February 11th, 2013
Awards, Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm
Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: The 2013 Grammy Awards, Kimye, and More!
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

It’s Monday, Bombers and Bombshells! The celebrity crowd certainly had a more glamorous weekend than I did, with The Grammys and the slew of pre-and after-parites that came with it.
Weekend Hot or Hmm- 021013

Let’s get into these looks, shall we?

Janelle Monàe gave us ‘Toreador En Garde’ realness in this matador-inspired suit jacket from Moschino. Olé?


Karlie Kloss was a tall glass of Kool-Aid in this cutout Michael Kors frock. While she looks undeniably hot, I wish that hemline was a bit shorter. Give me some of that stallion LEG, Miss Kloss!


Beyoncé hit the red carpet in a  Osman Yousefzada pantsuit; now no one can wear pantsuits to the Grammys ever again.


Wiz Khalifa looked so grown up in his white-and-black Tom Ford tux. Amber Rose showed off her baby bump in a black Donna Karan cutout gown, looking fantastic, might I add. Hot!

chris-brown-grammys-2013Please don’t tell me Chris Brown kept the label on the sleeve of his suit! Was he planning on returning it to Men’s Wearhouse this morning? Do they even carry Lanvin?


Rick Ross indulged in a cigar on the red carpet in a custom Tom Ford suit.

Frank Ocean isn’t here for his look Dior Homme, either.


Rihanna opted for a custom red Alaïa gown and the leftover Yaki from her ‘Pon de Replay’ days. Her weave is bringing tears to my eyes, but I shall wipe them away with this sickening train:grammys-2013-rihanna-alaia


The only thing missing from Kelly Rowland‘s look is a net for all the lacefronts that unexpectedly blew off once she hit the carpet. She looked absolutely stunning in this Georges Chakra Spring 2013 cutout mermaid tail gown!


Solange Knowles gave us a flash of leg in this bedazzled Ralph & Russo emerald gown and hot pink Christian Louboutin spiked pumps.

It would have been more interesting if Justin Timberlake didn’t wear a suit and tie, but whatever. You can’t go wrong in a Tom Ford number!


The Grammy Awards dress code memo said nothing about indecent quadricep exposure, so Jennifer Lopez decided to show alll of hers. The singer proudly displayed her gam in this draped  Anthony Vaccarello gown.
katy-perry-grammys-2013Katy Perry‘s boobs represented in this mint green Gucci Gown.


ashanti 2013 grammy awards tony ward dressAshanti was positively adorable in this floral Tony Ward couture number. Nothing to shade here, girls!

estelle in love collins custom printed piece grammy awards 2013Estelle looked ravishing in this Love Collins printed two-piece look. Too bad about that hair, though…

rocsi diaz grammy 2013 red carpet
Rocsi Diaz would have never worn a pantsuit had she known the Creole Voodoo Queen was going to show up in one. Still, she looked cute in this 5th and Mercer by Lala Anthony option.


Alicia Keys also rocked Alaïa, but went for a sexier look with this cutout criss-cross croco-embossed gown. Hot!

nas-grammys-2013Nas was particularly well-dressed in this Bironi tux. Get into that pocket square and Cuban link chain!
lupe fiasco 2013 grammy awards red carpet
Lupe Fiasco came looking like this.
esperazna spalding grammy awards 2013
Esperanza Spalding superimposed her studio art undergrad senior project onto her outfit.


swv 2013 grammy red carpet
Holy strong shoulders, Batman! SWV opted for an All-American (or French, Haitian, Cuban, Russian, Puerto-Rican…)- theme in their respective red, white, and blue Marquette Collection by Ty’ron Perrin dresses.


Grandpa Drake‘s Navy blue Saint Laurent Paris suit jacket is working for me.



Okay, so the turban is questionable, but darn it, if Tamia isn’t the cutest woman alive, I don’t know who is.


Padwan Kanye West was spotted in Rio de Janerio with ‘baby mama’ (his words) Kim Kardashian. Not even the spanx she’s wearing can hold down that baby bump! 


In case you forgot, Ciara has abs. The singer emerged from the Staples Center in a pair of leather pants, combat boots, and a cropped studded-shoulder sweatshirt. Hot!


And there you have it! Who had your favorite looks this weekend?

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108 Responses to “Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: The 2013 Grammy Awards, Kimye, and More!”

  1. Cookie says:

    Girl I never laughed so hard at a post! I hate beyonce’s fit. Something suspicious going on about the rear and hip area! (I saw some other shots)

  2. JDJ says:

    Lol, Jihan, your commentary is the best!

