February 4th, 2013
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Beyoncé Announces “The Mrs. Carter Show” World Tour With New Promo Shots And Video
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

“Black excellenceopulence, decadence.”

After metaphorically and literally blazing the stage at last night’s Superbowl, Beyoncé gave her fans what they’ve long been waiting for; the announcement of a new world tour!



Moments after her history making performance, Queen Bey took to her official website to unveil details for her upcoming tour, aptly titled “The Mrs. Carter Show”. It’s set to kick off in Serbia on April 15th with ticket pre-sale taking place on February 6th (for members of her Beyhive blog). She’ll wrap up the multi-country journey at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on August 3rd.

In order to fuel even more excitement, a new promo video was released. The clip shows Beyoncé being outfitted in royal attire, including custom Casadei red lace-up thigh high boots with embroidery (peep the close up of her chain with Jay-Z’s face). The entire execution was just immaculate! It has a hypnotic quality that oozes wealth. Also note it’s the first time we get to hear new music from the superstar singer in 2 years.


Last week we thought the above image was an outtake from Vogue. Who knew she had ALL this in store?


What do you think? Are you excited for her tour?



Source: Beyoncé

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61 Responses to “Beyoncé Announces “The Mrs. Carter Show” World Tour With New Promo Shots And Video”

  1. nike says:

    I’m excited!! And I will be purchasing tickets to see her live.

  2. Tiffany says:

    I literally just watched that video 5 times. Oh the jewels!!! As Leo, I’m over here in shakes looking at all that gold and luxuriance!! Excellent promo!!!!! I liked the song too!

  3. libby17 says:

    I’ll pass on the tour but that top photo is EVERYTHING!!

    and love the title ‘Mrs. Carter’

  4. I guess she did answer all of the questions! Why is she insta-G ing, why is she still thugging with a baby on her hip, why is she copying her sister by trying to get ont he fashion path. WHY, WHY, WHY!!!!

    Cause she had stuff to do today! (in the Kat Williams voice) and she had a plan, most professional do.

    Naw, I will wait for the concert to come on TV if I watch it then but do yo thang Bey, do yo thang!

  5. Kimmoy says:

    I really hope this tour consists of new music.

  6. aap says:

    Who gives a fug.. it should be white excellence cos she’s blonde as anything…

  7. Destination Everywhere says:

    Yes, another opportunity to stare at her crotch, but this time in person :D

  8. Soul Touch says:

    I would love to go…but does she have any new music?

    I get that the super bowl, as in the past, they focus on hits etc but unless she has new music….??? Is it due to the fact that she was not able to performance from her last album due to having a child? Questions…questions.

  9. KBS says:

    Nice. However, she would absolutely have to have some new tricks up her royal sleeve for me to pay money to see her.

  10. iCant says:

    She has a new album coming out she has been in the studio. I will be going for sure.

  11. Pari says:

    I will be there front row center!!

  12. Cliche says:

    I’m waiting for the new music too!

  13. Anon says:

    This is too disjointed for me. She’s doing too much and it’s not cohesive. I have no idea who she is or what she’s trying to sell me. And the picture is a tad cult like. I just can’t participate in the year of Beyonce this go round but you all enjoy.

  14. Jazz says:

    Omfg gjsfjoasufaghawljg These shots are GORGEOUS. Got my coins ready, I’ll be front and center. And Im positive we’ll get some new tunes before this tour starts.

  15. Olanibadass says:

    Can’t wait! Front row all the way!

  16. Pupmkin says:

    You’re damn right I’m excited! I’ve never been to a Bey concert but when she comes to London I plan on being there.
    The promo pics are very Michael Jackson, they remind me of the ‘Remember the time’ video and the Dangerous album cover

  17. justme says:

    I will definately be attending, I can’t wait!!

  18. Jihan says:



    hope you undeserving synthetic hair-wearing haterzz brought hats!


    lol am I too excited about this? not at all!

  19. Niele says:

    I hope i can go to her concert, I’ve always wanted to go hers. I hope there is new music performed also because I’ve been waiting on new music…

  20. mi manning says:

    Beyonce….please have several seats! u have nothing new and innovative to offer. your paramount was “Single Ladies” and only b/c of the dance routine! i liked u during your first 2 solo albums, and i liked u in D.C….but now, u r washed up!!!!!! so, when ur 40, ur still gonna be gyrating your vagina in the camera, or swinging that blonde weave while u rock heels?! ur voice isn’t that great (no soul for a black woman) and u can’t dance like Janet! perhaps u should just raise ur “daughter” and be a “mom”.

