’s so cute I don’t even care!


Katy Perry showed off her enviable figure in a Hervé Leger number (Beyonce wore the same two piece in her Shape Magazine editorial. It’s a hot ensemble, no?).


Swizz Beatz sported a very matchy-matchy look on a stroll with wifey Alicia Keys.


Karl Lagerfeld designed a burlesque-inspired Chanel costume for Rita Ora‘s performance at the Foundation Princess Grace gala in Monaco this weekend. Let’s hope she didn’t mistake him for Coco Chanel.


Rita Ora’s pal Cara Delevingne was also in attendance, giving these girls Swan Lake realness. I hear she plucked the bird

Kim Kardashian churned out another woefully uncomfortable-looking maternity outfit this weekend.


Kerry Washington looked predictably elegant and graceful in a Jason Wu gown and Christian Louboutin Grey Python point-toe Batignolle Pumps at the 2013 Human Rights Gala.


Draya Michele chose this outfit…

beyonce buttermilk channel brooklyn blue ivy carter
And finally, King Bey took H.R.H. Blue Ivy Carter out to brunch in Brooklyn, both failing to include me in their plans. That’s okay, ladies, I’ll be free next weekend. First round of Bloody Marys are on me.

And there you have it! Who had your favorite looks?

~ Jihan

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56 Responses to “Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: The 2013 Kids Choice Awards, Beyoncé & Blue Ivy Carter, Kerry Washington, and More!”

  1. gia says:

    how cute is blue ivy

  2. Ericka says:

    Altho I love Bey I cant stand to see a little girl in timberland Boots!! Ugghh…… Little girls should look like little Girls.. and Kim Looks Horrible she needs a new Stylist and not Kanye!!

  3. Faith says:

    I’m here for Mrs. Alba, Katy’s bod and cutie patootie Jaden!

  4. BlueIvy they love me in the street you mad? says:

    Look at me im killing it!!!!
    OAN: I vouch that Kim K will never have another baby

  5. Pumpkin says:

    Blue is MASSIVE! (For a one year old), she’s looking more like Jay every day.

    Katy’s outfit is nice. Kesha looks like she’s just having fun.

  6. DarkEmpress says:

    Jihan you are too much with the comments! “Draya Michele chose this outfit…” SHADE at its finest!

    Fergie looks the best. Katy should have chosen other shoes that were open toe and colourful. Nick Cannon always has on one accessory too much. But I still like the orange he and Swizz are wearing. Thats my new colour for spring. AK.. well there is always something off, but she tries. Loving Blue Ivy in Timbs.

  7. LawyerLady says:

    Lots of great looks here. Yeah, Kimmy is looking just stuffed and tired and hot. Po thang.

  8. lah.di.dah says:

    love khloe’s dress, selena’s top, katy’s everything, blue ivy’s lil timbs, Sophie Grace and Rosie Easter socks, and Lagerfeld’s contempt for life…i love it all

  9. Lol! Blue Ivy is like Damn it y’all! can I live?!

  10. nike says:

    Yes, Ms. Pope! Fierce Darling.

  11. t-fal says:

    LOL!! Jihan made me laugh on this dreary monday morning. Holly Robinson Peete is a beautiful woman and I wish she didn’t let that outfit happen to her.

  12. jeda says:

    Can Nick start dressing like a grown man please? And Jaden is gonna regret making that face in all his pics when he’s older.

  13. tasha says:

    Jessica, Selena, Fergie and Khloe all look great in their looks.

    Kim looks good in her casual outfit.

    I am going to let Nick slide since he over the network or whatever his title is.

    Kerry looks divine as usual.

    Hey Bey and Blue. I see your daddy got you some timbs…

  14. AMH says:

    ummmm I love Nick Cannon’s Nickelodeon jacket at a Nickelodeon event, and his names Nick…I think its clever lol

  15. lafemmedafrique says:

    The problem is Kim K’s outfit is NOT a maternity outfit #2kidslaterIwouldknow

  16. jbrizzy says:

    This was all just bad all around

  17. jbrizzy says:

    This was just bad all around. Sorry y’all

  18. Mely B says:

    @DarkEmpress took the words out of my mouth..Queen Jihan of Shadeyville strikes again. Made me LOL on this snowy dreary Monday.

    I love Jessica Alba’s look but can’t help but wonder how truly stunning she’d look with her natural darker hair coloring.

    Although I think Willow Smith is a strange looking child, I think she will grow into her looks once she hits her late teens/early 20′s.

    Luv Selena Gomez’s & Tanya Chisholm’s outfits & Akeys’ kicks.

    Kim K looks a hot mess; Kerry Wash looks sad in the eyes.

  19. Really, the ads are overwhelming on this blog now, I went from visiting about 4 times a day to 4 times every two weeks.

  20. Diva says:

    Willow Smith is not gorgeous….are you kidding me ??? chile bye !
    Lil Blue is big as hell… Bey looks like she is in struggle to lift her and poor Kim just refuses to wear maternity wear, what is her problem ? doesn’t she relaize she looks awful in the too tight clothes over that expanding gut full of Kanye ?

  21. justme says:

    @Jihan can I get the deets on the best shoes on the post worn by Zendaya Coleman?

  22. S says:

    Love Zendaya’s shoes.

    I give Holly a pass. Any woman who looks that great after 4 babies deserves one.

    Kim K. – I agree with an earlier comment. She looks uncomfortable because she keeps “squeezing” herself in non-maternity clothes in an to keep herself looking streamlined. They have cute maternity clothes these days. Just get some and be comfortable.

