December 31st, 2012
Beyonce, Fashion News, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kim Kardashian is Pregnant, Beyonce Rumored to Cover Vogue US’s March 2013 Issue, and Stella McCartney Receives OBE Award
By Claire

•’Tis the season for coupledom and crazy announcements! First Chris Brown and Rihanna cavort at a Knicks game on Christmas day, then Kanye West announces girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy mere days before the New Year. Kanye spilled the beans at his December 30th Atlantic City concert, lovingly dubbing Kim his “baby momma.

The timing couldn’t be better for the attention craving twosome–congrats to them! Sidenote: That’s going to be one cute kid. (Celebrity-Gossip)

•Though nothing’s confirmed, a little birdie told the The New York Daily News that Beyonce will be covering Vogue’s March issue. As with all things celebrity related, it’s all about timing, and Beyonce’s Superbowl performance on February 3rd would coincide quite nicely with Vogue’s March issue newsstand release. If it’s true, we know Sasha Fierce is going to bring it! Would you pick up a copy? (NY Daily News/Huffington Post)

*Stella McCartney received Britain’s OBE award this weekend for her services to the fashion industry. OBE, which stands for Order of the British Empire, is an order of chivalry awarded to British nationals or anyone who makes an impact for the UK. Congrats! (Vogue UK)

•Peep the alternate for Joan Smalls’s January 2013 Vogue Brasil cover. (Vogue Brasil)

Liya Kebede covers Elle France’s December 2012 issue. (

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88 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kim Kardashian is Pregnant, Beyonce Rumored to Cover Vogue US’s March 2013 Issue, and Stella McCartney Receives OBE Award”

  1. Myranda says:

    Happy people are happy when happy things happen. Les miserables tho…very sad in deed!

  2. Reeseecup says:

    What I dont understand is “why” people hate Kim though?! Honestly, people are quick to congratulate Amber Rose who was nothing but a STRIPPER. A woman who quite literally took off her clothes for money!! Probably did a lot of other things behind closed doors too, yet she is being praised and called beautiful and other positive compliments. Dont get me wrong I like Amber, mainly because shes from Philly and I am as well so Im much biased to all philly natives who “make it” lol. But lets be honest, Kim K has accomplished soooo much since she rose to fame. Why hate? People sound really bitter. Meanwhile Taylor Swift is out with Tom Dick and Harry every 2 months and Ashton Kutcher only JUST filed for divorce from Demi yet he has been publicly dating Mila Kunis for months. I know thats “white america” but still, ijs.

  3. Brandon says:

    I agree @Reeseecup Taylor been hoeing for years and ain’t nobody pulled her hoe card. I’m roasting her in 2013 LMAO!

  4. Chill says:

    @ SLIMB glad to see we’re on the same wave length

  5. Nelli says:

    18 years… 18 years… LOOOOOOOL
    Im kidding congrats to them both, I hope they do stay together they seem to be in love their heads are as big as each others.
    None the less every a child is a blessing, but mark my words if he leaves her for any reason that kris jenner will be coming for him.

  6. Reeseecup says:

    @Brandon yes!!! Please do! They make her out to be America’s Sweetheart but c’mon Taylor is a hoe for sho lol. Just google Taylor Swift and I bet “hoe” will quickly follow!!

  7. s says:

    People (in general) do not have respect for the Kardashian clan. They are a family that has more than capitalized on their reality show opportunities. However, the fact that they’ve built an empire doing it and without any (visible) talents doesn’t sit well with some people, not to mention their whiny voices are annoying as hell. It’s seems quite unfair (even though life certainly Is Not fair). People don’t respect that. I think that is mainly because there are people out in the world who are TRULY talented and work sun up to sun down and won’t even be able to catch a “whiff” of the kind of break this family is rolling on with.

    Yes, our country was built on capitalism…..I do agree, but we (Americans) are not always a rational bunch at times either. We love to pick and choose who to support and who to rip to shreds. This is also why some celebs who have questionable reputations/talents seem to be respected over others. Personally, I think all of Hollywood could be done away with (no matter the ethnicity). The days of standards/manners/etiquette/discretion/morals……those days have gone by the way of the dinosaur (unfortunately)….never to return. So, to Kim and Kanye…..umm….congrats??

  8. Erika says:

    Kim and Kanye can have their kid. I just would like it if she took care of this divorce business before having a kid. I think one should close a chapter before starting a new one. It’s just not right to be pregnant with your boyfriend’s child while you are still married to your husband. This shows a lack of maturity on Kanye and Kim’s part. Mature, rational, logical, people don’t do this. They would think of all the likely ramifications beforehand. Now that she is pregnant and parading it all around town, do you really think Kris Hump is just going to give her an amicable divorce with well wishes? Umm.. NO. It’s really about to go down.

