March 12th, 2013
Fashion News
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: The Black Girl (Magazine) Revolution Project, Kate Upton to Cover Vogue, and WWD Goes Inside Raekwon’s Closet
By The Fashion Bomb Staff


• It’s hard not to notice the gaping hole in the magazine market in terms of magazines geared towards young women of color. While yes, we do have Essence, Ebony, and the like, it’s safe to say there is no print publication that caters to the interests of black women ages 18-34. The Black Girl Revolution Project  has taken to Tumblr in attempts to remedy this. The movement calls for more magazines like the now-defunct Suede and Honey, with the ultimate goal (in their words) of creating “a sustainable monthly national consumer magazine for young African-American women ages 18-34.” Fair enough. While blogs (like… The Fashion Bomb!)  have in some ways filled the void with meeting the needs of young black women, I must admit, I would love to see a glossy aimed towards young sophisticated women of color like myself and many of you! However, the irony of their pleas to spread the word about this issue through the digital space is lost on no one. Go to their website here to learn more about the movement and ways to support it. (Clutch)


• Fashionista reports that the cover girl for Vogue‘s June 2013 issue will be none other than Kate Upton. This will be the model’s third time featured in the magazine, but first time gracing the cover. No surprises here, considering she’s already covered Vogue Italia, and, in light of Vogue‘s worldwide health initiative, fashion’s overlords have become quite taken with Ms. Upton on account of her boobs ‘healthy’ body type. (Fashionista)


Raekwon has owned more sneakers in his lifetime than I have money in my bank account right now. The Wu-Tang Clan rapper told WWD that since the age of 16, he’s gone through “about 2,000 pairs of sneakers.” Ok! (WWD)


•While Kanye West was busy trying to be the most fashion-forward rapper evarr during PFW, Frank Ocean was stealing the hearts of the fashion set in his t-shirts and sneakers. The Telegraph argues that Kanye should be watching his sartorial throne, as Ocean’s more laid-back, less, um, theatrical wardrobe is quickly turning him into a style star. Surely, it helps that Ocean is being given this title, as opposed to kicking and screaming about how stylish he is. Who doesn’t love a reluctant fashionisto? And (probably the best news yet), you can rest assured we won’t see Ocean in any of the more controversial getups Kanye’s famously sported: “I don’t wear women’s clothes,” he told The Hollywood Reporter when asked if he might consider donning a women’s blouse (a la Kanye in Céline at Coachella). (Telegraph)

belle in brooklyn
• NYC Bombshells, set your calendars for the next bomb event! Demetria Lucas aka A Belle in Brooklyn is having cocktails at a super secret location on Monday March 18th from 6-9pm. If you’re free and up to mingling with fashion forward urban stylistas, RSVP to . We’ll be there! (Fashion Bomb Inbox)

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36 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: The Black Girl (Magazine) Revolution Project, Kate Upton to Cover Vogue, and WWD Goes Inside Raekwon’s Closet”

  1. jrDesignerLover says:

    *side eye* to Alicia’s cover and Frank Ocean as a ‘style star’…and to Kanye who thought he was a style star.

  2. Camillia says:

    Oh how I miss the days of Honey magazine…it was everything and Suede pretty good too. I totally agree with you and will follow up on the site that you recommended.

  3. tasha says:

    My friends and I have been talking about the lack of publications for us. Its truly sad that Essences and Ebony are not cutting it. I remember as a kid being excited when they came in the mail for my mom. I had a subscription to Honey, Vibe Vixen & Suede in college. Miss the publications.

  4. Camillia says:

    @ Tasha!!! OMG How could I forget about Vibe Vixen? Yeah that was soooo good!

  5. Dom says:

    I kept all the editions of Suede, and a few of my Honey and Vibe Vixen’s. Suede was it for me though they only had a few issues. I miss those days.

  6. I knew someone would soon be calling Frank Ocean the new fashion ‘it’ guy just because he won a Grammy. His style is less than basic and not even pulled together or neat. Who are they trying to kid?

  7. D.A. says:

    The funny thing is, I don’t think Frank Ocean cares that much about being a style star. They (as in The New York Times) are calling him the Prince of Pop now (something I think he could care less about as well).

    - sidenote: I saw that jab at Kate Upton, lol (not that I’m surprised……..what other reason would she be on their?!?!?!)

  8. RHONYC says:

    preaching. to. the. CONVERTED!
    i was so starved for a black fashion mag (that’s NOT Essence) 2 weekends ago, i scrounged up my old issues of Suede and just lingered over them all Sunday afternoon.
    now that i’m going Nat, i would love to see this type of publication back FEATURING natural-hair models/actresses on EVERY cover.
    i see you Hollis, gurl!
    i know there are online mags/blogs, but i still love looking at fashion mags on the sofa with a glass of Rosé just chillin’.
    hopefully, someone with the scratch & know how will start another one. ;-)

  9. Tammy M says:

    @Dom, I too have alot of my issues of SUEDE and Vibe Vixen. :)

    But I must say that these magazine requests, have to be backed by financial interest. Unfortunately, these magazines often fold, due to lack of financial support from active, consistent subscribers.

