January 14th, 2013
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Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: BET Honors Awards, The 2013 Golden Globes, Ashley Madekwe, and More!
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

This weekend was full of star-studded fêtes with the BET Honors and the 2013 Golden Globes. The awards shows brought a slew of glamorous gowns, all of which we’ve rifled through for your entertainment.


Let’s take a look.


No surprises here– Kerry Washington looked amazing. The Django Unchained actress stunned in a sparkling Miu Miu gown, blunt bangs, and peachy pumps.


Thandie Newton looked absolutely perfect in this Giles frock and powdery lavender ankle-strap pumps. Can you think of a time the woman doesn’t look flawless?

Eva Longoria served up ample drama, flashing some serious leg in this Emilio Pucci lace gown. Hot!

Jessica Alba glowed in a peachy Oscar de la Renta gown and side-swept mermaid hair. You gotta love it!

Who says matching your eye makeup to your ‘fit is only 7th graders? Nicole Richie took to the red carpet in a powder blue bead-embellished Naeem Khan gown, completing her look with a black  (why not ivory?) fringed clutch and subtle jewels.

Poor Halle Berry landed on everyone’s worst dressed list for this Atelier Versace Fall 2012 gown. I was too distracted by how rockin’ her body looks at 46 to really throw any type of shade.


Amy Poehler kept it sleek and chic in a custom Stella McCartney suit. *Snaps to the side* Werque!

Surprise! Jennifer Lopez rocked another uber sexy Zuhair Murad number for the occasion, leaving the world wondering if she does indeed drink the blood of virgins to look so darn good at 43.

Claire Danes had a baby four weeks ago. Claire Danes had a baby four weeks ago. Claire Danes had a baby four weeks ago! The Homeland actress was absolutley devoid of flaws in this (strategically draped!) Atelier Versace gown.  Absolute perfection!

I’m a total fan of the peplum trend, but this particular Antonio Berardi peplum dress does nothing for Rosario Dawson’s figure. The baby blue color does  look amazing on her skin, though!

Nene Leakes looked elegant and sophisticated in a classic Carolina Herrera ensemble. The v-neckline and full skirt are supremely flattering. Work it, Lenethia!

Shaun Robinson struck a pose in her Pamella Rolland dress. Not a big fan, but it works.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle Union looked like a bag of money at the BET Honors Pre-Dinner. The Think Like A Man actress opted for a strapless white dress with brocade bodice…


… then slayed the red carpet for the event in a super sexy Emilio Pucci green keyhole gown. We gotta admit, the woman is putting these young’ns to shame!

Alicia Keys was also in attendance, and slipped on this CD Greene black frock.

Chaka Khan cast a coy glance upon photographers at the BET Honors pre-dinner.

Kelly Rowland pulled out her Diana Ross tracks for the night, shutting the place down with her luscious locks and ultrasexy Emilio Pucci bodycon frock. Love it!

I’m not sure if I like the iridescent effect on Kat Graham’s dress, but to deny that makeup would be reckless. Her face is beat for Mother Mary!

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen looked adorable together at the Elysium Gala.

Ashley Madekwe was also at the Elysium Gala. The actress rocked an embellished Naeem Khan and was without a flaw. Gorgeous gal!
Who had your best looks this weekend?


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48 Responses to “Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: BET Honors Awards, The 2013 Golden Globes, Ashley Madekwe, and More!”

  1. Crystal says:

    All I saw was J.Lo….

  2. Gabby yeeesssss!!!! She killed it hands down the best look of the night!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Of course…JLo shut it DOWN! #Flawless!!!
    And Gabrielle’s is glowing – loved her in the green dress!
    (Emilio Pucci was the real star of the night!)

  4. Mrs Windy City says:

    I think Nicole wore the black clutch because it was her own… she said on IG it was a spring bag from House of Harlow.

    I love she wears her own products…

  5. Kitty B. says:

    JLo Flawless!
    Kerry Flawless

    Guess I was the only who thought Halle looked great, minus her hair and makeup, shes needs something new!

    Jessica Alba…NO!

    Thandie looked good, wish she pulled her hair back for the dress to shine…

    Eva Flawless!

    @Faith…there is no dress that can be created to help Rosario Dawson’s body shape, she’s shaped like a box!

    Everyone else…okay I guess…

  6. Ms. Kerry is looking great! Jlo and Gabby in the olive gown also shut it down.

  7. Kitty B. says:

    Oooops, sorry i meant @Jihan

  8. Dom says:

    Gabby in that Pucci! Kerry in that Miu! And that DAMN JLO! HOT!

