January 4th, 2013
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Mail Bombs: Evelyn Lozada’s PETA Unveiling Ekaterina Kukhareva Diamond Jacquard Cardigan and Knit Skirt, Christina Milian’s Wendy Williams Blue Leather Jacket, and Keyshia Ka’Oir’s Instagram Simon Preen Crop Top and Leggings!
By Claire

I’m finally back in cold NYC after a wonderful trip to the West Coast. I took a red eye last night, so am a little groggy…still, let’s see what I can crank out (before I pass out).
Mimi types, “ I’m a lawyer by day and am always looking for ways to spice up/not stifle my flair for the fierce without ruffling work feathers. Saw this skirt suit and died…”

“…would be beyond perfect with my nude Tribtoos for those days when my blue wool suits aren’t getting it! Can you tell me who is the designer of this skirt suit?”

Yep! Evelyn paired $1,395 Christian Louboutin Zoulou sandals with a $818 Diamond Shape Jacket and a matching $500 Jacquard Skirt by Ekaterina Kukhareva:

Purchase both pieces at Kukhareva.com.
Azjanae writes, “Where can I get this jacket? I love the color.”

“P.S I hope they have my size…XL is so hard to find these days.”

Though it’s hard to see C Milli’s full jacket, based on my research, it could be Iro’s $1,195 Anabela blue leather jacket:

Jason Wu also has a $3,795 blue leather jacket with similar zips and buttons:

I’m not sure about the XL status for either option, unfortunately. Get them, plus options for less (in more sizes) with these:

Suzi writes, ” I absolutely love the look of these leather sweatpants.”

“…However, I do not have a bank account like Beyonce’s and cannot spend over $1,000 on pants. Is there any way you guys could find some alternatives to these pants that are a little more budget-friendly?”
Sure thing! Real leather pants are going to still cost a pretty penny, but I did find a few for under $1,000:

Christie writes, “ Hi I was wondering if you knew the designer of Kim’s knee high boots or if you know anywhere I could get a similar pair of knee or thigh high suede boots?”

Not sure, but you can get the look with these:

Tallena writes, “Can you please tell me who made the jumpsuit that Lauren London wore to the 2012 BET awards?”

” Thank you in advance.”

Lauren appeared on the red carpet in a $675 Alexander Wang White Jumpsuit with Extended Lapels, similar to this:

The BET Awards were a while ago; Lauren’s jumpsuit is no longer available. Peruse current Alexander Wang styles at AlexanderWang.com.

Jamelia says, “Hello wanted to know if you could tell me where I can find the outfit Keyshia Dior had on in this pic?”

Keyshia Ka’oir’s 155,000 fans collectively lost their minds over her $94 cross strap crop top and $110 landing strip leggings by UK designer Simon Preen:

You can buy the combo at ASOS’s marketplace. Cop her crop here and her leggings here.
Siobhan wrote, “Toya Wright posted these Jeffrey Campbell shoes on her site. I live in NY so I can’t go to the boutique she said was selling them. Do you know the name of this shoe and where I can get them?

I contacted the Press Rep at Jeffrey Campbell, who wrote, “That is the style ALLTHEWAY and is available at Envi Shoes, Tilted Sole and Solestruck.”

Get Toya’s exact pair for $165 at Tilted Sole here.

Lastly, Ayana types, “Where did Cynthia Bailey from the (Real House wives of Atlanta) get those glasses? Those are absolutely fabulous!!!”

I was unsure, but Yakini of RealityTVFashion.com tipped me off to Cynthia’s recent Instagram post, which said, “Who wants a pair of my black fashion glasses? New fashion eyewear line coming soon! Stay tuned.”

So it looks like in addition to launching a line of spirits, Cynthia will be designing eyewear. Follow her on Instagram @CynthiaBailey10 for updates.

Now for Unsolved Mail Bombs!

Yaya writes, “Thank you for always teaching me about fashion n trends! I have a favor of you. I need your help to find where they sell this dress.”

Lastly, Cynthia says, “Hi I wanted to know if you could help me find this bodysuit that Amber Eunquie wore please.”

At any rate, we’re having a Bomber and a Bombshell today, and I think you’ll love ‘em!
Stay tuned!

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66 Responses to “Mail Bombs: Evelyn Lozada’s PETA Unveiling Ekaterina Kukhareva Diamond Jacquard Cardigan and Knit Skirt, Christina Milian’s Wendy Williams Blue Leather Jacket, and Keyshia Ka’Oir’s Instagram Simon Preen Crop Top and Leggings!”