  3. Larry says:

    Rihanna and Kelly Rowland were the best-dressed, hands down.

    But Mama J.Lo and Katy Perry are serving as well. Get into that thigh and breast action!

  4. zona says:

    Katy Perry looks super cute! Didn’t J.lo learn from Angelina Jolie not to do funny stanky leg poses like that? NO mamma, no! Solange looks hot! Chris Brown looking CLEAN! nice

  5. Woah Jihan, you know I was going to give my usually commentary but all that salt you pouring I am just gonna fall back.

  6. Sha says:

    I definetly think top of the night were Ms Kelly and Perry . They served me up main dish and desert … Yasssss

  7. HairOfTheDay says:

    Could you imagine Esparenza’s blazer on a super casual ‘fit though? It would look great.

  8. peplum lover says:

    LMAO – at Jihan …. u joka
    nothing ‘GROUND-BREAKING’ tis year at the grammys
    solange – looks like a goddess, she looks stunning
    Kelly rowland – killed it, love the gown , gorgeous
    Beyonce – looked nice and casual , the suit looked as if she was going out with the grlfriends on a saturday night
    Katy perry – cute , didnt know she had major boobage like that
    Estelle – i like her outfit too, think she looks cute
    Drake and nas – mighty dapper i will say

  9. Likkke Miss says:

    So glad Jihan took this post. I am crying at the Esperanda commentary.
    I loved what Bey wore if this was a more casual occasion, not the Grammy’s, but you say anything about Bey and ppl show up to your e-door with torches.
    Solange looked great, but Kelly gets a gold star. She is serving these kids.

  10. Kelly showed up n showed out hunty!…Nas looked extra yummy and yes solange girl yeeesssss

  11. Kelly showed up and showed out hunty…Nas looked yummy…and solange yeeesssss

  12. Anonymous says:

    I like beyonces pantsuit, juuuuuust not for the grammys…… idk how i feel about the shoe choice either.
    I like j.los outfit & makeup. But the topknot is a hmmm…

  13. T1K says:

    Kelly for the win, love Rihanna and Estelle. Hate Ashanti’s.

  14. Lisa says:

    Seeing Nas and Tamia made me happy, don’t know why. Nas is the hottest man on this planet! Solange looks great, I like Estelle’s look, Chris Brown looks handsome and Lupe needs help!

  15. Gemini says:

    Best dressed for me is Solo love the green dress + pink shoes & Nas enuff said

  16. Gemini says:


    Oh, “the emerald dress” on Solange is Ralph & Russo!!! Love it!

  17. cottoncande says:

    Rhianna was my favorite. She looked amazing. Then Kelly Ro and Solo were tied for second. I wasn’t super impressed with anyone else. JLo is so typical and boring. May I suggest she start dressing age appropriate and leave the high a$$ splits to chicks twenty years younger. IJS.

  18. goldiloxx says:

    Kelly Rowland and Nas … best dressed. Quite ironic they presented an award together.

  19. Croxley says:

    Solange looks incredible. The green colour is amazing against her skin tone. She always looks effortlessly stylish. I also think Estelle’s dress is unique and beautiful.

  20. Deb says:

    Creole vodoo queen? Why the reckless speech

  21. Olwethu says:

    Loved the commentary Jihan.

  22. Mrs Windy City says:

    B just underwhelemed in that pantsuit. I didn’t like it and her hair..just no.

    Kelly was best dressed last night.

  23. lessie says:

    Miss Fenty, you better weerrrk!!! She smoked that red carpet! Two years in a row and still counting… that rihanna reign just won’t let up! babygirl has really evolved.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Jihan, your commentary is both tacky and disrespectful! You have some big balls talking about another woman’s hair when yours is a MESS!! Chile pls!!

  25. Ramona says:

    Jihan, I come on here for classy view points on fashion. If I wanted shade I would just read the comments and watch Fashion Police.

  26. Debbie says:

    I like everyone except I’m disappoint with beyonce this is not a red carpet out fit but its cute Jlo is annoying …do something that dress has overly been done … RIRi looks nice and Kelly .. Katey was nice but too much boobs for me

  27. Debbie says:

    And like solange and Chris too :)

  28. Anonymous says:

    Dead at “tall glass of kool aid” LOL. Love the commentary Jihan!

  29. Elle Wills says:

    Poor Estelle, she dresses her ass off for every occasion and gets no recognition. I see you girl!

  30. cheriemacherie says:

    love Rihanna and Chris Brown yessssssssss… JLO my diva loved her.. Kelly i love her dress…

  31. Jai says:

    I love Jihan’s commentary!

