December 21st, 2012
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Best of 2012: Fashion Bombshell of the Year
By Claire

Few features are as popular or as hotly contested as our Bombshell of the Day!

Ladies from all over the globe send in their looks to be judged by one of the most critical style juries in the world! Thankfully the Bombshells below passed your chic test with flying colors.
Check out who made the cut:

1. Zeinabou from Miami

A shock of close cropped blonde hair was the perfect accent to Zeinabou’s edgy looks.

The blogger for credited her international travel as a source of inspiration for her style, which mixed seering colors with saucy slits and crop tops.

A whopping 2,182 of you voted in her poll, with 96% proclaiming, “Hot! Yes! Bombshell of the Week!

Bombshell of the Year? Perhaps. Take a look back here.
2. Gugu from South Africa

You guys went Gaga for Gugu’s figure flattering pieces and flawless photography.

Haute heels, mirrored clutches, and skinny belts all added to her polished looks.

Yet another crowd favorite, Gugu’s poll garnered 1,137 votes, with 90% saying, “Boom! Pow! She’s a Bombshell!” Sun.kissed added, “Bombshell status! She’s serving the kids left and right! I love every look.”

See all her looks here.
3.Nikki from DC

Entrepreneur Nikki from DC seduced readers with her classic combinations and chic accents.

Structured pieces and fancy footwork were her specialty, along with flattering tops and sleek outerwear.

1,681 votes and 120 comments? You guys were very pleased. Reader You Left my Comments for Dead noted, “This that grown woman, about my business, swag! Love this!”

Review her looks here.

4. Magdalena from Poland

Magdalena was our first Polish Bombshell, and represented her country fabulously in a series of darker, brooding looks.

Mixing designer pieces with vintage finds, her ensembles were simple yet unique.

A! wrote, “Yaaaaaaaaas honey” and Beans gushed, “She’s edgy and adorable all at the same time! I really liked her looks!”

See more here.
5.Delecia from Brooklyn

Few Bombshells mixed prints as daringly as Delecia.

Aptly describing her style as “sophisticated and chic,” she flaunted flattering pencil skirts and edgy tops, posing for her life with each snap.

Her post received 111 comments, with fellow Bombshells saying, “Yeah, she did that,” and “Beautiful!! Beyond Fabulous!”

See her feature here.

6. Shayla from Oakland

We’ve featured Headbanger Accessories before, but were delighted to discover one of the fly fashionistas behind the brand.

Calling her style Modern Vintage Chic, she wrote, “I like to ” Rock to my own beat , but never off beat.””

She was Fashion Bomb approved with comments like, “Her style is EVERYTHING!!” and “Fashion bomb! Bang!”

See her full post here.
Well, that’s all, folks! Whose style did you like the most this year?

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105 Responses to “Best of 2012: Fashion Bombshell of the Year”

  1. Rio says:

    My comment disappeared into thin air lol. In future, it might help to compile the top fashion bombshells using the votes/stats from their ‘Fashion bombshell of the Day’ feature. E.g. the top five might have fallen into the 2,500-3,000 votes range. Rather than taking nominations from the readers at the end of the year. I hope this makes sense.

    To the fashion bomb team, you have done an amazing job for the year. Thank you all!

  2. Jasmyne says:

    I loooove Shayla; she’s young and fun!

  3. rue says:

    i saw better fashion bombs this year..Zainabou is the only person who should b here,no offence …the other ladies were ok

  4. R.Lott says:

    Zeniabou looks were so boring and very ordinary! Mag and Delecia rocked it just goes to how most people have no true sense of style

  5. Nali says:

    this was soooo hard to choose from.

  6. natuafia says:

    Nicki nicki nickI !! I love her looks

  7. Joy says:

    not sure where RLOTT is coming from, nothing basic at all!!! voted Zeinabou Bad Bixxh!

  8. Ive Admired Gugu's classy sophisticated chic style ever since I started following her own Instagram says:

    I vote for Ms Gugu ANY DAY!!!!

  9. T Beauty says:

    SHAYLA from Oakland had most unique style. She is surely a fashion bomb!

  10. Izhause says:

    Gugu. Oh and Deuellah the guy.

  11. Honestly, it is really difficult to choose – we love them all :)

  12. blackbuttafly says:

    Gugu, Delecia & Zeinabou

  13. Shae says:

    I love love love Gugu’s style!!! She definitely gets my vote!

  14. homey.lover.friend says:

    Gugu and Zeinabou are haute! — hard to choose between the two. I also really liked Abby and the Girls Off Fifth sisters this year. Thanks for the inspiration, ladies.

  15. Chris styles says:

    Once I saw Zeinabou in the running for this category it was a wrap for the rest of the contestants…they’re all faboulous in there own right but Zeinabou has this hands down , IMO

  16. Abby for FBOTY! says:

    Ok FBD team, if the lord speaks to you to do a re-vote, we will totally vote for this girl below. Her submissions got 95% bombshell status with numerous comments, among which ppl even nominated her for fashion bombshell of the year.

  17. tt says:

    i voted “bombshell” for each one of these fashion bombshells, but
    #1 Zeinabou & #2 Delecia are my all time favorites this year. they definitely slayed the competition.

  18. Style says:

    They all looked great very tough choice

  19. Danielle says:

    I loved every one of Delecia’s look. Her style really rocks.

