December 31st, 2012
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The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kim Kardashian is Pregnant, Beyonce Rumored to Cover Vogue US’s March 2013 Issue, and Stella McCartney Receives OBE Award
By Claire

•’Tis the season for coupledom and crazy announcements! First Chris Brown and Rihanna cavort at a Knicks game on Christmas day, then Kanye West announces girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy mere days before the New Year. Kanye spilled the beans at his December 30th Atlantic City concert, lovingly dubbing Kim his “baby momma.

The timing couldn’t be better for the attention craving twosome–congrats to them! Sidenote: That’s going to be one cute kid. (Celebrity-Gossip)

•Though nothing’s confirmed, a little birdie told the The New York Daily News that Beyonce will be covering Vogue’s March issue. As with all things celebrity related, it’s all about timing, and Beyonce’s Superbowl performance on February 3rd would coincide quite nicely with Vogue’s March issue newsstand release. If it’s true, we know Sasha Fierce is going to bring it! Would you pick up a copy? (NY Daily News/Huffington Post)

*Stella McCartney received Britain’s OBE award this weekend for her services to the fashion industry. OBE, which stands for Order of the British Empire, is an order of chivalry awarded to British nationals or anyone who makes an impact for the UK. Congrats! (Vogue UK)

•Peep the alternate for Joan Smalls’s January 2013 Vogue Brasil cover. (Vogue Brasil)

Liya Kebede covers Elle France’s December 2012 issue. (

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88 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kim Kardashian is Pregnant, Beyonce Rumored to Cover Vogue US’s March 2013 Issue, and Stella McCartney Receives OBE Award”

  1. Afrobelle says:

    Kim K is pregnant. Kayne confirmed it at his gig. Congrats to the couple. This is going to be one hella of a pregnancy watch.

  2. yusufswifee says:

    OMG – wow. Kimmie didnt learn from the marriage about trying to catch up with her sisters. Congrats to them both.

  3. Empress says:

    Hmmm. How ironic! Reggie Bush just announced his gf is expecting. KimYe are attention seekers so I knew this was bound to happen. I just wish it was Khloe who was pregnant, they’ve been married for awhile. Too bad they’re having fertility issues.

  4. Tiffany says:

    I wonder if she’ll give the baby up after 72 days. And that whole “baby mother” crap IS NOT CUTE!!!

    Dating black men is VERY different than raising a BLACK CHILD. Hopefully it comes out perfect. If not, we all know she’ll pass it to Khloe. SMH. Don’t let it come out dark skinned either. You can’t get rid of child because it doesn’t match your shoes.

    I feel sorry for this child already. Are narcissists capable of caring and compassion? Just wondering.

  5. Empress says:

    Children are God’s blessings. Congrats to them nonetheless!

  6. Im happy for Kim K anf Kanye I just think its a tad bit funnythat he decided to knocked somebody up when Amber is pregnant

  7. iCant says:

    Hollywood is so ratchett now. People returning to their abusers, having kids out of wedlock, drug addictions, ect. Just goes to show just because you have money does not mean you are perfect. Hoping a wedding will be soon to follow for them. OAN I am on the edge of my seat waitingfor Bey’s Superbowl performance.

  8. DomDom says:

    @Tiffany, get a grip. Just leave your congratulations and keep it moving smh. Anyway congrats to them, a child is a blessing.

  9. NishaJ90 says:


  10. heyyall says:

    @Tiffany, talk about judgemental…U sound soooooooo bitter…why u mad

  11. Tiffany says:

    I’ll have my opinion just like you have yours. WTF. Don’t start that internet thugging. Please. You don’t like my comment. Who cares. Who the F#ck are you to tell me I can’t comment while you’re doing the same thing I just did?

  12. Jonesy says:

    Let me find some FUQs to give! Bring on the baby pimping Kartrashians!

  13. Angela says:

    Personally, I think this is another publicity stunt. I don’t think she’s pregnant.

  14. Brandon says:

    Yayyyyyyyyy for Kanye and Kim, I feel like I know them hahahahaha!

  15. NicoleS says:

    @Tiffany man must have left her for a white woman. Bitter Much??

    Congrats to them both!! At least the baby will not have to live in a struggling household, like half the babies being born today. Im Just Sayin

  16. rampage says:

    isn’t she still married?

  17. Did he have to say “baby momma”? How about my love, or my girl? Anyway Congrats they will have a beautiful baby!

  18. Reeseecup says:

    Congrats to Kim and Kanye. She seemed like she wanted a baby for a good minute so Im sure she is elated. And yes, this pregnancy will be heavily documented so deal with it lol. I actually dont think they got pregnant because of Reggie Bush or Amber Rose as many “fans” are saying. Good timing? Yes, but thats about it. Also, isnt Kris Humphries having a baby too??

  19. rampage says:

    isn’t she still married? to a different man, and pregnant by the next…

  20. COCO says:

    All I’m gonna say is this: I miss College Dropout Kanye

  21. CoCoa Mama says:

    @Tiffany You do sound a bit overly upset. Kim loves her nephew to death and he seems to reciprocate that love, of course this is all from watching her show ( none of us know her personally). It’s pretty confusing why people are so judgmental of her. I think she would be a great mother, she comes from a big close knit family. Congrats to them.

