January 31st, 2013
Fashion Bombshell of the Day
Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Newlyn from New York
By Claire

Today’s Bombshell is stylist Newlyn from New York:
FBDO-013113- Newlyn from New York
She types, ” I would describe my style as being Free.”

” I have fun with fashion…”

“… and I dress exactly how I feel.”

” My fashion gives me a chance to say who I am…”
“… without saying a word.”

“My style is very girly and cute with spots of over the top “ferosh-ness”.”

” In a sense to me fashion is Freedom. ”

“I love to mix and match colors with texture and I’m not afraid to try new styles.”
OK! You have some great accessories. My favorite look of yours is the last: all black with a pop of color.
See more of Newlyn’s looks at BeautyByNEW.blogspot.com and on Instagram at @viva_la_fashion.
What do you think?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 picture(s) to thefashionbomb@gmail.com. Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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97 Responses to “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Newlyn from New York”

  1. V says:

    idk if that flap is authentic….hmm…

  2. NicoleS says:

    “My fashion gives me a chance to say who I am without saying a word.” …… Soooo Ratchet???

  3. Tai says:

    What in the sam hell!?!?! Ummm….no ma’am.

  4. jrDesignerLover says:


  5. sj says:

    i like the white jumpsuit

  6. Colorgirl321 says:

    I’m just so confused….

  7. Rih Rih taught me says:

    Ladies: please stop wearing your whole damn jewelry box with an outfit. You don’t need 20 bracelets and rings on each finger! Less is more!
    And dear, burn all those boots and those knock off bags. Tacky to the 10th

  8. Tee Tee says:

    I get it. congrats on the feature.

  9. JLynn says:

    Well… She’s different…

  10. Kia says:

    The comments were the best part of the post. You guys are brutal and I LOVE IT!

  11. You guys are so mean. Fashion is all about expression on what you feel! You can wear what you want! That is exactly what she said, she wears whatever she feels… obviously

  12. Savage says:

    Well its not inspiring, very cut and paste and not executed well. But she is taking risks which is a plus. Co-signing w Rih Rih taught me…no need to wear all your belongings as if you’re afraid to leave them at home. And from the pics she looks a little tall so from one tall girl to another, if it doesn’t come in long, don’t cop it! No matter how cute it may be, or wear flats. Tis all lol

  13. Vanity says:

    I just can’t do this anymore. How in the world would this even be in the running for a bombshell… A grenade maybe but not a bombshell.

  14. UMMMMMMMMMM!!!! She has a cute name:)

  15. Vanity says:

    Grenade… Not a bombshell.

  16. heyyall says:

    IF she don’t stop with the fake bags!!!!

  17. smv says:

    im with black &olive. instead of being mean give a suggestion. lets lift each other up. I see these pics and i feel like this is who she is. she seems sincere – like this is really what she wears and not just a photoshoot. so if she likes it i love it!!

  18. And no shade to this particular girl..but nowadays everybody is a “stylist” just like everybody use to be a “model”…Why?????

  19. Hits and misses for me. She definitely has some great pieces. I especially like her jumpsuits.

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Brittany says:

    Her style isn’t very polished. Lose the pounds of weave for one. 2, She needs to learn how to edit.

  22. KBS says:

    Well that white jumpsuit is really cute. I’d wear a skinnier belt and remove 3-4 tracks and pull the rest of the hair back off my face. Remove a few rings, & the long necklace. Maybe add a print/textured clutch and a less chunky, strappy sandal, small stud earrings and lucite bangles. Congrats on your submission.

  23. Taneica says:

    She’s a beautiful girl! BEAUTIFUL! The hair really cheapens her though :-(. The long hair, tons of jewelry, and boots is too much. My favorite look is the white outfit. She’s so pretty though!!!

  24. Anna says:

    Too much bad weave, too many ill-fitting clothes, too many accessories, too much pleather, too many knock-offs. I can’t believe she’s from NYC. She is an anti-bombshell.

