March 11th, 2013
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Splurge: Beyoncé’s Instagram 10 Crosby Derek Lam Silk Floral Long Sleeve Blouse and Floral Wide Leg Pants
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Beyonce loves her prints, doesn’t she?
The diva served up sex appeal on Instagram in a $375 10 Crosby Derek Lam Silk Floral Long Sleeve Blouse and $395 Floral Wide Leg Pants from the brand.
_0-Beyone-Instagram-10-C Beyonce Instagram 10 Crosby Derek Lam Silk Floral Long Sleeve Blouse and Floral Wide Leg Pants
Her silk floral blouse features a contrast collar and placket.

Derek-Lam-Floral-BlouseHer wide leg trousers boasts the same floral print, complete with a high waist and slant hip pockets.

Derek-Lam-Floral-Wide-Leg-TrousersIf you’re looking to splurge, get her top in black here, and her trousers here.

Splurge-Beyonces-Instagram-10-Crosby-Derek-Lam-Printed-Silk-Blouse-and-TrousersThoughts on Baddie Bey’s latest look? Hot! or Hmm…


Image: @BaddieBey





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33 Responses to “Splurge: Beyoncé’s Instagram 10 Crosby Derek Lam Silk Floral Long Sleeve Blouse and Floral Wide Leg Pants”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I actually love this!

  2. The SPS says:

    Whose body is that?

  3. SBH says:

    I’ve noticed Bey wearing more prints lately…but they look like too much on her. Besides, I thought the “prints” trend was her sister’s claim to fame? Vogue Magazine voted Solange “Best Dressed” two years in a row because nobody rocked prints quite like her. She made it look effortless with her big hair and bold jewelry. If Beyonce starts rocking it too, what does that leave her baby sister with? She doesn’t get much love for her musical talent besides her DJ’ing, so Bey should at least let the prints be her sister’s thing

  4. Tallulah says:

    This is just Classic OG Bey. Yessss I love it. And she is her tour body size, this Spring & Summer will be EVERYTHING, I Can’t Wait!

    PUNCH Bey!!!!

  5. Roxie says:

    Honestly Beyonce shouldn’t wear prints because her sister wears prints. Guys grow up its clothing somedays you just want to wear whatever . No particular style belongs to just one person. Back to Beyonce that outfit is a no go!

  6. Pinchez says:

    @Roxie, I concur. From the hair down Uh Uh!

  7. Anaya says:

    Definitely hmmmmmmmmm not too sure!

  8. AD says:

    LMAO @ The SPS
    Not my favorite look…

  9. KBS says:

    Whenever I visit my sister I make sure I get in her closest and vice versa. I see Bey has done the same and that’s the fun part of having a sister. I’m not crazy about the look on her, but I’m glad she’s stepping out of the box.

  10. Ali says:

    Ok, Solrita Ora-Knowles, I see you.

    Oh and @SPS Solange, who has written songs for her sister, may not get your definition of “much love” by mainstream, over-exposed-”Beyonce’s a legend” standards but she actually has a nice, musical following (a la Janelle Monae) due to her last two releases and has been selling out small venues on a current tour. I’m seeing her at SXSW this year, and since every tour review from fans and critics alike I’ve read said it’ll be worth it, I’m excited about.


  11. Ali says:

    @Sps Her best photoshopped version.

  12. Ali says:

    So one of my comments posted but not the other? Hmm.

    Well, if the other one ever posts, it was meant for SBH, not @SPS. Got my initials messed up. Sorry.

  13. homey.lover.friend says:

    Wow, her body looks amazing. The outfit is a countrified mess, though. She should call up her sister (‘s stylist) the next time she wants to give this trend a try.

  14. RHONYC says:

    should so-called divas even ‘do’ instagram? isn’t it a bit…thirsty?
    *running under my desk for cover*

  15. Hot!!!!!…everything is working from the hair to the makeup!

  16. Stormy says:

    @homeyloverfriend Solange does prints well, so I don’t mind Beyonce trying em because I could see why she’d want to. But Bey will always look a hot mess in outfits like this to me because I don’t find it flatters her body type well. Like you said she has an amazing body, photoshopped or not, but certain looks just don’t translate well on it and make her look like she’s trying to hard. Plus, my Geezus, that blonde hair really needs to go!! Go brown or black, Bey!

  17. bella says:

    she looks great.

  18. I like the outfit, but I’d like to see a frontal view and the shirt tucked in.

  19. Choco aka Hipppie says:

    I would rock the outfit!

  20. Erin says:

    It’s so over the top and colorful. LOVE IT!

  21. SHAQ NICHOLE says:

    Ummm no!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Some of you must be looking at a different photo. Bey is as hot as ever in this print on print look. I love it!

  23. yusufswifee says:

    I like this.

  24. jo says:

    This girl has no must be hard constantly trying to find yourself and stay current. Always trying to please millions of people. Poor little rich girl

  25. @dare2blaire says:

    Very cool. Beyonce usually tends to be hit or miss. Nail it, doe.

  26. @dare2blaire says:

    *Nailed it.

  27. Jei says:

    I like!

  28. dyshaun says:

    Very hot.

    Anybody remember when Beyonce hit the scene print mixing in (Boxing Kitten) in St. Tropez in like 2010??? Oh. -__-

    Yall can keep trying but Beyonce sets trends.

  29. Camillia says:

    I like it, but it’s not working on Bey for me.

  30. LiteR says:

    @dyshaun I remember, she wasn’t the first and she missed that time too. She was trying too hard. However, I love a print on print and she did try. This editor Claire hit hit the prints on target during Fashion Week. You try but don’t look like you went into deep thought looking out the window about it. She’s beautiful and beyond talented. Can’t wait until she realizes she doesn’t have to be doing everything 24/7 to remain relevant. If not, she’ll overexpose herself to death until she fades away. She should talk to Barbara Streisand, Elton John, Sade, Tina Turner, Prince.. etc. These are her peers who maybe could give her a little advice at this juncture in her career. She’ll wake up and Blue’s 10 and wonder what happened?

  31. shay says:


    that was after her sister was rocking boxing kitten and was pretty much the face of the brand. she did not set that ‘tribal’ trend & it looked awkward on her.

  32. Colett says:

    Too much for me

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