December 27th, 2012
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Ones to Watch: 5 Fashionistas to Look Out For in 2013
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

While we’re tallying up your votes for Best of 2012, we thought we’d take a moment to show love to those style stars who shined this year, and who are poised to shut it down in the next. Whether you were fans of their looks (or not), it’s clear these ladies are set to make a huge splash on the fashion front in 2013.

Here are some of our picks:
1. Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks burst onto the scene in 2012 as fashion’s little hip-hop darling. After her video for ’212′ went viral, the rapper became an overnight sensation and a source of inspiration for the fashion set.

Check her credentials: she performed for Karl Lagerfeld at his house in France, worked with Thierry Mugler Creative Director and Lady Gaga stylist Nicola Formichetti, attended the Met Gala on the arm of Alexander Wang, appeared in the designer’s T diffusion line campaign, made Vogue‘s 120 most stylish stars list, snagged a campaign with ASOS, and released a limited edition lip color for M.A.C. Phew! out of breath yet?

Not to mention, the rapper’s appeared in and covered countless fashion glossies this year.

It’s clear this is only the beginning for Ms. Banks. The ‘Liquorice‘ rapper is set to release her first album, with which will no doubt usher in more endorsements, more videos (hopefully styled by Mr. Formichetti!), and who knows– maybe a fashion or beauty collaboration or two. Either way, Banks’s kooky sense of style is set to not only improve on the red carpet, but possibly get more fun and experimental onstage.

We can’t wait to see what she serves up!

2. Naomie Harris

Naomie Harris enchanted us all with her effortless grace and beauty this year on the press tour for 007 Skyfall. We can all agree: the actress slayed and slayed again in looks from top designers like Stella McCartney, Chanel, Lanvin, and more. Thankfully, it looks like we haven’t seen the last of her!

Harris is set to star in a Nelson Mandela biopic alongside our collective imaginary husband Idris Elba. So you know what that means: more press tours and promotional appearances in even more fabulous ‘fits.

On a personal note, I’ve been hoping to see the beautiful Harris become a designer muse– maybe my wish will come true in 2013?


3. Teyana Taylor

You guys nominated Teyana Taylor for “Most Improved Fashionista” this year, and it’s clear to see why. The ‘Google Me (remember that jam?) rapper has certainly managed to elevate her tomboyish personal style. We’ve seen Taylor experiment with street-chic ‘fits, rocking snapacks and baggy bottoms, flaunting her enviably toned midsection in her beloved midriff tops.

But even with her streetwise style, Teyana’s not afraid to glam it up and look like a lady for red-carpet events.

A fan of combining high and low pieces into rather becoming outfits, we’ve seen Ms. Taylor blossom this year. She’s been spotted rocking Balmain, Céline, Givenchy, and more.

Next year is sure to be a big one for Taylor. Not only is she signed to Kanye‘s G.O.O.D. music label (which is sure to grant her access to some of Yeezy’s fave high-end designers), but she’s also collaborated with Adidas on a pair of sneakers that are admittedly hot. They’re due out February 16th.

So, what’s in Teyana’s future? Certainly more great outfits, and with this upcoming collaboration, there’s no doubt she’s got more up her sleeve for 2013.


4. Ashley Madekwe

Ashley Madekwe reminds us of that girl in high school whose style we always envied. How does  she manage to look so effortlessly chic on a regular basis?

We fell in love with her style, and have (on more than one occasion) stalked her personal style blog Ashley Madekwe Ring My Bell to get a dose of her easy, breezy, cool-girl style.

 We’re expecting to see more of Ash’s fab style this year. She is shining on ABC’s primetime mega-hit Revenge (who else is obsessed?), and her Ring My Bell blog is only going to get bigger.

 We’ll definitely be watching her (and everything she’s wearing) in 2013!


5. Rita Ora

Love her, hate her, there’s no doubt Rita Ora‘s poised to be a huge style star. While she started the year giving us a ‘Riri taught me’ vibe, we’ve been happy to see her blossom into her own with the backing of her Roc Nation overlords.

