January 11th, 2013
Fashion Bombshell of the Day
Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Sandee from Harlem
By Claire

We’re ending this week with a bang! Take a gander at Sandee from Harlem:

The blogger for www.CurvEnvy.com writes, “It took me a long time to embrace my curves, however once I did, my confidence grew.”

“… I birth[ed] an appreciation for my large bust, in your face hips, my shapely thighs, and round butt.”

” With an abundance of trial and error, over-time I was able to educate myself on how to dress my particular body shape.”

” Learning to ACCENTUATE the best bodily features and DE-EMPHASIZE the not so great ones is a technique that EVERY woman should know, plus size or not.”

“I promote positive self image and I reiterate my self-proclaimed motto that “Style is NOT just for the skinny.””

“…In every outfit I post, in my opinion, lycra and stretch are mandates in the fabrics of a curvy girl’s wardrobe. Our clothing should be form-fitting NOT body hugging.”

“My style is classic, with a dash of trend, sprinkle of pizzazz, and spoonful of sexy. ”

“In the end, I truly believe that style can be acquired by anyone, big girls included.”

“Curves are to be appreciated and flaunted. That’s why I say, let them be CurvEnvious!”

Gorgeous! I’m definitely a fan of your style. The printed pants and peplum top combo is perfection!
What do you think?

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 picture(s) to thefashionbomb@gmail.com. Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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74 Responses to “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Sandee from Harlem”

  1. Amber says:

    Not the worst I’ve seen but that exposed bra..no bueno!

  2. Bri says:


  3. Truth teller says:


  4. Mellie-Rae says:

    a few hits and misses but overall I like :)

  5. Taj says:

    Pretty woman and I like her first three looks and the black dress.

  6. I don’t like the sheer top ensembles, but the rest is good to go. Those neon, plexi and black heels are the bomb.

  7. Truth Teller says:

    Everything is 2 tight! Loose fitting outfit would have been a good switch up 2

  8. Liz says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous gal!!

    the sheer tops need to GO!
    Don’t like the polka dots
    Don’t like the grey jacket

    Everything else is cute… Sandee needs to pay attention to fit and proportion a smidge more.

  9. Sarah says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    Hits and misses. Black pencil skirt was too tight. Sheer tops showed some unflattering bulges and the grey sweater outfit just didn’t work but I really like the other outfits minus a few shoe choices. She seems very positive and just still has a few things to work IMO but I like her overall.

  11. libby17 says:

    haute overall and i know my plus size women wanna rock the same fits as their smaller counterparts but NO to the exposed bra. reminds me of when nene tried it. fail. (maybe bandeau instead??)

  12. LadyC says:

    Like all the looks except for the ones with the exposed bra

  13. Nicole says:

    Exposed bra is never a good look at any size IMO. The black dress is my favorite along with the sparkled skirt. Leggins with exposed booty…no bueno. Pretty girl. I like overall.

  14. luvie says:

    Love it all. Even the sheer tops. Even skinny girls buldge out, so I can over look. Sandee keep doing you hun.

  15. Girl Get a life says:

    Just burn all those sheer tops and you’ll be straight

  16. Anna says:

    No. It almost as if she is skinny in her head, hence so many very questionable choices. A lot of fabrics/textures chosen here are not for bigger girls. The exposed bra (even more when you have big breast) with a big belly is never fashionable.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Sheer tops on a girl her size? No ma’am.

  18. Valerie says:

    Generally too tight!

  19. mamareese says:

    I’ve seen her stuff before and for the most part she’s aight. That sheer top foolishness….BIG GIRLS ANYBODY THAT TELLS YOU THATS CUTE IS NOT YO FRIEND! You need to bust them in the head with a bag of bricks….that aint cute!

  20. smv says:

    hmmmm…too many shiny pieces for me. the sheer tops were a bit much. i did like both black and white moments..hits and a lot of misses for me.

  21. hypnotic says:

    I actually thought the houndstooth print leggings and peplum top was one of the better outfits. Although the top was a smidge too tight, or maybe the bra was too small? The polka dot outfit was great in concept, but I agree with the other commenters on the skirt being small.

    I thought she killed it with the green sweater, leather skinnies, and fedora. That choice was great, as well as the black dress.

    The gold pants and sequin blazer look would have been better if she buttoned the jacket to give a hint of skin or did a non-sheer top.

    The other outfits didn’t do it for me. Overall some slight tweaks are needed, but I think she had a good showing.

  22. Dobe says:

    She has some really nice pieces!

  23. Rocky says:

    Please stay away from sheer tops.
    A few of the pieces simply don’t fit.
    The invisible part in one of your weaves is just…

  24. heyyall says:

    lol@ rocky and the invisible part…

  25. Eb says:

    She indeed has style and originality but I voted ‘Some hits, some misses’ instead of ‘Hot! She DID that! Bombshell!’. I’m not a fan of the exposed bras. Besides that she’s FAB!

  26. for real tho says:

    She loves her two toned shoe

  27. Annoyingly Right says:

    She looks presentable in most of her looks despite her bad choice with the sheer tops

  28. Enigma says:

    I think any one can wear a sheer shirt just wear a camy / tank top under the sheer shirts or a button up blazer over them.

  29. NinaKnows says:

    Aside from the sheer tops, sis DID that!

  30. simiyalala says:

    Nope, not with those sheer tops.

  31. Love her style, and she is right even big girls can have great style. I’ve never been a big fan of sheer top of big girls like that. Probably because I couldn’t wear it but big props to her at this point, she is smiling and oozing of so much confidence she is wearing the clothes instead of the other way around and it doesn’t really matter about the sheer.

  32. Meh says:

    sheer tops look ratchet as 4k.

  33. I liked some looks. Not feeling the revealing tops though.

  34. florida love says:

    The sheer top looks ghettooooooooooooooo. I like some of the other looks…. Hits and Misses…………..sorry

  35. Natasha says:

    With the exception of the sheer joints, she wears her heft well and knows how to dress for her shape. The polka dot outfit was my fav. Also like the some of those two-tone shoes.

  36. Shari says:

    The polka dot outfit was cute as well as the snake skin print pants ouftit.

  37. Just Me says:

    With the exception of a few ill fitting items, I liked it all, including the sheer tops.

    Good job Sandee!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Sheer top no bueno the bulges are just not attractive.. Stick to the peplum top and things of that nature.. chunky shoes no as well.

  39. Kimberly says:

    Very cute …. Def Bombshell in my book

  40. Anonymous says:

    Is this a joke?! Claire, you really have no style or taste. What? I’m shocked you would say you like this considering how exposed to the world of fashion you are supposed to be.

  41. Cynthia says:

    Three thumbs up! This girl is HOT and SEXY! Werk!

  42. Tifani says:

    Sorry, these looks are sooo hit & miss to me!!!!!

  43. Empress says:

    Aside from the sheer top, I like all her outfits. As a plus size girl, I think she dresses for her body type. I’m glad I didn’t see any bodycon dresses with her rolls showing. HOT!

  44. JLynn says:

    No to the sheer shirts but everything else is good!

  45. lucy says:

    Again the misuse of the word curvy. Beyonce is curvy. let get the words right.

  46. Cookie says:

    Hmmm…I hope u didn’t pay for that education!

  47. Just TaytA says:

    I love the look with the snake print pants!

  48. jillibooboo says:

    i like it!

  49. vizionheiry says:

    She served in the snakeprint pants & pink top. She inspired me there so I gave her bombshell. The see-through blouse is a miss. Overall, her style is cohesive though.

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