December 30th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Shopping
Splurge: Mariah Carey’s Australia Great Barrier Reef Roberto Cavalli Red Pointelle Knit Long Sleeve Maxi Dress and Gold YSL Tribute Sandals
By Claire

Mariah Carey, along with husband Nick Cannon and twins Monroe and Moroccan, was spied boarding a yacht for a quick excursion around Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. For the occasion, Mariah was in full on glam mode, sporting a $2,760 Roberto Cavalli Red Pointelle Knit Long Sleeve Maxi Dress and $895 gold YSL Tribute Sandals:

Her long sleeved dress has a round neckline with cutout scallops, and a columnar skirt that falls straight with side vents.

Her classic sandals have a 5″ heel and a 1 1/2″ platform.

Mimi isn’t known for her spectacular fashion sense, but this look is a win for me. If I had the luxury of sailing on a yacht (along with an unlimited bank account) I’d wear something similar.
If you would, too, splurge on her look here:

Cute kids! Cute family.

What do you think?

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40 Responses to “Splurge: Mariah Carey’s Australia Great Barrier Reef Roberto Cavalli Red Pointelle Knit Long Sleeve Maxi Dress and Gold YSL Tribute Sandals”

  1. Niynah says:

    Why cant she dress casual?

  2. Keesh says:

    Is it just me, or does Mariah have a bit of heel hangeration off the back of those YSLs?

  3. Rio says:

    Perhaps one of Mariah’s NY resolutions should be to get a stylist. No?

  4. Addikted2Fashion says:

    @Rio yes. It very well should be her resolution.

    I love how inappropriately formal she is all the time. She cracks me up.

  5. makeeasweet says:

    i think she look great for a yacht.there nothing wrong with wanting to look glamorous all the time.some of you ladies need some glamour in your lives.especially those thinking its okay to run around looking a hot mess,cause your just running errands.

  6. Crystal says:

    No, I would not wear this on a yacht. I would wear a cute light colored jumpsuit with a strappy secure mid-heeled sandal, a bun and some gold hoops. Not a red floor length gown with a thigh high split and gold 5 in heels and diamond chandelier earrings. Are you f’n kidding me? she looks a mess but I love her. haha. In true diva fashion, she will NOT dress down. Over dressed and country as usual. Go Mariah!

  7. Kitty B. says:

    @makeasweet…I’m the first one to run around with a messy bun in some sweats n sneakers…if u rather rather run around in 5 inch heels n tight dresses for your errands that’s your business…

    But back to the post…that look up there for me is a big ole NO!! Mimi needs a stylist much sooner than later….when I think of yachts I think of comfort n sexy swimsuits!

  8. Above Par says:

    She is tooo much, and not in the good way. And Meanwhile, Nick is wearing the 10yr old sleeves under the shirt look.

  9. She looks good. This seems yatch appropriate.

  10. hayilabc says:

    lmfao at their juxtaposition. these two are hilarious!

  11. makeeasweet says:

    @kitty b

    its not about wearing 5 inch heels and wearing a tight dress while out and about.its about looking put together,which you can do with a cute simple outfit and a pair of so sad that you think going out looking like a bum is better then looking overdress.i long for days of old Hollywood glamour.its seem people took more pride in their appearances back then.

  12. Cookie says:

    Nick just say no to those boots!

  13. Kim says:

    I will be so glad when Mariah hires a new stylist. This dress looks lumpy. She needed Spanxx or some type of shapewear. I’m all for incorporating some glamour into your style but as usual Mrs. Carey Cannon is too much. If she was going to a party aboard a yacht this may have worked better but chilling on a yacht with your husband and twin toddlers may call for a more resort chic look. Her & Nick look like they are dressed for two different outings.

  14. Tee says:

    Omg, did y’all peep old boys haircut lls

  15. Trish says:

    why does Nick insist on dressing like a teenager?

