January 9th, 2013
Beyonce, Snapshot
Snapshot: Beyoncé by Terry Richardson for GQ February 2013 [Full Spread]
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Beyoncé by Terry Richardson for GQ February 2013.

Source: GQ

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214 Responses to “Snapshot: Beyoncé by Terry Richardson for GQ February 2013 [Full Spread]”

  1. Kat says:

    I wouldn’t compare her to MJ at all. He co-wrote a song on world hunger that was an international hit. He stopped to talk about the rights of children during his Super Bowl half-time performance. He did things in his music, video and performances that hadn’t been previously done. None of these descriptions match Beyonce. She is a half naked pop star on the cover of GQ; I think we already saw that last month. I still love Bey, but she’s basic. I’m happy that she has found success, but this cover- no.

  2. yonaton says:

    B looks great! she’s young and this is GQ!!!!!! all the women who cover GQ are in near to nothing, so she actually did cover up for the mag. This is a MEN’S magazine, not high fashion for women. So please stop treating it as such. just in case you need reassurance, look through the mag’s covers with women on it. B, keep it up! you definitely have everyone talking!

  3. Camillia says:

    B looks great!! Yeah it’s a bit risky but it has done what was intended….got people talking!!

  4. Camillia says:

    (Cont)….Besides….GQ is geared toward men, not women.

  5. Anonymous says:

    That’s right Bey – keep ‘em guessin’! Good or bad, people still talkin’…lol. #HOTNESS
    If I looked like that after having a child (which I plan to lol), somebody BETTER put me on a cover lol.

  6. benni says:

    how can i get my clothing line in the GQ issue Vraiclothing.com

  7. Loni says:

    @Kat hunny go down there

  8. unpredictable la says:

    I think this is sooo hot! This picture definitely inspires me to get fit! Haters are mad because they don’t have the body to do such a thing! In my opinion Beyonce is not naked all over town so this is apprpriate bc she just had a baby and is showing everybody that your body can go back to the way it was if you work hard for it. (Hollywood world)

  9. bella says:

    107 comments and counting. YEP YES THE QUEEN WINS AGAIN.


  10. Anna says:

    Those who dared comparing this woman to MJ must be going to the same rehab center as Lindsay Lohan. Delusional much?

  11. Annoyingly Right says:

    She’s trying to look like a white woman. Her body is on point tho.

  12. Crystal says:

    What…you haven’t posted the leaked Vogue cover yet? You’re slipping on your stanning FBD. 107 comments makes her a queen? LOL. You must not visit very many blogs. Articles on real issues have reached 1000 comments. But keep hitting the submit button and see if you can get her there.

  13. Tina says:

    BEYONCE brought the fire! Killed it…………. HOTNESS

  14. Pinky says:

    Im on the fence. i love king Bey && her body is looking HOT, but i also slightly feel like this is a littlebeneth her.

    I know Rihanna and Kerry hilson or whatever just gagged

  15. lia says:

    Wow someone must have spent all night in photoshop. Lol. Some people will believe everything.

  16. Erin says:

    Bey and Terry work well together! I just can’t get over this cover. It is FLAWLESS. So sexy and a bit campy.

  17. Choco aka Hipppie says:

    For some reason I find this disgusting! Why would Jay not mind his wife being seen in this fashion? She has body yes I mean come on who wouldn’t with her money but this is gross to me – I’m just not feeling it!

  18. LaTasha says:

    Werk it Bey!!! Show em’ how it’s done.

  19. Choco aka Hipppie says:

    LOL at all these Bey worshippers!

  20. Kay says:

    She has a great body. We all know that. I feel as though this particular ad (and maybe it’s just the outfit) cheapens her.

  21. This is GQ Magazine not Town and Country why are people expecting her to be wearing a knit sweater and pin tucked skirt for the cover of GQ. SMH Work it BEY. !!!

  22. yonaton says:

    thank you!!! @Beauty is Diverse

  23. TheAntifash says:

    Bey is and has always been gorgeous, but as I said in the previous post the styling is all wrong. I do not expect her to be in a knit sweater and tucked skirt, but this Forever21 panty and tee is not the key. This is BEYONCE we are talking about. I expect so much more from her.

  24. She looks amazing.

  25. Ashley Jack says:

    …And there it is – Beyonce was never pregnant!!! She is confident in showing her body. If she was carrying a child, she would be proud to show her pregnancy belly – magazines would be flooded with her images. All of a sudden, it’s show off time – GTFOH!!!

