February 14th, 2013
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Real Style: Mercedes Benz Fall 2013 Fashion Week Day 6
By Claire

So on our final day of Fashion Week, we took a break from Lincoln Center, and photographed a few subjects around Milk Studios downtown.
Real Style-021412-Mercedes Benz Fall 2013 Fashion Week Day 6
They were all on their way to the Jeremy Scott show, so the creativity was on 10.
Take a look at who Marta McAdams caught with her lens:
real style jeremy scott fall 2013 077_FBD_NYFW_7_Yoshi and Dai
Yoshi and Dai couldn’t be missed in their citrus colors, mirrored sunglasses, and patterned scarves. Also, what you heard was true: Meggings are catching on.

real style jeremy scott fall 2013 077_FBD_NYFW_7-7_Coco Bella

Blogger Coco Bella made a statement in pleated plaid, funky sunnies, and a throwback Polo bag. Did anyone else have one of those back in the day?

real style jeremy scott fall 2013 077_FBD_NYFW_7-29_Reina

Reina gave  us Lisa Bonet chic with glorious dreads and ripped jeans.

real style jeremy scott fall 2013 077_FBD_NYFW_7-38_Lawrence

It seems Lawrence didn’t want his picture taken, but we snapped him anyway. His blue hair, platform shoes, and fur coat had to be documented.

real style jeremy scott show fall 2013 new york fashion week 077_FBD_NYFW_7-45_Marc

Marc threw up his hands in praise of fashion in a colorful printed two piece, accented by printed shoes. I kinda like his Ann-Sofie Back dripping sunglasses!

real style jeremy scott fall 2013 new york fashion week 077_FBD_NYFW_7-56_Kornelius

Prints were also on tap for Kornelius, who paired jazzy pants with a simple sweatshirt.

real style jeremy scott fall 2013 077_FBD_NYFW_7-63_Venus


Venus politely flipped us the bird in an orange jacket and silver stompers.

real style jeremy scott fall 2013 077_FBD_NYFW_7-813

This young man also pointed fingers in PVC vinyl and leopard print.

real style jeremy scott fall 2013 077_FBD_NYFW_7-74_Daniel

Daniel seemed to be just passing through, but looked quite dashing in a fedora, readers, and oxblood skinny jeans.

real style jeremy scott fall 2013 077_FBD_NYFW_7-73

This modelesque passer by layered like a champ in flannel, denim, and fur.

real style jeremy scott fall 2013 077_FBD_NYFW_7-67_Samantha

And lastly, Samantha exuded chic in black boots, degradé oversized shades, and a contrast sleeve varsity jacket.

Downtown fashion week participants are definitely different, but can you dig it?

Photos by Marta McAdams

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30 Responses to “Real Style: Mercedes Benz Fall 2013 Fashion Week Day 6”

  1. lola says:

    no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, and no.

    What is this counts as fashion nowadays? Girl…

  2. loverly says:

    I will never understand why women insist upon wearing sheer leggings as pants. I’m offended.

    Some of these posts have reminded me of something Shiona Turini said on twitter– as she was getting dropped off at Lincoln Center, her cab driver said, “So many people in costumes.” This is all very contrived to me. Everyone tries so hard. I feel like real style posts from fashion weeks in other countries aren’t nearly as eyeroll-inducing. What is it about NY that makes people want to dress like clowns?

    I do like Reina and Samantha’s looks, though. Also, Daniel and the guy in the plaid and fur.

  3. LC says:

    I can’t take these horrible looks from fashion week anymore. This makes me sad :(. What is going on in my city? Has everyone gone mad?!

    Samantha is the only one who looks decent and put together here.

  4. LC says:

    I am going to hope your photographer is just taking pictures of the most ridiculously dressed people she can find and everyone doesn’t actually look like this.

  5. Marsha D says:

    So these people just showed up wearing eveything at once?

