January 4th, 2013
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Mail Bombs: Evelyn Lozada’s PETA Unveiling Ekaterina Kukhareva Diamond Jacquard Cardigan and Knit Skirt, Christina Milian’s Wendy Williams Blue Leather Jacket, and Keyshia Ka’Oir’s Instagram Simon Preen Crop Top and Leggings!
By Claire

I’m finally back in cold NYC after a wonderful trip to the West Coast. I took a red eye last night, so am a little groggy…still, let’s see what I can crank out (before I pass out).
Mimi types, “ I’m a lawyer by day and am always looking for ways to spice up/not stifle my flair for the fierce without ruffling work feathers. Saw this skirt suit and died…”

“…would be beyond perfect with my nude Tribtoos for those days when my blue wool suits aren’t getting it! Can you tell me who is the designer of this skirt suit?”

Yep! Evelyn paired $1,395 Christian Louboutin Zoulou sandals with a $818 Diamond Shape Jacket and a matching $500 Jacquard Skirt by Ekaterina Kukhareva:

Purchase both pieces at Kukhareva.com.
Azjanae writes, “Where can I get this jacket? I love the color.”

“P.S I hope they have my size…XL is so hard to find these days.”

Though it’s hard to see C Milli’s full jacket, based on my research, it could be Iro’s $1,195 Anabela blue leather jacket:

Jason Wu also has a $3,795 blue leather jacket with similar zips and buttons:

I’m not sure about the XL status for either option, unfortunately. Get them, plus options for less (in more sizes) with these:

Suzi writes, ” I absolutely love the look of these leather sweatpants.”

“…However, I do not have a bank account like Beyonce’s and cannot spend over $1,000 on pants. Is there any way you guys could find some alternatives to these pants that are a little more budget-friendly?”
Sure thing! Real leather pants are going to still cost a pretty penny, but I did find a few for under $1,000:

Christie writes, “ Hi I was wondering if you knew the designer of Kim’s knee high boots or if you know anywhere I could get a similar pair of knee or thigh high suede boots?”

Not sure, but you can get the look with these:

Tallena writes, “Can you please tell me who made the jumpsuit that Lauren London wore to the 2012 BET awards?”

” Thank you in advance.”

Lauren appeared on the red carpet in a $675 Alexander Wang White Jumpsuit with Extended Lapels, similar to this:

The BET Awards were a while ago; Lauren’s jumpsuit is no longer available. Peruse current Alexander Wang styles at AlexanderWang.com.

Jamelia says, “Hello wanted to know if you could tell me where I can find the outfit Keyshia Dior had on in this pic?”

Keyshia Ka’oir’s 155,000 fans collectively lost their minds over her $94 cross strap crop top and $110 landing strip leggings by UK designer Simon Preen:

You can buy the combo at ASOS’s marketplace. Cop her crop here and her leggings here.
Siobhan wrote, “Toya Wright posted these Jeffrey Campbell shoes on her site. I live in NY so I can’t go to the boutique she said was selling them. Do you know the name of this shoe and where I can get them?

I contacted the Press Rep at Jeffrey Campbell, who wrote, “That is the style ALLTHEWAY and is available at Envi Shoes, Tilted Sole and Solestruck.”

Get Toya’s exact pair for $165 at Tilted Sole here.

Lastly, Ayana types, “Where did Cynthia Bailey from the (Real House wives of Atlanta) get those glasses? Those are absolutely fabulous!!!”

I was unsure, but Yakini of RealityTVFashion.com tipped me off to Cynthia’s recent Instagram post, which said, “Who wants a pair of my black fashion glasses? New fashion eyewear line coming soon! Stay tuned.”

So it looks like in addition to launching a line of spirits, Cynthia will be designing eyewear. Follow her on Instagram @CynthiaBailey10 for updates.

Now for Unsolved Mail Bombs!

Yaya writes, “Thank you for always teaching me about fashion n trends! I have a favor of you. I need your help to find where they sell this dress.”

Lastly, Cynthia says, “Hi I wanted to know if you could help me find this bodysuit that Amber Eunquie wore please.”

