December 26th, 2012
Best of 2012, Kanye West, Men's style
Best of 2012: Most Fashionable Man
By Claire

Sure your Christmas dinner is still digesting, but 2013 is approaching and we have to determine which man showed out the most this year! As 2012 winds down, we’re finishing off our Best of 2012 series, beginning with the most stylish male.

Let’s see who you ladies nominated:
1.Kanye West

Though some may question Kanye’s skills as a designer and stylist, few of you can deny his remarkable swagger.

The man loves leather, and 2012 saw him clinging to the tough material by way of pants, sweatpants, U-Necks, and even kilts, anchored by tees, hoodies, and colorful footwear.

With his new muse and girlfriend Kim Kardashian by his side, he made more than a few fashionable appearances, whether front row at Couture shows in Paris, or taking in a bit of artwork at Art Basel in Miami.

He scaled down his flash significantly, and it looks like he’s settled into his stylish stride. Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings.

See all of his looks here.


It’s always fun to watch Pharrell Williams on the carpet: The certified genius wears his creativity on his collar, and is unafraid to let his quirkiness shine.

From custom Moncler suits to grills and fur collared Lanvin jackets, Pharrell mixes luxury with individualism. Eschewing the ‘me too’ penchants of most hip-hop heads, he marches to the beat of his own drum, and looks hot at every beat drop.

You’d rarely find Pharrell in a trendy Givenchy tee, or in a pair of Kanye West cosigned leather pants. The man does what he wants, unapologetically–he’s the definition of fly.

See his best looks here.


Usher has been in the game for a minute, and continues to fine tune his look, slipping on an assortment of trendy pieces with fly accessories to boot.

From casual to dressy situations, he’s been playing with more ‘grown man’ accoutrements–readers, tailored blazers, cardigans, and fly shoes.

He doesn’t shock and awe, but he always looks polished. And isn’t that the goal for any well dressed man?

Reminisce on a few of Usher’s looks here.
4. Idris Elba

Like Usher, Idris Elba got his grown man on, making appearances in mostly tuxes and suits.

Though Mr. Elba is not known for his stylish risks, few can deny he great looks–the man can make a paper bag look good.

See more here.
5. ASAP Rocky

A$AP Rocky is new on the scene, but he apparently has made a serious style impression on you ladies.

Snapbacks, gold teeth, hoodies, and tees contribute to his singular brand of cool.

He’s been photographed by Terry Richardson , featured in GQ, Complex, and Interview, and came out with a collection of tees and tanks with Karmaloop.

Not bad for a newbie!

See our coverage of him here.
6. Amaré Stoudemire

More and more basketball players (and their wives) have been coming out of the stylish closet in 2012, making waves at fashion shows and a slew of off court activities.

Few ballers stand out as much as Amaré Stoudemire, who has slowly but surely staked his place in the fashion industry.

Vetted by Anna Wintour, he co-designed a collection with Rachel Roy, showing that he more than just an athlete.

With the glamorous Alexis Welch by his side, he mixes ordinary with unexpected, sidling up to bright footwear, of-the-moment must haves, pops of color, and impeccably tailored suits.

Yes, indeed, it was a good year for Mr. Stoudemire. But was he the most stylish of the bunch?

Stay tuned for our Fashionista of the Year post!

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41 Responses to “Best of 2012: Most Fashionable Man”

  1. Fefe210 says:

    Pharrell took the most risks so I vote Pharrell. Kanye and those trashbag pants were a bit much.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My vote’s for Pharrell since he has his own style and doesn’t follow the masses…and looks great most of the time doing his thing!

    surprised Dwayne Wade didn’t make the cut though… *shrug*

  3. Alberto Araya says:

    yo pienso que common debio estar dentro de la lista.

  4. Bella says:

    Amaré Stoudemire?? Seriously? He always looks foolish to me.

  5. Neesiepoo says:

    I love Amare’s style..just wish he’d wear a larger size.

