January 9th, 2013
Beyonce, Snapshot
Snapshot: Beyoncé by Terry Richardson for GQ February 2013 [Full Spread]
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Beyoncé by Terry Richardson for GQ February 2013.

Source: GQ

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214 Responses to “Snapshot: Beyoncé by Terry Richardson for GQ February 2013 [Full Spread]”

  1. likane says:

    I would add something else
    I think at this stage of his career beyoncé get these crazy hater
    you have it so rotten life dpuis Make History with destin’y child she took the full because I think what is more crazy sense released
    she just age 30 or a woman feel good in their skin so she has a child but do not forget that this is not a normal woman who lives in a suburb classy
    this is a r & b pop artist so for what you are surprised
    I think fans of rihanna’s angry because he thought the finished late career
    So this photo you back to reality just 30 years old but what can rivaled rihanna katy ect and what a body even better than the girl Jeunne
    rihanna take drugs so what looks like a drug addict
    beyoncé has a female body with sexy shape and photosoop where no
    the video will soon release we’ll see if it did not this body
    to finish
    for which it feels frustrated and 2013 will be the year you will see beyoncé everywhere it has also signed an agreement with h & m has it seems so if you do not suportez ignored simply because it is that she has your respect she ignores you for a long time and lives his life
    will rather take care of that layer rihanna still with the man who

  2. Rebecca says:

    Ok I have no idea what the comment above me is saying -_-

  3. ninjo says:

    (doing crunches)

  4. Fefe210 says:

    How much is a membership to Gold’s Gym….cuz um…..

  5. Afrobelle says:

    Peeps, what is so bad about King B wanting to be hot, fine and damn sexy? Beyonce has always had a sexiness to her. Remember the Crazy in Love video and the cover of Dangerous in Love? Sexiness has always been part of Beyonce’s image. These pics are amazing. she’s an artist first. No shame in her game. I can’t wait till she takes over 2013, bring it on Bey.

  6. Soul Touch says:

    Just because she is a mother and a wife doesn’t mean she has to stop working…nor does mean that she is no longer sexy…a woman. As if you think a woman because a sexless mute after giving birth. Give me a break. There have been plenty of ‘mothers’ and ‘wives’ that have posed for GQ, what’s the issue? Oh yeah, it’s because it’s Beyonce. Pulease.

    That said, not a fan of the cover, just seems tacky. But I LOVE the other shots. She looks hot and this woman still has it all; AS A MOTHER AND A WIFE.

  7. yusufswifee says:

    I am here for these photos – not the instagram trash. And those who are saying she doesnt have enough clothes on – Its GQ and its Terry Richardson. I’m fine with these. It is interesting to see her in underwear but whatever. I am here for the glamorous photoshoot sexy or not…not the fake candid grandmama expensive clothing mess.

    All of you saying she is copying Rhianna…get your life, really?

  8. Charlie says:

    I think this was a “I still got it and even more” spread! Go Blue Ivy’s Mama!

  9. Soul Touch says:

    Oh, and a woman who tops the Forbes list does not have to be ‘thirsty’. Sorry, she’s already sitting on top of the world. She doesn’t NEED attention, she gets it. Proven by her concert sales, endorsement deals, and world-wide popularity.

    And why why why do we have to always pin black women against black women…Rhi has nothing to do with this post.

  10. Terilili says:

    Her HUSBAND was okay with this?!? I’m all for looking sexy, and I think it’s a notable accomplishment that she’s achieved this body post-child bearing, BUT, just because you have it does not mean you need to flaunt it. Call me old fashioned, but I do think that a married woman holds herself to a different standard that a single woman. And I’m not saying Beyonce should button up henceforth, BUT these photos are borderline raunchy. Too much breast, thigh, hip and skin. Why not just do playboy if you’re willing to go this far?

    I’m disappointed in her.

  11. Siyam says:

    Go Bey.

  12. Crystal says:

    Ok, I hate this spread even more after reading the article. Wow, she is more arrogant than I thought and I already thought she was pretty arrogant. Geesh. We have tickets to the Super Bowl but I’m going to get a pretzel when this chick hits the stage. Real talk…

  13. aries c. says:

    I like it..then I dont. I LOVE Beyonce but im very suprised she did something like this.

  14. Mckenzie says:

    Bwahahahaha! Beyoncé gets on y’all last nerve doesn’t she? And the funny thing is, it’s those who object to calling her the queen that wanna say she’s above this? Would that mean she’s better than all the other women in Hollywood who have done sexy photo shoots? J.Lo, Halle, Eva Longoria and the list goes on and on…
    Beyoncé slays and you will deal

  15. Ebonylove says:

    Got dammit I hate to love Bey! Heading to boot camp class—–>

  16. s says:

    I think these are sexy photos and miss Bey proves you don’t have to lose your sexiness after motherhood. I agree with an earlier comment. She is not the only one in Hollywood to do a sexy photo spread After having a child. She has the figure for it and she is still young, so go for it miss B. As Estelle would say……”Do Yo Thang”

  17. Laila says:

    Well it doesn’t bother me that she’s a wife/mother (some of y’all know secretly you want to do a sexy photo-shoot) and i’m not against being sexy but this photo-shoot is just not it’s Terry Trash. To me it seems as if she really didn’t feel comfortable with that shoot judging from her cover shot I feel as if her team made this decision to reinvent her image from something other than matronly which I  get she is a woman at end of day and a lot woman are naturally sensual regardless of childbirth and marriage but this photo-shoot is all Terry Richardson. All of the poses he had her in was giving me classic “Black Men Magazine” in my opinion he took her from King Bee to Video Hoe.

