January 3rd, 2013
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Hot! or Hmm… Kim Kardashian’s Los Angeles Lanvin Fall 2012 Fur Coat, Gap Boyfriend Pocket Shirt, Tuxedo Pants, and Christian Louboutin Point Toe Black Leather Pumps
By Faith

Mommy-to-be Kim Kardashian mixed high and low in LA with her boyfriend and now baby daddy Kanye West. She paired a black and white fur coat from Lanvin’s Fall 2012 collection with a $43 Gap Boyfriend Shirt, tuxedo pants, and a pair of $625 Christian Louboutin Point Toe Black Leather Pumps:

Check out her coat on the Fall 2012 runway.

Her now sold-out shirt is an affordable take on the classic white button-front blouse.

Her pumps are also classic, crafted from black patent leather and featuring 4″ heels.

I’m kind of feeling the luxurious menswear-inspired vibe of this look no? I’m looking forward to Kimmy’s maternity style!

What do you think? Hot! or Hmm…?

If you’re feeling Kim’s look, get it here.

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54 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm… Kim Kardashian’s Los Angeles Lanvin Fall 2012 Fur Coat, Gap Boyfriend Pocket Shirt, Tuxedo Pants, and Christian Louboutin Point Toe Black Leather Pumps”

  1. Afrobelle says:

    Hmmmmm. It looks great on the catwalk but awful on Kim. I think you need to be tall and slender to carry that look off.

  2. Reezy says:

    No thanks. She is giving me Cruella DeVille. & Kanye looks like one of her puppies

  3. Madpet says:

    I’m not a big fan of fur, but I kind of dig it on her.

  4. Elstyle says:

    Well, I have to agree with Afrobelle, she’s definitely not tall enough. Also, with the volume of the coat, it would have been much more chic and neat to have worn a more fitted top, vs the oxford, which threw off her proportions.

  5. SLIMB says:

    It looks heavy, but I like it on her.

  6. Est87 says:

    Ok on the runway, drowns Kim! Me no likey.

  7. jbrizzy says:

    Kurella Deville ?

  8. Empress says:

    It looks better on the model. Kanye always gives creepy looks.

    Btw, I really hate the word “baby daddy”. It’s ghetto and Kim is far from that. Lol

  9. Darn says:

    Now this is fashion she always does it for me! If you don’t love her style something wrong she have grown so much into a bigger fashion icon instead a California dressing girl go kimmy cakes!

  10. Cyndi says:

    Baby daddy? Really? Can we stop using that word?

  11. Kitana says:

    @Darn I agree. Shes been much better off since Kanye. Previously her style was very regional.

    I hate to say, but I prefer the coat on the model. Doesn’t flatter Kimmy at all.

  12. Kitana says:


    We? Why because its Kim? The father of the child has dubbed her his baby mama?

  13. She looks crazy. The shirt may have been ok with a different pair of pants…or something I really can’t out my finger on what’s wrong here

    I love the coat but Kim just has too much going on.

  14. kay says:

    this is soo of topic but i have been dying to see Kanye West fall and trip.

  15. smv says:

    lol@kay. the responses on this site are just so off the hinges… honestly they keep me coming back. i dont like this.. this picture brings memories of jlo and puff.. no? must be the fur

  16. Jessica says:

    Hawte!! Tell PETA my mink is dragging on the floor!!

  17. Likkke Miss says:

    well Kanye called her his babymama on stage so I believe the babydaddy comment is correct. Anyway, she’s too short for this. This would work on a Joan Smalls.

  18. smv says:

    ***off topic***her face is changing looking a little like octomom, its like the plastic surgery and pregnancy hormones are not getting along.

  19. Choco aka Hipppie says:

    Frumpy and a bit messy! Kanye’s sweater is a tad on the feminine side.

  20. ooooh joan smalls in this? yes, now thats haute/hot. lol at Cruella DeVille

  21. gina says:

    I like this look, the coat is so fabulous. I love how she mixes high and low priced pieces.

  22. Kapri_H says:

    I love this look on her!

  23. Talecia says:

    Am I the only one that feels that this was worn on purpose? This has nothing to do with fashion this has to do with making a statement saying “look my baby mama so fly and rich she wear a fur coat in 100 degree+ weather” lol Bet you any $ he’ll write a lyric about her wearing this coat! It’s in his pretentious blood to do it! They like attention so I feel this was just to give us something to talk about. Kanye just wants to remind us that there rich and famous..he’s turning her into “hood rich”

  24. Mo_Sheri10 says:

    Hmmmmm….somebody needs to send PETA after her. I like the coat better on the runway.

