December 27th, 2012
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Wardrobe Query: Karrueche Tran’s The Kill Video Kenzo T-Shirt and Orange Cap
By Claire

Vumilia writes, “I just watched Karrueche’s short video of her working on her new brand The Kill, and I was wondering where is this orange hat coming from ??”

“… I like how the shape is diffrent and well rounded. I was looking like crazy online but I didnt find nothing.”
Karrueche appeared in The Kill video in Kenzo separates, including the brand’s logo t-shirt and orange cap.
Her logo t-shirt was a popular item amongst fashionistas. You may remember, Rihanna has a similar tee in orange:

Solo pix of her cap are also elusive, but you can see popular fashion blogger BryanBoy rocking the hat during Fashion Week:

Both items are sold out, unfortunately. Browse current Kenzo pieces at
What do you think?

See Karrueche’s The Kill video here:

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29 Responses to “Wardrobe Query: Karrueche Tran’s The Kill Video Kenzo T-Shirt and Orange Cap”

  1. dee says:

    I watched the video hoping she brought some type of insight on what the brand would offer. The only looks I saw throughout the video are t-shirts and knit hats, which could easily be purchased from a more reputable fashion brand or even at Target.
    Also, the video shows no work, just her and friends jumping around for blackberry photos. I guess….Good luck!

  2. The Kill? Really have a seat. No one wants to buy your clothes, Karucche. Who are you trying to be? The next Draya? LOL at needlessly including Rihanna in this post.

    The hat is cute.

  3. Mariesa says:

    I agree with the comment above. There is nothing edgy or different about her brand, if its just hats and t-shirts that say “the kill” i’ll just stick to my favorite streetwear brands like “Dimepiece” and “Hellz Bellz”. I’m a big t-shirt fanatic but I’m not impressed with her brand, i’m sure it’ll do well because she’s pretty popular now though.

  4. Kia says:

    I don’t get it…..sorry

  5. stats says:

    Really, she needs to stop having her friends post fashion questions to get the brand name talked about. It really is a classless name, a trend nothing cute about it. Is this site gonna be a her against Rihanna, it seem every post about Rihanna will follow a post on that other chick. Won’t watch the video she’s a NMF.

  6. NicoleS says:

    Yall are some haters!! LOL Their life your entertainment!!

  7. lola says:

    T shirts and sweatshirts and knit hats? and this is considered “a brand”? Girl, bye!! I can go on and design my own tees for half the price. Have several seats Karroochie, all the way back in the Los Angeles. I

  8. Anonymous says:

    CLEARLY All Rihanna STANSSSS !

  9. T1K says:

    @stats thank you. And @nicoleS this is a fashion blog, and the brand is nothing fashionable. _/

  10. I stan for neither ladies. But it is frustrating to see this young lady get so much attention for such a non-attention getting line when there are so many incredibly talented young people out there who are begging for even a 1/4 of the lime light she’s getting to put their stuff out in the fore front.

  11. Dobe says:

    The orange hat is dope! I have been looking for one similar for quite some time.

  12. FashionOne says:

    Not impressed at all…Nothing is fashionable about this clothing line/brand!

  13. Whatevs says:

    @stats said it all…NMF indeed

  14. What? says:

    her name is actually pronounced Ka-Roo-chie? i thought people were being funny :/

  15. Kenya's Twirling says:

    A brand? LOL. OK, let me be nice…smh

  16. COCO says:

    Did she go all the way to Paris just to shoot this little promo video? I don’t hate her, but having watched a show liked Styled to Rock with all the insanely talented designers on there just struggling and trying to hustle, seeing Chris Brown’s ex gf with a clothing line consisting of snapbacks and socks with ‘The Kill’ stitched on them makes me a little sad…

  17. hahahha says:

    What’s the hold up with The Kill? I thought it was coming out 12/12/12. Could it be copyright infringement since Kill Brand has been out since 2002?

    Maybe little Kae should’ve done her research instead of rushing to prove there is life outside of Chris.

  18. says:

    everyone building a “Brand” and calling themselves designers. Its inspiring, if they can do it, so can I. Karruchie and Draya are making the same hats with different names on it, theres room for everybody!

  19. Ceslee says:


  20. binks says:

    ….Claire stop playing where is the fashion. Sorry but I just don’t get the excitement over hats and a plain logo tee.

  21. Tessa B says:

    Too Weak at Ceslee’s comment! So true!

  22. Jamesy says:

    Thanks Stats, I smell a fake out with all these Karreuche requests. I highly doubt anyone is this interested in a t-shirt and blah hat or any of her “ensembles”. She better work harder than this if she doesn’t want to fade back into obscurity.

  23. Yerp says:

    Despite the lameness of this video…I actually like this Omarion track.

  24. Nakia P says:

    The NMF comment is lame…. Just saying since I have no comments on the hats and t-shirts… But I’m happy to be getting posts since the FBD staff they would be taking some much deserved time off.

  25. Bella says:

    There’s room for everyone in the entertainment and fashion industry. Does it also make anyone else sad to see so called singers making it when there are actually even more talented singers out there who can actually SING who don’t even get the chance to make it big? It is what it is. You have to start from somewhere. And yes the video was lame and the designs pretty basic but so are a lot of people in the entertainment industry.

  26. Bella says:

    Forgot to add ‘in my opinion.’

  27. smv says:

    I think this girl is pretty actually cute is the right word. She is a cute girl with no fashion sense and zero model potential, i dont know y she would feature on “thefashionbomb”. just my humble opinion and im tired of seeing her everywhere.

  28. shay says:

    @smv agreed. i don’t know why this needed a whole post

  29. Anonymous says:

    @Shay and @smv R u people retarded… How do u just skip the whole purpose of the post and keep criticizing and saying her brand is boring and sucks and u don’t understand y she would be featured on “the fashion bomb”…. Did u guys just skip reading comprehension in school???? The post clearly says “wardrobe query” which is self explanatory!!! meaning a reader had a question about something karrueche was wearing and Claire answered by saying where the reader could get the items or alternatives… She wasn’t being featured because of her brand! Claire just featured the video at the bottom as a reference because that’s where the reader said she saw karrueche wearing the outfit

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