  6. Ginger says:

    Im feeling Venus and Samantha’s looks. This is the Jeremy Scott show. People are going to be dressed a little outrageous. Since when was fashion safe and not crazy?

  7. mrs windy city says:

    Loving Samantha look! Yasssss

  8. Martinique_Fr says:

    Ooohhhh I get it! …. We’re voting for the most ridiculous one, right? This is hard, but it’s a tie between the two dudes wearing leggings and dude with blue hair with skirt.

  9. mamareese says:

    Dang it club kids!!! Glow sticks and purple hair is not FASHION!! And tell LMFAO up there to gain some weight……I can’t!!!

  10. The hot messes were running rampant ..I see:)

  11. tt says:

    oooooo, this is so not it! sorry, but these people’s street style for FWNYC is giving me garbage pail kids chic and it ain’t cute. all tea, all shade. no ma’am!

  12. tt says:

    i do have to say that i’m feeling daniel’s & samantha’s (minus that ratty t) looks + the layered dude between them is ok.

  13. SHAQ NICHOLE says:

    Samantha’s look is so effortless and edgy. Love!

  14. T says:

    Raina and Samantha!! Venus needs to invest in truly opaque leggings.

  15. KBS says:

    Good grief there’s a lot going on. Let’s see, something positive……I do dig that last picture and the Lisa Bonet chick. Also Ms. Takes has some lovely photographs. I agree that other country’s FW attendies do not look like this at all, not sure what went left in NY.

  16. I’m only here for the final three. I can’t with the chick with the Polo bag. I definitely had one in high school. They were all the rage. Please don’t bring those back without some heavy refining.

  17. lmonroedivine says:

    The girl with her middle fingers up looks a mess and she knows it. She’s basically telling us that’s how much effort she put in today’s look.
    Samantha and Renia are doing it right.

  18. jbrizzy says:

    If this called fashion, then I want out. The fashion bystanders during this fashion week were a disappointment

  19. S says:

    the last 3 people look good

  20. Dobe says:

    Samantha looks too cool! That coat is fire!

  21. hypnotic says:

    I’m here for that PIFF tee, that’s all.

  22. AzizMom says:

    Reina, I was with you until I zoomed in on the cigarette. #fail. Samantha appears to be doing new-age maternity. All the others just caused me to sigh and say – “My NYC fam…always on one.” The Polo bag did have me chuckling…

  23. Jei says:

    I like Reina & Daniel’s look, oh & the guy with the plaid, denim & fur coat on. Everyone else as @tt said, is giving me Garbage Pail Kids *sad face*

  24. Ashley says:

    I wish yall had the deets on those boots Samantha has on. So gorge!

  25. Larissa says:

    People think when they go to fashion show is dress the most strange outfit they have in home

  26. Sandra says:

    OMG, I am so dissapointed, they all look a hot mess. It seems that photographers are only interested in showcasing these type of individuals. I see better dressed people and photographers by pass them because they are not all over the top.

    I have seen some designers showing at Lincoln Center passing by dressed casually on their way to their show or after the show and there is no photographer around to take their photos because many of them don’t know who they are and because their oufit don’t scream “look at me”. However, these individuals are always making it to the blogs. Really!I hope London gets better.

  27. Laawd says:

    This was really hard to look at, I can understand fashion being crazy and fun and free. But in art, there is juxtaposition, there is structure and some type of balance, 95% of these looks are just hideous mockeries. And someone needs to freakin’ recognize how Tyra spotted that mens legging trend years ago on the “Tyra” show Lol

  28. jenn says:

    The two boys look like male harrajhuku boys

  29. Anonymous says:

    i really just dont get it *sigh*

  30. Rayna says:

    this is Rayna ie “Reina” i.e. ‘lisa bonet chick”. I cringe when I see that cigarette in the photo. But I worked the shows at NYFW (doing hair) and worked in the salon. That was one of the few breaks I had all day. Photog completely caught me off guard. I was hoping it looked like a pen :(

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