  18. love says:

    she looks great but i know she did this so she could prove she got her body back lol

  19. Tasha says:

    Spare me to the hypocrites.. because I do believe that when Brandy or Rihanna or any other (FAV)celeb was posted in a bathing suit on this site people were fawning over them. (Or models) in risqué attire it’s always “giving everyone life”.
    Not a bey stan and I know everyone has an a opinion but a lot of the women on this blog just love to dislike Beyoncé, simple as that. It doesn’t matter what she does she’ll never win with ya’ll. So I guess once you turn 30 you should go hide in a hole…

  20. Tallulah says:

    Oh. My. Gawd.

    Her body is FLAWLESS!!!! Love the pics, she has a barbie doll face, perfect.

  21. hotmama says:

    Girl put your clothes back on..Sexy is a state of mind not appearing nearly nude in a magazine. When these chicks feel like they have something to prove they start taking their clothes off. So contrived…yawn
    The sad part is that most of y’all are drinking the cool aide, Beyonce even wishes she looked like that. I’m sure she’s in great shape but theres a whole lot of smoke and mirrors going to with her.WHen you’re in your 30′s and have a baby your body changes, but not with her, she remains the same…think about it

  22. Tid bits says:

    I like beyonce but I hate this photo shoot. It is all kinds of thirst that someone of her calibre should not have to or want to indulge in. She looks great, but to go from the type of high fashion high note editorial photshoots she is use to doing, to this…..disapointing.

  23. My Response says:

    I don’t know what her being in her 30s and mom has to do with anything. I wouldn’t want anyone telling me just because i’m a mom i can’t be sexy. Stop comparing her to Rihanna. Rihanna is completely nude or or showing most of her tits and ass with her spreads. you can’t compare them.

  24. Soul Touch says:


    I think anyone with a lick of sense is aware that photoshoppe exists.

  25. christina says:

    Whatever became of “nasty put your clothes on”? Weird posing. She have backproblems? An effort to make her hips look less wide or what? Nasty!

  26. A.Renee says:

    She looks great!!!

    The hot pants she is wearing on the cover are $490 zipped boy short from Agent Provocateur!

  27. heeba says:

    As hot as she is i hope she is not trying to tell us that ‘ its over’ sobs…

  28. jme says:

    I always wonder how the people who are over the top with their descriptions of Beyonce’s “awesomeness” feel about themselves? It’s just a little weird how far it goes sometimes. I just hope you sing your own praises just as high. (Ok, coming down off my soapbox….i’ve just always wondered)

    With that said, this spread is very different for her. It’s good to break away from your norm sometimes.

  29. Anony says:

    Rihanna’s was better.

    Love Bey. Body looks great no doubt but the shoot itself is kinda amateurish and not what I’d expect for someone of her status.

    Rihanna’s was much more interesting, much more directional, much more editorial, and much more captivating.

    This has been done. Also….you can totally tell they photoshopped in that thigh gap. Why I don’t know. She looks great as is.

    But when comes to Battle of the GQ Cover

  30. Ashley says:

    Ladies your acting like grown women who recently had a baby can’t be sexy. If you google GQ covers this is not the first nor the last sexy cover from any woman. I think that its causing such an uproar because is a black woman who is not in her 20′s. I think the cover is nothing compared to other covers such as Jennifer Anniston or Michelle Williams for GQ either you come with it or you go to another magazine. I guess you ladies have never seen a Maxima cover, Bey is wearing the exact things that they wear so I don’t understand the classless remarks. Have you seen Black Men or King magazines….now those are classless, just plain nasty full ass out just gross.

    Beyonce looks sexy, which is something that she rarely pulls off and I love it! She says she feels sexier now and I believe it especially after having a child. Go Beyonce!!

  31. Edaj says:

    I’m a huge admirer of Beyonce and her body looks absolutely amazing (and yes I know photoshop was involved). However, I have to admit I was a little taken aback by this spread mostly because I hold her to a higher regard/standard. Clearly she is not the first woman to do a spread like this and there are far more revealing pictures in other magazines. But those women need those pictures to be relevant or have adopted that image as their brand. This just doesn’t seem like Beyonce. She has always done a great job with staying on the classy end of sexy, however this is a little racey. On another note, she is a smart business woman so hopefully she receives the feedback/ responce she was looking for.