    Advertisers respond to a market products that has a thriving and sustainable readership. They want to support maagzines whose readers without a doubt pick up this issue every month and will see their products.

    These previous publications mentioned had great content, great writers, and editors. But unforunately black women don’t massively financially support these products enough.

  10. Tammy M says:

    The reason there is a Latino Cosmo first….they have a stronger population that will cater to and actively purchase their magazine.

  11. Claire says:

    @RHONYC and @Tammy M Full disclosure, I actually had the idea to actively pursue reviving Suede, and (casually) approached the former EIC of Essence and the former creative director of Suede about the idea. They both laughed at me! The financial backing thing is real. I think someone told me it would cost several million for a launch, then you gotta keep the lights on. In these dire times, it looks bleak, though I still keep hope alive.

  12. KBS says:

    100% agree with Tammy. We can go back and forth about race all day, but #’s don’t lie. Black people make up about 12% of the population, and I mag targeted to just a fraction of that is not going to bring in money. That’s the bottom line. We want 75% of the limelight but are 12% if that of the dollars. The same goes for music, any black artist that are big havee crossed over. You cannot be on a Prince or Beyonce level targeting only black people, period. Someone in another post mentioned there are Latina mags, well Latinas roll deep! They are projected to be the majority in XX years (I forget the #), so their money talks and as a result they get representation and Spanish directions on the side of every box. Shout out to the Boricuas!!

  13. Tammy M says:

    @Clarie, You are doing Suede…it’s called “fashionbombdaily”. Once you, (if you choose to), expand your beauty section, maybe include a health section, you will be in full swing. (don’t forget money, work/life,relationships)

    You are online, so overhead is significantly less, the content is the issue. But that is not the hard to come by. I would be happy to contribute content, my poor online comment copyediting is not at all reflective of my journalistic skills, lol.

    But everything in its time, I suppose. Just happy to see that someone attempted the action. Kudo’s to you @Claire for fighting the good fight!

  14. iQgraphics says:

    Loved Suede. Have every issue. Paul Riley was my fav graphic artist of that time and did all the art and layouts. He inspired me greatly with his contribution to that publication.

    I miss it…


    Now I’m “Essence” years old so…

  15. Claire says:

    @Tammy M Now we’re talking! More content, more staff. I wonder how Clutch does it? At TFB, we are still very mom & pop (meaning my mom and pop). I’m half kidding, but I think Clutch has venture capitalists/investors. Gonna put on my business cap and see how this could happen.
    Though there’s something kind’ve quaint about it being in a blog format, no? Anyway, I’m rambling now. Back to blogging!

  16. TheAntifash says:

    YOOOOOOOO I would be so down to help revive Suede or create a mag like Suede!! Looks @Claire- Let me know when/where to send my resume lol (but I’m serious)… This needs to happen (again, very very serious.)

    Can we start a thread or something about this? Lol

  17. Laila says:

    Society kills me praising this young woman, Kate Upton’s body isn’t that healthy looking other than her boobs her body is pretty weird looking 20-21 yrs old looking like she just had a messed up tummy tuck but let ethnic women of any cultural look that way and people would be more than critical. Trips me up I remember when Adriana Lima had her baby and hit the VS runway looking great, toned and everything and everyone slammed her for it because she was “healthier” looking smh like I said kills me.

  18. mirage says:

    @Claire look at popsugar i started rolling with it when it was just popsugar then came the beauty, the health, the home sections on that site now shopstyle is popsugar shopping!!!! Seriously if you added more sections as said before and took on a beauty, home decor/cooking, love/sex, health section, finance/news (a wedding section too as really stylemepretty is huge but black people get married too and just having munaluchi ain’t cutting it for me) you could build on that. People have published books based on online hits and reads alone, so it is not hard to conceive you could possible have a twice yearly editorial if you proved that you have a viable sustainable audience and adding some more to your site gives you that leverage. I think you would be surprised how many talented people you have visiting your blog who probably wouldn’t mind contributing for free to make this thing happen( I’ll do the wedding section for you lol).

  19. RHONYC says:

    i agree with all ideas & support w/ Claire regarding this.
    i truly believe that this is a fantastic forum & is giving us who are s-t-a-r-v-e-d for fashion images in ‘our’ image have found a diamond.
    FBD is going places and by putting the desire into the universe is the beginning. i will continue support however i can. & Claire you know what time it is when i hit that Powerball. lol (but, seriously) ;-)

  20. Dom says:

    See, this is what I love about blogs, they bring you to a community of like minded people. Go Claire on the Suede revival! Not sure how I could help, but I’d love to assist!

    I like being able to click and have access to fashion quickly, but for me nothing will ever truly take the place of seeing a new issue on news stands or the feeling of turning the page or cracking the cover. I hope when the time comes there will be a place for both print and digital. As far as blacks buying power, I don’t think we get credit enough for how much we drive consumer trends. There is certainly a market for black products/fashion/entertainment/writers etc. but the glory of Suede was that it was a multicultural production. And I think that a truly multi-cult mag would be very viable if produced and marketed correctly. There’s certainly enough talent out there to get it done.