  9. Loni says:

    Gabby and Kerry look insane. J Lo come on hunnee can you do any wrong? And Chaka’s shoes look like theyre from the BSS.

  10. Caribbelle says:

    Two names: Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria.
    I missed the red carpet so I literally gasped when Eva walked on the stage. I said that HAS to be Pucci. She worked the leg and the back, I loved it all.
    Jennifer “I rarely do wrong” Lopez, absolutely shut it down. If not drinking alcohol, and coffee and exercising everyday keeps her looking this good. I’m signed all the way up. She’s my glamour girl, and she didn’t disappoint me. Loved it!

  11. Crystal says:

    Eva….holy crap!
    Kerry’s dress need to be longer or shorter.
    Gabby in the green > Gabby in the white.
    Alicia just washed her hair and threw some pre-con gel in it? Ok.
    I thought that was Khloe with John Legend. lol.
    That color on Jessica Alba…yes!

  12. Jazz says:

    J LO SHUT IT DOWN! Jessica Alba looks great as well.

    Kerry…love the gown hate the hair.

    Eva looks gorge.

    Green looks phenomenal on Gabby.

    HATED Halle’s gown.

  13. mi manning says:

    it was the night for the Latin Mami’s…J.Lo, Eva, and Jessica Alba killed it!!!!!!!!!! the sistas fell short…Keri Washingtion’s dress was right, just wrong on her. Halle looked an absolute mess! I liked Nicole Ritchie’s dress a lot! Lucy Liu’s gown was different…I can appreciate the individuality!

  14. Frieda K says:

    JLo – That bawdy, that dress@43 she looked better than most 20y-olds there
    Gabrielle Union – she has that swagga
    Jessica Alba – everything! In particular that colour
    Halle – She looks like she’s wearing a beach dress to a red carpet. That colour, she’s just not trying style wise but her body, skin, hair are flawless! She should have swapped dress with the one she wore at the BET event

  15. KBS says:

    Kelly looks great, and Gabrielle is giving 3 kinds sexy! Nice job.

  16. Frieda K says:

    Forgot Nicole Ritchie is looking cute
    And I agree Rosario dress shape is off for her. It really messes up her proportion, torso is looking too short and wide. Lovely colour on her tho

  17. Tid bits says:

    Ok..so, ms ritchie imo is the best dressed. Her bronzed ephirial look with a hint of toughness from the clutch, ticks every box. The fit is sublime and the color of the dress with the nude underlay is perfection on her. I also love rosarios look, sans the neckline, that makes her look slightly matronly.
    Ms Berry is a stunning woman and can pull off that versace number better than most womenwomen in their twenties, but just because she can, doesn’t mean she should. Selah.
    I also love Gabrielle in the white, so flattering against her skin, but that green number is a most serious, “stop it”. She
    shouldn’t do that again.

  18. StopTheMaddness says:

    Words just can’t describe how gorgeous Gabrielle Union and J.lo looked. Kelly Rowland and Nicole Ritchie were also doing the damn thing. Alicia Keys and Kerry Washington were all types of boring…Kerry should have saved that Giles Spring ’13 gown, (the epic one she wore to the uk premiere of Django), for the Golden Globes.

  19. Annoyingly Right says:

    It was a dark-skin winning night. No one can compare to Gabrielle or Kelly Rowland. Just GORGEOUS

  20. Likkle Miss says:

    J.Lo shut that mess down.

    Kerry, I’m sorry, I don’t know what everyone is talking about – it didn’t work in my opinion.

    Nicole and Gabby (in the green) looked amazing.

  21. Mely B says:

    My faves are:

    Gabby (in the green)
    Eva ~ werk, ma petite diva!
    Halle ~ love this on her, I thought the GG were when the fashion could be a little less stiff & a little more whimsical IJS
    Kelly ~ gorgeous
    Chaka ~ beautiful colored dress but no ma’am to those shoes
    Ashley ~beautiful
    Thandie ~ love the dress & shoes but wish she’d gone with her curly hair in a messy bun

    Negative comments:

    Kerry – underwhelming considering how she shut.it.down Sat nite but she looks tired & subdued so maybe she’s over it

    Shaun – pretty colored gown but her wig is WRONG

    Chrissy – looks like John Leguizamo in drag #dontlikeheratall

  22. peplum lover says:

    tis all
    ill take my leave :)

  23. peplum lover says:

    gabby and kelly @ the BET awards i mean
    dayyuummmmmm ………

    chaka – wow black dont crack !!!

