December 31st, 2012
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Claire’s 2013 Fashion Resolutions
By Claire

Happy Almost 2013!
Yet another year has flown by before our eyes–really, where did the time go?!? 2012 witnessed magazine features, TV appearances, and the growth of The Fashion Bomb staff.

I have quite a few goals for 2013, but first, let’s take a look at what I wanted to accomplish for 2012!
1. Attend even more fashion weeks

My international travels took me to the British Virgin Islands this past year, but I’d love to diversify even more! Australia, Brazil, and Japan are all on my short list. I’m really going to try to do it up for 2013–hold me to it!

2. Take more fashion risks

I’ve experimented with braids and platinum blond locks, and that’s only the beginning of my style evolution. I’m still working on breaking out of my conservative shell; in 2013 I promise to push the fashionable envelope.

3. Do More TV

In addition to adding more to our Fashion Bomb TV repertoire, I had the fab opportunity to announce on BET’s Rip the Runway and chat with Wendy Williams! I hope to use my celeb style knowledge for even more on air appearances.

4. Launch a Lifestyle Site

Well… has launched, but I haven’t made time to add anything to it! Hopefully I’ll be able to update with my favorite restaurants, places to shop, and more next year!
In 2013, I hope to:

1. Make Fashion Bomb TV into a weekly/bi-monthly show.

Instead of occasional episodes, I’d love to have weekly or biweekly episodes with celebrity interviews, boutique spotlights, and event coverage. Upcoming designer? It girl around town? Hit me up!

2. Strive for more exclusives and guest posts

You guys loved when Angela Simmons blogged with us for a week. It’s always fun to get an insider view from a star whose style we admire. Who else would you like to see?

3. Commit to snapping more Street Style.

I used to put up Real Style every Monday; I’ve been slacking! I know you guys like to see what’s hot on the streets. I’ll learn how to use my DSLR *cough* and bring it in 2013.

4. Continue to build the Fashion Bomb Team

This blog has benefited greatly from the diverse voices of our staff members. From Jihan’s snarky fashion news tidbits to Cliché and Faith’s celebrity style wizardry, the Fashion Bomb is now an assemblage of smart writers united with a common love of multicultural fashion. We could always use more fashionable perspectives–I’m looking forward to see who submits their candidacy in our next internship contest!

We’ve also been super blessed to have graphics designer Ashley, webmaster Zillz, photographer Marta, and videographer Samuel Centore on our squad!

And this year wouldn’t have been half as special without Fashion Bomb Readers. You make blogging fun–and you give me a reason to wake up and get to work;) Your thoughtful comments and e-mails, good or bad, inspire and motivate me to be a better blogger.
Let’s keep the party going in 2013.
What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

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37 Responses to “Claire’s 2013 Fashion Resolutions”

  1. Kitty B. says:

    My New Years resolutions will defnitely be to travel more and to take more fashion risks as well…starting with this hair. I’ve had long dark straight hair since i was a teen, I’m in my late 20′s, its more than time lol

    Thanks Claire and the Fashion Bomb squad for your all your hard work!!

    We you all and everyone a Happy, safe, and healthy New Year :)

  2. Taj says:

    Wonderful fashion resolutions and I am excited to see what the future holds for FashionBomb.

  3. Chill says:

    Been a daily lurker/sometime commenter since 2010. I’m am amazed at all that you’ve accomplished and I wish all the best in the next year. I didn’t know anything about fashion besides what I could learn from watching Antm. I live in a rough area where terms like chic, fashionable, style arent apart of the language. i didnt even know what a fashion blog was! I live for this site, keep up the great work! ;-)

  4. Congrats on all your success this year! Look forward to see what’s in store for you and the Fashion Bomb in 2013!

  5. binks says:

    I really don’t have any resolutions but I would piggy back off of Kitty B and would like to get bitten by the travel bug in 2013. But continue to do big things in 2013 Claire and fashionbomb staff!

  6. Uché says:

    I’m so proud of you, Claire! Your website is one of my top faves and I visit daily. I was in your bro’s class at Harvard College and I’m pleased to see your success. Keep it up!

  7. School's Out says:

    1. Graduate from college 2. Wear heels more 3. Figure out what I’m going to do after I graduate.

  8. tasha says:

    Great new years resolutions !!! I am trying to make my looks more polished, attend more events and grow more.

  9. Great Fashion Resolutions for the New Year. Thanks for sharing them with us. Now I’m off to make some of my own!

  10. Rio says:

    My fashion resolutions include: more experimentation with makeup, buying more quality pieces of clothing (quality over quantity), and striving for an overall polished appearance.

    Thank you Claire and the rest of the FB team for delivering exceptional fashion and fashion related content throughout 2012. Looking forward to your work in 2013 :-)

  11. TAMMY M says:

    Fashionbomb has defintely inspired me to be more bold with color and patterns, i am usually a plain jane. Thanks Claire

  12. J_Cutie says:

    My new year resolution is take more fashion risks as well and to buy more quality pieces…
    Claire i just want to say that you have been such an inspiration to me! I’ve been looking at your blog for 2 years now and i’ve finally got the nerve to create my on blog! Thanks for being great and you and your staff have a happy new year!!