  21. The pictures look beautiful and scary at the same time

  22. lola says:


  23. Laila says:

    @ mi manning I totally agree Beyonce is busted from the lace fronts to the ridiculous leotards she’s been wearing and her performances are tired and wack. She’s constantly trying to capture her glory days in every thing that she does I guess she’ll do whatever these days to try to keep her “crown.” Smh it’s really sad to watch instead of maturing into a grown woman all I see when I look at Beyonce is just a little girl.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Lol… I feel u @lola!

  25. TMaryMack says:

    just saw that she will be coming to MN and almost flipped out of my chair! Yes. Ma’am. In. There.

  26. Whatevs says:

    Some of you have no self-respect…there is no way I would let anyone know just how much of a no life having, hating bitter heffa that some of ya’ll come and display everyday…you pressed trolls will be working the next 40+ years of your life while Bey lives her life freely…

  27. Anonymous says:

    She murked that ad campaign! Pure fire!

  28. Jihan says:

    Wait I finally watched the video at work and I’m holding back tears.

    You haters better bow so low

  29. Marthe says:

    Too much whitewashing on the face.

  30. Cewtie says:

    Gorgeous. I hope she brings the Victorian, medieval, royal theme to her concert. Either way I’ll be there in Houston! And as for the “whitewashing” comment, ugh…I think it was intentional due to the era she was portraying. Either way, everyone knows she a Black woman who supported our Black president and can still bust a “black” move with that stank facial expression many of of sistas do best. So Bam, honey! Boom! Pow!

  31. Bam Bam says:

    She ain’t my queen and I will never bow down….Sorry!

  32. RHONYC says:

    she’s giving some Gaga/Paparazzi harlequin GENIUS in this vid!!!
    serve honey!
    i hope this tour delivers!
    ALL HAIL!!! lol :-D

  33. RHONYC says:

    @ Cewtie
    my 2 cents: probably aren’t aware that Beyonce is naturally very fair skinned (check early DC photos from the 90s) but regularly tans so she always appears darker than she actually is. my daughter is the same complexion as Bey, but is a ‘Tanatic’ and LIVES to be a darker tone, lol (i’m Kelly’s tone btw). jussayin. ;-)

  34. Jonesy says:

    NO! You seen one Beyonce show you seen them all! I am convinced that people are paid to pump this girl up like she is the 2nd coming! Yall are funny!

  35. Jonesy says:

    @WHATEVS, no I think that will be you my dear! So get back to work! Silly stans always trying to brag ON HER MONEY trying to validate yall ass kissing!

    Peasant Be Gone!

  36. Cierra says:

    @Jihan “wigs will be confiscated” lmao

  37. binks says:

    Nice exclusion on the video for a promo! As for her tour I am going to have to hear some new music and direction in her image…so no not excited…yet?

  38. Dria says:

    YESS! I am beyond excited for this! Washed up you say?? Chile Pleasee!! If she was as washed as you say we wouldn’t even be hearing her name. Let the haters come as they may because Queen Bey will continue to serve and do her thang!

  39. Anna says:

    The way some of you worship this woman is truly sickening. You made her very rich when some of you are still struggling financially. Nothing to hate here. Great performer (running out of ideas though) but no human being deserves to be glorified like that. No one.

  40. Melly Mels says:

    The song in the background is actually one of her new songs….and yes I’ll be at the Chicago concert receiving my life

  41. Kahalia says:

    I love FBD- sometimes the posts are more entertaining than the articles! Jihan is hilarious!

  42. RHONYC says:

    les twins would make a great sandwich, no? lol ;-D

  43. TRUTH TELLER says:

    @Jonesy and @anon true world of wisdom these stans are nuts the only person i am bowing down to is my JESUS CHRIST LORD AND SAVIOR! LET THE CHOIR SAY AMEN

  44. TRUTH TELLER says:

    words* of wisdom

  45. hotmama says:

    @truth teller AMEN..PRAISE GOD! I will NEVER worship any man/woman

  46. jme says:

    wow. the comments on this post are so disheartening…. you defend one black woman by insulting other black women? what’s the logic in that?


    love the name of the concert though.

  47. Anon says:

    What did Beyonce do to have people talking this jibberish? She got you people sounding like straight fools. Is this an inside joke that I don’t get because no self respecting educated woman would speak this way. I’m convinced of that.


    hope you undeserving synthetic hair-wearing haterzz brought hats!


    lol am I too excited about this? not at all!

  48. Shadders says:

    i am looking forward to this!

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