  1. Annoyingly Right says:

    Sooo….girls still wanna dress like strippers? Ok

  2. LawyerLady says:

    Holy whores Batman! What in the world would inspire any woman to want to wear these foolywang body suit concoctions? What is that about? I’m all for sexy – even super sexy in the right situation – but this is …… gross. That last one especially makes me sad.

  3. Alex says:


  4. libby17 says:

    LMAO @ annoyingly right! Yikes @ keyshia/ambur’s fits. Cynthia’s glasses are indeed fresh – did i miss the deet on those?? And i HEART evelyn’s shoes!

  5. loverly says:

    That bodysuit is just gross. Why are some of your readers so obsessed with this “streetwalker chic” look? Sheesh.

  6. libby17 says:

    and DEAD @ “holy whores batman” . LMAAAOOO. i can’t.

  7. Addikted2Fashion says:

    Claire, please report those emails of “video vixen” mailbombs as spam! Those looks cheapen the vibe of this site and quite honestly shouldnt even get the attention they are given. Its not the fashion Im seeking when I visit this site.

  8. I wonder what Cynthia’s mother would say if she saw her in that catsuit…

  9. no more stripper/video vixen looks please!

  10. Tonya says:

    Ok… I’m not big on judging folks but why would you want that ripped up catsuit?! I mean one false move and your hotpocket is out! Besides, its not even cute. Where are you wearing this? Unless you moonlight at Magic City on the weekend, i suggest leave this look alone.

  11. i agree with addikted2fashion…those stripper looks are disturbing

  12. Lioness says:

    Some of these folk need Google in their life. It’s as if they dont even want to search for items before they email you. smh

  13. Crystal says:

    While I agree with the above comments, you have to realize there is a different generation coming up behind us (I’m 33) and they are into these looks right now. Look at the music that’s hot right now Juicy J, Trinidad James, Chief Keef, ASAP Rocky, …etc. Ratchet is what’s in the streets right now. Hell, even seasoned vets such as Beyonce are striking the ratchet iron while it’s hot. I don’t think Claire should show these readers any less love than the ones that want to see a more sophisticated look or she’ll be losing alot of readers.

  14. Felicia says:

    I wish I were wearing pearls so that I could clutch them….what in the trash bucket is going on when people inquire about ripped up stockings!!! That Ish aint cute!!! That’s a trashytravesty…Im appalled..but to each is own no judge here!

  15. Chenoa says:

    That last look has “whore” written all of it ! Why do young woman desire to look like Jezebels?! No more request for these tasteless looks, because this here is not fashion.

  16. Empress says:

    LMFAOOOO @ holy whores Batman….*puts car in Park*

    Maybe it’s the picture, but Amber’s body looks terrible in that catsuit. Cell-u-LITE for days!

    Keyshia Kaoir is a bad chick, but her clothes are always so slutty.

    I love Evelyn’s skirt suit.
    C-Milli’s jacket is cute. I seen something similar online at F21.

    Thanks for the laugh Claire! <3

  17. Sherrie says:

    Ok so I’m convinced the last two were emailed by friends or the ppl themselves in order to get them more followers on IG; otherwise why not just message them about where they got their attire?

  18. Sprinkle says:

    I am absolutely appalled at some of these mail bomb queries..smh

  19. T1K says:

    Idk, maybe if you fed your black simple jumpsuit to a couple of racoons it can end up looking like that *shrugs*

  20. Choco aka Hipppie says:

    THe girl in the bodycon dress has a nice shape but those other leggings and ripped onesie isn’t that attractive to me

  21. makeeasweet says:

    how about ignore the strippers outfits posted,instead of commenting on them.cause that why stuff like that get posted,cause it get the most comments.there about 10 mail bombs,but yet yall want to focus on the last one.

  22. While i agree with @Crystal I think there is a better way to approach them. Maybe a “try this not that” segment? you want to dress like a stipper in a horror movie? try throwing a box cut blazer over it, kind of thing.

  23. ZahZah says:

    I’m loving the shoes that Evelyn and Lauren London have on (Claire please provide info)…

  24. Londoner says:

    The last cat suit O_O I can actually see everything, shaving bumps and all. Where in the world is that appropriate?

  25. jbrizzy says:

    Ok Claire. This is where the line needs to be drawn

  26. msbibi718 says:

    You know what?! Not everyone is a freaking banker or a lawyer. Some people live a different lifestyle. For all the whore comments that you guys are issuing on the two young women in the cat suits, do you realize they are both successful entreprenuers? Perhaps the look is their brand…perhaps they have a market to which they try to appeal and that market loves ho sh!t. Shoot I like ho sh!t from time to time…stop being judgmental…you don’t like it then you don’t have to wear it

  27. LMFAO *dead* @ ” holy whores batman”…took the words right out of my mouth

  28. Angela says:

    ROFLMAO @ ‘LawyerLady’..

