December 29th, 2012
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Would You Wear Beyoncé’s ‘Ratchet’ Earrings?
By Claire

Beyoncé took to Instagram earlier today to show off a few of her latest accessories: $150
Matt Bernson Gitanes flats, $425 Maison Martin Margiela knuckle duster rings, and nameplate earrings etched with the word ‘Ratchet’:

One of ratchet’s many definitions in the urban dictionary is, “adj. A term for someone who is 1. A whore 2. dirty/nasty 3. ghetto as hell 4. being annoying 5. busted.”

Beyonce is anything but ratchet, so her sporting them is more facetious than anything else. Bey can rock them to get a few ironic laughs, but does everyone else have that luxury?

Would you wear ratchet earrings?

*If you’re digging her other accessories, get her flats at Piperlime

… and her rings at Saks.


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79 Responses to “Would You Wear Beyoncé’s ‘Ratchet’ Earrings?”

  1. KB says:

    Beyonce is so ghetto, im not surprised by those earringss

  2. T1K says:

    I wouldn’t wear them, they’re not my taste but hey! Whatever floats her boat.

  3. babyB says:

    I get that it’s probably meant as a joke or whatever but I don’t understand her fascination with trying to portray herself as street, hood, or ghetto, when she’s anything but. I just don’t buy it and seems somewhat disingenuous for someone of her status *shrugs*

  4. Jess says:

    F*ck the earrings, must have those flats!!

  5. AsiaA says:

    Not my style at all.
    I agree with you, babyB. One of the reasons why I like Beyonce is because she is polished and glamorous. This whole ghetto fab business…I dunno.

  6. Nina says:

    @BabyB you are so right. She does have a facination with this street image… I think its the whole being married to Jay… her sister don’t act like that… even they way she poses in some of her insta pics…trying to be hood

  7. libra says:

    Why is this acceptable? This woman is from the suburbs and grew up in a two parent home in what appears to be a classy family. I’m not buying it. Ratchet does not = hood. Hood is a way of life, A Keys hood, Rachet=ghetto is truly not knowing any better and she is probably neither. I know hood, and I know country hood. She is in the position to show young girls a better way. You don’t see Taylor Swift walking around with a “white trash” T-shirt on bcuz whites would not find that funny. This is not cute and she know better; too old for this. Show us a pic a you, Jay and Blue or you cooking dinner for your family…Bee urself!

  8. Kisha says:

    Umm I don’t know what Beyonce you guys have been following over the years but she has always had a playful hood side. Stop taking everything so seriously!

  9. Homey.lover.friend says:

    Gosh, Beyonce is a suburban girl that has no natural swag and seems fascinated with ghetto culture. She’s gorgeous and glam but doesn’t have effortless style or any edge. Sorry, she didn’t inherit ANY street cred by marrying J. I am so over this character that she’s playing on Instagram. It’s getting so old.

  10. I don’t like the earrings, and kind of hope this was a joke…Maybe she’s just yanking our chain.

  11. Anonymous says:

    girl bye

  12. Anonymous says:

    @kisha thanks. Are ppl forgetting beys dchild days? Hello they had a whole song about wanting a hood dude. “I need a soulja” She has always been like this. The persona you ppl are speaking of is the fake beyonce…duh. Yall sound so stupid.

  13. voiceofreason says:

    And no, there is nothing cute about these earrings. those loafers however, i want.

  14. Dria says:

    I agree with kisha. Bey has had that playful hood side form way back! stop taking HER life so seriously. She knows she is far from ratchet as well as everyone else does. Relax people. On another note…those flats are cute!

  15. Chris styles says:

    Hell no i wouldn’t rock those earrings but I love chevron print so I’d definitely rock them loafers :)

  16. AH says:

    Isn’t this woman 31? Leave the Claires 10 for $10 clearance rack earrings where they belong Bey… why is she so pressed to look “cool” lately?

  17. binks says:

    No, why would anybody want to wear something that says rachet in anyway, shape or form? Solange is quickly becoming my favorite Knowles, Beyonce seems to be trying to hard these days…shrugs

  18. Jenna says:

    I cant read the label clearly..Can you guys please find out the designer of those flats. thanks!

  19. hotmama says:

    Maybe she is rachet and the jokes on all of her little fans that worship her…She’s telling you guys you just arent listening

  20. Cocoa Bean says:

    Beyonce doesn’t stand for anything. That’s exactly why she is so appealing. She’s an “every woman”. Ratchet could discribe her when she puts on one of her many faces (a la Sasha Fierce). Typical virgo. Charming, charismatic and commanding. Never gets too personal.

  21. karma says:

    that’s hott! *Flips blonde weave* That is all.

  22. Alicia R. says:

    I love this look on Beyonce because… well because she’s BEYONCE! She can wear those earrings and pull it off because we all know that even though she is many things, “Ratchet” aint one of em. But on anybody else (except for maybe Rihanna) ummm no.

  23. Jonesy says:

    Whatttt…the almighty classy queen of nursery rhymes is promoting “RATCHET” earrings?? Who would have THUNK (in her voice)

    I suspect this airhead generation to go out buying them by the case load all because she has given the green light to it!

    Chileeeeee…she proves she is a fraud everytime she over promote her CD’s! LMAO I will be so glad when she is totally played out!

