January 21st, 2013
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First Lady Michelle Obama Wears a Jason Wu Red Gown To The 2013 Inaugural Ball
By Claire

The world was wondering what designer First Lady Michelle Obama would choose for tonight’s Inaugural Ball!
Well, Mrs. Obama is certainly faithful to her favorite designers, and thus opted for a red gown by Jason Wu.
michelle obama jason wu dress
She accented the halter ruby chiffon custom creation with sparkling bangles, Jimmy Choo heels, and a Kimberly McDonald ring.
00 First Lady Michelle Obama Wears a Jason Wu Red Gown To The 2013 Inaugural Ball
michelle obama jason wu dress 1
03 First Lady Michelle Obama wears a Jason Wu red gown to the 2013 Inaugural Ball. http-::fashionbombdaily.com:?p=190609Gorgeous!
You may remember, our First Lady also wore a Jason Wu gown to the 2009 Inaugural Ball:
Which dress do you prefer?
And what do you think of her choice?
*KCD, the PR company for Jason Wu, tweeted a picture of the initial sketch:
jason wu dress michelle obama dress
See video here:

Images: Getty

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54 Responses to “First Lady Michelle Obama Wears a Jason Wu Red Gown To The 2013 Inaugural Ball”

  1. Nraw says:


  2. T1K says:

    Love it! And I like this one much better than the one four years ago.

  3. Madison says:

    To answer your question Claire, I am disappointed in her choice for two reasons. The style of the gown is not unique and I believe that she should have given another designer the same opportunity to shine that Jason Wu already got.

  4. Izhause says:

    She looked like a Queen

  5. Dyanna says:

    I absolutely LOVE the ruby red on the FLOTUS. That color is amaze against her skin. The dress however did nothing for me. I’d have to agree with Madison above, there just wasn’t anything special about it; we’ve all seen this silhouette before many many times. And I also would have loved to have seen a dress from a different designer.

  6. Rose says:

    I agree with Madison! Michele should have given another up and coming designer a chance. The gown was beautiful, but it didn’t blow me away. I love that she selected Jimmy Choo shoes instead of louboutins.

  7. kiks says:

    I absolutely love this gown on her! Four years ago, she was first coming on to the scene and she made us take notice. Now, she’s comfortable and confident in her image as an unconventional and stylish First Lady; she has arrived…she has blossomed into a Style Icon!

  8. nia says:

    i think it looked great. flattering cut and colour and obviously she liked it. i dont think she should be responsible for giving other designers shine.

  9. Whatevs says:

    Gorgeous…this is how you do it…

  10. TVF says:

    Frankly I would be concerned if giving new designers publicity was high on Michelle’s priority list. The woman looked amazing and wore something she felt comfortable in.

  11. Bella1 says:


  12. Jennifer says:

    I absolutely adore and love how our First Lady has represented herself as a vibrant and beautiful woman. With her impeccable taste in fashion, she has instilled an era of professionalism and grace for all women to embrace. My favorite is the Ruby Chiffon dress…absolutely beautiful…and perfect for her.

  13. gypsypam says:

    LOVE!! The color is amazing on her and her hair is gorgeous! She is becoming more beautiful as time goes on.

  14. Jacqueline, Montreal says:

    Either these photos have been photoshopped or the TV made her look like a puffy cupcake, but something is wrong somewhere. The dress was lovely but she let her belly sag a bit…Suck it up Michelle! LOL …She should not have waved to the crowd because her arm flab was waving back. LOL …Poor thing.

  15. Taffy, Delaware says:

    I do not like her wig.
    I’m a hairdresser and this wig did not fool me!
    Bangs do not suit her…she looks more glamorous without it.

  16. lola says:

    You hating a*s troll, sit your irrelevant self all the way down. Are you mad because no one is checking for Quebec? With your primitive French, good– f*king–bye.

  17. binks says:

    Well if you find a brand and designer you love why would you change it? She may be the first lady but she is a woman firstly and when women usually find their faves they stick to them so I don’t think it’s a big deal that she stuck to Jason Wu. As others mention I don’t think that is her job (or apart of her agenda since she always modeled herself after being the relatable FLOTUS) at the ball to give other designers shine. But I love the red dress on her.

  18. Love the dress, she looks amazing


  19. Fifi says:

    WTH is Jacqueline talking about, is she delusional because I don’t see any belly or flab!? Anyway she looked absolutely stunning. Loved the color, love her hair, it was spunky and fiery just like her dress. Loved the back and the silhouette of the dress. As far as her sticking with Jason Wu, its her prerogative. It would have been nice if she put another designer on the map, but she shouldnt have to compromise her taste in order to do that. She chose what she liked and that’s that.

  20. Jaz says:

    So beautiful.

  21. Rosie says:

    Stunning red gown, she looked stunning in it also x

  22. Meh says:

    jacqueline…shut the hell up you plastic body media-feeding freak. KMT.

  23. cottoncande says:

    There should be no preference…. she looked amazing in both! Who gives a flying f*** what some Canadian thinks. She’s OUR First Lady and her body is perfection. Hoe sit down and quit HATING because you didn’t see any flab or flub anywhere. I’m usually real reserve, but this b****….