  26. Christian says:

    Well, its GQ people. Thats how most of the females on GQ’s cover are. Showing more skin than normal. How many celebrity moms be taking pics showig their skin? Beyonce is human, just because she is famous doesnt take her the reason to take pics like that. It aint anything serious. She’s always been sexy and flaunts it. Ya’ll are taking this too serious.

  27. Niksocool says:

    It’s GQ. And it’s shot by Terry Richardson. This is a totally predictable product. It’s not meant to portray her as mother of the year or solidify her status as “queen”. Serves its purpose of sending mens’ tongues wagging and magazines flying off the shelves.

  28. msghaide says:

    My goodness this is GQ magazine sexiest women issue so why wouldn’t she be sexy people…. I mean really the photo are done tastefully Anywho she’s looks hot I love it and if you had a banging body like that after having a baby I’m sure you’d flaunt it too hell I would.

  29. lola says:

    LMAO Bey got the girls GAGGIN. Loves it.

  30. I said it says:

    It’s interesting to me how many people say this is sexy and strong, sometimes real sexiness and strength is knowing when to put your clothes on as fast as you take them off. When will strength and power have some dignity, not just another pic to jerk off too.

  31. dee says:

    This photo shoot served it’s purpose. People are definitely talking, good, bad, and indifferent.
    Was this expected? possibly! A woman, period, has the right to change her style, mind, and way of handling her business anytime she feels the need to. I have nothing but love, and best wishes. I’m hoping this album and performance is on point. I mean she better rehearse every single day from this day forward….There is too much anticipation for Beyonce!

  32. Mo-mo says:

    Modesty is a virtue…too bad Beyonce doesn’t embrace that value.

  33. Anon2 says:

    Keep getting naked boo because Adele just went Diamond fully clothed with no wind machine.

  34. Izhause says:

    Wow she’s a True Bombshell …get it Bey!

  35. Anon2 says:

    She better get used to that breeze on those boobs because she’s going to have to stay naked to stay relevant. However, Adele just went Diamond, fully clothed, with no wind machine.

  36. Anon2 says:

    Those ta-ta’s are going to get cold because she has to stay naked to remain relevant from this point on. However, Adele just went Diamond, fully clothed, with no wind machine.

  37. Rose says:

    @kisha I got mine at thecandyroom.com

  38. Lykia says:

    her body is bangin but she has way too much talent so look so cheap ….and rihanna has to be naked on every magazine bc she has none

  39. Blue’s mama looks good but I’m more excited for her Vogue cover!!

  40. Mrs. V says:

    This is for GQ and set to conicide with her Super Bowl performance. What better way to get the male readers of GQ to (somewhat) pay attention during halftime than to feature her looking super sexy?

    It’s funny how now that Bey came out with this cover photo that folks want to act uber conservative. We see far more skin every day. I’ve seen people wear less than this on the beach.

    Are yall seriously getting riled up about this? Welp, looks like the cover has done its job. Well played, Bey.

  41. Florence says:

    ther’s no denying that her body is AMAZING after giving birth, but this picture is reeking of thirst. Beyonce has accomplished so much and already established herself as the leading force in today’s music and has garnered so much for herself, it’s very disappointing to see her revert to these basic type photos. She may think it’s young and hip but truthfully it seems desperate to be relevant to a younger crowd, which she DOES NOT NEED TO DO! She should start letting her talent, performances, and sexy maturity show through, not this hyper-ratchetness

  42. Cyndi says:

    I am not the biggest Beyonce fan (I love her old stuff), but please don’t compare her to ratchet Rihanna. The photos in this GQ shoot are tasteful not trashy. Beyonce looks beautiful.

  43. Just me says:

    I haven’t seen this at my local grocer, but as soon as I do, I will be purchasing.
    Also I’ve never questioned my sexuality…..until now.

  44. hahahaha says:

    Beyonce’s regressing. She looks nice in the pics, but she’s supposed to be above this.

  45. ucaleley says:

    She really does not need to do this. Everything she does is so contrived and she’s now looking a bit desperate

  46. Orantus says:

    She looks good but would she want her daughter doing this? lol

    With all her talent does she really need to stoop to this, and yes stoop because it’s only girls who are really desperate for {fame, attention, or paycheck} do this. Why does every woman these days need to take her clothes off to show she still has it? And those photoshop pics are lame. She also look whiter than ever….Yawn

  47. KING(qUEEN) BEE lover says:

    King Bee did it on them hoes. Can’t wait for this bitch superbowl performance and new album!!

  48. RIHI Minaj says:

    Aww im so damn jealous of this workaholic :( she too damn hawt with her gorgeous hips :’(

  49. Ronnie says:

    uh, wowzer!

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