March 12th, 2013
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Isabel Marant Thinks Knockoffs of Her Wedge Sneakers are “Vulgar” – Are You Over The Trend?
By Faith

Designer Isabel Marant has one of the hottest labels in the world right now and where the flowers of success bloom, others are always in the shadows looking to capitalize from it. In a recent interview with Telegraph Fashion, Marant expressed disdain for those knocking off her coveted wedge sneakers stating, “Everybody who has the wrong one looks quite bitchy, very vulgar, when mine are not at all.”


I’m not sure how a pair of footwear makes one look “bitchy,” but I guess anything is possible right? Let’s be honest: Mademoiselle Marant added a wedge to an already pretty popular silhouette for a feminine flair and then beefed up the price to match the rest of her wares. Of course everyone would run to remake the styles: not only are they functional, but they’re great spins on the classic design.

isabel-marant-high-top-sneakers-in-black-pic82270 isabel-marant-bekket-sneakers

With mentions in rap songs by Rick Ross and a slew of celebs sporting the designs including Beyoncé, Nicky Hilton, Jessica Alba, and others, fast-fashion brands would have been remiss to not create the “look for less”, so that the everyday woman can look like her favorite stylish stars right?


02 nicky hilton kenzo sweater




The sneakers have been redone by every “affordable” brand out there. Other fashionable alternatives have been created by Ash and Nike, though in lace-up styles. Not sure if these two are filed under Marant’s knockoff list, but they were definitely inspired by the trend.

lala-anthony-boa-steakhouse-west-hollywood-alexander-mcqueen-skull-t-shirt-nike-wedge-sneakers cassie london Nike-Dunk-Sky-High-Liberty-OG-QS-Womens-Shoe-543217_011_A 0   Cassie's Dstrkt London Deer Dana Cindy Crawford Lip Print Tee, Acne Black and White Shearling Jacket, Leather Leggings, and Nike Liberty Dunk Wedge Sneakers nike-dunk-liberty-summer-2012


I have long been contemplating purchasing the $755 Booper Sneakers since silver metallic is such an easy shade to wear day-in and day-out, but justifying the price has been a bit difficult for me. I’ve spent more than double that on handbags, but not just yet on sneakers. Such a dilemma!

At the end of the day, I will never be over the wedge sneaker trend because I’ve never gotten over sneakers. I’ve been wearing them as long as I can remember and wedge sneakers are a new and fun alternative. I’m not sure what makes the knockoffs any more “vulgar” than Marant’s other than cheaper leather and much lower price tags, but I say buy into the trend however you choose. I surely have!

At any rate, are you over the wedge sneaker trend?

Rashida Jones Marant Sneakers Celine Bag


If you haven’t quite had your fill, shop til’ you drop here.

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94 Responses to “Isabel Marant Thinks Knockoffs of Her Wedge Sneakers are “Vulgar” – Are You Over The Trend?”

  1. says:

    yea..i get where her anger is coming from…u sit down and create something unique and bam every tom dick and harry is designing their own pair..even marc jacobs got on the wagon…its vexing when lazy designers wait for creative minds to create something so that they can knock it off. unfortunately theres nothing she can do about it..all fashion labels steal ideas from other fashion labels..

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think what she means are the wedge sneakers steve madden and target who didn’t even try to do something slightly original just blatantly copied the orginials

  3. belot says:

    It could be argued that creating a wedge sneaker in the first place is “vulgar”… a few years ago fashion insiders would be side eyeing the notion of fashionable sneakers that are not flat, low topped and made of canvas. I’ve been debating for a year now if i should even buy a knock off version from aldo because im feeling the trend out.. i just dont want to look back on my photos in 5 years like wth was i thinking in those dreadful sneaker wedges lol just my opinion

  4. bLKrOSE says:

    I’m shocked she designed such “Vulgar” shoes in the first place. I hate those things and I refuse to spend not even a penny on wedge sneakers that are so “played”

  5. Flo says:

    I don’t like the ones she calls vulgar or HERS reminds me too much of the spice girlss. It’s too early to bring that style back lol at least for me. But good for her. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  6. Genie says:

    I understand she is angry about other designers copying her style, but get over yourself. Please, at the end of the day they are just another pair of over priced sneaks. Granted they are cute, but they are sneaks all the same!