  32. jeda says:

    I loved Solange, Kelly, and Katy’s dresses. Jlo has to get rid of that leg! And Amber’s baby bump is now a baby boulder. And she still has 3 weeks left to go!

  33. nike says:

    Love Estelle’s dress…
    Kelly looked fab…
    Solange…loved it all…
    Beyonce…classy and elegant
    Loved Katy Perry and Kelly Rowland’s dresses!!

  34. Taj says:

    Rihanna, Ashanti, Alicia, Katy, and Solange are my favorites.

  35. Anonymous says:

    The extra commentary was more than a bit much, unnecessary, uncouth, and to be honest quite distracting from the actual looks. With every scroll and continuous look, my face became more and more scrunched up as I read your “fashionable” opinions. Not feeling this critique…

  36. Annoyingly Right says:

    SWV looks a mess. And I dig Esperanza’s natural look, but she really needs to comb it or do some twists. Something!

  37. Annoyingly Right says:

    And Jihan I love your commentary! Keep it coming

  38. Soul Touch says:

    Everyone’s style was okay. I just don’t know what was up with the hair??? Bey? Rhi? Kelly?

    But aside from that I have no complaints, even on Bey…I liked it. And Rocsi, dare I say, that suit is the bomb! Estelle, I think it looked great on her.

    But I fell for Kelly and Rhi

  39. NotHereForThat says:

    I’m in TEARS reading this lmao!

  40. I said it says:

    I loved Bey, Kelly Riri Estelle and Esperonza, Lopez is just irritating and trying way too hard, not really sure why she’s even there. And the rest were okay. Overall pretty good night.

  41. Martinique_Fr says:

    RiRi, Kelly and Estelle did it for me.

  42. Westafricanmutt says:

    Kelly just shut it ALL DOWN!
    Solange, yes, except the hair. I wish she had a slicker look with it.
    RhiRhi — beautiful dress
    JLo is my woman crush but that dress was not the bid’ness of the night
    Bey looks great but too casual.

  43. s says:

    For the most part everyone looked classy and understated, as per the request of the Grammy committee.

    Beyonce – classy understated elegance. The pantsuit was a refreshing change
    Kelly – a sexy choice, very pretty but was on the verge of pushing back at that Grammy request. But I did like it nonetheless.
    Solange – very nice, loved the hair.
    Tamia – beautiful, loved the look but would have preferred without the turban.
    Jenny Lo – very sexy, as far as the high slit goes….if you still got it. I think it’s ok to flaunt it sometimes. Only if you still got it.
    Lupe Fiasco – No
    Esperanza – No. Like her, just not the dress.
    SWV – goodness No. Can’t deal with the 80s shoulder pads.
    Estelle – like the cut and the fit of her dress but Not the pattern…too busy.
    Ashanti – cute and classy
    Nas – nice and classy
    Wiz and Amber – Clean up nice, they looked classy. I’m starting to like them as a couple.
    Rihanna – very classy…loved the red
    Rocsi – now This pantsuit was the one that was plain/average looking.

    Oh BTW, the “creole voo doo queen” comment was totally unnecessary……..so Not cool.

  44. Crystal says:

    Bey looked like she was about to meet her friends for drinks. Nobody can ever wear a pants suit? Cut it out please. Rocsi showed how to wear a pant suit to an after 5 event.
    My jaw dropped, my husband’s jaw dropped and my 9 month old son’s jaw dropped when Kelly stepped out. Katy Perry was serving. I loved that color and the cut of that dress. Solange was really pretty here. Her make up was flawless. For the men, I don’t see anybody but Nas so carry on…

  45. Why says:

    Keys is so diappointing

  46. Fefe210 says:

    What is going on with Lupe Fiasco?

  47. Joya says:

    J Lo and Ashanti were the most perfect Head to Toe looks. A couple others are well dressed but have bad hair.

    Actually, I would change Ashanti’s earrings but everything else is perfect.

  48. Fefe210 says:

    And is he wearing socks on the red carpet? O.o

  49. DannielleS says:

    JLo’s look bored me! Same ol’ same ol’.
    Beyonce’s outfit….no likey.
    Rihanna….that red was beautiful, that wig was awful
    Solange…liked the green
    Katy Perry….hot body!
    Chris looked nice
    Ashanti…ugly dress
    A.Keys….that dress needs to be on fire
    Frank O…get out of here. Bored with you and your sweatband
    Janelle Monet….please
    Amber Rose….stop with spandex
    Wiz…go shower

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