    I couldn’t believe what I was seeing in that last pic. You can clearly see the razor bumps forming at the top the her pubic region. YUCK!!

    I think Evelyn looks great in this ensemble. Sophisticated, ladylike yet sexy too.

  29. yusufswifee says:

    keisha dior – yummy!

  30. Angela says:

    No wonder chivalry is dying. SMH

  31. MsNomer says:

    ^^^Honey boom. Why wear a WHORE UNIFORM if you’re NOT A WHORE???

  32. MsNomer says:

    My comment was for all those who are saying we’re being judgmental.

  33. Kisha says:

    Some of these requests are just gross.

  34. Brittney says:

    I just refuse to believe that the girls are serious when they send in request for these stripper outfits. Like they cant be. Where would you even wear this stuff?!?!

  35. Meh says:

    Lol you guys fail to realize Claire may actually have strippers as readers… they’re interested in their kinda fashion too!

  36. jeda says:

    i cant! that last look has got to go, makes my skin crawl…

  37. Anonymous says:

    For the person wanting an alternative to the leather track pants, Asos has a pair of leather look track pants for much less than 100.00. Also try etsy.com there are a lot of vintage butter soft leather pants on there, again under 100.00. Good Luck!

  38. yup says:

    Fyi. That body con dress is from bebe. I happen to have the same one (although it looks like she shortened hers quite a bit). I got it a while ago and wore it (in it’s original knee length) with a neon cardigan so it didn’t look hoochified!

  39. Kaci says:

    Hey I agree with @ Crystal, yes this is what’s trending now with Club fashion and hanging out with your girlfriends at night club, especially when u worked hard to obtain a nice tight body. I’m sure these women aren’t walking in daylight with that attire or running errands. And that Keyshia Kaior girl may not look like a doctor or attorney, But I jut read her cosmetic company just became a multimillionaire company within the last 2 years. And she is expected to make a milli per month in 2013. Now that’s Amazing!!! STOP always turning your nose up at people, because those could be the ones who could teach you something, or very well pass you financially in life. I can witness 1st hand being a young single mother of multiples, I had SO many critics BUT now with my success I have surpass a lot of people who always had NEGATIVE things to predict in my future.

  40. binks says:

    When I first discovered fashionbomb this used to be my favorite post, now…yeah….crickets. I blame reality TV, rap videos and Instragram. And the last “bodysuit” should be called lingerie, I’ am sure if you google sexy bodysuit a few lingerie stores carrying similar styles would pop up and be under the category “clubwear”! I agree with those who suggest a “wear this, not that” segment would be fun for those who don’t like the current trend of clothing /styling or a modified version of it.

  41. LeashLeash says:

    PETA confuses me.. They’re so extreme at times but then they feature celebrities in these “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” ads who are still contradictory to their cause. Their motto is “Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment.” She’s even wearing Christian Louboutin shoes made from baby goat skin to the PETA event. I guess they just want the publicity. I mean, she’s free to live her own lifestyle but at least for that day they could have had her in something not made out of animals. *shrugs* Cute outfit though.

  42. hotmama says:

    Im judging..in love of course, these young women are presenting themselves in a very risque and negative light. Don’t dress like a wh0re if you don’t want to be treated like one. Respect yourself

  43. Brenda says:

    I like the idea of a “Wear this….Not that” on this site. I love Everlyn’s outfit.

  44. chiggs says:

    I would recommend @prsvr (Instagram) for those looking for leather pants for both men and women, under $500 and its black-owned company if you want to support!

  45. bebe says:

    LOL @ Meh

    OAN: the black bodysuit, I am sure that is a simple DIY project. Just stuff a regular bodysuit through the paper shredder and voila !

  46. itsjustme says:

    juicy couture also has a cute pair of leather sweatpants. i think shopbop has them.

    DEAD @ “Holy whores Batman!” LMAO!

  47. baby-b says:

    who on earth is inquiring about these outfits? do we seriously want to be dressing like strippers? there is nothing nice about these looks I don’t care how sick your body is.
    and @LeashLeash couldn’t have said it better.

  48. Mia says:

    @kaci, who cares that her company made x amount of $, she did not post her company’s mission statement, she showcased her outfit on IG, which is subject to critisism. someone liked the outfit and inquired about it. To each its own but Some Readers are not interested in this wear and are entitled to their opinion.

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