  20. NF says:

    Shayla’s very versatile now that’s a TRUE bombshell.

  21. Kemi says:

    ZEINABOU all day everyday! When you walk with her in the streets the whole street stops to stare. Show stopper this one. Literally.

  22. Kishonda says:

    Zeinabou definitely..

  23. Debbie says:

    Wow! How is jillian from miami (nusophisticate) not one of them?! Thats crazy! She’s definitely one of this years best bombshells. *disappointed*

  24. Marthe says:

    Zeinabou just didn’t leave my mind since I’ve seen her on this website. I keep her style in mind when I dress up! I just loved everything from her. She has always been the bombshell of the year for me!

  25. Jonesy says:

    Not impressed with the latest bombs but these are close calls because they all are just ………………

  26. Anonymous says:

    This list is bad. None of these women were memorable to me.

  27. Ari says:

    Abby & Mari should be included… REVOTE!

  28. LC says:

    Abby Abby Abby!!!
    My Christmas wish is for us to get a re-vote, pretty please!!

  29. LC says:

    That said, Nikki and Delicia are killing it!

  30. Disappointed says:

    Abby of 4aces should have definitely been included, I think it was a bit biased to not include her as she has better style then half of the girls above. Very disappointed!

  31. Nikki and Gugu have my vote!

  32. i love me! says:

    I’m sorry,but shayla shouldn’t even be on the list. She is different,but not in a good way. The chick from poland is strictly editorial! Delicia gets my vote! The chick from Miami with the short hair is stylish,but the girl from south africa had way more diversity in her style.

  33. Abby says:

    1. Zeinabou
    2. Gugu
    3. Nikki

    In that order!

  34. StopTheMaddness says:

    Call me crazy, but shouldn’t the bombshell and bomber be chosen based on who garnered the most votes, and the percentage of those votes for fashion bombshell. 95% of almost 2400 voters said Abby was bombshell of the week. Furthermore, who really has the time to go back through EVERY fashionbombshell posting to find out the names of their fav fashionista,to vote for, MONTHS after the fact…seriously?

  35. Claire says:

    @StoptheMadness and Abby stans: stop the madness. We’re not going to go back in and rejigger this whole post to accommodate one person. Just like you guys don’t have time to go back and revisit old posts–neither do we. The people nominated obviously stood out and left a lasting impression, which led to their nominations. Abby was great–agreed–but for many of you she was clearly an afterthought.
    Just like an election, you can’t throw someone in in the 11th hour. If you loved her so much, you should’ve nominated her at the proper time. Simple.

  36. TOO DAMN LATE says:

    I cannot understand how Abby’s family members and friends ( coz clearly y’all are “stanning” a bit too damn much! ) did not take the time out of their lives to NOMINATE her if ya’ll feel so strongly about the fact that she was not listed above, I can’t stand people who are given OPTIONS and then complain when they don’t voice their opinion…. HAVE A SEAT!! the people chosen are unique and as Claire said clearly stood out enough for them to be nominated… NO HATE ABBY IS GORGEOUS AND STYLE IS ON POINT but don’t sit behind your computer all day complaining maybe next year you all will PAY ATTENTION. congrats to all the FAB nominations who DESERVED IT!

  37. LC says:

    Definitely not an Abby family member or friend, just someone who thinks she has better style/looks than the ladies nominated and should have been up here. She stood out in my mind. However, you are right, I should have paid more attention and nominated her… I just missed when the nominations were open.

  38. LC says:

    With 95% voting bombshell, Abby is clearly not an “afterthought”.

  39. LC says:

    And I’m neither her family member nor friend, just someone who thinks she has better style than all of these ladies, but you are right, she should have been nominated. I just missed the nomination window.

  40. i love me! says:

    Abby? The one with 20 pounds of makeup on her face. No!

  41. LC says:

    Not criticizing the FBD staff, but I agree that the bombshell should be chosen from those who garnered most votes through the year. Asking for nominations from memory is tough cause simply, it’s a long year and people in general have short memories, so they are likely to choose people featured towards end of year.

    In addition to Abby, I agree that both Jillian and Mari should have been candidates as well.

  42. LC says:

    One lesson to be learned if nominations remain on a “name drop based on memory basis” is that if you want to be nominated, wait till towards end of year to submit your entry.

    Of the 6 nominated, 1 is from July, 2 from October, 1 in November and 2 from December.

  43. Fair&Fashion says:

    The girl from Poland is everything!! How does she have 5%? of votes smh!! I can only assume because she a white girl & is gothic?? Her over all looks are polished and effortless so she’s my #1! 2nd vote goes to Brooklyn, 3rd is Compton!

    Sn: Claire there where a lot of better nominees than these picks!

  44. Fair&Fashion says:

    I dont see anything special about the girl abby btw…..

  45. Miss Meika says:

    Shayla from Oakland ALL DAY!!!

  46. ladyluo says:

    I absolutely agree that the nominations for FBOTY should be those who garnered the most positive votes. Although Zeinabou was by far my FBOTY, I could not remember her name and going back into the archives is just too much. I didn’t even remember Abby until she was mentioned in the comments and although I loved both her (and she should have been up there) and Gugu, Zeinabou is it for me.

  47. Dee says:

    Zeinabou or Gugu for FBOTY! I follow both on instagram and I have to be honest..even though I love both pretty much equally, my vote went to Zeinabou primarily because of her shoe game! :)

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