  22. The Kenya MooreTwirl says:

    Kimye expecting a baby has nothing to do with fashion news…smh. You guys are obsessed with Kim!

  23. Nakia P says:

    Dang folks sensitive on here, what did Tiffany really say, and rampage summed it up, you ladies would burst into tears if you read comments on TMZ they being Very honest and kind of mean, the W word is being used in every post.
    Anyhoo Claire, thank you for a wonderful year. This is my favorite blog… Looking forward to 2013. Wishing you and the FBD more blessings than you can handle in the New Year.

  24. jojopie says:

    I will neva eva eva understand black people’s obsession with Kim Kardashian.

  25. yusufswifee says:

    hahhaha! Tiffany got yall fired up.

  26. SLIMB says:

    I’m happy for kim and kanye, that baby is going to be beautiful, I will never understand why people hate this woman so much – everybody deserves to be happy smh… the world we live in.

    Bey looks a mess… & Joan looks amazing.

  27. Prettigyrl78 says:

    kim only announced her pregnancy after i announced mine! lol :) congrats kimye…i love her

  28. Kay says:

    She got Kanye for life!!!! If it was a black women it be a different story lets be real!!!

  29. @KyleniR says:

    Joan Small looks amazing and I love the outfit!

  30. mi manning says:


  31. binky says:

    lol tiffany is cut throat!!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Donda is rolling in her grave. Eww

  33. Izhause says:

    Joan Smalls Vogue looks amazing.

  34. NotHereForThat says:

    I’m sorry…is this bossip?

  35. makeeasweet says:

    what does this pregnancy have to do with fashion?????

  36. Claire says:

    Kim and Kanye are a fashionable couple, we write about them all the time. News about them is fashion news to me. Please note, we also reported about Beyonce’s pregnancy on this blog, in the News section– why is it a big deal when it comes to Kim and Kanye?

  37. yahnam says:

    Folks were not this nasty when Beyonce’s pregnancy was posted on here. My goodness people get a grip. what did Kim K. do to you?? why is there so much judgement. Congratulate and move on. WOW

  38. Kay says:

    Because Claire….everybody hates kimmmmmmmmm….. Unlike Beyonce she has talents, and well Kim has talents for other things. Unlike Beyonce, Beyonce and Jay have been together for over tens years, Kim is always switching. Race plays a big part of it too, but I’m not going into details with that. Let just say if it was a black women it would be a whole different story.

  39. Alima says:

    I’m sorry I can’t hold my tongue. Kanye West is a LAME! Ever since Amber got with Wiz and moved on with her life, and now especially since she’s preggers, it’s like he can’t take it, so he’sbeen going way out of his way trying to make her jealous. Now this, is the icing on the cake, get your life, boo! You are indeed lost!Smh. Amber don’t gaf.

    But this really has nothing to do with fashion, lol!

  40. Empress says:

    Of course someone would turn this into a race issue! This has nothing to do with race. Please don’t compare Bey to Kim K. Two totally different people in two different relationships.

  41. Chill says:

    I wish the space to write a comment were above earlier comments. You scroll down to leave a positive comment about a story and see so much trash or negativity. Kim has been wanting what nearly every woman wants to be loved and to be a mother and like everyone else, she deserves it. She is not any less of a human being because she doesn’t live as you or your idol lives.

  42. Glory says:

    With amber pregnant and reggie also expecting, I knew kim was next. At least we know why she’s been looking so stuffed in her clothes…she’s been gaining that baby weight already. And to be quite honest, the way she’s been looking in her clothes, she looked pregnant. Maybe now that it’s out, she’ll begin wearing the sizes she should be wearing. Beyonce looks a mess in this pic. Joan looks amazing. Happy new year!

  43. SLIMB says:

    Omg i love whoever is behind “chill”… my exact thoughts… kim has done nothing to noone. Let that woman live her dam life… as she is!

  44. Neesh says:

    Im happy for the two of them, point, blank, period.

  45. Neesh says:


  46. Brandon says:

    I have said it before and I will say it again. I will never understand why people in particular women loathe Kim Kardashian. If all of our personal lives were magnified for the world to scrutinize, many of us would be highly ashamed of all that would come to light. My admiration for Kim is strictly related to her physical image, I think she is gorgeous and fashionable although lately some of her risks have been less than stellar. Yes she had a sex tape which “introduced” her to the masses, but she flipped all of that negativity publicity and made MONEY…BIG MONEY baby, which makes me respect her hustle. At the end of the day I don’t personally KNOW her so why would I harbor negative feelings towards a stranger? Just my logic…………

  47. SAW says:

    The only thing that bothered me was “baby momma”… I thought that term was used for men who were referring to a woman they’re are no longer with.

  48. SAW says:

    on a different note. WTF IS BEYONCE WEARING??????

  49. binks says:

    Isn’t nearly ALL babies are cute so why are celebrities’ baby special? Congrats to them but um…yeah she might want to get a divorce first. Congrats on Beyoncé for snatching the cover of Vogue but WTF is going on in that picture. Love the covers and congrats to Stella McCartney!

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