  24. She looks marvelous! I know Jason Wu lost it again in his living room! lol

  25. Naynay says:

    Thanks Jaqueline for making Canadians look bad. I’m originally from Montreal and I now live in Toronto and the FLOTUS is my hero as well as MANY other Canadians. She looked timeless and classic and that is what you have to think about when you are making history. She can’t just choose an up and coming designer, just to put someone else on the map. That is not her job.

  26. DarkEmpress says:

    I think the dress was OK. The fact that she wore a white Tom ford gown In London that had a similar style which looked amazing, makes this even less impressive. I think she wanted to be comfortable; wearing a familiar silhouette from a familiar designer, but sometimes you need to sacrifice comfort for fashion.

  27. Marie Young says:

    They look so amazing together. I like that Michelle is taking more risks with her look. I’m just waiting to see her pop out with a 22 inch weave hahahah (although I know it will never happen).

  28. Empress says:

    When you find a designer you like, what’s wrong with sticking to him. She’s not obligated to give other designers recognition.

    I think the dress was nice. She looks lovely in red. However, the sketch made it seem like it would be mermaid style. Overall, she looked gorgeous.

  29. jeda says:

    perfect, flawless, sexy but demure…i like it

  30. Faith says:

    Find a flaw. I’ll wait…

  31. smv says:

    she looks beautiful, i personally preferred the white dress. ***MY OPINION*****is that the red dress is georgous but for me a little too revealing for a first lady.. ok..

  32. s says:

    The First Lady looked absolutely gorgeous! She’s also a woman who knows what silhouette works well on her body and she chose the dress she liked….plain and simple. It was her prerogative to do so. I agree with an earlier comment. She is not responsible for giving all new/unknown designers recognition. Besides, she has 4 more years to put all kinds of designer fashions on display, so don’t get your undies in a bunch. There will be time enough for her to wear other designers.

    Maybe she wanted to give another nod to Jason, as a “coming full circle” kind of thing. She started out in public office in one of his gowns, so maybe she wanted to end public office in one of his gowns as well. Either way, it was her choice and obviously her handsome man liked it, now THAT’S really all that matters!

  33. Crystal says:

    I’m surprised that so many people care about her choosing the same designer. It’s not her job to give up and coming fashion designers publicity. Wow! Anyway, the FLOTUS was radiant last night. She was poised, elegant and graceful. I definitely prefer the red dress, that 2009 dress was not it.

  34. CrazyM says:

    Breathtaking LOVE…

  35. I like the dress, but there’s nothing special about it. I also think it would have been great for her to introduce us to a new designer. Gotta love her either way…

  36. Soul Touch says:

    I it s a lovely dress, but I agree with many here, there is nothing spectacular about the dress. Beautiful colour though.

  37. Nakia P says:

    I think the first lady looks beautiful. I loved the dress on her and prefer this over the white. I don’t think she had to give any other designer any shine, and who knows what they may have suggested. And I co-sign all the FBD followers who was quick to put foolish Jackie from Montreal in her place…two snaps…Love it.

  38. She looks like a vision of beauty

  39. LaTasha says:

    First Lady Obama looked so beautiful. I loved the dress. I need to develop a work out plan to get those arms of hers…lol.

  40. Rachelle says:

    I think Michelle is beautiful, I think the dress is OK, COMMON…. I prefer the white 2009 to this one…. But I think it’s just me I’m crazy about fashion and I was looking for her to be the next Jackie Kennedy…. With the economy the way it is, I think she tries not to over do it…. But I know there is more out there that she could really “wow” with if she wanted to.

  41. Melissa says:

    She is an icon. WOW.

  42. ladyluo says:

    There is nothing special about the dress and I do wish she would have given another designer some shine and I HATE those bangs with a passion. So I definitely prefer the white gown from 2009

  43. DIVA says:

    SMH…the hens will cackle& cluck won’t they ? She is Michelle Obama she doesn’t have to do a d*mn thiing except be fabulous which she does with ease… so she didn’t have to give another designer a chance… at least it was Jason Wu— a minority ! She looks great in the dress and her bangs are super classy…. this woman stays on point but there will ALWAYS be haters.

  44. tt says:

    they are a beautiful couple.

  45. BRITT says:

    I had a feeling she would choose another Jason Wu design. I also thought she might choose a bold color like red. 2 points for me! lol

  46. Kishonda says:

    She looks PERFECT.

    I agree that it is not her resposnsibility to give other designers SHINE. She has a right to pick the designer she likes the best and thats what she did. D*M. Can she get one night, where she is just a WOMAN. Dont politize a doggone dress!

  47. Just looked at the video, I think that was a bad choice of song, either that or Jenny’s rendition wasn’t doing it for me. Maybe it was a combination of both…

  48. Kishonda says:

    @ TAFFY sit down several seats far away sweetheart. She looks good as hayle. I dont care if it was a wig, half wig or whatever.

  49. Minnesota says:

    Simply Beautiful!

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