March 13th, 2013
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Splurge: Kelly Rowland’s Kisses Down Low Video Alexander Wang Spring 2013 White Aline T Strap Sandals
By Claire

Kelly Rowland released the video for her new single Kisses Down Low, and dons a slew of wigs and labels in the suggestive clip. For the opening scene, she sports a fringed dress, along with $911 Aline T-Strap sandals from Alexander Wang’s Spring 2013 collection:
The sandals feature an open toe, thin front straps, a block heel, an ankle strap with a side buckle fastening, and an extended strap running up the calf and fastening just under the knee.
Kelly Rowland's Kisses Down Low Alexander Wang Spring 2013 White Aline T Strap Sandals
They might look familiar. Rihanna wore them for an X Factor performance last December:
If you like, get yours at
See the video here:

Are you feeling the song?
*Kelly also gets sassy on a divan in a pair of $1,495 Charlotte Olympia Belinda Lace Bootie Sandals in Silver:
_1-kelly-rowland-kisses-down low charlotte olympia silver sandals lace belinda
kelly rowland kisses down low video charlotte olympia belinda silver lace up cutout leather sandals
And bats her eyelashes in Marc Jacobs Resort 2013:
kelly rowland kisses down low marc-jacobs-resort2013-runway-21_184936617624

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33 Responses to “Splurge: Kelly Rowland’s Kisses Down Low Video Alexander Wang Spring 2013 White Aline T Strap Sandals”

  1. Ashley says:

    Love this girl always FAB

  2. KBS says:

    Cute, but a short cut would’ve taken it to the next level. The wigs make her look like everyone else.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes..We Approve

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes..We Approve so glad she captured her swag

  5. Genie says:


  6. Debbie says:

    Cute love everything

  7. ramie says:

    this song is trifflin, i read the title i was hoping it wasnt what it sounded like………it was

  8. Yashi says:

    All the color remind me of the video Bootylicious …either way seems like the best thing she did was drop Mathew at the same time it seems that was the worst thing for Bey(as far a music is concerned). Good Job Kelly you looks really good!!

  9. peplum lover says:

    kelly killed it

  10. peplum lover says:

    love the video 2 :)

  11. TheAntifash says:

    Love the yellow MJ look on the model

    Werk Kelendria!

  12. I love says:

    I love the video!!!!

  13. lola says:

    Ms. Kelly, I’m over the sexual innuendos girl. Switch it up.

  14. Tara K. says:

    Love the style in this video. Had to turn off the audio though. Too sex charged.

  15. Crystal says:

    As much as I love Kelly and rooting for her to succeed, I did not like this video. The song is ok but I want her to branch out and not pigeon hole herself into this type of music. The video was very Nicki Manaj-ish. She looked amazing though, minus those wigs. I wasn’t loving the fashion because a lot of these pieces have already been done, I’m just hard on celebrities like that.

  16. justme says:

    I’m not a fan of the heel being a block, however if I could afford to spend nearly $1000 on shoes, I would buy these.

  17. BlueIvy they love me in the street you mad? says:

    kisses below. i knew Kelly was a freak!!!

  18. BlueIvy they love me in the street you mad? says:

    **kisses down low**

  19. mamareese says:

    I LOVE Kelly….but I’m offically jumping off her band wagon if her next song is about another sexual position…body part….heck just sex. I’m saying girl give us something different….Girl Bey be talkin bout run the world love on top my ego……yeah I had to throw some Bey shade….

  20. Very cute other than the gray wig look. Is there a look for less for the Marc Jacobs two piece? I’ve wanted it since Alicia Keys wore it and Kelly’s color way is even better!

  21. Natasha says:

    So glad I’m not the only one tired of the high-libido songs: Kisses Down Low, Motivation, Lay It On Me, Like This. Gurrlll…I’m all into 4th wave feminism (or are we in 5th yet) but c’mon. As to the shoe: meh. I’ve not seen it worn interestingly yet. Shorts, perhaps?

  22. Dria says:

    Love the song, its not like she’s being straight vulgar with it like a Lil Kim song would be so I don’t see the problem. But I agree, her next song needs to be about something else lol. the video I didn’t like so much..the shoes are hot though!

  23. Reggie says:

    Love these shoes and Kelly looks hot! For all those that cant afford it. Jeffrey Campbell has a pair that are literally an exact replica for $149.00. They used to be on Nasty Gal but sold out. Im pretty sure solestruck will have them!

  24. love says:

    i agree with at @KBS short hair would have took these looks to the next level. I feel like certain people just cant do wigs and/or her wigs are to dang wiggy looking lol. But her body is on TIME!! and those white shoes are lovely!

  25. Soul Touch says:


    I agree. Love her to death, but come on girl.

  26. yusufswifee says:

    kelly is so fab….i wish she would get off the sex train. okay motivation was a hit and refreshing but everything since then has been sex sex sex…its sad. its like the actress that keeps taking the stripper/ho/nude role…get it together.

  27. itsjustme says:

    @ Reggie– wherrrrrre? do you remember the name of the JC version? i love these shoes!!

  28. louise says:

    Marc Jacobs tortures a talented young designer called Angel Barta. He uses her talent! He copies all her photos and ideas for 5 years. Jacobs fooled her with love. Read the truth on: styleangelique.blogspot. com/2013/03/marc-jacobs-thief-of-century-who

  29. Miss j says:

    Kelly looks beautiful

  30. Mesa says:

    This is exactly why Kelly can never shine people always wanna throw bey in a mix. And I love the video I like the song but I’m soooo over her talking about sex. Sadly since her ms Kelly album she’s been talking about sex I need some happy lets go party give me a love song type of music! Lol! And I’m not sure how musically Kelly has gotten better than beyonce buuuut ok. I still support both women but I hate when people throw shade at bey to bring Kelly up.

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