  13. elle says:

    1.Prepare more meals at home rather than grab fastfood.
    2.Hire someone to help me declutter and organize my house.
    3.Stop leaving the house with anything on even to run errands.

  14. Please no KKs in 2013 says:

    1. Visit the Fashion bomb site and see some REAL fashion and not the likes of Kim K, Kim K, Kim K or any one of the Kartrashians.

    Thank You very much

  15. Please no KKs in 2013 says:

    Also it would be so refreshing to see black women without:

    8lbs of weave
    dyed blonde, orange, burgundy or that hideous red hair
    colored contacts

  16. Amber says:

    Awesome resolutions! From a fellow Brown blogger, twas great to see the Fashion Bomb repping for women of color in the big leagues. I’m looking forward to reaching there as well in 2013. Have a great one!!

    Amber Nefertari

  17. SAW says:

    Lmaoooo at the 8lbs if weave. I second that and you forgot to mention the faux lashes that look like paintbrushes and having these girls looking like drag queens. It’s all reality t.v fault

  18. SAW says:

    My number 1 goal is to save enough money so I can start looking for my house.

    2nd. My friends and I always claim there is nothing to do in Boston. We plan to shy away from the club life and enjoy Massachusetts/ New England

    Eat healthier.

  19. Sparkle says:

    My new years resolution is the visit this site more!!! I adore the What to Wear section, it has given me great ideas. Thanks Claire and The Fashion Bomb Squad..U Rock!!

  20. Lily says:

    Hi Claire,

    What is the jumpsuit on picture number 2?
    Thank you and happy New Year.

  21. Siyam says:

    -Talk less, listen more
    -Go to Europe for two weeks (Claire your photos and Corse Buenos Aires were my inspiration)
    -discover my side business and help it
    -Pray more
    - Live and let live
    - Just love

  22. Mo_Sheri10 says:

    Can’t wait to see what this site brings this year! I will also check out the bomb life website as well. Much success to you Claire!

  23. I am still working on my new year resolutions. Good luck with yours Claire.

  24. kory conover says:

    Good for you Claire. I’m excited to see all these changes to Fashion Bomb Daily in the new year.

  25. Happy New year to all of you!!
    I love the look. Style does not depend on price. It has to be original and express your personality.
    I would gladly put the Marc by Marc Jacobs purse on my B’day wish list!


  27. smv says:

    1. Say NO to things and people that grieve my soul
    2. Strive to be a better mom. More discipline this year
    3. Take my career to the next level
    4. Grow my fro to another glorious and healthy level
    5. Resolve to be happy
    6. Keep working out.. cook more…

  28. LawyerLady says:

    Claire, good luck with your goals. I’m sure you’ll acheive them all. I especially look forward to seeing more street style. That is def one of my fav features on this site. FBD is my absolute fav blog – the one I go to daily. I’d love it to be easier to navigate. Maybe add that to the 2014 list??

  29. Claire says:

    Hey! Thanks for all your comments. @LawyerLady we can improve navigation nowish. How can we do better?

  30. I really like this list Claire. I too have made some Fashion Resolutions for the year!!! Good luck with your goals.

    7eventh Letter

  31. AzizMom says:

    I am working on my vision board and really streamlining this year.
    1. Officially launch my home-based business – tax ID and all that to continue resume writing, marketing plans, marketing research, social media mgmt, etc.
    2. Shop only quarterly for quality items. Whether it’s a bag, shoes, jacket or accessory I can no longer do the cheap stuff. I am letting go of too because the materials are man-made.
    3. Recycle. This may seem trite but in GA it’s not the law. I made it a mandate in our house to recycle glass, plastic and paper! My bin from December is almost full. :-)
    4. Mom of the Decade. This is most likely the largest task but most gratifying! Getting my son to bed on-schedule, improving his reading, writing skills, enrichment and overall experiences.

  32. Angela says:

    1.) Travel more (at least every 3-4 months)
    2.) Grow out my relaxed hair. Not necessarily strive to be natural, but give my hair a thermol heating styling break to promote length. I’m currently learning to perfect a braid out.
    3.) Exercise at least 3x a week. More for toning. I don’t need to lose any weight.

  33. Bambi says:

    I have been reading for years now and I witnessed an amazing evolution! I decided to take blogging seriously thanks to you. I believe the key to success is work. Your resolutions confirm that! You never stop! Please don’t and keep inspiring us! May all your wishes come true.
    xoxo from Brussels!

    Please visit my blog:

  34. Jen says:

    I read the Fashion Bomb Daily. You guys are the Happy New Year’s Ladies. Best wishes.

  35. Mauve Collar says:

    I’d like to take risks in 2013 and rid of fear.

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