March 22nd, 2013
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Claire’s Life: The Opening Reception of Stephen Burrows: When Fashion Danced at The Museum of the City of New York
By Claire

Last night I was honored to attend the opening reception for a new exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York celebrating the work of legendary African-American designer Stephen Burrows:
Stephen Burrows is widely touted as the first African-American designer to reach international acclaim. Known for his signature lettuce hems and bias cuts, the New Jersey native dressed the likes of Grace Jones, Naomi Campbell, Diana Ross, and more in his body skimming, colorful, and supremely sexy matte jersey frocks (read more about him in our Stephen Burrows archive).
Burrows’s clothes captured the essence of the disco era, and the exhibit fittingly features clothes on mannequins striking dance poses,with Studio 54 era music and video playing in the background.

For the opening reception,  fashion glitterati including Robin Givhan, Pat Cleveland, Bethann Hardison, Iman, Bill Cunningham, Michaela Angela Davis, Harriette Cole, Tai Beauchamp, Debra Lee, Emil Wilbekin, Bevy Smith, and more filled the museum’s entrance and adjoining rooms.

02  Claire's Life Opening Reception of Stephen Burrows When Fashion Danced at The Museum of the City of New York

03  Claire's Life Opening Reception of Stephen Burrows When Fashion Danced at The Museum of the City of New York

Claire's Life Opening Reception of Stephen Burrows When Fashion Danced at The Museum of the City of New York

iman stephen burrows when fashion danced opening reception


bill cunningham stephen burrows when fashion danced museum of the city of new york

I actually forgot the event was happening until the night before (oops!), so forgive my camera phone pictures, as I didn’t have time to assemble my photography and video crew.

The Opening Reception of Stephen Burrows- When Fashion Danced at The Museum of the City of New York


I actually pulled an outfit together last minute, but ultimately went for an artsy vibe in a Peter Pilotto dress, Walter Steiger sandals, and my favorite Proenza Schouler bag.
0   Claire's Life Opening Reception of Stephen Burrows When Fashion Danced at The Museum of the City of New Yorkclaire's life opening reception for when fashion danced stephen burrows museum city of new yorkWhat do you think?
It was a fun night, and a great way to honor a living legend.
Stephen Burrows When Fashion danced
pat cleveland stephen burrows living legend when fashion danced


(Pat Cleveland is a hoot. I asked her what was the biggest lesson she learned in all her years of modeling. She said, “Keep Going.” Indeed).

when fashion danced stephen burrows exhibit museum of the city of new yorkAt any rate, I’d highly encourage you to check out the exhibit if you’re in New York. It will be at the Museum of the City of New York, located at 1220 5th Avenue at 103rd street in Manhattan starting today (get more info here). No immediate plans to come to the Empire State? You can purchase the book dedicated to the exhibit, titled Stephen Burrows: When Fashion Danced, here.

See more pictures from the night below:

Will you be checking it out?
Images: Instagram

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62 Responses to “Claire’s Life: The Opening Reception of Stephen Burrows: When Fashion Danced at The Museum of the City of New York”

  1. Mysterybabe says:

    Claire I’m really sorry to say this but as someone that makes fashion their life, you dress horribly and can you change your hair color it does nothing for your skin.

    I’m really not trying to be mean here.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ummm @mysterybroad I need you to exit stage left with your rudeness! Claire looks gorgeous and serves each and every time. Your comment was not needed and you presence is also not needed in this site. good day.

  3. Itsme says:

    @Mysterybabe you got the nerve to say you not trying to be rude! girl GTFOH! Claire does not dress bad and her hair color is fabulous! If you don’t like it beat your feet! I can’t believe you came on here just to hate! You a mystery because you ain’t nobody! SMH! Ladies please finish where I left off with him or her!

  4. Mysterybabe says:

    Hey it’s just an opinion & it was meant to offend not everything or everyone is for everybody. I just don’t like Clair’s style that’s all. Now you guys can continue to kiss rear end idk but that’s just my 2 cents.

  5. Debbie says:

    It’s her opinion don’t tell her to exist ..she should be able to speak her mind as long as its not harsh…I like it Claire …you look cute.