  6. swizz beats should be on this list

  7. The pickings are definitely slim, but I’mma have to ride with Amare. He doesn’t get it 100% right, but he’s the best of the bunch. ^^ Damn! I forgot all about Swizz, I should have nominated him.

  8. AD says:

    AMARE! He DID that in 2012.

  9. Nikki says:

    I’m rolling with Mr. A$AP!

  10. jeda says:

    this is hard

  11. Madpet says:

    It’s between Usher and Idris. Everyone else look hella messy.

  12. Madpet says:

    Yeah I agree with Crys, Swizz Beats should’ve been on the list.

  13. for real tho says:


  14. Empress says:

    I’m going to vote for Idris. I’m glad he doesn’t take risks because some of these men look foolish.

  15. q says:

    Amare was super classy and fashionable this year. Pharrell I love but no. Usher was good but something was missing. I liked how Amare let his hair grow out wild but still kept it G. ASAP rocked some nice brands but his style was too much of one look: streetwear. He can dress though. Kanye hell nah. He fell off this year.

  16. SLIMB says:

    Usher’s pictures are limitied :( but either him or idris

  17. cheriemacherieUSHER says:

    MY VOTE IS FOR USHER FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! ur pics dont do his style justice he has many pics out there looking hot.
    Kanye shouldnt be up there…

  18. smv says:

    Idris. Because at the end of the day he looks like a MAN. Not a character.

  19. binks says:

    Amaré Stoudemire

  20. Jihan says:

    Idris is the clear winner on account of being fine as hell. Sorry Yeezy.

  21. natuafia says:

    Where is scott ? He is more fashionable than any of these men

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. Deb says:

    Elba ALL THE WAY. But where is Disick??!! More fashionable than Ye and ASAP. Who the hell is ASAP btw? Lawd mi a get ole..LOL

  24. Nelli says:

    The Never Ageing Pharrell, But Even ASAP Was Looking Good This Year.
    As Long As Kanye Dont Win LOOL

  25. Kahalia says:

    Pharrel is so original, he only has 3 pics in the nomination… I don’t even like Swizz but he should’ve gotten Asaps spot.

  26. Crystal says:

    Oh, I’m sad to see Amare is in the lead. I was torn between ASAP and Pharell. ASAP’s gear is always on point. Idris would win on sexy points but this is not about who’s the sexiest.

  27. Amani says:

    my heart says pharrel but my mind says kanye

  28. Yashi says:


  29. Danielle says:

    Eww on usher he never looks good.

  30. Anonymous says:


  31. Anonymous says:

    Amare & Alexis !! Should’ve done best couple……

  32. Cyndi says:

    Amare for the win, obviously.

  33. Westafricanmutt says:

    IDRIIIIIIIIISSSSSS!!!!! Marry meeeeee!!!

  34. Liz says:

    idris idris idris!!!!!! definitely idris…whats stylish about kanye’s looks? leather in white…leather in black…..plain white tee…plain back tee…..yawn kanya.

  35. Nya J says:

    Why was Swizz Beats left off the list? Much more fashion forward than ASAP & Usher

  36. Claire says:

    All this talk about who coulda shoulda woulda been included in EVERY Best of 2012 post makes me think the editors of the site should take the power away from the people and just nominate who WE want to.
    Swizz Beatz isn’t on this list because out of 93 comments on the nominations post, *maybe* 1 person mentioned him. ASAP was nominated 4 or 5 times by different people, ditto with Kanye, Pharrell, Idris, etc. This is exasperating; at least we know what to do for next year.

  37. NishaJ90 says:

    scott disick

  38. Jei says:

    Idris hands down..after all..this is for most fashionable “Man”. Idk about you but that’s my kind of man.

  39. niksmit says:

    Yes, Claire, I agree. You should nominate who you guys want with one People’s Choice nominee or mostly popular choices with an Editors’ Choice nominee. It’s your site and it needs you in it.

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