  7. Emily says:

    I beg to differ but wedge sneakers were not created by Ms Marant. They were available on the market many years before hers came.

  8. Anonymous says:

    She in no way invented wedge sneakers. I have worked in the athletic footwear industry for over 15 years…and they were done years ago, and they never took off. Timing in fashion and innovator adoption ,as well as well placed product placement and press, are imperative for a trend to take off, and the cycle dictates that there will be imitators once there is mass acceptance. She needs to get over herself .

  9. DarkEmpress says:

    She wasn’t the first to design wedge sneakers. I agree its in bad taste to completely copy her design but the style of a wedge sneaker itself can’t be credited to her alone. Dries van noten had wedge sneakers. I remember Mariah in wedge sneakers years ago. Also if you are gonna complain about imitators, make sure yours is the best. Those Ash sneakers look way better than her designs.

  10. The SPS says:

    The Steve Madden versions are insulting to her brand and her creative process and are blatant copies. It doesn’t matter who invented them first, she made them popular. The other versions didn’t take off for various reasons and hers did.

    I think Guiseppe makes the best ones tbh and I like my Zara version w/studs. I hate that stupid star she affixes on some styles and I wish the sole was the same color as the upper.

  11. Suga says:

    I agree with everyone else. All fashion/trends are knocked off and offered by other brands or retailers at a discount price (ie zara, h&m, etc). If she doesn’t like it she should create a lower line that is more affordable (ie B By Brian Atwood)

  12. As a stated over at the Sytle and Beauty Doctor, people are willing to spend $600 on wedge sneakers will do so, those who are not will not. At the end of the day how many customers is she really loosing for those of us who get the Steve Madden version?

  13. Bianca says:

    I for one am completely over the sneaker wedge trend. It was fun at first but it’s over saturated and looks a bit silly to be honest

  14. Meme says:

    i will gladly look “vulgar” and buy myself a pair of wedge sneakers from steve madden, ash bowie etc….Im ballin on a budget and isabel marants are simply not part of my budget

  15. mayan says:

    Sneakers are for the gym, or unless you have orthopedic issues lol. Wedge sneakers are plain tacky.

  16. Anonymous says:

    $640.00 for a pair of sneakers is “vulgar”. Wedge sneakers is not an original idea created by this designer…..i’m sorry she needs to get over herself. Like someone one else said, the people who bought the cheaper version, would just do without her expensive ass shoes had there not been an alternative.

  17. Andie says:

    Its insulting to pay 700+ for a trendy sneaker…she created something ppl want and only 5% can afford..cry me a river while you count your millions!

  18. I understand where she’s coming from but she has to understand that it comes with the territory…just like manolos back in the day…ya swag will always going to be jacked…its the way of the world…I think the whole wedged sneakers bit is “bitchy”…lol..but to each is own

  19. lalala says:

    It’s Ugly but Nike’s are better guess cause they are known for sneakers they could one up her and at $160 much more affordable those are what I would get if I wanted those ugly shoes

  20. Empress says:

    I only wear sneakers to work or the gym, but I just got on the bandwagon and bought a pair of wedge. I kinda like Em. I ball on a budget as well. Sorry Miss Marant!

  21. d says:

    HaHa! Luv my plain black Steve Maddens! I REFUSED to pay $700 for a pair of damn sneakers (wedge heel or not) and I don’t care WHAT your name is- I NEVER WILL…. Do I pay $600 for my Jimmy Choo’s yes (and I expect a good resale value if I decide to sell them) but Isabel Marant sneakers? Hell no!