  6. Mysterybabe says:

    *not meant

  7. Mysterybabe says:

    Thanks Debbie you get my point

  8. says:

    It looks like you had a great time, your skin glows even on a camera phone ,what are you using ! Anyway I wish I was there . I will check the exhibit out, looks like it’s indeed worth a trip from Brooklyn !

  9. Itsme says:

    I had to comment again to the @Mysterybroad why you keep switching your name I have a feeling you commented before about claire. I told you to play in traffic then and I want you to play in traffic at about 5:00 now! Claire has accomplished so much, what have you done? I’ll wait! Girrl you anything!

  10. jrDesignerLover says:

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion that is why there is a comment section. With that said, I’m not a fan of blonde hair on brown women, but Claire makes it work, and she looks great. As for her clothing, geesh, fashion isn’t one way, so what you like another may not.

  11. @C_layedtt says:

    @mysterybabe if you have nothing positive to say then please keep it quiet. I support people having their own opinion yes, when it comes off constructive. You just sound down right hateful.

  12. Claire you look amazing in that dress and I love your trademark hair.

  13. Tee Tee says:

    Claire you look fab I wish I could see your shoes better!

  14. Mysterybabe says:

    Wow wow wow, where did all of this come from? I just had an opinion and I said it, now I have people wanting to put me to play in traffic. Do we not have free speech anymore, are we not entitled to our own opinions anymore. Or must we all be close minded and not be able to form opinions of our own. Claire is human just like the rest of us, so not everything she does sis perfect. Calm down…it’s not that serious.

  15. Anonymous says:

    thats right @itsme some people get on here just hate and trash talk claire and try to cover it up by saying ” i’m not trying to be mean”. the chicago in me wants to hit her with a “GIRL BOOM” … haters never prosper thats why she is a mystery

  16. Mysterybabe says:

    Oh Sheit we got a badass crew over here. Ya’ll internet thugs are vicious ohhh I’m scared. Rihanna taught ya’ll how to be over the internet huh? We all thugs now huh?

  17. Enigma says:

    @mysterybabe I guess Claire is a celebrity blogger and she does put herself out to be judge when she does the Claire’s Life post (which us readers want more of) but your opinion did come across a little harsh “dress horribly”. We all understand everything isn’t for every one but if Claire loves her hair color why should she change it because you don’t like?

  18. Mysterybabe says:

    Ok Enigma I understand what you’re saying but aren’t we the same ones that beg & drag Beyonce to change her hair color. So why can’t the same be done for Claire?

  19. Debbie says:

    I agree with enigma but there always going to be some that doesn’t like it …I honestly don’t think it’s that serious …I don’t think she was harsh compare to what ppl say on here …

  20. Martinique_Fr says:

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but it’s the way you say it. @mystrybabe… the tone of your comment came off a bit rude and mean spirited (lack of vocabulary, perhaps?)

    I think Claire looks fantastic… Love the hair and the shoes,e specially.

  21. Looks like an awesome event. Not often you see African-American men and women celebrated in fashion, so it’s very refreshing. You look glamorous as always!

  22. ANONYMOUS says:

    Love the artsy vibe Claire – very cute and appropriate for the event : ) Wish I was in NY to see that exhibit – looks great!

  23. Mysterybabe says:

    Just setting the record straight. What I said was Clair’s sense of style does not appeal to me, the way she dresses, her hair and her make up choices. I also said that I know everything is not for everyone meaning some ppl might like it & others (like me) may not.

    Now where is all the hate towards me coming from?

  24. says:

    Im reading some of the opinions ,you really have to devolop tough skin when you contribute or work on a blog, im mentally building myself up for that. I personally love Claire’s hairstyle all I have to say is “she stole my look ! ” Lol I love the blonde and dread combantion. It looks great on her . Claire is human and at the top of her game so know she is use to it. I just would like for people who leave negative opinions to use there real name ,stand fully in who you are and what you are saying,know that’s just my opinion.

  25. says:

    * I know

  26. says:

    Oh didnt proofread

  27. Itsme says:

    @Mysterybabe Everybody does have an opinion, but the way you worded it and what you had to say was uncalled for! And for real I can’t say what I want to say to you, not for real! Girl go take yourself to another blog! To say that Claire dresses Horribly is just hating!