  16. Ntola says:

    I must agree with the other comments Mariah always gets it wrong , she should hire JLo stylist , i think she would do wonders for her. Outfit is wonderful but over the top.
    Something just aint right with Ms Mariah

  17. britnyinbusan says:

    I stay away from these kinds of silhouettes because I’m simply not enough of an hourglass to pull them off. Mariah should do the same. She’s a bit top-heavy and thick in the mid-section, and the column-like shape of the dress does nothing to balance her figure.

  18. Liz says:

    thats a big headed baby boy

  19. COCO says:

    I agree with @britnyinbusan….I think in Mariah’s head she’s still the smae ariah from 1995 LOL

  20. jeda says:

    oh Mariah! Always so formal…I appreciate the effort. But I have o say that I have never seen Mariah look bad in the face…all her pap pics are flawless.

  21. hotmama says:

    @makeeasweet I agree, I get so tired of seeing people looking a hot mess and thinking its ok. I make it my business to always look presentable. It set me apart from the crowd

  22. Kay says:


  23. yusufswifee says:

    oh mariah…poor honey can not get it right.

  24. Empress says:

    She looks a mess. I wish you guys would stop posting about her. Lol

  25. Jonesy says:

    Why does Mariah have on those heels getting on that yacht! Chileeeeeee have you ever heard of safety first!


  26. Melissa says:

    those two standing next to each other is hilarious.

  27. This doesnt look right at all. Pretty dress worn to the wrong place.

  28. EJ says:

    Ok, so I agree with y’all! Mariah looks a mess! She has too much money for this foolishness!! Also Nick tie up your boots if u must wear them with skinny fit jeans! They are a match made in horrible style heaven. SMH but u gotta love them!!

  29. SAW says:

    NO!!! Mariah looks like a pig in a blanket!!!!

  30. Angelica says:

    I had a dream that I was Mariah’s stylist… lol. She really does need all the help she can get. This look is so over-the-top! Perhaps she’s doing a performance on the yacht and needed to be extra glam.

  31. TAMMY M says:


  32. cottoncande says:

    Uhh, no. It does not flatter her figure at all.

  33. Amber says:

    There is nothing more that I can say about Mariah that hasn’t already been said. What actually disturbed me more was Nick Cannon’s attire! He goes from looking like a church deacon in those ill-fitted suits to a teenager from 2000. Please someone help him out!

  34. smv says:

    lol. I have a feeling Mariah wears what makes her happy, she has looked like this for years. she is not a “fashionista” i dont think thats what she lives for. she is about the music. with that being said she looks a mess most of the time… she is a lovable mess

  35. DIVA says:

    how funny is it that neither husband nor wife dress their age ! They are both in timewarps — but they have the cutest lil ones and I’m happy they found each other.

  36. AzizMom says:

    At a loss with the photos presented here…

  37. vain319 says:

    I think her look is beyond over the top,more like over flop..I have her same figure and column dresses are a NO MAMi! big chest w/a thickish middle= flared dresses and a sweetheart neckline. :)
    Nick? if you like old school wear Adidas Originals
    Babies,so cute I can’t stand it..

  38. Chichi O says:

    I know this old but i had to comment yes the outfit is over the top and not very flattering to her figure but my problem is how inappropriate it is while she is spending time with her kids which happen to be toddlers, because of what she is wearing nick had to carry the kids and the bag and she had to be escorted on, its just not practical ,on the fashion front she’s got great legs so a short column/ boxy dress in a silky fabric with statement jewelry and bedazzled flats would be glamorous but most importantly practical

  39. La Di Da says:

    I agree @ ChiChi I also want to add that is is dangerous she is wearing and floor length gown with these high heels walking on the dock, carrying a child in her hand…SMH she could have easily fell. Not a good look!

  40. Val says:

    While the outfit is nice, she was very overdressed. I think she could have toned it down and still remained beautiful at the same time. This is so overdone.

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