  22. binks says:

    Never gotten on the trend, I usually wear sneakers when I work out other than that if I am in casual mood I grab a pair of flats. But I agree with those who stated she is not the first to coin wedge sneakers, her design (with loads of celebrities help) brought them back into the forefront but she wasn’t the originator of them, so…yeah. Besides, top designers should already get the memo that there are budget friendly brands/companies that will make “designer inspired” pieces/footwear for much less. I think a lot of these top designers are butt hurt because other friendly brands/companies are tapping in a market…i.e. working people…they heavily ignored.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I dunno if Marant is the first. I bought my Ash wedge sneakers back in 2010.

  24. Bianca says:

    She sould be flattered. Everybody copies in fashion, not everyone can afford $700 shoes. Get over it.

  25. jeffrey ew says:

    shuddup shuddup shaahduuup /chandler bing voice

  26. Ramona says:

    I agree with Emily. The trend has been around for years. In the 90s there was the sneaker wedge trend. Nothing is new in fashion. Everything gets replicated and repeated. The only thing that makes it popular or “the best” is which celebrity is wearing it.

  27. FashAnon says:

    I just can’t get with the wedge sneaker trend.

  28. Mulah says:

    Nike came out with wedge sneakers a LONG time ago and they didn’t sell. Their first release was a purple/white/yellow color way or something like that.

  29. Lawyer_Chic says:

    Girl stop. Those ain’t nothing but a Reebok Classic with a heel on em! I hate the term “knock-off” by the way. Its a sneaker. A useful article. Design something truly unique and maybe you get the copyright or patent protection it deserves. Until then designers will continue to design and mid-level retailers will continue to make those designer affordable to the masses.

  30. Elle says:

    Marant getting upset by blatant copies of her design is fair enough but it happens all the time. I love sneakers. Some ladies can’t pull them off so I can understand why they don’t like the trend. I have a collection of Reeboks, Nike and Jordan’s. I also have a few Ash wedge sneakers and plan on getting more. Loving wedge sneakers I hope they’re here to stay.

  31. Mesa says:

    Oh she should go somewhere! She wasn’t even the first person to make them! And I refuse to spend 700 bucks on a damn shoe. I’m in college I can’t afford that! Lol! I like my Steve Madden ones.

  32. CJ says:

    She didn’t create the “sneaker wedge” trend, those who wore’wear them created the popularity of the shoe, and thought it may be discouraging to see the knockoffs being made I believe there is no loss of profit to her line. Those who can afford Marants, buy Marants and those who can’t buy the trend else where. Trends trickle down and flow up it’s the story of fashion.

  33. Those black sneaker wedges are not at all fashionable

  34. miss.j says:

    i love wedge sneakers. i don’t really care about brands. but i would never spend more then $100 on any shoe. its good that there are cheaper versions that way everyone can afford to have them and not just people with a large bank balance. my favourite thing about them is the remind me so much of those of those spice girl platform sneakers theory had wen i was a kid used to love them so much too. wish they still sold them as well.

  35. Mimi says:

    I love my Zara knockoffs. I’ll admit that a lot of the knockoffs have a wedge that is so obvious and that I don’t like. I think as someone that took the popularity to the next level, that would irritate me but it’s the nature of the beast. Having said that I’m not spending close to a grand on tennis, when a grand starts feeling like $100 maybe.

  36. Jei says:

    People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. I’m on board with most people here. She is not the originator of the wedge sneaker so she clearly took the idea from someone else so her rant is pointless. “Vulgar” is paying $700 for a pair of sneakers just because they have a name attached to them. As someone said, the ppl who can afford to pay that price or who want to will do so. Those of us who are not wealthy celebs won’t & will find what we like within our price range. At the end of the day, you’re still making millions. Cry me a river.

