March 3rd, 2013
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Hot! or Hmm… Kim Kardashian’s LAX Mugler Fall 2012 Dress and White Trousers
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Kim Kardashian was spotted at LAX boarding a flight for Paris. For her travels, the pregnant star bet on a Mugler Fall 2012 dress and white trousers.

Hot-or-Hmm-Kim-Kardashians-LAX-Mugler-Fall-2012-Dress-and-White-TrousersWhile Kim decided to wear the dress as a coat, you can get a better feel for it on the runway below.

Mugler-Fall-2012-DressI certainly love the idea behind her ensemble, and for the most part it comes off pretty chic. I only take issue with the sleeves, which, to be frank, are a bit too big. On a brighter note, she is getting a little better at maternity dressing.

What do you think? Hot! or Hmm…





Images: Zimbio

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49 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm… Kim Kardashian’s LAX Mugler Fall 2012 Dress and White Trousers”

  1. ChooseyLover says:

    love it

  2. Elle Wills says:

    This is front pew fashion. Her body doesn’t lend itself to high fashion.

  3. AB says:

    She’s just trying too hard to pull off a high fashion pregnancy. It’s okay, Kim. Relax.

  4. fify says:

    Me thinks she should’ve just worn it like a dress, tbh. The pants are just too much.

    On a SN: I just realized Formichetti was probably responsible for those ugly chintz peplum pants she wore the other day…srsly..WTF!

  5. Natalie says:

    I like it, she looks hot.

  6. Shelby says:

    she’s trying so hard to hide her weight gain. I feel bad for her LOL

  7. Porsha says:

    Sorry it looks better on the model. I get the look she is going for but she does not pull it off well at all. She tries to hard and her body whether pregnant or not is just not right for most of the clothes that she (or Kanye) picks out to wear. She really needs to go back to Monica Rose and let her do the styling. Kourtney looked so chic during both of her pregnancies but Kim is getting it all wrong. Trying to hide her weight gain in clothes that make her look ridiculous.

  8. McKenzie says:

    She looks a sloppy mess

  9. Kitty B. says:

    No! no no no no NOOOO!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like this at all!!

  11. Anna says:

    Sorry but she looks so ridiculous always overdressed in runway clothes doing random things. Who dresses like this seriously to travel? Not even V. Beckham, Salma Hayek or Charlize Theron. As short and wide as she is now, she must have looked funny in person in this outfit.

  12. tasha says:

    This is why she says she uncomfortable. This truly uncomfortable airport look.

  13. jillibooboo says:


  14. d says:

    beautiful concept to wear the dress as a coat but it is too small for her as it is pulling across the bust and waist…maybe a size up (and tailored better) and it may have worked.

  15. Empress says:

    I actually loveeee this!

  16. Erin D. says:

    Is this not a bit much for a plane ride?

  17. Sharmisa says:

    too much fabric for me.. maybe if the pants were a lil more tailored and fitted

  18. Nikki says:


  19. DenimJunkieKidd says:

    I wish would have went with a cigaret paint, other than that I love!

  20. DivaFabulosa says:

    That outfit is swallowing her alive. She is doing way too much with this outfit.

  21. Elle says:

    She’s trying too hard.

  22. Yolo says:

    to travel though?? she is sooo extra

  23. I wish the pants fit better…but I like the boldness of an all white outfit.

  24. Whoneedspink says:

    I wish she had worn a slim leg pant. All of that flair makes her look even smaller. But the jacket is AMAZING!!!!

  25. Kayla says:


  26. hotmama says:

    She consistently wears things that are designed for people who are waaaayyyyyy taller than her. She’s short and stout, she needs to dress appropriately for her body type

  27. DIVA says:

    she looks ridiculous

  28. PurpleFury says:

    She looks super short. This would have worked on Amber. Kim needs to google Jessica Alba’s pregnancy picks. She looked cute and comfortable.

  29. BlueIvy they love me in the street you mad? says:

    who ever advertised there shop on Etsy ( ) what the hell are those? Looks like a nursing home art and craft

  30. DarkEmpress says:

    Why would you ever wear this to the airport? It looks wrinkled and sloppy. Even if you have somewhere to go directly affer leaving the airport, carry it in a garment bag.

  31. KBS says:

    This dress is amazing. Amber Rose wore something similar and rocked it, however, this is too much volume on Kim’s petite frame. But I see what she was trying to do.

  32. Noirre says:

    I no like.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I don’t like this at all. Her maternity style is lacking to say the least it always looks like she is trying to hide her pregnancy. It’s either too tight or swallowing her. She needs to wear clothes that work for her body type and fire Kanye as a stylist.

  34. Andie says:

    I dont like this at all!! she can do better

  35. Mimi says:

    No, just no

  36. smv says:

    Darkempress you hit the nail on the head. she doesnt have anywhere important to go, otherwise she would not go wrinkled.

  37. All I could do was giggle at these pictures. :(

  38. No. She tried, but this is way too much fabric, especially for someone trying to look thinner. She looks like a snow woman. If its a dress, wear it as a dress, if it doesn’t come in your size, on to the next.

  39. Chaboogie says:

    That had to be the most uncomfortable plane ride ever!!

  40. NOT a Kim K fan but damn she looked hot in this! Crossing my fingers that Zara makes a knockoff dress! lol

  41. Mesa says:

    No. See this trying to be high fashion ish she tries is just horrible. And I honestly think Kim hates being pregnant like she tries her best to hide her weight gain. I don’t think she’s comfortable at all… Which I’m sure alot of women aren’t at first. But she’s like four or five months.

  42. yusufswifee says:

    I like this…i really do. And she isnt trying to hide anything in white #sideeye

  43. Nicky says:

    She looks terrible.

  44. A says:

    Such a chic pregnant lady I love it!!

  45. Reicie says:

    I love the dress as a coat…that was a dope idea. But the fit in the waist is horrid. Are we SURE she’s pregnant and not just gaining her happy-weight with Ye? Lol! But seriously, Kourt was the epitome of pregger-chic. I knew when the news hit that KimYe was expecting that she would be having meltdowns about the weight gain considering she worships her body…as she should, because without it, she would still be a nobody (yup, I said it)

  46. Jason says:

    Apparently this is what the esteemed Willis was tlaikn’ ’bout.

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