January 18th, 2013
Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm
Hot! or Hmm…: Karrueche Tran’s The Kill Launch Party H&M x Margiela Dress and Red Jimmy Choo Lance Sandals
By Claire

Despite pending legal issues with her burgeoning brand, The Kill, Karrueche Tran put on a happy face for the line’s launch party last night at Atlanta’s Vanquish Nightclub. For the occasion, she plucked another piece from the H&M x Margiela collection, and accented her look with $725 Jimmy Choo Lance Sandals.

Her wrap dress was modeled under a fur coat in the capsule’s lookbook. Ms. Tran knotted hers up and added a leopard bra to add a dash of sex appeal.

Her statement sandals are a Jimmy Choo signature, and come in an assortment of colors.

The outfit is certainly unexpected! I think tailoring the dress and ditching the leopard underpinnings could’ve made it pop.
What do you think?

Images: Prince Williams/ ATL Pics / Rhymes With Snitch

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44 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm…: Karrueche Tran’s The Kill Launch Party H&M x Margiela Dress and Red Jimmy Choo Lance Sandals”

  1. Dobe says:

    Not good, but not horrible… just, meh. I pray no one asks about that lady’s tights…

  2. A big hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no no and no..Im lovin the blue and black hi low striped maxi dress even though its a smig too tight

  3. jrDesignerLover says:

    “put on a happy face”…lol was that a jab? But I like the dress, but why did she have to tie it in the front…looks kinda sloppy, especially with that animal print bustier.

  4. Horrible in every sense of the word.lol This doesn’t even deserve a post…just a mess

  5. Messy mess. The dress is two sizes too big and just plain on ugly. NEXT!

  6. jeda says:

    She should’ve left it alone, without the knot, or the leopard bra…hmmm for me

  7. Liv says:

    Yeah she ruined the dress. It doesn’t fit and the knot made it worst. Her shoes does not go with the outfit. She should of worn a nude shoe and a black skinny belt. The bra could stay though.

  8. iCant says:

    That leopard bra looks like it came straight from 579. She’s such a gorgeous girl but she needs a stylist, and a hair and make up team because I’m over those long extensions and I need more than just mascara and lip gloss. Pretty just does not do it for some events. I was just expecting more for a launch party, and for a clothing line at that! Sandals are to die for though, can never go wrong with Jimmy Choo.

  9. There is something a little off about this look. She should of just left out the leopard bra. I understand she is young but this dress, I think, doesn’t go to well with excess of accessories.

  10. Izhause says:

    She’s cute.Does this girl Ever give it a rest???!!

  11. Crystal says:

    Absolutely dreadful

  12. Anonymous says:

    She looks cute. I like it

  13. T1K says:

    Is it pinned at the top also? I mean you don’t have to buy it and or wear it if it doesn’t fit ya know? Hmm for me.

  14. libby17 says:

    i’m kinda digging the knot

  15. lesi says:

    I like it a lot. the dress itself is just alright but i love the knot she added and the bra. Her shoe choice coulda been better tho. i would have chosen a different color shoe. Shes a gorgeous girl imo

  16. tik says:

    i love it…definitely an unexpected but extremely creative look! i love for people to be completely thrown off with what i wear. everything doesn’t have to look uniformed all of the time…she’s at a club; she’s young; she’s hot! the only thing that’s a hmm so me is the bra…but i think it’s a cute thrown together fit! go K!

  17. DannielleS says:

    I like her shoes

  18. Krystel says:

    cute shoes….

  19. unpredictable la says:

    I think its a HOT! Even though I can’t figure it out? I mean no one had on an oufit like hers that night I bet. I would have hated to see her in an outfit that’s predictable.

  20. mamareese says:

    Why is her dress so big? And why the visible bra? My head hurts chile just sloppy. Look you’re a pretty girl…RiRi said it “don’t slip don’t slip or another might push up on it”…oh wait someone did RiRi…oops….step ya game up.