  24. SheSaid says:

    I need JLo to close her mouth, so I can focus on how good she looks all the time and not on how annoying her open mouth shots are. Eva, Gabby, and Halle’s leg killed it…HOT

  25. bella says:


    That is all.

  26. smv says:

    JLO.. end of story

  27. iHeartKeya says:

    My faves from the Globes were Kerry, Lucy Lu, J. Lo (Of couse!), Halle, Nicole Richie, Katherine McPhee and Claire Danes. And Gabby in that green and Kelly looked pretty as well.

  28. Anna says:

    JLO shut it down as usual. Halle should have worn the BET red dress to the GG and keep the Weird one for the BET. And where was her Olivier Martinez?

  29. libby17 says:

    GABBY in green.
    Ashley Madewke

    Honorable mention: Alicia Keys. First time i ever liked her look.

  30. REESHA says:

    My favorites were Jessica Alba, I absolutely loved the coral. Nicole Richie just gets better and better. And of course Keri delivered. If felt Eva was forcing it shes TOO petite for that dress and I love edge and whimsy (not together) but I also lover Lucy Lui’s dress it was so victorian.

  31. Empress says:


  32. ladyshawann says:

    Gabby, Nicole, Thandie & Kelly.

  33. binks says:

    Agreed Mely B!

  34. kiks says:

    J.LO is my fashion soulmate! She just slayed effortlessly!! I can’t get enough of that woman.
    But my girl Gabby did the damn thing, looking like a tall glass of chocolate milk! go on girl, that green dress is divine on you!

  35. Kishonda says:


  36. COCO says:

    Not feeling the dress either *I would never wear a dress that was that close in palette to my own skin* but Halle’s body looks siiiick. loving Jessica Alba’s look (but also am struggling to remember the last time she made a movie :-/), Chaka Khan looks so good, Roasario Dawson is demonstrating exactly how NOT to dresss an apple shaped figure, JLo hasn’t aged in 15 years and that dress is EVERYTHING, loving Kelly’s look at BET her body is IMMACULATE but she is getting a little samey and predictable of recent…and I love Kerry Washington, but I never like her fashion sense.

  37. Meh says:

    They all look GREAT!

  38. I said it says:

    My faves where Thandie and Jessica Alba they looked classy.

  39. My favourites were Taylor Swift, Anna Hathaway, Michelle Dockery, Julianne Hough and Am Adams. My least favourites were Lucy Liu, Rachel Weisz, Sienna Miller, Jessica Chastain and Amy Poehler.

  40. Dria says:

    yess to Kelly, Eva, and JLo…also I’m with Jihan on being too distracted by Halle’s sickening body, glowing skin, and gorgeous face to throw shade at the dress. Lord please let me look that good when I am 46!

  41. Hehe says:

    Nicole Richie was my best dressed of the night.

  42. Tee says:

    Thandie Newton always makes beauty look effortless. She is stunning.

  43. Orantus says:

    Jlo looked like an old ho and is starting to show her age. Kerry Washington looked the best followed by Gabrielle Union and Kelly Row. Oh and Halle looked aigght too

  44. wapagirl says:

    Eva Longoria and Ashley Madekwe had the best dresses in my opinion. Luv those gowns. On the other hand, Halle is too damn old for that revieling dress. It’s ugly anyway. Alicia Keys is so butch…as always and Kelly Rowland’s dress looks like she bought it from asos.

  45. cottoncande says:

    I loved Halle in that dress… that’s how JLO wished she looked. I agree JLo is starting to look her age. I don’t like Gabriel’s dress or maybe its the way she’s standing. I love Ms. Kerry…she does no wrong.

  46. Westafricanmutt says:

    Like I’m not gay but J.Lo is the love of my FEMALE LOVER LIFE OMG!!! What does she do? Like… I just stare at her like… how do I become her. She looks amazing. Kerry looks amazing. Gabrielle looked beautiful and her skin is whoooot chile!

  47. iQgraphics says:

    J lo and Halle just showed up to say “yes, im still a bad bish”

  48. rich h says:

    for the most part, dresses were classy and elegant.
    loved the commentary at http://www.beckabellastyleinspirations.com/

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