  24. Jonesy says:

    I wonder if Blue has a pair….I mean its only right, since she is promoting it to yall daughters! LOL

  25. People need to relax sheesh! I’m sure its not that serious….like Claire said she’s obviously being facetious. I don’t like them but I can see her getting away with it. I just hate the term ratchet in general…its the new “swag”

    I doubt the earrings are meant to be some bold statement/coming out party. I doubt it has anything to do with Jay either (Lol that just sounds crazy)

    It’s a pic of a pair of earrrings and shoes. Why does it have to be anything more than that?

  26. DomDom says:

    She’s been getting on my damn nerves as of late. Bye!

  27. COCO says:

    It’s not that serious. They’re just earrings.

  28. Tina says:

    The more you are able to laugh at yourself in life the better time you will have. Their earrings, not a tattoo, not words shaved into her head…earrings. She put them on one day – have a little fun, and when the fun is over, she can take them off.

    Loosen up.

  29. Mo_Sheri10 says:

    The name Beyonce its ratchet and the earrings are stupid no matter who wears them. I love those flats though.

  30. Tiffani M says:

    They are just earrings but have you seen Dereon? There’s a ratchet bone in there somewhere. I’ve never been a huge fan of her personal style but she’s not stocking my closet so it doesn’t really matter to me that much. So “Queen B” can’t cash in on the “pole chic”, hood princess fashion,you all obviously seem to covet due to the enormous amounts of Basketball Sluts and Real House Nutjobs inquiries? GTFOH

  31. Rebecca says:

    Lmao at the comment saying that ‘the name Beyonce, is ratchet’!

  32. Anouk says:

    I’m not ratchet or any of its synonyms so my answer is a resounding no.

  33. Sandy says:

    I love Bee, but those earrings are dumb. I agree with the earlier comment that she should get a baby pr for Blue, maybe that’ll help her to see how stupid dumb wrong they are.

  34. I think they are a tad bit tacky the earrings I make a way more classy!

  35. Beyonce Giselle says:

    Hey Beyhive, ive always had my ratchet moments. I just know how to distance my professional life with my home life. I’m

  36. Lilmsknowitall says:

    I’d where them… Nothing wrong with being a little RATCHET sometimes… I get straight ratchet when my favorite song comes on :) and I define the word on my own terms! WHAT!

  37. Liz says:

    …I think this is Beyonce’s misguided attempt at irony and trying to appear dynamic… she wants to be the the everywoman so freaking bad. Bey Bey needs to stay in her lane… I liked her better when she wasn’t accessible. She had an air of mystery and folks dreamt about how fabulous her life is. Now, it’s like… yeah she’s hella rich and hella corny.

    Still love her.

  38. lola says:

    All of you need to have SEVERAL SEATS, all the way in the back of the sense of humor bus. Clearly, Beyonce is being tongue in cheek. We all have our “ratchet” guilty pleasures like nene acting a fool on Housewives of Atlanta. These moments do not define us; they merely provide us with entertainment.

    I also find it hilarious that Fashion Bomb readers have decided to have some sense of moral authority only when Beyonce is involved. YOU are the same people obsessed with the “ratchet” women love and hip hop and all those other trashy shows. It is because of YOU that these women are featured on this site because you guys are constantly storming Claire’s inbox with questions about their outfits. You guys are the ones obsessing over the HOOD couture fashions of people like Teyana Taylor and Draya, yet all of a sudden you decide to take offense to Beyonce facetiously posting pictures of “ratchet” earrings?? LOL

    Do me a favor, sit your hypocritical a*ses ALL THE WAY DOWN smh I can’t.

  39. SLIMB says:

    I want those flats, need those in my life lol

  40. s says:

    I agree with earlier comments. This is just Beyonce’s “tongue in cheek” humor on the world of being hood. Yes, her own upbringing was far from it. While I wouldn’t wear the earrings, I do get the humor of the pic. She’s just having fun with these pics, that’s all.

    Now, the shoes I love. I would wear those in a heartbeat. Honestly, the only thing that offends me about this post is having to pay $425 for a set of rings (which I like too BTW.)

  41. Ashley says:

    I want them and can’t find them anywhere!!!! :(

  42. LMAO says:

    @Lola couldn’t have said it better myself!

    These commenters get so PRESSED over what this woman does it is really amazing. and also pitiful. Can’t please this ratchet faceless horde.

  43. Ugh! Finally a word on who the wrings are by and they are wayyy out of my budget. F21, ASOS, Topshop where are you when I need you most?

  44. tammy says:

    Love IT!!!!

  45. kat says:

    Love the shoes.

  46. Bre Bre says:

    I didn’t know you had to be from the hood to be ratchett…. I went to a private high school with a whole rack of ratchett girls who ended up just like the hood rats I grew up with. Everybody has their days when they want to be ratchett… why can’t Bey?

  47. Gemini says:

    I agree with Baby B as well! I don’t get the fascination either. I stopped following her in Instagram b/c she bore me w/ some of her “hood” images.

  48. Kisha says:

    @Lola I agree with you 100%. All of you hating on a silly pair of earrings are probably the same women who request info on Emily B’s “outfits” on the regular.

  49. Aynai Sy says:

    Lola your comments are so true. Beyonce is one of the more positive images of our culture. If Beyonce “sense of fashion humor is ruffling some feathers , I wonder if there also emailing cable networks inbox demanding more positive images of black women be featured on these shows. We need to evaluate why we hate so badly on the wrong things. At least she opened a school in Brooklyn that trains women to have better jobs . How do you make a difference ? Its fashion & isn’t always meant to be taken so literal, when Dior , Gaultier interpert the look on the runways it’s celebrated ,sometimes we have to offer our own take on the concept as well .

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