  25. RKW_love says:

    Looks like a skunk family is covering her…coat gets a nope!

  26. tasha says:

    nah can she be on bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy

  27. Crystal says:

    lol @Jessica…for sure! I liked Kim’s style before Kanye, but everybody complained she wore skinny jeans and blazers every day. Now she’s pushing the envelope and trying different looks (Kanye inspired or not) and you’re still complaining. The issue is not with her fashion, it’s with her. If Solange was wearing this coat y’all would be praising the fashion gods and getting life and all that other extra.
    Kanye is about to make sure Kim is the undisputed flyest pregnant celebrity ever…rather you admit it or not. Wait for it…wait for it…

  28. Nubiahbella says:

    I forgot Fashionbombdaily and their obesession with Kim Kardashians

  29. Rebecca says:

    Totally agree with Chrystal! If this was solange y’all would all be gawking at the flyness. But since everyone and their mama gotta problem with Kim then there’s always ‘something wrong, just can’t put a finger on it’

  30. Liz says:

    Are people not allowed to be critical of her fashion choices?

  31. DannielleS says:

    @Liz…thank you!!! This is a fashion critique site and Claire asked if we like the look.

    I love the shoes, but I am not really into the coat

  32. Lee says:

    Thank you Liz. Sigh, sorry @Crystal this is not about Kim’s persona. As many people have stated this coat (and much of what she wears now) would look better on a taller, slimmer woman (like Solange, duh). It overwhelms Kim. If you are a fan of Kim K and like what she wears then fine, but please understand that it is possible for other people have different opinions. Lord.

  33. Minnesota says:

    This look and so many of her looks lately are definitely Hmmm…. She looks like Pepe Le Pew

  34. Truth teller says:


  35. Anonymous says:

    OMGEE whats that smell

  36. I saw her in this coat and my heart began to race. Wow… hmmm… On my aspiration list. Regarding the other comments, honey if you only read the comments on this site you would never know it is a fashion blog. Girl Claire thumbs up to you for targeting the Urban crowd but you get some non-fashionable stragglers on this site.

  37. Khlo3fan says:

    Although i may not like her, i can admit she looks great here. i think it fits her well and doesnt have to be on someone whos extra tall

    sidenote: peta is probably raving about this right now

  38. Anonymous says:

    I see pepe le pew.

  39. Nicole says:

    Shoes and slacks yes…dead skunk coat NO

  40. Keisha says:

    I like the coat but it will probably look better on a taller person. She’s so petite it drowns her but I like the overall look.

  41. uh yea says:

    I think it looks gorgeous and Kim could be 6’3 and they still wouldnt like it..on her. For whatever reason a lot of women just don’t like her, even subconsciously. I don’t love it on her but lets be honest not many things are going to look as good or better than the model who wore it on the runway…which I think is kind of like the point.. So to say Joan Smalls wore it better..uh yea! If she didn’t a few people including Joan would be out of a job.

  42. uh yea says:

    but more importantly im concerned that Kanye is letting pregggo Kim walk down stairs in heels without holding her hand. My “baby daddy” aka my husband wouldnt let that go down

  43. Purple Fury says:

    A lot of the stuff that Kanye dresses Kim in, are better suited for Amber Rose. It’s a nice coat, but it overwhelms her. The coat is wearing her.

  44. Niki says:

    The coat hem stops at the model’s knees but it stops at KimK’s calves… Too big on KimK she should have tailored it perhaps…

  45. Niki says:

    The coat hem stops at the model’s knees but it stops at KimK’s calves. Too big for KimK maybe she could have tailored it… Beautiful coat nonetheless – on the model!

  46. TheAntifash says:

    She looks a mess. Forget about if it was Solo or anyone else. KIM looks a mess. She is short and curvy and should never wear full length fur coat. I sure hope some of you ladies know how to dress for your body, and understand that not everything looks good on everyone.

  47. iHeartKeya says:

    Idk, I love the outfit, maybe it’s the size that swallows her. I agree that it would look hot on Joan Smalls, Solange, Amber Rose or even Ciara in my opinion. Sidenote: I like that braid that Kim’s been wearing lately

  48. Meh says:

    Why can’t she dress herself for once? Anyway i prefer it on the model.

  49. Niynah says:

    Really? What ordinary average person walking down the street would wear this? No.

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