  9. Theantifash says:

    Congrats to Mrs. Humphries and the baby daddy.

  10. Kahalia says:

    “Baby Momma” though? Really? Not a good look. The best to them. The real question is–Who would be proud if their man called them that???

  11. mscc says:

    i hate that ya’ll are so quick to criticize but you have no idea what she tries and really wants out of life!!! hello Kris is holding on to her. we mistakes everyday. get the negativity out your mind for 2012. congrats to the couple!

  12. Crystal says:

    @Chill and @Brandon, I agree 100%. At a time when two people have been blessed to bring a child into this world, we find criticism and make jokes. Nothing but pure foolishness. There’s already twitter accounts for the baby. It’s ridiculous. I wish Kim and Kanye a happy new year and a healthy baby. I hope she enjoys being pregnant and finds peace within herself to deal with all of the hate that’s being flung her way. Happy New Year FBD!!!

  13. says:

    I agree @angela and @s. At the end of the day a child is a beautiful gift from God so congrats to them both.

  14. TAMMY M says:

    @iCant, Hollywood just joined the rest of America, which is just as messy. If anything just proves how celebs are just human, because everyday folks are doing the exact same, just not aired 24/7.

    @Brandon, co-sign your 1st comment, but you know folks will never stop judging her. Until the truth of their “perfect, flawless” life is exposed for the world to see. Congrats to Kim and Kanye!

  15. gina says:

    Congrats Kim & Kanye!

  16. Annie says:

    Brad Pitt was still married when Angelina Jolie first got pregnant. Why does Kim K get so much heat? Kanye has been giving Kim K shout outs in his songs since 2005/6. He cheated on Amber Rose with her. Obviously, they have a lot of history that we don’t know about. Congrats to them and I wish them the best. Divorces can take years to complete, depending on the jurisdiction and other factors; why should a person have to stop his or her life because the other party refuses to sign the papers, especially after the divorce was filed over a year ago. Live and let live.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Congrats to them! I wish them the best….if you hate on Kim something is wrong she is a great business women I hope they have a healthy baby!

  18. Kitana says:

    Guys please stop trying dictate what comments are left at CLAIRES blog. Create your own blog where you can police the comments. People are not obligated to like KimK or her decisions. @Tiffany def did not deserve these nasty comments. They are her opinion, respect it and move on but most importantly search and find yourselves a life. Good grief.

  19. jade of jades says:

    Clair u have such a bad attitude ..

  20. Kay says:

    nice……….a porn star, reality tv white lady gets pregnant and you don’t doubt her. A well respected and accomplished black woman (beyonce) gets pregnant and all you do is try to destroy her. Even pausing a tape when she sits down so the fabric on her dress folds in a wierd position so you can say she “faking” it. Nice. Black people are ass backwards. Always trying to hurt they own kind.

  21. Liz says:

    “All I’m gonna say is this: I miss College Dropout Kanye”

    Me too, COCO =(

  22. Liz says:

    I’m laughing at all the people jumping to Kim’s defense and making it seem as though black women collectively hate her and are jealous of her… (looking at you Brandon). Why does she get a pass? And no one else does? This has nothing to do with her race… she is trash(y) and if she was pink, purple, orange or blurple people would be tearing her a new one with nary a person to be like “simmer down guys, she hasn’t done anything to you”. She’s cute, she has an amazing body, she dresses well (or used to) and she’s loaded. We get it. Doesn’t change the fact that she’s vapid and she makes poor decisions… and how do we know this?… SHE, Kimberly Kardashian and her mama, invited us into THEIR world. THEY invited the scrutiny. They are not private people. I’m assuming everyone commenting here lived long enough to know what happens when you put your business on front street….

    Kim K is a married woman, who is pregnant by her boyfriend… you can justify it all you like, but it is what it is… I’d like to reiterate that the only reason we know this is BECAUSE THEY TOLD US! (minus public records and sh*t). I hope she has a smooth pregnancy and the baby is born into all the love it deserves. Baby Wests’ parents still get the side eye, and deservedly so.

  23. Boo says:

    Oh my gawd Liz I completely agree with you. I put up the same status on facebook the other day and some people where hating. And i’m like… don’t be blinded to the simple fact that the chick is still married to someone else and is now carrying another man’s baby. It has nuin to do with race or celebrity status, it’s pretty indecent. But it’s her life and i ain’t judging. But if people are gonna be like “MYOB”, well, the kardashians did put their business out there for scrutiny.

  24. kory conover says:

    I can’t wait until Beyonce’s Vogue cover!