  32. Anonymous says:

    smh regardless of who beyonce is For FANS who respected her for her modesty, the fact that she stayed partially private, and is a wife mother and seemingly the most popular decent role model to young girls… She definetly lost points in my book. This aint sexy its.. .. I guess these pics can go in her RACHET portfolio.. And for some reason i wasnt really impressed. There are mostly women in my sourthern family with hips boobs face ass and body…and feet lol money too… no need to expose her whole body… i mean was this necesary??? im more digusted than pleased and i love her.. ugh

  33. Anonymous says:


  34. Debbie says:

    Stop with the comparison ….there both sexy end of story!!!end of storyyyyyyyyy

  35. SPARKLE says:


  36. Shelly says:

    I love Beyonce and think she’s incredibly sexy…I blame Terry Richardson for this …his photoshoots are always like this overtly sexual, sharp contract colours and campy. It’s amazing that Beyonce still came out looking a bit classy and not totally skanky even Duchess Kate would look like a slut when he’s through with her. eg. Cameron Diaz Esquire shoot.

  37. BK says:

    Ummmm…you all do realize this is a men’s magazine. These are the kinds of covers they shoot. I knew this was the response this would get. Yes, Beyonce is a mom and she’s 31, but last I checked, she’s not a nun, nor is she a senior citizen. One being over 30 does not turn down her sexy, nor does having a child, and I think that’s what this cover says. Yes, she’s a mom, wife and over 30, but she’s still got IT! As for the Rihanna comparisons, please sit. Bey’s been in this game for 15 years. Rihanna was watching Beyonce, idolizing her (it’s on record — video and print — if you need receipts). Having a baby and turning 30 isn’t the end of her career as you knew it. This cover is just proof of that. She’s not going to throw on a floor-length tunic or stop shaking those killer curves, so just get over it. Her career won’t die just because she had a kid, and I think she’s out to prove just that. Go ‘head, Bey. Sting!

  38. tid bits says:

    Just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should.

  39. Niele says:

    http://iam.beyonce.com/post/40196757019 Photoshop where? she is fit and anyone who believes differently will deal… She’s not threatened, nor copying anyone. She’s always shown a sexy side, we just haven’t seen it in a while. Look at any other woman in the entertainment industry who had a child and/is married: THEY got their body body cause it’s their JOB to look good as female entertainers. Everyone’s just mad because they thought beyonce was going to tone herself down after childbirth- nope why should she? If i had her body @ her age, money, life, etc, I would be flaunting it too.

  40. Nina says:

    the cover is very terry richardson– google his work. IMO it works for quirkier stars but comes off very basic with the rest of them. the lighting, poses, fashion, etc…. that “Jay and Blue Ivy” set piece one is particularly lazy-seeming.

    Does anyone else realize that she is stretching her torso out in every single pic in an attempt to hide … Idk. Stretchy skin from lipo and a maybe pregnancy? Her abs look strange- like they’re bulging out of her stretched out skin.

    I love Baddie Bey but this cover– while sexy and cute — could have been WAAYYY I’m talking WAY better!

    I blame it all on Terry Richardson’s creeepy a$$

  41. HisWifey says:

    SLAYONCE YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bey season & you. will. deal!

  42. S says:

    GET em BEY!!!!
    “If you got it…. flaunt it”…lol
    Seriously tho, she’s a mom, not a nun.
    Can she live?

  43. Yall trippin. I bet her husband love that cover!

  44. myra says:

    she looks in great shape but this looks like a rihanna shoot especially with the body chain…its not beyonce normal classy sex appeal she showing madddd skin.. im on the ropes about this one either way she is great shape.

  45. essjaye says:

    Holaaaaay!! This $hit is hawwwt and haters die slow please…so what if shes a mother..”Excuse me let me stop being sexy cus im a mother”.. What world are these haters living in?? It aint a 100 million dollar world..hate on that

  46. aap says:

    She is super talented, she puts on great performances and is beautiful but this is soft porn. I don’t care either way but this is what it is. I did not need to see it but then its not aimed at me. It’s aimed at men who buy the mag

  47. Shonnie says:

    I think Beyonce is the bomb , I don’t think she’s copying Rihanna. However Im split on this shoot , I think her body is amazing those hips should be have insurance on them . However I wish it could have been done more thoughtfully better style selection. tell a story make it sophicated on another level it looks a little cheap.

  48. Anayo says:

    Love the shoot, but they photoshopped those hips like a mutha! Beyonce is curvy but come on y’all, not like that!

  49. d. broussard says:

    Ummmm, can beyonce be gorgeous and hot and sexy in her own right wthout trying to be young? She is totally owning her sexuality and her womanhood in this spread. Tastefully done. The readers are acting like she posed in Maxim or Playboy!

  50. Bhud says:

    errybody MAD hahaha. the best part about this whole thing is, is while y’all (probably mostly women) don’t find it sexy, most men will. I mean ain’t that why its on gq and not vogue? for real tho, you want her in haute couture for gq?! ain’t nobody got time for that.

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