  37. Marie says:

    Way too much free time. Eyeroll. Get over yaself. She didnt come up with it originally and she is complaining bc people are rocking her shoes?! She is making $$$. Who cares if there are cheaper versions? God forbid us “normal” people, ones who want to not throw away $600 for a trend, want to rcok the trend at a lower reasonable price.

  38. Chic Noir says:

    not one to jump on the trend bandwagon, so i don’t own a pair and never had the desire but i get the appeal. people going crazy for these wedge sneakers today reminds me of how almost everybody jumped on those Manolo Blahnik “Timberland” heeled boots that J.Lo made popular several years ago.

  39. Tea says:

    Sit down Miz Marant, I bought my Ash sneaker wedges in 2010 and yours seem to have made the celeb rounds in the past 12 months. Pretty sure the concept has been out there for a while now.

  40. Ali says:

    As a self-confessed sneaker (or as we London say) trainer lover, her comments really grate my nerves. First of all, NOTHING in fashion can be considered innovative or new at this point. All ideas have been developed at some point in history, most things are just spun differently and sold as something completely new. It is all about timing, marketing and celebrity.
    As for the heeled trainer….simply put, they are horrendous. Whether Marants, Ash or Nike the design is ugly and completely played out at this point. Women who would turn their nose up at trainers in the past, have been propelled to spend an obscene amount of money just to ‘be on trend’. Sad.

  41. Charmaine says:

    Copies??? These shoes were inspired by the high heeled sneakers from back in the 70′s. They look familiar to begin with. They are cute but it is not as if she created the full body suit DKNY brought to fashion in the 80′s. When it comes to recent fashion most of it is inspired by the past in some way but not very original at all. The inspirations revisited are however relevant to our culture today. So don”t crown yourself just yet. Come up with something else that we have not seen and must add to our fashion crave, then we will decide whether or not to crown you.

  42. Mely B says:

    I think Isabel Marant needs to get over herself. Her price point was way out of line for regular working “fashionistas” and frankly when I saw celebs wearing her version last year, I thought they were ugly. But as other companies created modified versions, I saw more styles that I actually liked and bought a pair by ASH (for less than $100).

    Thank you ladies for presenting all of those other options – I really like that Nike version that LaLa has on and found that Nordstrom has it in navy so that might become my 2nd pair.

  43. Keity says:

    Somebody should definitely clear Ms. Marant up. She copied Ash, because they have definitely been on the market for years, just with shoe strings, instead of straps. And as far as fashion goes, they all copy each other, time after time, year after year, originality died along time ago!

  44. mamareese says:

    UMMMkkkkk….here is a tip to stop the knock offs……make your expensive pair and then createa more affordable pair…. Knock offs cheapen your brand……making your brand affordable for all…insures longevity…….

  45. LawyerLady says:

    There is nothing new under the sun. Didn’t your grandma tell you that? It’s about being inspired, remixing and moving forward. I am not over the wedge sneaker trend. It’s a perfect mix for me cause as much as I love sneaks – I like my heels and “girlie-ness”. Frankly, some of the “knockoffs” have been hotter than Isabel’s. Just sayin …………
    Finally, I’m SO over the whole ‘if you can’t afford something super expensive then you’re lame (aka bitchy and vulgar). Couldn’t the ridic prices of designer goods also be considered vulgar?

  46. KBS says:

    The Marants are too puffy, like wearing puffer jacket strapped to your feet, not to mention the puffy price. But I am so on those NY & Paris dunks.

  47. says:

    This is why I love Fashionbombdaily

  48. Dom says:

    The sneaker wedges are hideous, I don’t care how many celebs I see in them I still think they look tacky.

  49. Debbie says:

    I agree with anyommousisabelmarant./ wasn’t the first it was out for a while she just made it famous Ash was the first … She’s need to be quite and sit on her money with no complaints ..greediness …now if it was jeffrey campbell I would understand with lita because that idea was new and copied

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