She went from baggy sweats and Trapstar caps to sleeker, chicer duds from top designers. We’re talking Marchesa, Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, Emilio Pucci (by Peter Dundas, of course), Roberto Cavalli, House of Holland– the list goes on… and on!

With the US version of her album set to drop this year, it’s clear we will be seeing a lot more of Ora in 2013. And who knows? With her RocNation connects and popularity in the UK, maybe we’ll be treated with a design or makeup collab from the singer. Only time will tell…!


And there you have it! Our picks for style stars to watch next year. Who topped your list?


Stay tuned tomorrow for Fashionista of the Year!

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58 Responses to “Ones to Watch: 5 Fashionistas to Look Out For in 2013”

  1. Teyana Taylor is by far the best dressed on this list. I like Ashley’s peices, but can’t really get into her personal style as far as being a fashionista. I can’t get on board with Azealia Banks, really? She has a hell of a lot of improving to do.

  2. cheriemacherie says:

    teyana or ashley:)

  3. says:

    Definitely Teyana Taylor, she can do no wrong with that smoking hot bod, and all the attitude to back it up. Azealia Banks is my fave, i just wish her attitude matched the persona she displays in her music… and Rita!, shes def cool, I love her look, and attitude!…

  4. Teyana Taylor is the only one out of this bunch that I would be interested in checkin for.. Azealia Banks cant dress to save her life but I like her music

  5. Jhess says:

    Everyone is rooting for Teyana and I’m like ehh…Ashley Madekwe is giving me everything!

  6. mary says:


  7. tiFFers says:

    Teyana or Naomi!!

  8. Mely B says:

    Azealia – luv her music but clothing wise when left to her own devices…”she ratchet as hell” and I don’t appreciate her a lot of her looks. It’s nice that the fashion industry has embraced her & I hope she becomes a muse to someone who can help her bring her look together (she also needs a weave-ologist or wig tamer pronto).

    Rita – has no personal style & apparently no backbone to stand up to whoever keeps putting her in so many basic/wrong looks.

    Teyana – can be a little raunchy but she authentically owns her tomboy looks. When she cleans up she truly looks gorgeous so maybe she’ll be able to step that up in 2013.

    Naomie – takes a lot of risks but her fashions have been hit/miss with me. I don’t get to see a lot of pics of her in her downtime so have no sense of her personal style.

    ASHLEY FTW! – she’s looked great each time she’s been featured on this blog. I’ve not agreed with a few of her shoe selections but for the most part she gets it right.

  9. Truth Teller says:

    Taylor or Ashley but are fly!

  10. Nicole says:

    Rita Ora catches so much shade, but I like her look! lol Looking forward to seeing her progress next year.

  11. Truth Teller says:

    Both are fly*

  12. Ashley says:

    Azealia gives me life… can’t wait to see what unfolds for her in 2013! Love Naomie for her courage to experiment with silhouettes, she’s definitely one to watch.

  13. Kitty B. says:

    Ashley and Teyana…everything they wear seems so effortless…

  14. Nikkibellarae says:

    Teyana for sure, and don’t sleep on Rita, she about to get it, with or without approval.

  15. Call me old, but I just can’t get with Azealia or Rita. Both seem like they almost got it but not really.

  16. Myssdee says:

    Ashley slays it every time.
    The dresses she wears on Revenge and in real life got me wanting to step my dress game up and look for upscale events to wear them.

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. Anonymous says:

    AB & Teyana. Naomie looks awesome every time I see her, but I need to see her more often. Rita Ora, just no and Ashley always looks boring to me

  19. Empress says:

    Ummm…I’m not impressed by any of these ladies. Sorry.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’m so sick of this Rita Ora Chick!!!! She always looks like she trying to damn hard.

  21. binks says:

    Rita Ora is a negative for me, I just don’t get her style at all and it is not so much the clothes but the hair/makeup that messes her look up for me. I agree with those who said Teyana and Ashley and even Naomie are great picks.