  25. Islandista says:

    “All I’m gonna say is this: I miss College Dropout Kanye”

    Ditto on that sentiment.

    Kim K and her sibs are good for light entertainment but I still couldn’t help but shake my head when I heard this news.

    This is a woman whose raison d’etre is exploiting every single intimate, private moment of her life for its commercial value. A woman that is so eager to stay in the spotlight that she made a mockery of the institution of marriage.

    That’s not “hustle”, it’s repugnant.

    Kanye on the other hand – his mother was a highly respected academic and his father was a Black Panther. He should get it. He should know better and his lyrics earlier on his career indicated that he did.

    That’s why Liz and Coco said they miss College Dropout Kanye – because that Kanye seemed to understand what it represents when a successful black man boos up the lowest common denominator.

    At least he kept it real by calling her his “baby momma”…smh!

  26. Crystal says:

    Has it ever occurred to you people that if Kanye was raised in such a good home and he chose to love and be with Kim, that maybe there’s more to her than we see? No, it didn’t. And Kris and Kim are legally separated by law. Oh, and Kris has a baby on the way as well and nobody is calling him a married man. Eve had a sex tape (and I believe she is pregnant as well) and nobody is constantly bringing that up. I’m not taking up for Kim but it seems like she’s an easy target and her public backlashing on these blogs borders bullying in my eyes.

  27. Yashi says:

    Child they say Kim was messing with Kanye when she got married and left the man becasue of Kanye…that Mr. West aint nothing nice hunny but think about it he had to Amber just had one :)

  28. bella says:

    lmao. for kim to get y’all so riled up is just really weird to me.

    I’m happy for Kim and i think she would be a great mother. She really doesn’t deserve all this hate. sheesh! in 2013 i would think people wouldn’t be so hung up over race. yes she’s white but she likes black men! everyone has preferences. why is it such a big deal still?

  29. DIVA says:

    Kimye aren’t doing a thing for my pockets… so they don’t really get my full court press….but for my 1cent I’d like to pray that I will never be a baby mama, but instead I’ll be a wife. AIM HIGHER LADIES !

  30. Aquie says:

    I second Liz and Diva statement…You guys pretty much summed it up…Let’s have morals and class…AIM HIGH(old Air Force slogan…lol)… And legally seperated DOES NOT mean MAKE babies with others…People get back together all the time…How about you finish one situation before you jump into another one!! People now a days really scare me in their thought process but hey it’s their life at least that’s what everyone hollas….

  31. Tammy M. says:

    @aquie, please there was no way that Kim and Kris were gonna reunite. Folks just need to let people live their lives, our choice are our own and nothing Kim is doing is truly affecting our daily being.

    People are just far too invested in celebrity culture.

  32. Indigo says:

    Some of you have misread what Tiffany is saying… But I understand. And no,it’s not coming from a bitter heart,it’s coming from a conscience mind.

    Any way,congrats to these weirdos…

  33. AzizMom says:

    All very interesting comments. In reality, it’s not Hollywood – it’s just life. I’m sure all of us could name a friend, colleague, family member, acquaintance or yourself that has had a baby out of wedlock. Let Kimye do them as well as all the others expecting God’s greatest gift – the gift of LIFE.

  34. Style says:

    Kim and Kanye’s kid doesn’t have a chance of growing up normal. Good luck

  35. Amerie says:

    Could care less about Kimye in this post. Joan looks amazing.

  36. StopTheMaddness says:

    I’m sorry, but Kanye isn’t the best looking dude out there, please be real. That child is going to be very interesting looking, sorry but every mixed race child isn’t cute. This is my issue, back when amber Rose dumped his ass he released a statement along the lines of he wasn’t salty, because when he looks at the woman he’s dating he wonders whether she would be a good role model to his children,and whether he would want his daughter to be like her…SHADE! Now call me crazy ,but a past as a stripper which NO ONE has record of, is a whole lot easier to swallow than a sex tape that everyone has seen. So good luck to them with having to explain that. Now onto the other matter,it doesn’t mater the circumstances to which a child is born,all that matters is they’re here. However, when it comes to the kardashian clan, nothing is ever by coincidence, I can’t be blind to the fact that Reggie(who dumped kim) is expecting, and Amber(who dumped kanye) is also expecting. Also we cant be blind to the fact that legally separated or not, by law, Kanye can’t sign that birth certificate. Lastly, people need to get over who their favorite rappers choose to cavort with…everyone has a vice, err Mos Def got married to a stripper.

  37. Love_Naydine says:

    Im happy for Kanye and Kim, but… I still think they won’t last. I don’t know. But when filming keeping up with the Kardashians and on photos, sometimes I think Kanye looks a bit bored and uncomfortable. But we donno what the future holds for them.

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