  25. Jazzy says:

    Like the white minus the accessories. Everything else big thumbs down

  26. niecy says:

    Im sorry I cant condone this. Idc what people say about uplifting one another blah blah.. be honest. If her friends and family had been more honest with her, maybe she wouldn’t have gone outside in some of those outfits nor submitted them to this blog. Beautfitul girl but the rest…. NEXT!

  27. FabEllis says:

    I was scared to read the comments because I knew people would go in. Let me say… I love the palazzo pants. I never got a pair this past year and definitely would love those in the summer. I do want to say that constructive criticism is always a good idea when it’s done tastefully.

    I think you have a beautiful face and your hair hides it. I think your face could be seen more if you pulled your hair back or wore less of it. I also think that minimalism with accessories is a great thing. Choosing one to two statement pieces would be enough for an outfit. Also, honestly, some of the outfits themselves are statement pieces so a large amount of accessories isn’t needed. Kudos to you for submitting!

  28. yusufswifee says:

    its not that bad…some nice pieces…I’d like to see some topknots, more face and less accessories and statement pieces all at once. It will let your beauty shine.

  29. Choco aka Hipppie says:

    LOL at some of these comments! I don’t care for her style – or that pink lip and horrible weave! All in all I’m glad her fashion is freedom to her so it don’t matter what I think!

  30. mamareese says:

    Hahaha ya’ll are funny really. I think she’s a lovely young lady….her style is a bit off in someway but see has an eye for fashion. In regards to the hair……it’s not impossible for a black woman to have hair down her back….but if ya’ll dont stop taking these pics pulling and tuggin and whipping that mess like it’s yours…..ugh chile!!!!

  31. Ebonylove says:

    Pretty girl, you look better with your hair out of your face. The gray and all black outfit was my fav.

  32. Camilla says:

    No need for you to say a word when your style gives the rest of us so much to say……I’ll keep it short…. GIRL BYE! -_-

  33. Fashforward says:

    Usually I just vote but…..This is a very poor representation of real NY style….back to the drawing board.

  34. TheAntifash says:

    Lol the FBD audience is really funny…

    I have no comment on the submission.

  35. Natasha says:

    I had a Fight Club moment with myself over the first outfit: I wanted to like it but couldn’t. Realized it was the bag. Actually – at the very least – it’s the bag choices with every one of the presented outfits. Like her sun glass choices though.

  36. TMaryMack says:

    I like the all black with the sunglasses. that jacket is too cute. If you’re reading, where might I get one?

  37. Nahila says:


  38. TMaryMack says:

    nvm, found it on your blog.

  39. Afrobelle says:

    I love the white jump suit, maybe tone down the accessories though. As for the weave, it’s got to go. It is awful. I am so sorry to say so but it’s the truth. It was the first thing I noticed and I though ugh.

  40. Hunnykelow says:

    i couldnt get passed that hair..HORRIBLE

  41. TVF says:

    Girl….. you, me, and that weave need to have a talk. NOW!

  42. Miss Meika says:

    My favorite look is the Times Square look. I love that bag!!!

  43. TANYA says:

    I like the outfit in times square the best. cute!

  44. Girl you are gorgeous and it seems like you have a ton of great pieces in your wardrobe, but I have to agree with a few of the comments above. My favorite looks are those that you chose to be more minimalistic. In the other photos, like the denim ensemble for example, you have on a lot of clothing and it can be very distracting from your pretty face.

    So basically, try to tone it down a notch somedays. I can understand wanting to wear something different and not stick to trends, but at the same time you want to look clean. There is a way to express yourself clearly without being too over the top.

    Also, from the looks of those long wavy locks it seems you like to feel glamorous? Have you ever tried a black bob cut with chinese bangs? You’ve got the perfect style for it and with a shorter, more classic hairstyle it can be an easy start to toning down your look.


  45. Samantha says:

    @Anna went innnnnnnn. LMFAO #BFB

  46. Pinky says:

    Pretty girl, a lot less accessories and less hair would improve your ook a lot

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