  22. EatStylePlay says:

    Well I’m here for Ashley Madekwe and The woman from Skyfall….(too lazy to scroll up) but while Teyana has a sickening body that I envy I’m not really there for her style, he hair is always on point too and in that picture with Pusha T she is so giving me a little dose of Aaliyah I just don’t care for her style for the most part.

  23. Autumn says:

    Loved this post! I like Rita and Ashley

  24. lia says:

    Ashley is the only fashionista on this list. The rest are whack.

  25. DannielleS says:

    Eh Teyana has a lovely figure, Ashley dresses normal, Skyfall lady is boring, and the other 2 are trash. Not impressed for 2013

  26. cecil says:

    Rita Ora and & Ashley Madekwe are my favorites! LOVE LOVE LOVEE

  27. Valerie says:

    What is your obsession with Rita Ora?

  28. Mimi says:

    Ashley’s the biz, I read her blog all the time.

  29. lola says:

    Teyana is HOOD couture, absolutely zero elegance. If that’s your cup of tea, more power to you. Rita Ora looks like she escaped from South London with a cheap bleach job and ran into a Gucci store or something. I can’t.

    Naomie and Ashley are at the top of my list: elegant, feminine and effortless. Not a fan of A. Banks or her style but I appreciate her uniqueness and genuine look; you get the feeling this is her true personality and style unlike some *cough* Teyana Taylor’s try hard a*s *cough*

  30. Cookie says:

    No to everyone but Naomie and Ashley!!!

  31. Jane says:

    Teyana all the way, and Naomie the rest can have a seat. Ora looks like a bad twilight zone episode to me not working at all.

  32. Cookie says:

    Amen @Valerie!

  33. Tifani says:

    Ashley and Teyana’s style makes me smile!!!

  34. Marthe says:

    Teyana Taylor!

  35. I am not really feeling any of these girl. The Ashley chick is pretty basic. Azaelia is rather sloppy. Rita is a wanna be Rihanna, sorry doll you need to re-caculate that ish. Naomie I don’t know but I will be watching. Teyanna, **sigh** she is a girl after my own heart. I get a bit frustrated with her because she has that damn “IT” but it’s kinda like Kanye. She is taking the long road. She just need to step back, chill and take it all in. I don’t know who’s styling her but she has grown by leaps and bounds. But too be honest, I maybe a be harsh cause I see me in her. Yes, I was a B-girl from the Bronx turn Flygirl turn HOLLYWOOD. So I understand the evolution. I’m ready for “HOLLYWOOD” TEYANNA. P-)

  36. Kahalia says:

    I know what it is that throws me off about Rita’s look. It’s her eyebrow and hair color combination. They are too dark for her hair. Here she could use a Beyonce tutorial. Ashley looks great on this list. Great pics! I checked out her blog though a was a lil’ bored…

  37. Crystal says:

    I don’t like any of this. Azealia actually gave me a small headache.

  38. brittaney says:


  39. Amerie says:


  40. AD says:

    Teyana gets my vote!

  41. Jay-Are says:

    YES! Teyana & Naomi. Teyana has the style I want now & Naomi has the style I want when I’m 25+ WERK

  42. Nikki says:

    For the past year I’ve thought that Azealia Banks was Teyana Taylor…so I don’t really know.

  43. t-fal says:

    Teyana and Ashley – And I can’t remember, was this a category last year? I’d curious if the the 2012 One To Watch inspired or disappointed this yr.

  44. Soul Touch says:

    Teyana and Naomi.

  45. DIVA says:

    its all about Naomie Harris

  46. Noirre says:

    I think Ashley has great style.

  47. FashionOne says:

    Ashley has great style…I look forward to seeing more of her in 2013.

  48. yusufswifee says:

    ashley…rita is growing. I can not with ms banks…

  49. darlene says:

    Teyana Taylor, ia one of a kind, she can do no wrong with that hot bod, and all the attitude to back it up. I really love Ashley Madekwe i so fantasticly nice and quite…

  50. Tessa B says:

    I heart Teyana’s style and body!

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