  21. Tammy M says:

    @Clarie, the blog format is fine and something that you can build upon. Your content is original and the Clarie Life section allows readers to feel connected to you and the content. Meaning they care more about the site because they can relate to you as Editor.

    You actually read their comments, you address their concerns, and try to bring the content you think is important and that they want to see. Really all anyone can ask from a great blog or online mag.

    Although, I am an avid fan of Clutch, I am less impressed with their model and more impressed with XOJane’s.

    XOJane includes more voices (well-edited user submitted content) and diverse topics, I also like their content layout more. I agree with another viewpoint posted, you should start a sounding board for your readers, to get an idea of the kind of content they would love to see if you choose to expand.

    Perhaps a formspring question on the topic. To avoid crowding up the comment section on your site.

    Starting the conversation is what matters, just like you did with “Diversity”. It keeps the flow of great ideas coming and will help you build your next blueprint.

  22. Genie says:

    Oh I do miss Honey & Suede! I loved Suede’s articles.

    Wonder if the “hole” in the market will ever be filled.

  23. kitkat says:

    Black people spend(t) 2.5 billion on leisure and entertainment, so this idea that we are low in numbers, so should expect not to be catered to by retailer in bunk. 3.3 billion allocated strictly to/for books, the money is there in the community. There is another reason we aren’t being courted by publishers.Why/who wouldn’t want to ingratiate themselves to that market and attract those dollars?

  24. IfOnlyMyMoneyWasLonger says:

    I remember Suede, Honey and the print version of Vibe Vixen! Good times! I hope they make a comeback because no one represents for us like we do.

  25. Tammy M says:

    @kitkat no one is saying that black people, specfically black women don’t spend money but is the consistency of those patterns that is the issue.

    Also the money, does not make up for the lack of population.

    We have to be as dedicated to buying a certain product on a regular basis to see real growth. Essence as well as Ebony have survived by the skin of their teeth the last 10 years, despite several revamping of the magazines.

    Ebony is now starting to gain growth again, but they still struggle with subscriber numbers, their relaunch was brillant. Fresh new content, new staff, but we have to consistently support it.

  26. Cheri V says:


  27. Cheri V says:

    OMGOSH I WOULD LOVE FOR SUEDE TO COME BACK! I actually had that issue with Alicia on the cover (back when she used to put out good songs) and loved it. Suede was so creative, beautifully done and remarkably executed. As a young twenty something I too feel the emptiness when I go to the magazine stand and have to buy three magazines (Harper’s Bazaar, Seventeen and Essence) to get what i should be able to get in one. Way to go, Claire for trying to bring back Suede. Maybe you could do a special discussion article (like the beauty discussions) on what could be done to bring back these magazines. Just a little brainstorming to see what we as readers can really do to bring back something we love. Keeping in mind of course that a lot of us are in the 25 and under range and therefore are more likely to have less disposable income.
    Just a thought! And once again good on u Claire for being such a mover and shaker.

  28. La NomRah says:

    The 18-34 gap is sooo lacking. It’s really telling that the publications that exist are missing the mark with our age group. might have something to do with the lack of creativ control for women of color running these publications (re: Essence drama) Thank you for being a light at the end of the tunnel. IMO if the publications around now were paying attention, they would be consulting with you all at the FashionBombDaily and other popular fashion bloggers on how to attract that 18-34 group, or letting the bloggers style an editorial, or some kind of fashion feature at least to start.

  29. says:

    Oh man , I am a long time magazine lover . You all represented with this post I still have that suede issue along with my Honey magazines too. Suede was a fly publication, broke my heart when they went debunk. I will definitely support the movement ,cause the Afro -American magazine game could use some expansion . They should consider expanding the target age range as well.

  30. WebOfJewels says:

    yes ! magazine and fashions are now getting more important and featured with all ways to get the best result of success in fshion.

  31. K says:

    I don’t even think it’s a Black thing…people in general aren’t really buying magazines like that in 2013. I can’t see a new publication being successful at this point.

  32. Jei says:

    Aww I remember my subscription to Vibe Vixen. We definitely need more fashion magazines catered to women of color in that age range. This is a great post Claire. I agree that you’d be surprised the amount of talented people visiting your site everyday that can contribute to making this happen. Let us know when!

  33. Tara K. says:

    I don’t buy magazines unless it’s someone famous I love on the cover (Kerry Washington). Otherwise I’m online getting my inspiration and reading up on things. Yes, I loved Honey and Suede – that was a different time though. Nowadays, mags are a waste of space and paper to me.

  34. Bronze says:

    I have that issue of Suede….

    Why can’t Tyra funnel her money into reviving Suede. Somebody w/money can bring it back to life.

  35. Cheri V says:

    Because she would want to be on every cover…

  36. Jehan Yasmin says:

    I loved Suede Mag and Honey, we definitely need to bring those magazines back. I am all for the movement! *signed* new supporter, lol.

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