At any rate, we’re having a Bomber and a Bombshell today, and I think you’ll love ‘em!
Stay tuned!

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66 Responses to “Mail Bombs: Evelyn Lozada’s PETA Unveiling Ekaterina Kukhareva Diamond Jacquard Cardigan and Knit Skirt, Christina Milian’s Wendy Williams Blue Leather Jacket, and Keyshia Ka’Oir’s Instagram Simon Preen Crop Top and Leggings!”

  1. Yashi says:

    that picture of Kim and Kanye was the day she told him that she was prego hehehehehe

  2. Yashi says:

    btw….and on his 18th birthday find out it wasn’t HIS….

  3. Kia says:

    Ok I’m a professional by day but that last pic, be good for a night with my hubby!! Lol say what you please I don’t care!
    Plus I don’t see what hair bumps y’all seeing, I have a hi-res iPad 3 and I didn’t get all that lol.
    Also thought Evelyn’s outfit the cardigan mainly was too tight on her, need to size up.

  4. Carmen says:

    I can’t..I ccccan’t…What happened to women being classy, not showing all the assy..smh

  5. mamareese says:

    Dead stare at them bodysuit….hmmm ladies you can have a bad body and turn heads without all that. I mean how you gonna walk out the house in the DEAD MIDDLE of winter with less that 25% of your body covered? As my grandma would say…you gon catch yo deaf a cold! LOL. No really save them outfits to strip for your MAN not the whole world….how are you gonna explain to your grandkids why your booty is all over the internet an you 60?

  6. Cyndi says:

    What in the world is up with these hooker mail bombs!? lolol …..anyways I’m just going to sit back and read these funny ass comments.

  7. Bhud says:

    fbomb staff do this on purpose. you KNO they are at their desks cuttin up at these emails. I mean come on homegirls knee is spilling out of the body suit. claire & co. y’all ain’t right…y’all ain’t right.

  8. Krystel says:

    hmmmm on that last look though!! SMFH

  9. pr1nc3ss says:

    I see pubic hair or pubic shadow with the last look….I am traumatized :(

  10. Ramona says:

    I don’t ever want to see this stripper nonsense on this site. I thought this was ” Fashion Bomb” and not “Media Takeout” or any of those other embarrassingly ghetto sites. Don’t even tell them where to buy those costumes Claire!

  11. Crystal says:

    @Old school, I like your idea of a try this, not that segment. Maybe @Claire should even try style inspirations for more club type looks also. I think readers are being very disrespectful to the young ladies in these pics and the ones that inquired about the look. They don’t come on here and say ‘what old hag asked Claire to find that librarian looking dress’ or ‘what dorky nerd asked about Cynthia’s glasses?’

  12. Dria says:

    okay. I’m 21, still young and like to go out from time to time and look sexy but I would NEVER be caught dead in that last fit. Like really? That thing is so low you can definitely see where her pubic hairs used to be.. thats just too much smh..but on another not those jeffrey cambell shoes are cute

  13. Vick says:

    I was loving everything until I scrolled down and I seen the stripper in her outfit, i can’t believe someone would inquire about that outfit?!?!

  14. Ni says:

    Everything is Fashion so to speak. I mean, for instance, Thigh High Boots were popularized be street walkers/ call girls, and went to the top of the fashion spectrum. We shouldn’t be too offended, if any at all, by these fashion bombs. But then again, if Rih had these same get up’s on-ESPECIALLY the last one, people would say how brilliant she was for “thinking up” such designer awesomeness- good grief. We’ll see this on some star in a lil’ bit.

  15. iHeartKeya says:

    While I agree that the stripper catsuit craze has gone far enough, and I’m sick of them I also agree with the “Try This Not That” segment idea. Like when people want to know where to get or what to wear with a bodysuit/catsuit you could say “how about a nice structured jumpsuit instead” and include accessory, makeup, & hair ideas. That way they get helpful tips without feeling attacked

  16. April says:

    I need a dupe of Lauren London jumpsuit… Any ideas

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