  21. smv says:

    not bad not good. just there

  22. lmonroedivine says:

    I thinks she’s cute and can pull off just about anything. I wouldn’t necessarily wear it but i don’t think it’s horrible.

  23. Choco aka Hipppie says:

    HA! I like the way Karrueche wore the dress I would’ve left the lil bra thingy out! I reminds me of white trash or trying to hard either or that crap went out in the 80′s and it should stay that way

  24. but i mean.. says:

    The look would be hot as like a cover up on the beach with some cute flat sandals..but you dont even stand out at your own party…i dont necessarily love the girl in the blues outfit but it looks like its her party and karreuche is just a guest…hire.a.stylist.

  25. Olwethu says:

    Don’t love it. I dig the shoes though. OAN, her twitter account was verified. I couldn’t help think wht grounds though.

  26. Siyam says:

    Yeah it’s not amazing and she does look like a guest at her own launch party . At any rate she is a pretty girl :)

  27. DIVA says:

    she looks a mess and she should really eat more ! those shoes are FIYAH !!!!

  28. Crystal says:

    Please don’t send in a mailbomb about those striped/sheer leggings. DON’T!

  29. dyshaun says:

    That $hit ugly.

  30. Clarah Lopez says:

    Its a hot outfit, she just didn’t wear it right.

  31. bebe says:

    She looks like she’s heading to the beach.
    OAN: how is she doing a launch party for a clothing line that has no sustainable clothes?

  32. ethnohippie says:

    terrible…she needs a stylist

  33. Meh says:

    why did she tie it?? big mistake cuz dress was already ugly anyway

  34. I hate how she tied the bottom it just looks so hood ..but I love those shoes. !

  35. Oh yeah she looks a lot like chilli

  36. I hate how she tied the bottom it looks so hood … but I want those shoes !

  37. Anonymous says:

    Even though I don’t like the outfit, to say she look a mess would be hating. And yes I said hating, and yes I said hating! I live in Washington DC and ya’ll must don’t know what a mess look like for real! She’s naturally pretty! But ya’ll hate her because ya’ll think she’s a nobody that used to screw Chris Brown, she not good enough for crack head Chris! Ya’ll right Ri you can have o’l boy! Oh did I forget to tell you; Rihanna walked on water yesterday it was cray!

  38. Anonymous says:

    The way the dress was styled on the model worked great. This is not a party/club dress or a dress to be worn by someone in her age range. Isn’t she suppose to be a stylist???….did anyone notice the bag she decided to pair with that mess of a outfit?? She tied a knot because the dress fell at an awkward length on her, and the dress is too big. Not a good look for someone pushing a fashion line.

    She is a pretty girl though, atleast she is getting something out of being Chris Brown side piece. I hope she is saving some of the money he giving her. This clothing line will fail, i hope the rumors about him buying her a house is true.

    Nice shoes!

  39. Likkke Miss says:

    I like it, but not with that bra or those shoes (though I love the shoes)

  40. Sydni says:

    1. Imagine the look with black shoes

    2. Imagine the look NOT on Karreauche because it seems like theirs a lot of shade thrown at her whenever she’s brought up no matter what shes doing

  41. misha says:

    She looks like she borrowed that dress from somebody 3 sizes bigger than her. The shoes don’t go with the dress and neither did the black and green kitty print bag she was carrying. Just a FAIL all the way around. Oh and how do you launch a clothing line without any clothes to show??? She needs to sit down somewhere and eat a burger.

  42. LOLO says:

    i think the bigger question is: why is she NOT wearing something to her “clothing line launch” from her “clothing line”?? im just saying…i wouldnt wear h&M/margiela to my OWN launch party but whatever!

    about the look: its too big. period.

  43. Lola says:

    She looks so cute, dress would be hideous otherwise. Loving the red shoes too

  44. Twitter26 says:

    Hi, just wanted to say i liked this article.

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