January 22nd, 2013
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Melody Ehsani Collaborates With Karmaloop on “Ratchet” Doorknocker Earrings
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

You had to have known this was coming!
Remember when Beyoncé posed on Instagram in a pair of “Ratchet” doorknockers? Well, it seems Melody Ehsani is now collaborating with Karmaloop on earrings similar to those rocked by Baddie Bey.

beyonce ratchet


The folks over at MTV Style peeped this picture on @_Neek’s Instagram  complete with the caption, “I’m so hyped on this exclusive collab we’re dropping with @melodyehsani . I appreciate you Melody! Thanks! #Ratchet #MelodyEhsani x #MissKL #getyours Pre-selling soon!”



The official Miss KL also posted this picture to their Instagram last week.



Some keen-eyed fans also pointed out a photo of Lady Gaga in similar “ratchet” hoops (which ultimately sparked rumors the two would be collaborating on a track of the same name).



Could “ratchet” accessories really be the latest fashion wave?

FYI, the pre-sale date has yet to be announced. Will you be buying?




Source: MTV Style

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52 Responses to “Melody Ehsani Collaborates With Karmaloop on “Ratchet” Doorknocker Earrings”

  1. tt says:

    umm, ok. but really, who wants to be “ratchet”?

  2. “Sit cho rachet ass down somewhere!” in my Mike Epps voice. I won’t be buying, but I don’t see anything wrong with those who will.

  3. jrDesignerLover says:

    I can’t get away with those

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why though? smh. #willnotbebuying

  5. Anonymous says:

    They can keep every bit of this. :/

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’ll be buying. i luv ghetto chic lol

  7. smv says:

    THIS IS THAT GHETTO MESS. lets not encourage foolary. #ratchetmess

  8. Wow the power of celebrities…..

  9. Nope nope nope sorry this is exactly why I make my own accesories

  10. Indigo says:

    If her ass was living in the hood,these earrings would be the furthest thing from her mind… Some one is telling her “You can sale anything to “these people”

  11. DannielleS says:

    Uh no, not my cup of tea. I know a bunch of boppers will be rocking them though.

    Also, Gaga looks scary ugly in that pic. Sorry, but its really jarring

  12. Ginger says:

    Yes, I will be rockin. I guess im ratchet.

  13. bella says:

    “Will you be buying?”
    absolutely not. honestly this is tacky as hell.

  14. TRUTH TELLER says:


  15. TRUTH TELLER says:


  16. Jank says:

    lol @ TRUTH TELLER post! I was thinking the same thing!

  17. caprice says:

    I’m good.

  18. Lea says:

    …….no, not for me.

  19. Tee Tee says:

    exactly! Truth Teller

  20. KBS says:

    I thought Gaga was a man. No I won’t be buying but they’ll sell well.

  21. Anonymous says:

    ^^^ I thought the same!!

  22. Chris styles says:


  23. tasha says:

    Kudos to Melody for being on her grind and having everyone rocking her jewelry.

  24. Kay J says:

    oh how we digress… smh

  25. Jei says:

    Wow. That would be a negative. I applaud M.E. for her grind but I don’t care who’s rocking them, this is not the least bit cute. Quite ignorant imo. @ Truth Teller..tell it!!

  26. Cliche says:

    I don’t think I would necessarily call this “being on your grind”. It’s more like an opportunistic move that’s as ugly as those earrings. No thank you. I won’t be purchasing.

  27. binks says:

    Um…why? It’s sad that people would wear and do anything just because a celebrity did/wore it. I swear I wish the craze of people being sheep for these celebrities would end.

  28. I wouldn’t wear them really…

  29. Smh. Tacky. Trying to hard. Beyonce needs to fall back off the scene. We get it ma.

  30. Katherine says:

    Um Lady Gaga…………………………..

  31. Krystel says:

    Hell no

  32. nmillmich25 says:

    Very Ratchet indeed!

  33. Charlie says:

    Um had no idea that was Gaga. :oI

  34. TMaryMack says:

    while I must say that the ones they’re selling look far better than the pair Bey and Gaga have, I still think the concept is…. for lack of a better word…. ratchet!

  35. AnnBe says:

    I pass… I would rather wear a pair of $1 earrings than to wear that nonsense…and run the risk of my ear turning green !

  36. Beyonce Armstrong Management says:

    Collaborate on a some ratchet earrings?? Girllllllllllllllllllll

    Let me get out of here SMH! LOL

  37. Hunnykelow says:


  38. CrazyM says:

    Celebrities are morons!

  39. jboogie says:

    uum, do you applaud drug dealers for being on their grind. this is a no no. cause only a real low self esteem rachet prostitute stripper will wear these. otherwise they will be on out little teenage nieces and daughters. wow it kills me how stupid people are. classic doorknockers convey the same exact look.
    so sad to anyone that says they will put these pieces of shit on.

  40. yusufswifee says:

    These are cute…but no will not be wearing. I still have my i love you bamboos – that’s enough.

  41. hotmama says:

    Jboogie..thank you

  42. Gemini says:

    This is real foolery. But, everyone is different. Can’t force people to think like u.

  43. LeJo says:

    Ummm This is by far the most ridiculous piece of accessory I’ve ever seen . First, it’s the “B*TCH” necklace, pendants, and rings that are all over the place and now this??Also, I’m quite disappointed in M.E., it seems as if she has let popularity get to her head and she thinks that she can sell anything to anybody now…even her last collection has lost originality

  44. KiaJD says:

    Whatever. I had my own “bourgie” door-knockers made in 2007 (http://ow.ly/h4olh) as a tongue-in-cheek kind of accessory. I don’t wear them everywhere but I have dragged them out on occasion. Generally well-received. I see these “ratchet” earrings in a similar light. I don’t read too much into it because it’s almost as though ratchet earrings are saying “hey, look at this. isn’t it kind of silly?”.

  45. nikki says:

    guys seriously this needs to stop…..i go to a mostly white school and today a white boy had a shirt that said “I do it for the ratchets” smdh. How do you think this makes us look!!! COONERY AT ITS FINEST

  46. Jei says:

    @jboogie When I say I applaud M.E. for her grind, meaning her story, drive and passion for her brand and being on top of her stuff. Clearly I don’t support this foolery and definitely would not “applaud drug dealers” for being on their grind. How foolish.

  47. QB says:

    People are putting way too much force into the word Ratchet … take it how you want too , its called having a sense of humor , its sarcasm , these earrings have noting to do with being a drug dealer or prostitution or what ever ignorance i was reading … and any one with that type of train of thought , is just insecure or is boring and doesn’t know how to be free… way too much thought into it , I like the earrings its a bold / funny / jokes on you statement…yup ill be “ratchet”
    whether you like it or not every one has “RATCHET” ways

  48. LeJo says:

    @QB besides the comments people made about prostitution and drug dealer, the earrings are just dumb. and if we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything. if misskl wants to customize a pair of her own “ratchet” earrings then that’s fine but in my opinion, for a renowned and popular designer like M.E. who has come so far to start selling these widely and exclusively, it’s kind of ridiculous, insulting, and tacky. and i’m sorry, i don’t want to be “ratchet” you shouldn’t want to “ratchet” either…. :(

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