  28. RHONYC says:

    *praying hands*

    God please give me the anti-aging powers you’ve bestowed upon the Legendary Pat Cleveland.

    also, please protect Mysterybabe from the holy vengeance of loyal ClanZ (Claire-stans) she unwittingly started a war with by clappin’ at Queen Claire. run, chil’, run!

    A-MEN :-)

  29. Enigma says:

    @mysterybabe honestly I like Beyonce hair color even thought it’s been the same for forever and don’t understand why people want her to change it. I guess I personally view Beyonce (celebrity) and Claire as having different lives and not to be equally judge.
    It does seems like you weren’t coming from a negative place but the wording without an explanation made me think it was. I’m calling truce as I’m not an internet bully :)

  30. nike says:

    LOL @ Rhonyc!!

  31. Cameo says:

    Claire!!! You look smashing!!! That light hair / dark lips make to do a double take EVERY time…. Just beautiful. Who are those other ladies in your pics (j/k, of course I know who they are)?!?! You snatched the attention. I’m calling Tyra!!

  32. NickieLuv621 says:

    LOVE IT! His use of color is beautiful. I love brilliant bursts of color! I need some of those pieces in my life.
    Claire: you looked amazing as always. Thanks for all you do.

  33. Emma says:

    Claire’s “Gangstans” are worse than the beliebers….wow.

    Not everybody is going to love

  34. Emma says:

    Not everybody is going to love Claire’s style and they have the right to express it. Bigger bloggers like Chiara from the blonde salad, Blair from atlantic pacific or Karla from karlacloset have to face those critics a hundred times a day. So what? That’s life. No need to go gangsta on those who express their honest opinion. smh

  35. Lolodoll11 says:

    @mysterybabe if I were stated that way the first time then maybe the reactions would’ve differed. Saying “you dress horribly” and “can you change you hair” – totally diff from “her sense of style does not appeal to me”. Sigh, some folk! @itsme – go play in traffic at 5:00 = dead! Gonna save that to use one day. Lol! Claire, loving the look. We need a close up of the sandals. Feeling like those are needed in my life. Lovin Pat’s dress and Iman is still slaying after all these years!

  36. Afrobelle says:

    How rude, @Mysterybabe!

  37. Jei says:

    @ThePrissyShopper Agreed

    @Rhonyc Lmao!!

    Claire you look great! Keep it up!!

  38. Beautyfull says:

    Claire is one fabulous lady.Some days her fit is off but everyone has such days.However,this post is not one of those days.If u don’t like it,then hush.You musn’t always express your opinion, afterall its not like her hair and fashion choices are preventing world peace.sheesh!

  39. Minnesota says:

    Claire, you look wonderful; I admire your sense of style!
    The event looks like fun. I wish they had these types of events in MN.

  40. Claire your makeup is so nice here. you look flawless. I think your hair looks better in a bun like this than when you let it down. That dress/sandals ensemble is so Solange Knowles.I’m feeling it!!

  41. LiteR says:

    I can’t wait to get back so I can see this exhibit! Everyone looks great. Pat and Stephen are fashion royalty and all of us minorities in fashion are indebted to them and the Bethann Hardisons of the world. OAN *free speech rules. Claire would not have made it thus far w/o thick skin. I’m sure she is NOT fazed by those who do not share her fashion sense. Folks be all up in their feelings and what not. *joins hands with RHONYC. Lol

  42. Sarah says:

    I love Claire’s Life…please start your own blog. Makeup tips, peeks into your closet. :)

  43. Faith says:

    Queen Mother Iman!!! And naturally I’m living for the dress and hair Claire. Keep the updos coming!

  44. nia says:

    the comment was rude but y’all sure do pick and choose who u want to hop on for rude comments. but Claire you’re one of the women who has made me a believer in black women with blonde hair and I love how your look doesn’t cheapen your high end pieces.

  45. nia says:

    *look and you’re so gorg!

  46. T says:

    Do Pat and Iman age? That is all.

  47. UGA25 says:

    Telling someone to play in traffic is also rude. Its a forum which means people will have opinions different from your own. If you didn’t like what she said, oh well deal with it!!

  48. Jai says:

    I hope to age as gracefully as Pat Cleveland… she looks stunning.

  49. nonyelum says:

    @mystery babe oh shut up

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