    Jessica Alba – love it!

    Bey and Blue – So cute! Although, gotta agree. I don’t like those Timbaland boots on little girls either, but I get why she has some. My dad bought “girly girl” me a little firetruck to play with when I was little. It’s what Daddies do. *SMILES*

    Gabby – cute shoes!

    Jaden – you’re a cutie….quit furrowing your brow.

    Cara – the chicken feathers…..No!

    Rachel Crow – shorten the dress just a tad, to the knee maybe and I think it would have a more youthful appeal.

    Fergie – No!

    Selena – Cute!

  23. Why does my Kerry look like she’s going to prom?

  24. Anonymous says:

    kerry washington :)
    katy perry :)
    khloe kardashian :)
    Jessics Alba :)

    Blue ivy is huge for a one year old 0_0
    she looks like a three year old
    shes gorgeous

  25. peplum lover says:

    kerry washington :)
    katy perry :)
    khloe kardashian :)
    Jessics Alba :)

    Blue ivy is huge for a one year old 0_0
    she looks like a three year old
    shes gorgeous

  26. EatStylePlay says:

    LOL at “little girls should look like little girls” …that’s a society standard of what is “girly” and “boyish” …the little girl is not on her way to Ellenville because she is wearing timbs. Those sort of statements really bother me, if she wants to dress her child like that it doesn’t mean she is trying to confuse her child and her gender whatever that means. Being a girl is not all about princesses, and pink/purple dresses. It’s 2013.

  27. peplum lover says:

    Also i wish kim would consult kourtney about how to dress when preggo
    because kourtney was flyyyy and very stylish
    she had some cute pregnancy looks

  28. Kitty B. says:

    Katy’s body is everything!

    Blue Ivy is going to be a tall girl I see

  29. bryan flyin says:

    Oh Draya…ahahahahah

  30. Noirre says:

    Khloe’s dress is pretty.

  31. Soul Touch says:

    Jessica A – Love the dress, very appropriate for the event.

    Gabrielle – Cute dress but too much belt.

    Willow – wow that child is maga, just like my niece. lol

    Zendaya and Selena – adorable outfits.

    Katy – not sure how if I like that outfit for this event.

    Alicia – love the short hair on her.


    Kerry – Flawless as always.

    Blue Ivy – cutie

  32. Westafricanmutt says:

    Yes to Kerry, J.Alba, Zenayda is such a beautiful girl, Khloe be KILLIN ‘EM. I really love her.

  33. bella says:

    @eatstyleplay exactly..

  34. Z says:

    B is holding that child like it don’t belong to her, like a rag doll.

  35. SheSaid says:

    Awww, I think Blue is cute and she’s very on trend with the 90s Tims. Love it!

  36. Afrobelle says:

    EatStylePlay I agree.

    Katy Perry’s outfit looks better on Bey.

  37. zy says:

    Will Smith better break out the shotgun. Willow is gonna be KILLIN ‘EM when she becomes of age. she’s a beauty.


    Katy Perry looked fab in her outfit. she’s curvalicious!

    I didn’t even know Fergie was preggers, yay! congrats to her, she looks great and she needs to go give Kim K. some fashion pointers

    Bey & Blue Ivy…cuteness. She’s gonna be a tall girl it seems, she’s looking more like her daddy every day.

    Holly Robinson…girl bye. I love her but what in the blue hell was she wearing?

    The feather/swan lake comment had me hollering! LOL

    Draya… just stop.

    Kerry Washington is cute as a button in that dress. very elegant and i really love when she pulls her hair away from her face.

  38. Tee Tee says:

    No one else thinks those heels are a little too grown for Zendaya??!?!

  39. Anonymous says:

    And I’ve officially spit out my morning tea thanks to Jihan! What a great way to start the morning!

  40. ramsi says:

    im convienced Blu ivy still aint took a step on her own…and kim k forgot her baby bump at home. seen pics a few weeks ago and she looked HUGE.. now its just a pudge?..mmmk. nick cannon was best dressed at the awards what a shame.

  41. JK says:

    eatstylepray, Preach.

  42. Rina says:

    I like Kim’s pencil skirt.

    Khloe looks great!

    Blue Ivy has gotten big!

  43. binks says:

    Zendaya’s look is cute!

  44. Pinky says:

    I want to say 1 last time that i am SICK of the smith kids NEVER smiling. just chek your google images. jaden is never not making that stupid zoolander face && williow is forvever looking bored to death. youre young rich and fameous, put a smile on children

  45. Miss Meika says:

    Keri Washington’s skin is flawless… wtf was Draya thinking when she chose that outfit (sidebar: I want her tummy & waistline)…

  46. Dom says:

    People (mostly) got it all together for KCA’s and sported some super cute looks! I was >there> until we got to Holly Robinson. Hmmm…

    And yes, that Willow is quite a looker!

  47. mecca f says:

    Wait, can someone let me know as I am not a mother .. is it normal for Blue Ivy to be that big?? She’s only 13-15 months old! Something isn’t right…

  48. Kahalia says:

    Jihan is hilarious. The shade is so accurate and not spiteful, just playful and funny on this post. I had to laugh out loud more than a few times…and commenters have said all that needs to be said.

  49. SLIMB says:

    Willow, Zendaya (GORGEOUS) and Jaden look cute,
    Kerry looks amazing as usual

    Rita Ora looks a dam mess, the end!!

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