March 6th, 2013
Celebrity Style, Shopping
Wardrobe Query: Selena Gomez’s Video Shoot Kenzo Spring 2013 Jungle Printed Top and Pants Suit
By Claire

Imani writes, “Hi, I know y’all recently posted pictures from Selena Gomez’s video shoot but didnt mention anything about this outfit that I LOOOVVVEEEEEE. “
kenzo spring 2013 jungle printed suit Selena+Gomez+Selena+Gomez+Set+Palmdale+KYA9fG2GPDDl
“Any info?? Thanks.”

Of course! Selena rocked a jungle printed top and pants set from Kenzo’s Spring 2013 collection. It was styled on the runway with dark sunnies, patterned shoes, and a patterned clutch.
9 Kenzo Spring 2013

The print might look familiar because I wore a jumpsuit version of the suit …yesterday.

claire sulmers selena gomez video shoot kenzo spring 2013 jungle print jumpsuit

I love it! Selena’s giving me ideas on how I can style mine the next time I rock it.

At any rate, got mine at the Kenzo boutique in Paris. I haven’t found it anywhere online, though you can contact your local Kenzo store here to inquire about price and buying details.

Thoughts on Selena’s look?

kenzo spring 2013 Selena+Gomez+Selena+Gomez+Set+Palmdale+3rOrDWwsEyil
kenzo spring 2013 jungle printed suit Selena+Gomez+Selena+Gomez+Set+Palmdale+KYA9fG2GPDDl

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35 Responses to “Wardrobe Query: Selena Gomez’s Video Shoot Kenzo Spring 2013 Jungle Printed Top and Pants Suit”

  1. Debbie says:

    I like but idk the belt is bothering me …idk

  2. ? says:

    why all these white girls on fbd?

  3. Debbie says:

    That’s very rude comment nobody here for race …. It’s fashion not race bomb daily …if you don’t have nothing to say fashion wise keep it to yourself …good day

  4. Alyssa says:

    Why all these comments lately pointing out that there are “white girls” on fbd? hmmm

  5. Imani says:

    I knew that print was the same as your jumpsuit! Thanks Claire

    and what’s up with these people complaining about posting people of other races?? Fashion is fashion! If it looks good than it looks good whether the person wearing it is black, white, yellow, green, or purple.

  6. WOW we are emotionally off topic today, from the Beyonce post to this!

    Any hoot. I like the one piece jumper best.

  7. bella says:

    i can’t! does it REALLY matter what race she is?

    anyway I love this look. She’s turning into a gorgeous young lady.

  8. smv says:

    i feel like im being FORCE FED selena gomez here lately … i know this was requested so this will be ok i guess…..the model with the shades rocked it!

  9. wow she looks like shes growing up. i absolutely love it on selena and the jumpsuit on claire. cant wait for sunny spring!

  10. tameika says:

    Selena is serving weeeerk latley! I love it! And for the IGNORANT people out there, can we note selena GOMEZ is not a white woman. Just because you’re not brown does not make you white!

  11. T says:

    A major reason I love the The Fashion Bomb Daily is that it embraces multicultural fashion. If Fashion Bomb only showed black people, it would be hypocritical because it was created due to a lack of inclusiveness at other media outlets. I am a black woman and my fashion inspirations include Tracee Ellis Ross, Miroslava Duma, and Diane Kruger…all very different women of varying races who are beautiful and stylish. Multicultural means that you can appreciate and have an interest in all kinds of people. I believe Gomez is Mexican and Italian, and the Kardashians, Armenian American….not white. Fashion doesn’t care if your white, black, latina, or whatever as long as you are fabulous. Let’s just focus on the fashion and celebrate flyness across the board.

  12. Izhause says:

    Selena looks nice.

  13. Izhause says:

    Of course the editor looks gorgeous!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Love the jumpsuit n white belt…she looks great

  15. libby17 says:

    agreed @ smv… but after seeing claire in the similar print – i guess. still meh on the look.

  16. Cute, minus that stupid belt. I’m tired of seeing Selena as well, but at least her outfits are getting better…

  17. Enigma says:

    Hmmm… call me crazy but I assumed with a name like Selena Gomez she was Latina and FBD was an Urban blog who caters to fashion of minorities (mainly blacks, but latinas, asians etc. as well) And I also assumed most people visit this site for fashion news and that as a minority you can appreciate the fashion of other races and ethnicities…silly me!

    Wow to be an editor of a popular Urban fashion blog is hard… One day the commentors scream not enough variety and then when you mix up you are accused of trying to make somebody “happen”. Sprinkle in a few non-monorities and you get the side eye.

  18. Claire pls clarify some readers (and me). I thought this site featured all skin colours and races. Why the recent comments about white girls on FB? Nowhere does it say Black Fashionbomb Daily…

    Selena looks gorge by the way:)

  19. andrea says:

    I like the tapered leg of the jumpsuit..and the shoes. Selena is werking it.

  20. Empress says:

    That was a racist comment. Smh. Ignorance.

    Selena looks Fabbb! I want that jumpsuit, but I’m sure Kenzo is out of my price range. Lol

  21. I love the tapered leg of Selena’s outfit a lot better.

  22. itsjustme says:

    @T– love your comment.

  23. V says:

    hahaha i cant believe someone brought up ” why all these white girls on fbd” that was a very ignorant comment. Very very very very ignorant. Anyways this look is beautiful

  24. Claire says:

    @Rebecca Of course you do;)
    @ArtBecomesYou We are a multicultural site. We are trying to be the change we wish to see in the world, and display people who are truly diverse–from all over the color spectrum–while staying true to my original mission: showcasing fly and fab women of color.
    For this post…Selena Gomez is Latina. We’ve featured J. Lo, who is also Latina, from the get go, though we’ve never heard complaints. Lastly, Imani wanted to know the deets, and I answered, just like I would anything else! Added cool factor (for me) is I wore something similar yesterday. xoxo

  25. Natalie says:

    Love this!

  26. Tee says:

    Not feeling either set…

  27. Monica says:

    Urban does not mean black.

  28. I love the jumpsuit and I am not liking the racist comments on this blog. Urban doesn’t mean black.

  29. Nicole says:

    Selena’s style has been growing on me lately. She’s Mexican I believe.

  30. Char says:

    I just love how when you see fashion editorials with only “white” girls everyone jumps out to complain there are no brown/dark skinned girls. I am a dark skinned Latina and can’t help but notice that African Americans for the most part are always trying to build a line to set apart others because of color or race. Live how YOU want to be treated. Include everyone if you want to be included as well.

    I agree with others the belt bothers me for some reason.

  31. Katherine says:

    She looks beautiful. What a lovely pose in the last one!

  32. dyshaun says:

    The belt looks awesome.

  33. K says:

    First comment…the blog features anyone that ain’t “caucasian”. that’s my impression so far. selena is she ain’t white. K?

  34. taketwo says:

    God I wish everyone would be color blind. I’m a man and just happen to browse thru this website. When are we going to get over this color issue? The more you talk and complain about race color the more it seems to intensify the races. Please focus on the product not the person.

  35. Paloma says:

    Boy that ralely helps me the heck out.

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