February 5th, 2013
Celebrity Style, Snapshot
Snapshot: Hannah Bronfman for The Coveteur
By Faith










Hannah Bronfman for The Coveteur. Don’t know who she is? Read about her in this Ebony article.

Source: The Coveteur

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32 Responses to “Snapshot: Hannah Bronfman for The Coveteur”

  1. Kay says:

    Lmfao i have the same stove!!!

  2. Tiffany says:

    You mean “Don’t know who her DAD is”…I have no respect for those that live off of achievements others…She doesn’t do anything worth while.

  3. @Tiffany right I just read the article what was even the point?

  4. I love it! The pants are divine and the shoes are gorge!!!

  5. Grace says:

    So, she’s a girl who spends her daddy’s money on nice clothes? Ok, I guess…

  6. TheAntifash says:

    Hannah seems like she would be a lot of fun to hang out with…

  7. mamareese says:

    Ok a trust fund baby….all right do you boo…..

  8. Melissa says:

    Wow, you guys are harsh, just because she doesn’t have a 9-5 doesn’t mean she doesn’t do anything. The article clearly says that she started a company with her brother and her husband, in addition to modeling. Everyone’s life path isn’t the same. To hate someone or call them worthless just because she was born into a wealth family…..smh

  9. Melissa says:

    Btw i love her style and her shoe game is on point!!!

  10. tasha says:

    Love her style!

  11. whatevs says:

    The pressed ones will always show up out of the woodworks…Hannah is a fab chick…

  12. TVF says:

    I kinda have to agree, I don’t see the big deal about this girl. I read the article and what I took from it is that she’s a rich kid who has hobbies to keep herself busy.

    Also, I was put off by the author randomly making it a point to let us know she’s biracial. Like, we can see that by looking at her. Smh

  13. strongislandluv says:

    How is she no different from Angela and Vanessa Simmons? Claire and her team is featuring her because she is the new up and coming IT girl in fashion…..and she BLACK which is a plus. I kno many know that us African Americans dont see alot of us in the fashion world, but thank Claire for acknowledging. Also she is on a new commitee that the CDFA created.
    Her shoe collection as @ Melissa will say On Point and her style is great too.

  14. Cute. Let’s see how her popularity grows over the next year or so. I’m always fascinated at how I’ve never heard of a person, all of a sudden I see them on this blog and they’re the next big thing.

  15. loverly says:

    I doubt most people even know who her dad is…

    She hardly does “nothing.” She and her brother co-own an eco-conscious record label. She models, and she’s an artist– she has a BFA in sculpture from Bard. And she DJs.

    Some people have it easier in life than others. I don’t see how she’s any different than say…Kim Kardashian, whom some of y’all adore. What exactly did Kim do before she became famous? She lived off Daddy’s money, had some fun opening DASH and styling, and gave lazy head on-camera. The only difference between her and Hannah is Hannah’s half-Black. Oh, and Hannah’s dad is a billionaire.

    I feel like the vitriol is really unnecessary. I wish there were more Black children of privilege than of poverty…I hope one day when I have children they’ll be able to do well for themselves *because* of the opportunities my own success afforded them. Hannah’s taking advantage of her family name, and I don’t see anything wrong with that.

  16. TVF says:


    You kinda answered your own question about kim. She was a celebrity stylist and co-owned a successful boutiue which has now become a chain of stores in CA, NYC, Las Vegas and Miami.

    But you do make some good points and maybe I should be more open minded about Hannah.

  17. Tammy M. says:


    Co-sign your statement. We cry everyday about how there isn’t fair balanced coverage for African-Americans and women.

    This rich kid has just as much righ to be covered as any other.

  18. Whatevs says:

    @loverly Preach

  19. cali says:

    It’s called PR people… thats all it is…

  20. soon2Bmrs says:

    Think she’s a fab young lady. Read up on her, & it looks as if she’s trying to her way.

  21. loverly says:

    @TVF the point was Kim had it easy before she made her big break with her sex tape. Do you really think if she didn’t have her millionaire lawyer daddy’s support she could’ve opened DASH? And who did she really style, anyway? Besides, the stores outside of CA were only opened subsequent to her show’s success. So yea…I don’t see why people are so hard on Hannah for doing what white people have done for centuries.

  22. Nevermore says:

    In the article it says that she is a model…well if this is modeling then I feel bad for the fashion industry (just another trust fund baby trying to gain some fame)…cute clothes though

  23. skeys says:

    Wow…the hate is real. Don’t begrudge her her wealth. If I had children, I would work hard so that I could provide for them the little luxuries that they earn. After all, isn’t that “the dream?”

    This is a fashion blog. She appears to have an eye for fashion (her mom was/is a fashionista in her own right). She is wearing a cardigan, a loose pair of pants, and black high heels and she looks fashionable. Moreover, she does reek of label-whoredom like certain celebrities.

  24. Taj says:

    Ditto @Melissa and @Loverly. I read a great article about her being an eco-activist in conjunction with her modeling. It is refreshing that such a young woman is environmentally and socially conscious.

  25. Anna says:

    Sorry. That legend about Kim being a successful celebrity stylist has to stop. She was just a travelling companion for Paris Hilton. Maybe a “stylist”/girlfriend for the Norwood family. Mr Robert Kardashian had lost his wealth by the time Kim and her sisters were teenagers (check the divorce papers R. Kardashian Senior/ Kris Jenner released last year). He was comfortable but not rich anymore. His widow is in serious debt, left with almost nothing. Initially, Dash was just a struggling store the girls tried to maintain with Kim’s side “hustles” *cough*. Dash stores are still not thriving, it’s just a tool used to justify the different Kardashian spin-offs, all smoke and mirror.
    Now you could compare this Hannah Bronfman to Bianca Brandolini D’adda or maybe the Ecclestone or Hilton Sisters in term of lifestyle. Not Kim K.

  26. im confused.. aren’t we supposed to be judging her fashion sense not how much money she makes and WHY she has that much money in the bank? there are other websites for all the trash talk.

    love all her looks..especially the shoes.

  27. Starla says:

    Nothing I love seeing more than wealthy black women. If she wants to be a socialite then do it baby, because for centuries we were toiling from sunset to sundown pampering some other woman so that she and her children could live a life of ease. I hope more black women could achieve this level of financial security, whether by the sweat of her own brow, marriage, being born into it matters not to me.

    I love her style, and cute girl.

  28. rosie says:

    I agree! Cute girl. Further to loverly’s point, her presence here is no different than that of Solange or Nicole Richie.

  29. Annie says:

    Wow. She is 24, a model, DJ, and owns her own company. What do you do? Seriously, all the jealousy and the envy… mo’ money, mo’ problems.

  30. AzizMom says:

    All very interesting. I love how fashion IT girls have become so complex. Carry on…

  31. Andrea says:

    I love her and I’m super jealous that at 24 i wasn’t living her life. Very pretty girl.

  32. Gemini says:

    Love the colors in the pic! Sadly, I have to agree with @Rosie.

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